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The Former
Robin Pierce
"I'm not playing any more."
Player: @leonaheidern
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
ex-SIGIL, ex-The Citadel, ex-Eternals
Real Name
Robin Pierce
Strix(Former), Owlgirl(Former)
October 25th, 1994
Millennium City
Millennium City
Café Owner
Legal Status
Registered Hero(Retired)
Marital Status
Married (Kei Arai-Pierce)
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
160 lbs.
Body Type
Brown(Left), Cybernetic(Right)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Nanomachines: Healing, Weapons, Flight
· Equipment ·
TMC, Hearing Aides, Goggles, Database, Custom suit, Private Frequency
· Other Abilities ·
Heightened Learning, Martial Arts, Insane Tech Expertise

WHO IS Robin Pierce

Robin Pierce is Strix, formerly known as Owlgirl, a vigilante based in Westside. One of the founding members of The Citadel, Strix was pulled out of her anti-social shell and into the big world of being a hero. She fights using a claw based style, forming claws out of her own created nanomachines that populate her suit, originally designed to scare more than injure, she quickly mastered the use of them for actual combat. Robin Pierce is completely deaf, a defect she has had since birth, using custom designed hearing aides to hear the world around her. These hearing aides give her a type of 'Owl Hearing', allowing her to pinpoint sounds from very far distances. She also knows many different languages from her blitzing through schools with; English, Japanese, German, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. She has basic latin knowledge but she doesn't know french. Strix is registered as a hero in Millenium City, with all the perks that gives. Strix developed a tesla powered frame, for use against threats bigger than she can handle.

After returning from Japan, Strix maintained order on the streets of Westside at night, along with her fiancée Accentor. Up until they decided to settle down, now Strix runs her Agents of Strix from her home in the city centre, acting as a information broker and communication network for her agents.

2015 Update: Robin Piece is currently retired and the mantle of Strix has gone to a new young girl. (See: Strix II )


The Incident

Initially, Robin grew up as a normal girl, going to a special school to assist with her hearing disability. It did not take long for her natural genius to get noticed, after completing the entire school year in two months she moved onto more advanced studies for her age, eventually landing her in college at the age of twelve. Being deaf did not effect her learning in the slightest, as she rocketted through every course they gave her, up until she took one on computing and technology. It was noticable, Robin took her time with this class, actually interested in the topics and discussions around her. After a few weeks she crafted her own devices, a set of compact hearing aides which successfully allowed her to hear the world for the first time in her life. With her hearing, she took more time to absorb the world around her, often found relaxing in the library with a different book each day.

Her family was nice, she had no brothers or sisters and her parents were kind and loving, overly proud of their daughters brilliant mind. They lived in the north-east of Westside, in an apartment complex next to the factory district where her father worked. She chose to not have friends, considering them lower than her, instead she hung around adults. One day, a man dressed in purple came to their house. The man was a Purple Gang higher-up known as Calloway, who had come to warn them about their swift eviction via The Purple Gang. This warning was not accurate however, as they came back that night, the sound of heavy machinery was grinding close and her parents had already begun to panic. There was no warning as the wrecking ball plunged through their living room wall, her father died instantly as it crashed straight into him, crushing him through the back of the house. Her mother was trapped under rubble, screaming at Robin to run away, a look that the girl will never forget on her face.

After the Incident

Robin Pierce, 17
With her home destroyed and her parents dead, Robin was forcefully orphaned and homeless, scavenging meals from the backs of diners and sleeping under boxes. She lasted a few days before heading back towards her home, only to find it completely demolished, Purple construction crews working tirelessly to convert the area into a carpark for the nearby factory. The fifteen year old released all her rage and dashed towards the man she recognized from that day, but was stopped by a couple of goons, beaten up and left for dead in an alleyway.

