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Player: @Geisha-Deconstruct
"Got a condition ye jist cannae take t'a regular human G.P.? Lost yer reflection, or yer shadow maybe? Mild case a' baying at th' moon, or jist wantin' something tae help give that fur an extra healthy lookin' shine? Spell gone awry an' given ye an extra limb w' a mind a' its own? Tell me a story, aye? An ah'll see what ah can do."
Character Build
Class Focus: Supernatural Physician
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism - Enchanted Gear
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Fionn Mackenzie, Alasdair Mackay, Doc, Ams, Doctor Sexy, Anradh
Gender: Male
Species: Mostly Sidhe
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Nairn, Scotland
Base of Operations: Deuraich Castle, Scotland; "Phantasmagoria", Vibora Bay
Relatives: None Known
Age: Unknown. Appears to be late 20s/early 30s. His passport says "32"
Height: Usually 6'4
Weight: Usually 225lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: White, blue, and black - this appears to be natural
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Faded woad-blue tattoo down right side of face
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: He is who he is
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: British Citizen
Occupation: "Retail", Medicine & Podium Dancing. Debating adding "Therapist" to his list of credentials.
Education: MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from Edinburgh University
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Magic Fixy
Equipment and Paraphernalia
An entire shop-full of herbs, reagents, books, and other Mystical thingys. Extensive personal library. Even more extensive wardrobe. An awful lot of hats.
ReldinBox Template

Operating primarily out of Phantasmagoria, a small and dusty an infuriatingly clean and tidy "alternative remedies" store, in Vibora Bay's Weston Tangle, 'Supernatural Physician', is the term Amadhan is most likely to use to describe himself, and he is usually very insistent that he's not a Hero, despite his former association with The Ultimate Guardians. He's not exactly sure how he got caught up in stopping terrorist plots, battling hostile aliens, and foiling super-villains alongside all the other superheroes (or so he claims), but he will admit that he did find it kind more than just a little bit fun to get mixed up in superhuman business. Recently, he seems to have stepped back into the sidelines and shadows, although anyone inclined to listen would hear rumours of a small... group of individuals dedicated to stopping the threats that come from those places. It's difficult to get a straight answer out of him at times, even when asked a direct question, although he'll be more than happy to try and entice anyone and everyone he encounters into all kinds of mischief in the name of MEDICINE.

((Please consider all information presented here as OOC knowledge, unless stated otherwise. Please do not use any information given here to meta-game!))

The Past

“Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
with a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”

William Butler Yeats, The Stolen Child

Once Upon A Time


Although most details of his childhood, along with unimportant things like his exact date of birth, are not on record, it is known that Amadhan was born in Nairn; a small village in the North-East of Scotland not far from Inverness. His father, Duncan, was a fisherman, and his mother, Fiona, a nurse. They had been married ten years before Fiona fell pregnant, and they named the boy she gave birth to Fionn; a name that Amadhan still uses when the need arises. Most of his childhood was relatively uneventful, but around the age of ten, he began to become aware of his existence, appearance and presence being the cause of a strong tension between his parents, among his classmates, and among some of the older people living in the town.

Fionn had always been a quiet child, one more caught up in books and imagination than rough-housing with his peers, and it never occurred to him that not having friends and playmates was a particularly bad thing. Overhearing his parents arguing about his lack of interaction with other children was a harsh realisation, but his ensuing attempts to make friends with his classmates were unsuccessful. Instead, he was teased and bullied by his peers, who had marked the pale, quiet boy as an outsider. As time went by, he would hear his parents arguing more and more as their relationship became increasingly strained. In turn, Duncan's relationship with his son began to disintegrate also. Although Fionn did not realise it at the time, his father had become aware of his wife's infidelities, and had consequently begun to reject his son, working on the (correct) assumption that the boy was someone else's child.

Eventually, working on a childish logic that told him that if he went away, his father would stop being cross with his mother all the time, and spurred on by his maternal Grandfather's stories, on a wet Saturday afternoon in August, Fionn packed a small rucksack and ran away from home to live with the Faeries.

