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((A private high school used in character backgrounds. If you'd like to use it or add to it, send me a message @generalfreedom))


History and Basic Information

Gregory Bracen Sr.
Bracen is a private high school focused on meta friendly education. It's a safe place for people with powers and those with altered appearances to get an education without prejudice and without causing a distraction while still preparing them for mainstream society.

The school was established fairly recently (1994) by Gregory Bracen Senior, who became quite active in the metahuman community after his son developed powers at age fourteen. He wanted an accessible and proper school that would cater to even unusual students and give some basic understanding of metahuman abilities and what it means to have them in modern society. They do not deal in magic unless it's a result of other metahuman abilities. That's another subject entirely and one the school isn't equipped to deal with.

Despite this pro meta stance, Bracen is not a school for superheroes. While some students may participate in such activities in their spare time and the school allows some excused absences for such, it does not actively sanction the superhero lifestyle.


Girl's Uniform.
Boy's Uniform.


Located in downtown Millennium City, Bracen has a modestly sized and well maintained campus. Comprised of six buildings, including student housing and a fantastic student center as well as outdoor areas set up for exercise and safe power use, Bracen is always clean and orderly and features a slick, modern style that fits in well with the 'City of the Future.'

  • Student Housing: Bracen offers affordable rooms to its students that are large and feature all the necessary utilities for comfortable living. The building is co-ed, with male and female students living on opposite ends.
  • Student Center: Featuring a well staffed dining hall with a variety of choices, a comfortable lounge, an up to date reference center, and various rooms for meetings and conferences or events.
  • Sports and Fitness Center: Containing equipment suitable for budding metahumans and those with more normal physical abilities alike, the Bracen Sports and Fitness Center has everything necessary for meeting a students physical education needs. Behind this building is an area set up for safe power use in the case of projectors or various kinds, a track for both speedsters and slowpokes, and other useful equipment.
  • Administrations Building (Kaner Hall): Where all the boring administrative work takes place. The needs of metahuman students are many, so the place is usually buzzing with activity. It is named for Kate Kaner, who was in the first graduating class (1998) and has made many donations to the school.
  • Arts Building (Wilford Building): Well stocked and staffed, this building has everything a student could want if they're interested in the fine or applied arts. Named for Hank Wilford, a close family friend of the Bracen's who helped initially support the school.
  • Main Building (Bracen Building): The bulk of classes take place in the sprawling main building. Gregory Bracen Sr. spared no expense in making his school a shining example of the private education system.

Staff (From Left to Right)

  • Professor Lobdell: Despite being more powerful as a telekinetic, Lobdell's preferred field is telepathy. He teaches courses related to the use of psionics, as well as psychology and sociology.
  • Gregory Bracen Jr.: Well known on campus for his burnt orange skin and tendency to leak smoke from his nostrils, Gregory Jr. is a serious individual who likes to make sure his father's school is running properly. He is the head administrator of the school and has a reputation for not tolerating any nonsense.
  • Uther Crane: An imposing man with a soft heart, Uther seems to be made of living stone. Part of the second graduating class (1999), he returned as a teacher after getting his education degree. He is a physical education instructor and teaches a few art courses as well as providing guidance to students with increased physical strength and durability.
  • Xavier Radison: Music teacher and head of the theater department, Xavier is a man with seemingly limitless energy. This helps a bit, since he also works with students with energy projection powers.
  • Selina Aldiz: A biology and chemistry teacher, Selina is known to be a 'reformed' supervillain and mad scientist. She is an odd woman and has a tendency to get very excited when talking about subjects that are important to her.

-Selina lost her position recently when it was discovered she had somehow built a secret lab under the school!

  • Missy Parks: Parks is a xenobiologist and retired UNTIL agent who teaches math courses. She also works as a counselor for students with altered physical appearances.


  • Powerbomb/Edgar Shen: Edgar is an arrogant and opinionated young man. He enjoys proving his superiority in all aspects of life and seems to have the power to back up his attitude. A strong supporter of metahuman rights, he is known as something of a rebel with a serious mean streak.
  • Lina Garren: Lina is a senior with a reptilian appearance that has an odd anti superhero stance that brings her in conflict with others at times. Few people like her abrasive attitude and tendency to give unwanted nicknames.
  • Miranda Mendes: Definitely wants to be a superhero like her friend Charity. Miranda is an excitable senior who loves having fun and has a tendency to get on Lina's nerves despite the two being friends since they were freshmen.
  • Taffi: A sophomore at the institute. Taffi attends Bracen on a full grant donated by generous contributors. She is good friends with Charity and Lina. She is a Malvan with electromagnetic powers, and one of the few aliens attending the school.
  • Cardinal/Rosa Guzman: A senior who attends Bracen due to obvious physical mutation (glowy purple eyes) brought on by her psionic powers. She suffers from frequent headaches, and has some family issues, and tends to lash out at others when they annoy her, which is easily done. As a result, she's not very popular or well-liked (though she does have a love-hate thing going on with Lina Garren).
  • Val, Jen & Abby Carr: Juniors at the school, the Carr sisters are inseparable. Their mutation (glowy blue eyes) is a manifestation of their mentalist powers. They often complete each others sentences with little prompting. Out of the three, Jen is the most popular by far, with Val coming in second and Abby a distant third, thanks to her shy nature.
  • Antoinette Danesca: A sophomore who just transferred from Ovidius High School in Romanian City, Constanta. She appears to be blind in appearance but displays capabilities of sights beyond the mundane, which makes her abilities obvious. She transferred during the last semester of the 2012-2013 term and hasn't been very imposing popularity wise.
  • Allen Stone: A junior at the Bracen Institute, Allen Stone is one of the smartest kids in the school. He tends to be the appointed guardian of the nerds in the school as most of the bullies dare not go up against him due to his immense strength and intimidating appearance. But in fact Allen is a quiet and solitary person, most of the time either found in the school's lab rooms or library.
  • Teresa 'Terry' Toledo: A recent transfer student, Terry is a junior who is clearly not interested in entering into the Institute's social scene, instead keeping to herself. Attentive students might note her predilection for scientific studies and activities, and with no outstanding physical mutations, the most obvious clue to her powers is her predilection for all kinds of metallic accessories and supplies.

Former Students

  • Charity Corren: A recent graduate (2013) with plans on getting her teaching degree and returning to Bracen one day. She's an empath that was somewhat popular thanks to her bubblegum pink hair and helpful attitude.
  • Jacqueline Whitelock: A former graduate of the Bracen Institute. They assisted her during her teenage years in dealing with the mutant powers of telepathy and telekinesis (which was incredibly destructive when it first manifested). After graduation, Jacqueline received her degree in Psychology and became an agent for UNTIL. Currently known as the heroine Aura and a Reserve Member of the Protectors of the World.


-Professor Lobdell is a former superhero named Psyker. He gave it up when he defeated his nemesis.

-Gregory Jr. actually runs a super secret young superheroes team. Despite the schools stated policies and his firm insistence otherwise.

-That statue of Gregory Sr. in front of the Bracen Building can transform and attack criminals or other such trespassers.

-Selina Aldiz is still a villain and runs dangerous experiments on students that do poorly. (This rumor was partially confirmed recently. Gregory Jr. Was not happy.)