The girl found resolve in this, taking refuge at a nearby Gym and started working out daily, quickly getting in shape and training at various hand-to-hand combat. Every night she would go out to test what she'd learnt, taking out various Purple goons around Westside. Taking trips to the junkyard daily, she began constructing various gizmos out of the items she found there, in order to further her pursuit of revenge. Robin had constructed a grappling-hook-launcher of sorts, but wasn't skilled enough to use it properly, often crashing into things and landing hard on the ground. She was noticed by one of the more well known heroes, The Owl, who immediately put her to the test and then told her to 'go home'. On realization that she had no home, he organized her a hotel to stay at, in which she avoided.

Taking notes from The Owl's getup, Robin disguised herself with a mask and took to the Purple Gang with a pair of katar-style claws she designed herself, fighting them directly where her home used to be. This was quickly stopped however by The Owl, who tied the young girl up and broke her blades, starting instantly on the lecturing before telling her to quit before she gets hurt. This did not last long however as he found her the next week in the same place, sitting atop the factory overlooking the car park.

Robin had taken a bullet to the thigh, in which The Owl could not leave alone, taking her to one of his hidden caves he extracted the bullet and allowed her to stay there the night. He learnt of her past and began training her from then on, granting her a base of her own to use and the opportunity to create her own identity to fight against the crime-lords of the city. Once she had the base, she no longer frequented the gym, having training grounds of her own to use and adjust to her standards. She took up the mantle and was referred to in the papers as Owlgirl, a name that quickly stuck.


It wasn't long before the girl proved herself and was offered entry into SIGIL, a heroic organization that The Owl was a member of, fighting in the Teen League. Robin did not socialize with her peers, instead opted to fight directly under The Owl, honing her craft with twin rods rather than blades. Her new attire enabled her the ability to glide through the air with her cape and her goggles gave her the ability to see at night as clear as day. The suit she wore was jet black, with an outline of an owl across the chest and wore a scarf over her cowl. She also memorized every bit of information that she needed to know from the system, using it all to help her create new gadgets that she tested on the field.

After making a few busts on the local crime-scene in Westside, Owlgirl was in the process of busting another bigwig when she was forcefully stopped by the woman he was with, the ensuing battle between costumed hero and crazy naked martial artist lasted two hours and spread through the entire building. Her target had gotten away and the woman had gotten the upper hand, apparently pissed at Owlgirl for busting several of her highest paying 'customers'. Over the course of the next few months this woman, calling herself 'The Queen of Pain', spent her time trying to thwart Owlgirl's activities in Westside, often appearing out of nowhere disguised as a nearby gang member or civilian. Every time after their first battle, Owlgirl found herself the victor, quickly learning and adapting to the various fighting styles that The Queen had learnt over the years of being a prostitute in Westside. Eventually she was put behind bars, her face contorted with rage towards Owlgirl, her last words were a spit to the girls uniform. Several months pass, she found herself caught up in Dr. Destroyer's attack on Millenium City, opting to assist with the smaller crimes while the stronger heroes took care of the Destroid armies.


Seeking a change of pace, Robin started designs on a new suit, with a dark red colouration and a visible mouth. She also realized that she hadn't actually come up with her own name and thus researched Owls for about ten minutes on Google, coming up with the name 'Strix', a genus of Owl. She decided to drop the batons she had been using and switch to a more close-range style, equipping herself with 'Talons', sharp claws at the end of her gloved fingers. It was at this time she was attacked by a Brazillian Assassin by the name of Carolina Malandro, or 'Hispida' as she went by, a short tempered woman who never missed a kill. Until that day. Upset at her failure, Hispida literally lost it, starting a reign of terror completely unlike her previous modus operandi. Robin was injured and out of action for a week after that assault.

On her eighteenth birthday, Robin was invited to a mansion on the outskirts of town, where as a present she was gifted with not only meeting the true face of The Owl... But being promoted in SIGIL to TASK, the R&D section of the group, enabling her to soak in almost ten times the amount of information she was allowed to previously. Strix used the information in that database to start production of an idea she had in order to stand up to more powerful villains, self-replicating nanomachines. She also upgraded the technology in her hearing aides to let her direct her hearing more accurately, gaining a sort of Owl Hearing.