Away With The Faeries

Finding his way into the Summer Lands was like coming home for the twelve year old boy. Amadhan quickly setted into existence in the small Barony he had stumbled into, and the Summer Court welcomed him with open arms, taking the boy in as if he was one of their own. Soon enough, the realisation dawned on him that he was one of their own, mostly. It was a number of years before his true parentage was revealed to him, but from the onset, being steeped in such a highly magical environment awoke the mostly-dormant Sidhe side of him, breathing life into his innate magical abilities, glamour, and so on. As his magical abilities grew, Amadhan displayed a strong talent for healing, something that was cultivated and encouraged, and built-upon with an in-depth knowledge of faerie lore and plant lore.

Growing up in Faerie transformed the quiet, bookish boy into an outgoing mischief-maker, although his desire to help others grew alongside his magical talents. He forged friendships among those around him, and was often found at the centre of the many parties and revels that those of the Summer Lands are known for. Now, that would have been the end of the story, but as everyone knows, stories that are completely happy aren't always interesting. His human side however, although becoming slightly diminished as his Sidhe nature grew, still held fast, and, in spite of the now young man belonging more to Faerie than to that small, sleepy town in Scotland, there were still whispers and looks, and a distance slowly growing between Amadhan and the others.

On A Dark And Stormy Night

It was the pain in his right hand that woke him up. So cold and blistering and burning. His nose twitched as the drifting scent hit. A strange heady mix of sickening sweetness and spice and snow. The room spun, his head ached. In one hand, he found a twisted blade of wrought iron, the source of the burning pain. Dropping the cruel weapon and staggering to his feet, he saw the girl. She was propped up against one wall, a ragged tear across her throat spilling purplish blood across the floor. Caiomhe, the Baron's daughter.

The Binding Coils

With no memory of how he came to be there, no-one to speak out for him, being unable to simply say "I didn't do it", and everyone in shock and panic, people began to point fingers. Soon, Amadhan was dragged before the furious Summer Queen. With all evidence pointing towards him, She ordered the human blacksmith who served Her to bind the young man in iron and chain him up for as long as he existed. The smith however, had a knack for seeing the truth and, convinced that this was the the opening move in a bid for power, he argued fiercely against the sentence. The Queen would not be appeased, for Summer can burn as harshly as Winter can freeze, and She again commanded the smith to bind the young man.

Reluctantly, the blacksmith did as ordered, forging coils of iron to bind the young man's arms. However, the Queen in her rage had not stated that he should be bound in iron and nothing but, and through this the smith found a way to help Amadhan. Encasing the iron coils in an alloy of silver and mystical metals, he used these additions to forge a spell to hold back the worst of the iron's effects, and then aided the young man to escape from Faerie, and return to the world of men.

Back to Humanity

Re-adjusting to the world of men after spending a considerable time in Faerie was not an easy task for Amadhan. The human world had changed dramatically in his absence, and the child he had been had long since been presumed dead. Eventually, he made the decision to settle in Edinburgh, and branch his medical studies into human medicine, regardless of whether he officially existed or not. Being unable, due to this status, to go through the required registration process for the Edinburgh Medical School did not deter him. With the aid of a little Glamour, an assumed name and some not entirely legitimate documents, Amadhan attended classes, lectures and practical demonstrations anyway; completing enough of the required work (in his own opinion) to award himself with a well-forged MBChB degree certificate.

Life in Edinburgh wasn't just all work, however. Amadhan found making friends among his fellow students an easy task, and spent perhaps more time flitting through the city's alternative nightlife with his cabaret-dancer flatmate and a small crowd of pretty young things than he did studying; intent on living the most flamboyant and decadent lifestyle their limited student budgets could afford. An impulsive mischief-maker on what might as well be referred to as a genetic level, Amadhan's wicked sense of humour and encouragement of many an "it seemed like a good idea at the time" type scheme earned him a place as the social hub of his group of friends, and more than a minor reputation for being "right mental!".

The good times were not to last however. Amadhan's escape from Faerie had further angered the Summer Queen, who dispatched emmissaries to find him and drag him back to justice. After a number of run-ins with these messengers, and more worryingly, a smaller number of Unseelie Fae, who also appeared to be looking specifically for him, Amadhan realise that sooner or later it would be time to move on, and adopt a more low-key existence elsewhere. However, it was a series of events of a more personal nature that eventually pushed him to leave the city and the people he'd come to love.

