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Rufus, also known as Sin "Tophat" Reaper is a "hero" of ever-shifting pedigree.

He co-founded Unique United, which broke apart not that long after. After a brief stint with The Cognatus and Azure Dream, He joined up with the United Justice Coalition. He was at one point described as the "strongest muscle of UJC". No kidding.

His origins shrouded in mystery, he just came to Millennium City one day, and has been frequently sighted since, most of the time with his trademark top hat.

What is known however, is his shape-shifting capabilities, and his love for silly actions. Such actions would peg him as a carefree critter.Which he can be. That's not all there is to him, however...

Player: @Kenndar
"Hugs are awesome."
Class Focus: Unknown.
Power Level: Unknown.
Research & Development: Unknown.
Personal Data
Real Name:
Known Aliases: Sin Reaper, Sin, Sinny, Tophat, and a few others that can't be spelled in human letters.
Species: Something!
Ethnicity: None.
Age: Probably freaking old. Or really new.
Height: Depends on shape.
Weight: Depends on shape.
Eye Color: Depends on shape, though generally either obsidian, or glowing green.
Hair Color: Depends on shape, though generally hairless.
Biographical Data
Nationality: None.
Occupation: Entertainer.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Base of Operations: Currently based in Millenium City, MI.
Marital Status: Very single.
Known Relatives: Unknown.
Known Powers
Known Abilities


Rufus tends to be difficult to describe.

'Rufus is Rufus' is generally the answer you'll get about this magical goof. On a whole, he's one of the most friendly entities you can imagine. He almost never utters a bad word about anyone.

However, you can't really call him 'sane' by any human definition.

Character History

The Reaper Days

Sin has been through a lot of adventures. Some of them morbid, some of them wacky..But all are memorable. Sadly, we canj't be sure that they actually happened.

Sin's powers enable him to manufacture, produce and create whole worlds, if he so desired. It has been theorized that this is exactly why he's so unpredictable : his powers and senses overwhelm his psyche, making him delirious.

And he makes his hallucinations come to life.

Or maybe it was all real. Maybe he did save the multiverse on several occasions. Maybe he did tame the Wolven Turtleriders of Oragon 5.

But we can never be sure of this. Neither can he.

This revelation was exactly what shattered Rufus, one of the few times that he actually got pissed. But not even that stopped him...


It has taken a loooong time...

But Sin has resurfaced. His form restored.

Only now....He knows. Nothing, that is. He knows nothing about his origins. It was all lies. Worse, it were all lies he fabricated, in his own mind, with his own powers.

One wonders what this entity will do now.

UNTIL will certainly wonder if this 'sane' and possibly angry Sin has all of his powers intact. And if so, what will he do with them?

.....start a band of space-pirates called the Tophat Terrors, apparently. But that has been put on hold, as he has become a Guardian!

And yes, he was as surprised as everyone else. Still, he seems to fit in..somehow!


Sin's powers have always been determined by his (supposed) origins. At the moment, no-body could tell you just what the extent of his powers are. Some things are confirmed , however.


Sin is capable of shapeshifting into a variety of ways. From a bear to a pony, he's done it all!


He's almost impossible to hurt. Not because he's so dense (insert joke), but more because he doesn't have anything remotely resembling vital organs.

Hell, when he's damaged, he reverts to a blob-like shape, reforming himself, fit as before.

Though, anything that outright destroys his mass might be able to do any lasting harm.



Basically his way of 'getting around'. Teleporting himself, others and objects, it's his most-used skill.

Chaos "Magic"

Sin is capable of a lot of magical spells. Combined with a seemingly endless supply of magic power? It makes him a pretty damn potent mage.

What is Sin?

((Said information is only OOC, as he himself doesn't even know this...yet.))

Many have speculated about Sin's origins. Most keep it simple. He's unpredictable, and prone to bouts of silly antics, switching sometimes to a more serious disposition. Chaotic, one would say.

Ironically enough, they'd be pretty close.

Sin Reaper was an ruler in a plane called Netzach. Based around the principle of Chaos, he ruled his domain with reckless abandon, shaping his domain and his 'subjects' to his will. Which happened often and erratically. Such was Chaos. That changed when Tyrannon attacked his realm...and devoured it.

Naturally, this shook Sin up quite a bit. He actually believed he was a demon, sent to devour souls. He (luckily?) landed on planet Earth, where he absorbed an unnamed heroic soul, actually merging the essence with his own.

This is what caused Sin to take up the hero-mantle, fractured though he was. Along with some help.

......Which again, is something he imagined.

He's actually a Lord of Freedom. And no-one knows for sure.

Netzachian gifts

Sin/Rufus still retains most of natural gifts from Netzach:

  • Being from the Outer planes, he has a natural immunity against divine and godly powers.
  • He can bestow the usage of his own spells to spellcasters who petition him for it.
  • If he rules over a domain, he could literally control that entire place however he damn likes: laws, nature, EVERYTHING would be controlled by him.


"The bigger they are, the harder they fall! ."-Anonymous Wise guy-

-Any deal made with Sin is pretty binding. He has a strong compulsion to keep his word...if he has given it.

-Fire seems to disagree with him.