Around this time, Robin started to frequent the club in Millenium City known as Caprice, befriending Veronica Ann Arky(Vivi) and Natasha Roy(Divael) along with the people that crowded around them. She began to go there more and more, spending a fair bit of time with her new friends, for the first time in her life she actually had friends. Robin also returned to the gym she used to frequent, finding Veronica was a regular there, she made sure to keep her friendly approach going. It didn't take very long for her to find out who Veronica was, meeting each other in a carpark as Strix and Anarchy, she watched a shady deal pan out between Anarchy and a local street fighter known as Henbane. After finding out that it was a sting operation led by Anarchy, Strix took a risk and let out a clue to her identity, waiting at her local gym for the other girl to show. It took under five minutes for Anarchy to show up, confirming both her and Strix's identities to each other, they both left the gym their seperate ways.

The Citadel

Strix was stopped by Anarchy during an crime-fighting outing together, asking if she would help form a new group, one that would follow its own ideals and not be on the coat-tails of anyone. An idea that Strix was very partial to, having the feeling that she was being held back by being in SIGIL, not able to do everything she wanted to do. With that, they formed 'The Citadel' along with a few others.

Leaving a farewell note with her TASK ID in her basement lair for The Owl to see, she said her final goodbyes to the place she had called home and moved in to the old Aegis Association building. It did not take long to realize that Robin had been going in the wrong direction with her work, figuring out that nanites would not get what she wanted, she decided to seek help elsewhere. Getting in contact with Doctor Ophelia Setrokian she gained employment and upgrades in the form of a cybernetic eye, to allow her to fight without the goggles and still have the same result.

The Cosmos
The Dizzy
It was at this point that she was introduced to Cosmos, whom immediately hit it off with our hero and moved in with her, later revealing that she was not real and that the actual Kei Arai was sitting in Japan. On the notion that the two had developed feelings for each other, Kei flew down from Japan to live with Robin, which neither of them have ever regretted. Kei also sent down a second remote shell named the Dizzy for Robin to pilot herself, which she managed to do without trouble, even fully able to be do double the work and having two different conversations at the same time... much to Kei's shock.

Robin and her two genius associates started work on a cybernetic frame, taking the girl out of action for an entire month as they worked hard, designing and testing. Robin designed and built the suit, Dr Setrakian assisted in the finer details and Kei worked on the software, having a fully working suit before the new year. Robin had gone from one extreme to the other, a no hope vigilante to a productive member of society and hero, now having a full electrified frame that she could abuse on strong enemies she could not handle before.


After The Citadel did not pan out as planned, Robin and Kei departed to be free agents once more, taking a month to fly to Japan to meet Kei's parents and broaden their horizons. On return, the two kept quiet, choosing to work privately for a time.

The next time they were seen was another month later, Strix appeared without the powered frame, but with a new outfit designed in a similar fashion to her old style. Kei also started appearing with her as the hero Accentor, a sidekick of sorts, the two utilized sophisticated technology and a vigilante style to clean up the streets their way. Meeting Anarchy once more, Strix was given access to every underground network that the woman had acquired over the years, which she immediately uploaded to her database.

It was around here that Robin Pierce invited her girlfriend, Kei Arai to Vibora Bay, for dinner on the cruise ship docked there. Presenting the Japanese teen with an engagement ring, the two are now engaged to be married, date unknown. Following this, Robin purchased a building in the City Centre, opening a café on the ground floor.

This was when Robin decided to 'retire' from active duty, instead forming a little group of her own that she guided with her technical knowledge and the information network that Anarchy had given her, Robin had finally found her niche.

...There was also a bit of body modification she did on the side for people that paid the right 'price'.