Phantasmagoria: From Inverness to Vibora Bay

The Endless Oak - the magical heart of Amadhan's Vibora Home

Reluctant to leave Scotland just yet, Inverness was the first stop on Amadhan's flight from Summer's anger. He quickly became bored of simply "blending in" however. Deciding to put everything he knew to use for once, he rented a small property in a side-street and opened the first incarnation of Phantasmagoria. Posing as an alternative remedies store to dissuade casual browsers and widespread interest, the small and hard-to-find shop soon became known throughout the area as a place where the mystically inclined could find many necessary and hard-to-acquire reagents and texts, offload items of their own in order to make some quick cash, or go to recieve medical attention for maladies most hospitals were not equipped to deal with. Building up a network of contacts through the shop's relative success, Amadhan found himself in a position where he could use the knowledge, rumours and hearsay gained from his customers to track movements of the Courts. When the Summer Queen's emmissaries finally tracked down their prey, he had already moved on.

Amadhan moved from place to place for a while, opening new incarnartions of Phantasmagoria where he could, always employing his clientele to keep one step ahead of those who were hunting him. After drifting through most of Scotland, then the rest of the UK, and occasionally venturing into mainland Europe, Amadhan eventually made the decision to cross the Atlantic, setting up shop in a small city in Southern Florida - Vibora Bay. Magic floods through the streets of the city, permeates its very foundations, and it was in the heart of Vibora's Weston Tangle that Amadhan and Phantasmagoria found a new home. Intending to make this one more permanent than the others, Amadhan began the elaborate mystical construction of his new home - stretching the interior dimensions beyond what physics would allow, and calling into being a "heart" for his new home - the Endless Oak. This acts as a mystical engine, drawing on Vibora's ambient magic to keep Amadhan's impossible home stable, and power his protective wards.

Once more he began forging his network of contacts through the store, moving among Vibora's mystic underworld, and occasionally and intentionally causing as much havoc as possible for the numerous magically-charged street gangs on the rise within the City. Slowly he earned his way into recognition among Vibora's mystical community as another protector of the city. With increasing freqency he'd also agree to work alongside some of the city's meta-human heroes, providing support and knowledge as assignments required. His status as a hunted man continued to prey on his mind however, but the lack of movement in the Vibora area from the Courts did not escape his notice. Whether this was due a lack of a strong and stable powerbase in the "New World", the nature of the hidden source of Vibora's ambient magic, or some other reason entirely was a question he often asked himself, but one that slowly fell from the forefront of his mind as he became more settled into his new home.

The Ultimate Guardians: "Red Made Me Do It!"

One of two Guardians' uniforms Amadhan was known to wear.

Most prominent among the handful of contacts in the superheroic community Amadhan made while working out of Vibora Bay was Friendly Fire, the former co-Leader of The Ultimate Guardians. At the time that they made contact, the Guardians had reached a phase in its existence where its metahuman, alien and tech-based heroes far outnumbered those with a mystical inclination. When confronted with an increase in magical and extra-dimensional threats that left the group feeling overwhelmed, Friendly Fire was keen to recruit more members with good knowledge of the Arcane arts. Amadhan was one of the first names on her list. Although reluctant at first, primarily due his desire to keep a relatively low profile, he eventually agreed. Since then, the number of mystically-inclined Guardians has increased dramatically, but Amadhan remained with the group for a considerable amount of time.

With his Guardian team-mates

His main responsibility was to the Guardians' Medical Team. He provided medical attention and mystical knowledge both within the confines of the Guardians' Medical Facility and on the field. Although his speciality is supernatural physiology, he would often be called on to aid with the general day to day bumps, bruises and gunshot wounds acquired by his team, as well as exorcisms, Qliphothic infections, mild cases of vampirism, a manimal-mind-control virus and one very odd extra-dimensional spider-jackal infection. He also developed a growing reputation as an excellent combat medic - quick to respond, highly skilled at reinforcing whatever team he was assigned to, and equally happy to batter the bad guys with elemental magic when his primary talents were not required. He did however, tend to be a little snarky towards, and dismissive of some of the other arcane healers within the group - not due to any personal dislike, however; Amadhan is simply narcissistic.