-He can be a tad unpredictable. Perhaps even more so these days.

-If his foe is cute, small,furry or all of the above.....he has been known to stop fighting and just hug him/her/it.

-His magic can get unpredictable after a certain degree. Basically, the stronger the spell, the more chance something unexpected might happen!

-There's one particular spell that could utterly banish him from Earth..But it's kinda high-risk.


(If you like to leave a viable one, be my guest.)

Rumor has it that...

-He's some sort of Loa spirit.


-Sin hates slavery. He's not above servitude debts though.

-He likes to touch people. Take that how you will.

-He has the annoying habit of inventing nicknames for everyone. Including himself.

RP hooks (line and sinker!)


The man is/was known for his silly antics, including:

  • Throwing flaming couches at invisible people ( who may or may not be there)
  • Getting impaled on purpose.
  • Setting rude people on fire....Kidding! Just their heads.
  • Poking people as a way of greeting
  • Slapping people with a Tuna/Cow
  • Giving wedgies
  • Cake-Throwing (not on fire...usually)
  • Getting snookered on acid. (Literal chewing-through-stone kinda acid)
  • Blowing up flamingoes

You may have heard of Sin, or even met him!

Spotty past

The Sin Reaper,especially in his 'demon days', was a rather spotty individual on the aspect of morals. While he didn't kill anyone, he did have a tendency to loot defeated villains, or humiliate them ( Like the horrible spanking incident , Where he tied three Viper agents on the front of a Hummer, followed by an hour of spankings. Only one agent was female.).

Not to mention that he actually DID say he was a super-villain at some points. His reason was supposedly: "To mess with the rookies".

This was mostly swept under the rug as payment for certain 'missions' he's done for UNTIL and the like. He has a rep there for being unorthodox, but oddly effective. A strange duckling.


Sin has done a lot of anonymous good deeds, but some are known:

  • Restoring Delihah's sanity. He had asked a price for this, but he seemingly "forgot" about it.
  • Giving Myth O.S. an human form. The creation cost him an arm and a leg. Literally. Sure...they grew back. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

General stuff

Do you need transportation?

Rufus/Sin can help you out! His portal-ing is pretty known by now. From Australia to the Netherworld, he's your man...Thing.Whatever!

Need a merc?

He has been known to take jobs. Mostly for interesting stuff.



"Man. Freaking aliens. I don't get why they're so STUPID! Why invade Earth? I mean..Think about it! The only thing they could use is our resources. Seriously? There's like a bazillion other planets with plenty of resources, and get this: No dumb-asses to shoot and/or punch holes in them. AARGH! The only somewhat reasonable explanation that I can think of is that aliens are really, REALLY masochistic. Which could be true. I mean, look at Humanity! They created reality TV."


" Heroes are pretty cool. I don't rightly get it at times...What drives em, you know? World's a pretty shitty place at times. Look. I just mean...I'd like to be a hero, okay?! Just don't tell anyone."


"Honestly? I like villains! I mean, without em I wouldn't be able to Hero about and beat stuff up! What, the damage? Pfft. I'm sure that the population don't mind OVERLY much. That guy with the mustache was taking bets!"


" Man, I remember when people were batshit insane in this place, but in a good and funny way. Now they're just rude and whiny. Still..These days, it's like fishing in a septic tank: there's a lot of shit to wade through, but a flower or two might grow up from said shit! Oh, though I wouldn't advise anyone to use water from that fountain. Seriously, I think it may have hissed at me one time."


"I like hats on top."


"I think that Tin Can told me about that. S'like your mind is saying yes, but your heart is saying no? Sounds confusing to me. Good thing I don't have a heart. I checked!


Dude, Kidding! Sheesh. Yes. I do have morals. Happy?"


"Eh. I'm two-sided about it. On one side, I kinda like em. They're crazy, persistent and downright sexy at times. On the other hand, they're also responsible for Reality TV, Twilight, Justin Bieber and Reality TV. Honestly, I'm surprised that the Gods of Good Taste haven't tried to smite these things already."

World Domination

"Oh, hell no. You know much work that would be? I'd be better off getting the deed of the world, and then renting it out to people that DO want to rule the world. Or something like that."

Known people

Opinions from others

(Leave your IC comments here about the Sin Reaper!)

"No matter how much you look around, you'll never find someone even remotely like Sin- I, uh, mean Sigamun. I may not have known him much compared to others around the club, but he always struck me as one of those people that will often have two, near-contradicting sides. Half the time, he's that lovable fool, that slice of insanity that would brighten a darkened room. The other half? Well, he's wise and down to earth, and quite father-like in his ways. In both respects, though, I can safely say that I am a proud man for having known him." - Paladin (Chris Jameson)

"An annoyance, yet he has my thanks for his help." -Shinnosuke Yamagami

"Oh aye, this een's def'nitely goan tae be fun..." -Amadhan

"Rufus... nuts... But in a good way, he got the right idea but sometimes it just flips for him! I like him anyway and he has his special charm *snicker*" -Daemi

"How he not wike Justin Bieber?! I not understand! But he is colorful and pwetty fun." -Chocolate Chip Chelsea