Internal Equipment

Owl Hearing: Her personally designed hearing aides give her extended range on her aural capabilities, with the director equipped she can hear a mouse step on a stick 300 yards away. Of course this means her main weakness is extreme noise, but she has built in protection which kicks in almost instantly.

Cybernetic Eye: Her right eye has been replaced with a cybernetic one, capable of all of her previous vision modes from her goggles accessible with various twitching of her facial muscles, the battery needs to be replaced weekly.

Medical Nanites: Robin has a full suite of nanites running through her body specifically designed to provide enhanced healing, her regeneration is unnaturally high as they are on overdrive constantly giving her absurd amounts of healing, to the point of minor limb regeneration. She does not know the reasons as to why she built them with such a high level of regeneration capabilities, but doesn't mind too much because it's handy. The actual reason was to regenerate her blood cells while being fed on by her second girlfriend, vampire form Kit, whom she erased from her mind to avoid being driven insane from a breakdown. She has upgraded them to harden in response to trauma, giving her a form of organic shielding, much like metal forming under her skin to lessen damage to her insides.

External Equipment

Nanite Stun Claws: Formed out of nanites themselves, Strix uses these to fight crime, they release a charge of electricity on touch to stun and/or disable targets.

Owl Talons: Unlike her previous Talons, which were claws on the end of her fingers, these are throwing devices similar to that of The Owl's. Strix can throw them with precision, hitting targets at a distance.

Bolas: It's a Bolas, come on.

Smoke Grenade: Boom, smoke, etc.

Owluminum Body Armor: Originally developed by Gabriel Cole, the nanocomposite material later dubbed "Owluminum", was an attempt to synthesize a protective covering similar to kevlar or heavier metalloceramics but with much greater penetration resistance and reduced weight. The resulting material, the specifics of which are a closely guarded secret, is as durable as Questionite and other exotic meta-materials like Kendrium and Destrium while retaining the the malleability of a dense fabric weave. This gives the material excellent resistive capabilities extending to impact, thermal, electrical, and other energetic forces while retaining a remarkable measure of mobility when layered into a protective garment.

Powered Frame 5TR-1X

5TR-1X: The personally designed and co-op built powered frame, controlled by a combination of muscle movement and onscreen display, Robin has total control over her suit and power levels. Using tesla technology to shoot bolds of purple lightning and levitate off the ground, she has taken a more bruiser role in battles, aiming for the bigger and tougher enemies first.

The frame has three modes:
First Gear: First gear is the offline frame, it provides extra support in her limbs and a strong base for her martial arts, adding a defensive and offensive bonus without limiting her movement at all. Her visor is not enabled in this mode.
Second Gear: Second gear is the first form of the online frame, powered up and ready, it is similar to First gear aside from the fact that all of her strikes now conduct electricity to her target. Her visor is enabled in this mode.
Third Gear: Third gear is the last known offensive form of the online frame, disabling the restrictions and allowing the electricity to freely flow around her, enabling flight and ranged blasts. She can freely control the amount of electricity she pours into her targets and has already shown enough power to down a tank-styled mutant.

Visor: The Visor designed for the 5TR-1X is a modified version of the COSMOS-01 Targeting and catalog assistant originally created by Kei Arai to supplement her own mobile frame's efficiency. The updated Visor provides additional functions as well, including electrical arc projections [Accurate to 87%], detailed target statistics including relative distance, height, and mass, strategic recommendations based on pre-installed data and the user's combat tendencies. Additionally, the visor provides weather reports, and a temperature indicator for various liquids, including tea and soup. Various space related video games are also installed.


Strix originally had no known superhuman powers, although as a result of her upgraded nanomachines, The nanites inside her body give her the ability akin to a mutants healing factor.

She is a trained martial artist and is proficient with the night-stick thanks to The Owl, Robin has a limited ability to deflect damage via rotation, provided she knows an impact is coming and has enough time to react. Physical blows and average movement she can avoid full damage but things like gunshots and super speed she has to rely on her suit and alternate defenses.