His eccentric personality and reputation as a mischief-maker and encourager of parties also resurfaced among the Guardians and their allies, winning him a number of friends and co-conspirators. Once again, Amadhan was regularly found at the heart of any social activity the group was be involved in. More importantly, his time with the Guardians found him becoming more open with his allies regarding his past and nature. He never became an open book however, preferring to play guessing games and letting people work some things out for themseves. But, slowly, Amadhan made the move away from relying on misdirection and paranoia to protect himself, and more towards relying on his teammates to back him up, should the Summer Queen, or whoever is manipulating that small handful of the Unseelie, renew their efforts to locate him.

"Aye, ah ken there's somethin' followin' me."


Late last year, a strange little creature, seemingly composed from bits and peices of numerous different animals started following Amadhan around. Although initially suspicious of the little animal, it has proved itself rather useful at certain tasks, and despite insisting that it's nothing more than a nusiance, Amadhan has grown quite fond the the little animal, naming it Steerpike because "Scraps seemed tae be a bit too offensive a name fae the wee beastie". It can normally be found roaming around Phantasmagoria, or sleeping on one of the shelves in Amadhan's personal library, but it occasionally follows him away from Vibora.

Steerpike's physical appearance matches its mystical one - when looked at through magesight, or other mystical means, the creature appears to be roughly cobbled together from a number of different spells, spirits and creatures, although none of these are particularly harmful or malicious in nature. It displays a reasonable level of intelligence and is adept at noticing patterns and connections when presented with information. It also has a fascination with anything bright and colourful, and a bad habit of panicking every so often and knocking over the inkwell. Steerpike is very affectionate, and, like its adopted owner, more than just a little bit fond of mischief. Oddly, it also appears to reflect Amadhan's whimsy when it comes to friendships - flinching away from those who are "out of favour" and paying extra attention to those who are currently in his good books.

The Present


Powers, Strengths, Abilities

The quick and dirty approach to medicine!

Magic Fixy

Amadhan is highly skilled in a number of methods of mystical healing. He prefers what he calls the "quick and dirty method" of using his own magic to get the job done, especially when on the field. Due to the nature of the binding placed on him by the Summer Queen, this magic runs wilder than it otherwise would, and requires not only his own will, but the belief of those he is attempting to heal to be fully successful. He does also appreciate that sometimes a higher level of subtlety is necessary, and can fall back on his extensive knowledge of folklore, herblore, enchantments, ritual and more traditional human medical treatment in order to get the job done. He's particularly skilled at ritual magic - he just doesn't have the concentration levels required - although he does come up with some very interesting solutions to counter this.

Amadhan is also quick to produce charms and remedies for the most minor of ailments - quickly passing out cold remedies, sleeping aids, relaxing bath oils, hangover cures, and copious amounts of blackberry tea to anyone who mentions feeling even the slightest bit under the weather.

Due to his supernatural nature, Amadhan himself can recover quickly from most wounds, and ages at a much slower pace than the humans and meta-humans around him. Furthermore, Amadhan is resistant (although not completely immune) to most human and alien diseases and a number of poisons; this is due to both his supernatural nature and the high levels of healing magic and enchantments he tends to be surrounded with.

Glamour Time

Like all Fae beings, Amadhan possesses Glamour - a magic lying between illusion and shapeshifting. His physical appearance is usually only minorly augmented, however. He does have incredible trouble altering his eyes, and rather than go to the effort of doing do, has collected a large number of pairs of tinted glasses designed to attempt to hide them. He's only been called on once to use this abilities for Guardians' fieldwork - posing as a white bear manimal. He's become quite fond of this particular form, and has been spotted using this appearance a number of times since. He can also create temporary doors between the world of men and Faerie, although due to the nature of the binding placed on him by the Summer Queen, he finds this exceptionally tiring and difficult to do. He's obviously highly unlikely to do so anyway, out of fear of what exactly might be lurking on the other side.

The enchantments running through Amadhan's blade are designed to deflect injury away from those it strikes, without removing the physical sensations of the blow

Always Have A Back-Up Plan

Not only is Amadhan a talented healer, he is also well trained in swordplay, as many inhabitants of the Lands of Legend are. He uses a heavily-enchanted blade forged from a metal that shifts colour between a glossy black and silver white, depending on what he is fighting against. The blade's enchantments are specifically designed to avoid mortal injury to most living entities. Against the undead however, for example, it acts as a regular blade. He's not the strongest physical combatant among the Guardians' ranks by a long shot and he's highly insistant that this skill is a "back-up plan", should anything happen to his magical abilities.

Inhuman Intelligence

Amadhan is incredibly intelligent, and has an outstanding memory. However, this memory is also highly selective, and things he deems "of little relevance" will fade much faster than the important stuff. Consequently, he can remember things like exactly what anyone was wearing on any date, but not things like his own birthday, beyond "perhaps, possibly, Tuesday?"

Charisma is not a Dump Stat

Charming, flirty and charismatic, Amadhan slips naturally into the role of party-instigator, confidante and general nusiance, and he is always the first person on the scene (within the limits of fashionably late of course) at any social gathering he hears about. He's quick to try and fast-talk himself out of trouble when things heat up too much - more so than he is to defend himself, whether magically or physically.


Some might say an impulsive need to cause trouble for the neighbours was a weakness...

Like all Fae, cold iron (untempered or wrought iron) has a notable negative effect on Amadhan - causing intense pain, blistering and weakening of his magical abilities on contact. Weapons made of this substance will create wounds that he cannot heal easily, if they do not outright kill him. The bindings that the Summer Queen ordered to be placed around Amadhan's wrists have a cold iron core, and as such they have an effect on his magical ability - limiting what he is capable of achieving, and reducing the effects of his Glamour. The spell-charged external alloy coating this core weakens the effect of the iron considerably, but does not offer full immunity. Alloys, including steel, have a significantly reduced effect, although he still finds their touch unpleasant.

Another Fae "weakness" that Amadhan is bound by is an inability to tell an outright lie. This doesn't mean he's completely open and honest however - he quite happily will weasel his way around this restriction through double meanings, ambiguous syntax, word games and outright evasion of the point.

Due to his supernatural nature, Amadhan has difficulty around most mundane technological items, and ususally the more complicated they are, the worse it is. Aside from just not really understanding how a lot of technology works, his magical abilities will sometimes short out electronic equipment. His Vibora home does not have electricity, and he instead relies on more natural and mystical methods for lighting, heating and so on. While working with the Guardians, as a safety precation due to this effect, he created a clear division in the Tower Medical Facility between the area he has designated as "his" and the area he has designated as belonging to "the rest a' them". All sensitive technological equipment that was not fixed in place, he moved away from his side of the medbay, along with as much steel as he was able to convince people to shift.

Strangely, this effect does not seem to extend to "super-technology". Amadhan has never been able to figure out the reason for this, although he does have several theories.

Amadhan's main significant mental weakness is his narcissism. He is incredibly vain, and will sulk for days if he feels someone or something has wounded his pride.

Friends and Allies

The Guardians' boys hit Sherrera's for some male bonding. Or for getting hilariously hammered. Probably both.

Since leaving Edinburgh, Amadhan has been reluctant to forge close friendships. Mostly this has been due to his own paranoia, but he as also been determined not to have to hurt people by suddenly breaking off all contact and leaving in a hurry. Consequently, social creature that he is, Amadhan has found the last few years more than just a little bit lonely. Slowly, however, and not always entirely by choice, he has begun to open up to a small handful of people, moving away from protecting himself with secrets and misdirection as he learns to trust those around him instead. He's found winning friends to be just as easy as ever, and has collected a small band that he's realising he can trust.

His closest friendships stem from his days as a member of the Guardians; two very different women - Virginia Bennett and Litha Al'Lanore.

If you're going to keep running, you might as well have a blast doing it!

Quite often, if Ginny is to be found somewhere, Amadhan won't be far behind, especially if that somewhere happens to serve alcohol, or play loud enough music. Although their friendship appears superficial at times, the two are very close and Ginny is one of the few people Amadhan feels he can really talk to about his personal life. He's also the first person there to lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, should Ginny need it, and would think nothing of dropping everything to run away for a decadent weekend at the other side of the planet, should she ask.