It was later revealed that the difficulty she had with focusing was from her neural pathways going at an accelerated rate, basically giving her a form of 'super-autism', which she fixed by attaching a neural suppressor to the back of skull via Dr. Setrakian. Now able to focus, her genius-level intellect is at full bloom.

Strix has modified the inside of her body with her nanomachines, she has ports on her neck and down her spine to 'patch in' to her and other peoples computer systems, enabling her to hack and cyber walk. This tech was developed by Kei Arai and herself.


Notable Allies

  • Kei Arai or Cosmos: Robin's current closest friend, partner and lover. Kei was first introduced as 'Cosmos', a remote controlled shell which she piloted all the way from Japan, eventually flying to Millenium City to meet Robin face to face. The two fell in love instantly and have been there for each other ever since, they are nigh-inseperable.
  • Veronica Anne Arky(Vivi): Robin's first real friend, having been pulled into a group inside Club Caprice, Robin was quickly imbedded into the group. Called Vee by Robin, the two formed The Citadel and started working together officially. Robin respects Veronica a lot more than she lets on, which is already a lot, knowing full well that with even her own tough background... Vee has had it tougher. Veronica is the first person to pull Robin from her anti-social shell and to treat her like a human being, also her first love.
  • The Owl: Robin's mentor and semi-father figure, The Owl turned Robin from a suicidal vigilante to a law-abiding hero, while assisting the girl in her pursuit of knowledge. The Owl gave her access to information and technology that only furthered to increase her engineering skills, allowing her to create more items that would be invaluable in her hero career. Robin is also one of the only people that know The Owl's true identity, a secret she will not share out of pure respect, no matter the case.
  • Kit Felin'iss: Robin's second love, Kit opened herself to Robin astoundingly fast, strengthening their bond and their feelings towards each other. These two didn't pan out, now they stay separated for their own reasons.

Cosmos piloted by Kei with Dizzy piloted by Robin

The Thorns in her Side


Calloway: The beginning of it all

Powers/Abilities: ????

Threat Level: ????

The man that she see's every night as she falls asleep, the one who slaughtered her parents, the only person on the planet that she can not forgive. A crime-lord in the Purple Gang, Calloway is not very well known, yet his crimes exceed even the top executives under Kevin Poe. Having destroyed Robin's home and family a few years ago, he has a very large target on his head.


The Queen of Pain: Master of Disguise

Powers/Abilities: Skilled Martial Artist, Skilled Weapon-master, Master of Disguise

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A prostitute from the streets of Westside, she mastered several martial arts to protect herself in the crummy neighbourhood, a style savant that can dress like anyone and blend in to a crowd without trouble. Has a grudge against the former Owlgirl for ruining some very lucrative business opportunities, but is currently whereabouts unknown.


Hispida: The Brazillian Assassin

Powers/Abilities: Skilled Assassin, Other abilities unknown

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Carolina Malandro, a Brazillian Assassin hired by The Queen of Pain to kill Strix, payment on completion. Due to Strix's new hearing system, the kill was foiled and Hispida finally had her first failure, resulting in her apparently losing her mind. She has become a thorn in Strix's side, constantly involving herself in pointless quests that seem completely out-of-character for her.


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"She's pretty cool. The conversation's we've had have been pretty fine. And she looks the dependable sort.
Girl's in incredible shape...easily impressed. Eitherhoo, yeah, decent sort." - Persephone

"Psssh. First met her when drunk off her arse and bit of a hotshot towards me after she beat me in Carl's.
Seems alright, though. In fact, she seems great." - Snowtalon


  • Westside hero: As Owlgirl she made a name for herself as a vigilante around Westside, as Strix she became a hero.
  • Bodybuilder: She is very well built as she has been taking care of herself well, sporting a large frame she can be found often at Carl's Gym.


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