Litha, Amadhan views very strongly as family - they even bicker and squabble like brother and sister, and he takes great delight in teasing her mercilessly. However, he is also very protective of her, and would go to great lengths for the quiet young witch, knowing that in return he can trust her completely. Recently, he's taken on Litha as an assistant at Phantasmagoria, and although the pair clash regularly over irrelevant concepts like "tidiness" and "organisation", he genuinely does like having Litha around.

Dance, Magic Dance!

Amadhan was also surprised to find Siobhan Warwick, a former customer from the Inverness incarnation of Phantasmagoria, now included among the ranks of the Guardians. Amadhan and the witch have never been particularly close friends, but there is a lot of respect between them, especially for each other's magical abilities. Amadhan is more than happy to have a familiar face nearby that isn't one he's had a bad run-in with in the past.

Other Guardians he tended to spend a considerable amount of his free time with, included The Harrier - Chance Thomas, Sprocket, Street Monkey, Rocket Crusader, and Daemi. Since parting ways with the Guardians, however, he has rarely seen many of his old friends.

Finally, Amadhan developed a huge amount of respect for Shinnosuke Yamagami. Although his own outlook and the psychopomp's are almost diametrically opposed, the two have a mutual understanding of one another, and often find themselves in agreement over many situations. Amadhan has perhaps been the only person so far who has been able to extract a chuckle from the usually-humourless Shinnosuke, a badge he wears with pride.

What Your Characters Might Know

((Please use the information presented here for IC interactions, rather than that presented in the sections above!))

Amadhan poses for the 2012 "Men of the Ultimate Guardians" Charity Calendar

Amadhan is a former member of The Ultimate Guardians. He was specifically assigned to the group's medical team as a talented healer. Unlike many of his team-mates, he preferred to remain based in Vibora Bay, although he put in both office hours in the Guardians' Medical Facility and remained on-call for the team whenever necessary.

He's never given an interview, he never refers to himself as a hero, and rarely appears in the press and other media - he consistently insists that he is merely a doctor, not a hero, and is just doing what any other medical professional would. He was, however, known to be as much a field agent as any other Guardian member however, bolstering and supporting his allies on any mission he was assigned to, as well as using his magical ability offensively. He had been seen in physical combat as well, although it is clear that although he is a decently trained swordsman, he is by no means outstanding.

If he has a secret identity, it is not publically known, nor is the exact nature of his powers. Mages, mystics and supernaturals coming in contact with him however, might work this out, however.

He's a relatively common fixture in Sherrera's Bar when he's in Millennium, usually found perched on one end of the bar. He's even more of a common fixture in the back bar of the S.S. Bayou Queen, The Minefield, and Zombies Only in Vibora Bay. In spite of a small reputation among the superheroic community (all right, among the Guardians and some of their allies) as a bit of a party animal, he is never seen in Club Caprice - he claims to have been banned from this establishment. He spent a few months working as a Podium Dancer in the Minefield, because who wouldn't want to get paid for what they do most evenings anyway?

Mystical- and supernatural-based heroes might be aware of the existence of Phantasmagoria, a small and dusty "alternative remedies" shop in Vibora's Weston Tangle. There are rumours that the store is much more than what it appears to be, offering rare reagents, valuable texts and more hidden among the distracting fluff. Yes, there is a stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling.

Despite being a former member of a well-known superteam, Amadhan has almost no official merchandise for sale. Apparently there is a small amount of "interesting" unofficial merch available, but it is rare and hard to find.

Amadhan appears as "Mr October" in the 2012 "Men of the Ultimate Guardians" Charity Calendar - this is pretty much the only exception to "no official merchandise".

Personal Interests and Trivia


- Amadhan's musical tastes can only be described as eclectic, and are in no way up to date. He likes pretty much anything he can dance to, anything clearly cabaret inspired, those hippy-ish panpipes and whalesong records, anything with pianos and smokey vocals, and has a ridiculous obsession with David Bowie.

- No, he really doesn't know exactly how old he is, and he really doesn't remember his date of birth. They just aren't important information, as far as he's concerned. Plus, he likes being able to celebrate his birthday whenever he damn well pleases (and throw a ridiculous strop when people "forget" a date they didn't know in the first place).

- Amadhan is incredibly superficially fickle and very driven by whimsy. His "favourite thing in the world, ever" changes at least once a week, he'll run hot and cold in his friendships in a heartbeat, and he's very prone to changing plans at the very last minute.

- Although he is a ridiculous flirt, he's actually a complete romantic at heart. However, MEDICINE! comes first always, leaving him with little interest in romantic relationships. If the right handsome thing was to stroll into his life and sweep him off his feet with some grand gesture however...

- Amadhan is incredibly superstitious, which is what happens when you know that most of them are true in the right circumstances. He will happily rattle of a list of these if asked, which might take some time.

- He's a vegetarian.

- He has a decent singing voice, and occasionally turns up at open-mic nights intent on dissolving the audience into fits of giggles with some of his more... interesting renditions of well-known songs.

Getting Ready For Halloween: With Sparrow, Robert Farnsworth, Alisha Moon, and Virginia Bennett

- Amadhan almost always smells of juniper, blackberries and pine-needles.

- He's mildly addicted to blackberry tea, cherry cheesecake, and any cocktail that's an unnatural colour and sickly sweet.

- Amadhan grows carnivorous plants along the window-sills on his side of the Guardian Tower's Medical Facility.

- Amadhan's favourite book is Gray's Dissection Guide for Human Anatomy. His favourite fictional book is Orlando, by Virginia Woolf.

- He can speak about fourteen languages, although it's debateable whether some are just different dialects of the same language or not. He will argue all night over the seperateness of English and Scots as languages. Others include Latin, Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), Welsh, some Greek, a number of mystical tongues, and a few other languages that have died out completely.

- He has a British passport in the name of "Fionn Alasdair Mackenzie", although it's not entirely clear whether said passport is an excellent forgery or not.

- He owns 128 hats.

- Pants are optional.

- Is totally a Brony. Pinkie Pie 4ever <3!!!

Thoughts and Views

As Amadhan doesn't give interviews, the following are all lifted from overheard conversations!

On Heroism - "Ah'm no a hero. Ah dinnae ken what ye've got tae say, ah'm tellin' ye, ah'm no. Ah'm a doctor, ye ken? First, foremost an' always. Ah stand b'hind m'heroes, an' do m'job, an' make sure they're fit an' able tae do their jobs."

On Lethal Force - "Disnae tha' kinda go aginst th'whole point a' medicine? Primum nil nocere an' all tha'. Takin' a life is no somethin' ah could do, an' still call m'sel' a doctor."

On Magic - "There's this tendency tae tell folks tae be responsible when it comes tae magic. Ah'm no sae sure ah agree w'tha'."

On Hats - "Aye, hats are verra important."

RP Hooks

- Mystical Heroes based in Vibora Bay may be aware of the existence of Phantasmagoria, may shop there regularly for books, herbs, reagents or other interesting items. The owner is also more than willing to buy or trade for enchanted items and rare books, the more interesting the better. The more mundane might also be aware of the shop, but likely dismiss it as "that odd New Agey place that seems very fond of sending people away with a bag of homeopathic remedies".

- Need Mystical Medical assistance? He's only too happy to oblige.

- Amadhan has a tendency to turn up at poetry slams, story-telling festivals, book readings and so on.

- He also has a tendency to crash any party he hears about. Ever. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It's all about perspective.

- Is it Friday? He'll almost definitely be in the Minefield.

What Other Heroes Think of Him

Feel free to add your own Heroes' thoughts and opinons here!

"Insane and chaotic. Good Comrade, but insane and chaotic." -Real Soviet Damage

"Fascinating and unpredictable! He is a beautiful dancer and full of wonder." -Winter Lily

"I trust he will do the right thing whenever it is required of him. But when it isn't? He will forge tales to collect them." -Shinnosuke Yamagami

"One of those people you just can't help but smile when he does, or laugh when he does. Truly a person of joy." -Sapphyre

"My nurse, good drinker, fun to be with and pants is optional around him. Love him!" -Daemi

"I like him. He gets what I do, you know? And loves it! I think. I sometimes have a hard time focusing with them pecks!" -Rufus, previously known as the Sin Reaper

"He may be a little vain and certainly mischievous, but I could never ask for anyone closer or more important in my life." -Litha Al'Lanore

"Uhhh he's pwetty Yeah. He's awesome and dances gweat" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea