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The Malvan Sweetheart
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Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
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Real Name
Canada, Argent Facility
USA Pending
Millennium City
Millennium City
Student at Bracen Institute
Legal Status
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
145 lbs.
Body Type
Pinkish Red
Golden, with pink striations
· Distinguishing Features ·
Lip piercings, Malvan feathery eyebrows
Powers & Abilities
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Tidal arterial field & flow generation
· Equipment ·
Malvan Grav Chariot, Malvan fashion holo-projector
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Early History

Project T.A.F.F.I.

Taffi helps power the ARGENT building in Millennium City.

In the Canadian facilities of ARGENT, a plan was hatched to create a biological-based endless energy source to power ARGENT facilities in a covert manner. This would allow them to power secret facilities without having to use conventional generators and power sources that may give away their positions. For the project, a captured energy-based metahuman's DNA was laced into that of a Malvan embryo--hopefully to create a near immortal power source. The project was designated ARGENT Experiment ZA-127 and work began in earnest over the next couple years.

The resulting baby was then birthed through synthetic machinery, and given the name Taffi, after the Project's name. T.A.F.F.I. stood for Tidal Arterial Field and Flow Initiative, which involved using the Malvan's augmented heart as a pump to flow an energy-laced blood through its body. The resulting fluctuations and flow would provide a constant energy field that could be tapped permanently.

Little Taffi grew up in the facility, receiving very little motherly care, but lots of toys and cuddly animals. Her handlers and science team treated her reasonably well the first several years as she developed perfectly along the Project parameters. She was taught basic language skills, but her social skills were lacking. Eventually, she was given lots of childrens books to occupy her time. Sometimes she was allowed to play with other children that were in the facility, but only supervised and for brief amount of times.

On her seventh birthday, Taffi was designated a Project success and cleared for use at her facility for testing. At first, she was hooked up in her room to many cables and allowed to wander around and read and watch cartoons and television shows, but after a hero attack on their facility, she was hidden deeper and a more confined area, living for several years in near solitary confinement as she powered the research facility. Rumor has it that other beings based on the Taffi project were cloned or created to facilitate more batteries for Argent. Whatever the truth, Taffi never saw any of them, and spent her time alone in a cramped room, with only her heart's rhythm to listen too. This stunted some of her development and she had little contact with more than a few scientists for the next several years.

Rescue from Argent

At that age of 14, she was finally shipped to Millennium City in a secure transport to power the ARGENT Headquarters. This transfer, however, did not go unnoticed, and some heroes were tipped off about the arrival of a teenage Malvan. The Titan Institute organized a response team in order to see if they couldn't retrieve the girl from their faciltiies.

Rescue from Argent

The Titan Institute arrives at the ARGENT Building in downtown Millennium City, catching a tip from an insider that there is a hostage to rescue in the building somewhere.

Pandemonium: I’m heading to the roof then.

Pandemonium: Wow there’s a really out of place door here

Oceanier: Is this everyone?

There is a knocking inside the generator and a girl's voice humming a lullaby inside. The humming and knocking eventually stops, as the commotion is heard outside. "Hello?"

Tzu beeps in binary quietly at this as she tries entering a ventilation shaft.

Amelia glances around. “What just with the hero gather?” She blinks and peeks at the generator.

Arsenals: "It’s coming from there." He points at the generator.

A metallic echo comes from inside the generator. “I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me again.”

Oceanier: John, take point make sure no one is coming.

Arsenals: Ok.

Tzu climbs out and jumps down next to them, the money can wait, greed gives way to curiosity.

Arsenals: Seems clear so far.

Tzu beeps.

Amelia: “GAH damn tin can.” She flails as Tzu lands beside her.

Night Web: aw how cute *snickles*

Tzu: "Assesment: Someone is inside that thing."

Arsenals: Well, let’s open it.

Oceanier: You two, I need y'all to be ready to catch whoever is inside there.

Tzu pulls out her plasma blade. "Allow me."

Oceanier grabs the door “Ready?”

Arsenals: You guys sure about this?

Pandemonium: Hiesies whatsi you guys doing here?

Tzu: "Statement: Someone is inside the generator."

Arsenals: Ahh what’s that thing?!

Amelia glances at Pandemonium. "heeeh."

Arsenals: A walking pumpkin?!

Oceanier: Yes, you heard a voice. We need to find out who it is and make sure they are okay. Not many people can live in a generator... Can you get them out?

Tzu: "Assessment: A pumpkin headed non-person sapient."

Pandemonium: Hi, mesie Pandemonium

Another knock is heard from inside the generator. "Sir is that you? I'll be quiet!"

Pandemonium: hmmm?

Pandemonium: Miu heresie?

Tzu finishes cutting a human sized square in the generator with her plasma blade.

Arsenals: Somebody’s stuck in there! We need to open that thing.

Pandemonium: me smellsie Miu nearsie yes yes

Night Web: This has to be the weirdest group of would-be heroes I've ever seen *snickles*

Oceanier tries to look in, “Can you move in there?”

Amelia flails at web. “I’m a demon damnit!”

Tzu: "Statement: This unit is not a would-be hero."

Heartbeat: H-heroes?

Heartbeat: Really?

Arsenals: Are you ok in there?

Pandemonium scratches his head.

Heartbeat: I'm comfortable and ok. Please don't hurt me.

Pandemonium: mesie checksies

Pandemonium’s head passes right though the generator wall.

Arsenals: Whoever you are you can come out.

Inside the generator, there is a golden-colored girl with reddish hair shackled up to some hi-tech equipment with tubes heading to the power lines.

Pandemonium: hmmm..... thatsie lookie painful

Amelia lets her hands swings like lifeless. “What just going on?“ She glares with wide eyes.

Heartbeat sees sunlight from the hole-opening. “Oooh..oh hi?”

Heartbeat looks worried. “You guys aren't ARGENT!”

Pandemonium: no no mesie Pandemonium.

Arsenals: W’ere not. You’re safe now.

Tzu: "Statement: No."

Oceanier: “Anyone have a jacket?“ He examines the cables and starts to take them off her.

Pandemonium reaches into his mouth and pulls out a jacket.

Pandemonium: yousie can have thisie

Night Web looks at Pandemonium. ”hmm that's pretty handy.”

Tzu: "Addendum: She is also what organics consider attractive."

The cables come out easily, but the shackles are bound very tightly. Heartbeat looks up, exhausted and confused. “H...Who are you?”

Pandemonium: Mesie pandemonium

Tzu: "Statement: This unit is not allowed to give out such information."

Oceanier: “My name is Dr. Orson, come on.” He helps her out and covers her with the jacket.

Arsenals: I’m Arsenals, but my real name is John.

Heartbeat gets covered up by the jacket. “Oh...! I've never seen people like you before. What are you guys doing here? I’m going to get in big trouble without these cables and wires on me. Did they tell you to come get me?”

Amelia waves, “I’m Amelia.”

Heartbeat waves at Amelia.

Pandemonium: Mesie very nice

Pandemonium pulls out a cookie out of his mouth. “You wantsie cookie?”

Tzu: "Statement: This unit is designated 2501-D."

Oceanier: How long have you been in there?

Heartbeat: “I've been in there for five months since they moved me here. Oooh what's a cookie? It smells good.” Her eyebrow feathers waggle as she glances over the cookie.

Heartbeat: I am Taffi.

Pandemonium reaches the cookie out in front of her. “Thisie cookie its tasty yes yes.”

Amelia: What the hell? He just he pulled out a cookie from his mouth?

Arsenals: I wouldn’t eat that.

Heartbeat tries to eat the cookie.

Arsenals: No! Don’t eat it!

Heartbeat: No?

Oceanier gets a small flashlight from his belt. “Arsenals, check the back. Make sure no one is coming up to check what has happened.”

Pandemonium: hmsie? why not what elsie you do with cookies

Tzu: "Confirmation: He did."

The power in the building shuts down a couple minutes after she's removed from the generator. Suddenly, alarms start to sound about the facility.

Pandemonium: ...weird man... what he think cookies are for?

Heartbeat: Oh no! I did bad, didn't I?

Pandemonium: no no.

Amelia: ummm.

Oceanier asks Heartbeat, “Are you strong enough to hold onto me?”

Arsenals: Oceanier, people are coming!

Heartbeat holds onto Oceanier. “Y-yeah?”

Arsenals: You’re going to be ok.

Tzu: "Statement: You are in danger of being exterminated by Argent personnel."

Night Web: “Yo kiddies, maybe get her out of here and then get friendly after she's safe? Just an idea”. She grins under her mask.

Heartbeat: "W-where we going? Please don't take me from home. They will beat me if they get me back here."

Oceanier: No just me, Arsenal, take point. You shoot whoever gets in the way.

Amelia: Well.. lets get her to safe or something?

The pumpkin head suddenly turns into a horrible grimace. “Theysie hurtise little onesie?”

Oceanier: Robot person, Pumpkin head, back Arsenal up please.

Tzu prepares her plasma blade. "Mission Assessment: Compromised, facility security on high alert. Status: Mission Aborted. This unit will now assist you."

Pandemonium: yousie dealsie with bad personsie they hurtsie little onesie Halloweensie

Oceanier: You two, watch my back please.

A dozen Argent troopers burst through a side door on the maintenance roof and rush out onto the balcony where the generator is.

Pandemonium cracks his neck. “Ok where’s the douches that he whined about?”

Oceanier helps support the girl on his back.” Let's go.”

Arsenals starts firing at the troops.

Amelia twitches her eyes. “Pumpkin head who not have the pumpkin head talks weird*

Heartbeat: Owww he fell!

Tzu activates her shild and charges at them, bashing whomever she can and cutting left and right with her blade.

Heartbeat: Owww wow!

Arsenals: Dam! We need to jump here.

Heartbeat looks amazed at the outside landscape of the city. “That's pretty out there!”

Oceanier: Hold on tight, I have to jump down there.

Pandemonium kicks one guy and slams him into the wall cracking it.

Tzu: "This unit can survive the fall and so can anyone it is carrying."

Pandemonium sighs “They don’t make ‘em how they used to.”

Oceanier pulls the girl around and cover her from the people.

Arsenals: Let’s go!

Heartbeat: “Wow are you guys are awesome.”

Night Web says to Pandemonium. “You said it kid! *

Tzu jumps down on an Argent person's head and fight some off before jumping down to the next level.

Oceanier keeps supporting Heartbeat.

Pandemonium starts smiling.

Heartbeat piggyback rides Oceanier.

Argent troops continue running up and down various stairs looking for the source of the power failure. Upon hearing the gunfire, they point down at the group fighting the Titan Institute.

Arsenals: Hurry! More are coming!

Oceanier: Okay, follow me now.

Laser and gunfire rains down from below, scorching the railings and pavements of the balcony. The Institute members flee down the long stairwell leading to the freedom of the streets, dodging gunfire. After a few minutes, the troopers drop chase as the group makes their way down the block towards police presence.

Tzu: "Query: Is everyone down from the building?"

Night Web: Yeah. Everyone's out.

Arsenals: We did it! She is safe.

Heartbeat: W--where are we?

Pandemonium: “Alright you whiner the bad guys are toast.

Tzu: "Affirmation: Yes, she is."

Pandemonium: Now lemme sleep again alright?

Oceanier lets the girl down. “Arsenal, take cover at my right, you see anyone peak up shot.”

Pandemonium: Damm straight. You owe me.

Heartbeat: Th--thank you?

Pandemonium bursts into black flame.

Oceanier: Not over yet, I need to check your health.

Pandemonium: haaaaaa *stretches*

Arsenals: We shouldn’t stay here. We should take her to the tower.

Tzu: "Statement: We are programmed to assist."

Pandemonium: that feelsie good yes yes

Oceanier looks at the girl a bit weird, eye kind of swirls.

Heartbeat hugs her jacket close. “I’m safe? You guys rescued me?”

Tzu: "Statement: This unit must return to base."

Pandemonium: mesie likey you toosie, person like Miu

Heartbeat: I...have no home....what do I do? Argent was home...

Night Web pokes Tzu's head. ”Nice robot.”

Oceanier closes his right eye. “She will need a place to rest... I can take her to my lab, can do any other test that need be done there.”

Pandemonium: yousie treat her wellsie?

Tzu swats Night Web's hand. "Do not touch the unit, please."

Arsenals: No telling what they might have done to her.

Oceanier: Yes, I am a good Doctor, not a madman.

Pandemonium: hmmm okaysies

Night Web: Hmm pushy little thing

Amelia: okay, doctor.

Tzu's eye glows bright for a moment. "Thank you for co-operating."

Heartbeat: Ohhh are you guys the heroes that Argent said would come kill me someday?

Arsenals: What?

Heartbeat looks horribly scared. “I don't wanna die.”

Oceanier’s right eye is still closed. “No, we don't kill people. Grab onto me, Arsenal, you are coming too.”

Oceanier: Thank you all for your help.

Heartbeat holds onto Oceanier, now looking a bit sleepier. “Where we going?”

Oceanier: A place where they can't find you.

The resulting action, ended up in Taffi being rescued and taken to the Titan Tower. Over the next several months, Taffi spent her days in therapy and counselling, along with remedial schooling to catch up. As a Malvan, she rebounded well, and her once stunted education sparked a thirst for knowledge and education. During this time, she developed her social skills as well, making her first few friends at the Institute. Eventually, Taffi left the security of the Institute, forever grateful for their help, love and caring. She went on to a new advanced prep school and met some new friends as well.

New Vigil

The New Vigil takes on War Pig.

She was accepted on a scholarship to the prestigious Bracen Institute for metahumans and started her studies there during the start of the winter semester. The school was a nice private school and after meeting the faculty, they took an interest in Taffi's background and Malvan heritage and decided to take a chance on her. Taffi's first few weeks at the new school were a much different setting than she had ever been used to. The classroom sizes were bigger and the closed environment began to remind her of her life inside the generators.

It was at Bracen where she met Charity Corren and eventually after getting to know each other, she was given an interview for the New Vigil youth supergroup. She found out at that this would be a great opportunity to better herself, meet more heroes and friends, and to discover and train the extent of her powers.

One of her first missions with the New Vigil was encountered, interestingly enough, right outside the ARGENT Headquarters where she and other members fought against War Pig. The group was successful in defeating War Pig, though Taffi was knocked back nearly a dozen feet onto the pavement by one of his attacks. This was the first time she was able to get to meet all the members of the group. Previously she had only been introduced to Samantha and James.

Taffi is happy to be in her new environment and looking forward to more adventures to come.

Date Intervention

Oliver is none too happy that his date was interrupted by Heartbeat and Blue Freedom.

Taffi recently joined Blue Freedom in following Oliver while he was on a date with an interesting girl named Amy. Things did not turn out so well!

Date Intervention

Oliver walks up to the coffee place, peering around searchingly. He doesn't seem to be early, but takes a seat on a bench until his date arrives.

Amy silently approaches, almost freaky silent. She's dressed a little light for the cold weather. "Well now, I didn't keep you waiting, did I?"

Black Ice glances over his shoulder, forming a smile. "No, not at all."

Amy: She hooks her thumbs into her beltloops and offers a grin. "So, coffee?"

Black Ice: "And you're looking absolutely stunning once more." he stands up briefly, motioning towards the bench.

Black Ice: "Shouldn't I be the one to ask and pay? Being the bloke?"

The city's angriest teenager, Blue Freedom, lands on top of the building that houses Pat's Coffee. She'd look over the side of the building and peer down at Oliver and his date.

Amy: "Well, I don't know, that's up to you. I'm fine either way."

Black Ice: "Hmm, so what would you like to drink then?" He smiles, "A lady isn't supposed to do all the work on a date, ye? I mean, it is a date, isn't it?"

Heartbeat floats silently up the side of one of the buildings behind Blue and then makes her way slowly over to behind her and crouches next to her.

Amy gives Oliver a sly smile, studying him over the rim of her tiny glasses. "I would think so... a gentleman, huh? Dying breed."

Black Ice: "An attempt to be, at least?" he curls up one corner of his mouth, smirking.

Amy: "As for what I want... oh, anything is fine. I'm not picky."

Black Ice: "Mhm, I'll be right back out then. I'll get something recommended with some fancy Italian name."

Oliver excuses himself, disappearing inside for a while.

Amy turns and leans against the wall, waiting.

Black Ice comes back out a bit later, holding only one cup of coffee.

Black Ice: "Here you go, a... some fancy Italian name, but I reckon it'll taste great regardless."

Black Ice holds out the cup for her.

Amy: "Oh, thanks shug. None for yourself?" She takes the cup, perking a brow as she looks at him.

Blue Freedom speaks in a low tone, just loud enough for heartbeat to hear. "I was just going to ask that myself... "

Black Ice: "Nah, I don't drink hot drinks. It's, uh... not important, they're just not good for me."

Amy sips her coffee, then sighs. "Mmm... can't handle caffeine, huh?"

Heartbeat whispers in a soft tone to Blue. "I hope he's going to be ok."

Black Ice: "Not good for my looks. Let's leave it at that, yeah? Doesn't mix well with my medicine."

Black Ice offers a light shrug, "Nothing to worry about."

Amy: Something of note... Hey, those delightful commlinks you all love so much? Yeah, they don't work. There's interference, probably some magneto wannabe nearby messing up electronics.

Amy: "Shame... So, you catch those crazy explosions near that big fountain last night? Crazy stuff."

Blue Freedom: "Hopefully, but in the worst case scenario... what can you do?"

Black Ice: " ...uh, yeah, I did actually. Arrived on the scene later to aid."

Amy: "Really? Huh. What the hell was going on there, anyway?"

Black Ice: "The whole thing was long over though, but a mate of mine got involved. Ended up in the hospital, pretty serious, he's stable now though."

Amy perks a brow. "Yikes... you sure he's okay?"

Black Ice: "I don't have a clue." Offers a shrug and a light smile, " ...probably an, uh... gasleak?" he seems to figure mentioning you're a crime fighting violent hero type isn't smart on a first date.

Black Ice: "Might've been some gang violence of the Westside spilling over into the center."

Amy: "Oh, I don't know, didn't look like a gas leak to me... there was a guy with a sword, some pink haired girl there, and some crazy looking bitch in gold armor."

Amy: "Crazy stuff!" She closes her eyes and sips her drink.

Black Ice forms a confused look, "Wait... you were there? Then why'd you ask what happened?"

Black Ice: "Are you testing me?"

Heartbeat remains quiet next to Blue Freedom, watching alongside her from their distance.

Amy: "Oh, just wanted your take on what happened. After all, they were your friends, right?"

Black Ice: "The, eh... lad with the sword was the mate I referred to. Don't know a thing about a crazy bitch in golden armour though?"

Amy: "Oh yeah, one of the weirdest things I've seen yet. Blue face, no eyes... looked like she blasted the two all the way to hell and back!"

Amy: "Shame, ruined such a pretty dress."

Black Ice scrapes his throat, hardly noticeable. " ...yeah, I think I know who you're referring to. Not exactly a friend of mine though, obviously."

Black Ice: "You're really curious about all this hero and villain stuff, aren't ye?"

Amy: "Oh? New villain in town, then?"

Amy: "Well yeah, this is kind of a city full of them!"

Black Ice: "Hmm, the majority is still normal. Sadly can't say I'm one of them, but still. And no, not exactly... More like new to this dimension, actually."

Black Ice: "I mean, if it's the bitch I think you're referring to."

Amy: "This dimension? So she's not from around here, huh?" She glances at Oliver through eerily blank, emotionless eyes. "That's kind of scary."

Black Ice: "Mhm, I guess it is. It's a good thing you're not alone on this date then, isn't it?" he smiles jokingly.

Blue Freedom groans softly.

Amy: "Mmm, that wouldn't be fun at all now, wouldn't it?" She cracks her neck, glancing up. "Yep, being alone is kind of sucky, especially lately."

Heartbeat would try hard not to giggle at Blue's groan.

Black Ice raises an eyebrow slightly, finding the cracking of the neck a tad unusual. He follows her gaze a little. " ...uh? Bad history recently? I didn't mean to tear open an old wound or something. My bad."

Amy leans over to whisper to Oliver.

Black Ice: "I'd offer to buy you a coffee to help the healing process, but I- ...huh?" forms a confused expression.

Black Ice replies back in a lowered voice.

Amy points up towards the roof.

Oliver sighs in a frustrated manner, peering up towards the roof. He mutters a soft, "Blue."

Amy: "Jealous ex-girlfriend?"

Black Ice speaks softly, " ...care to shake them off? Or head inside. And no, not at all. A paranoid friend who was bothering me the moment i got the number, I reckon she wants to meet you at some point."

Black Ice: "Kind of odd to bring her on a first date though, but it seems she found her way anyhow. But eh... you said -two-..?"

Amy: "Yes. Two." She looks up and calls out. "Feel free to come on down at any time, you two!"

Black Ice: "How'd you even know? Are you some kind of a spy? And no, don't- ...urgh."

Heartbeat whispers to Blue* "Fudge!"

Blue Freedom shakes her head and mutters quietly. "Well, let's go. Our cover's blown."

The spy comment was obviously a joke, but Oliver does seem genuinely pissed off now, even if he attempts to suppress his frustration.

Amy looks to Oliver with a grin, waving her finger at him. "Never tell on a first date."

Black Ice: "I honestly hope you're mistaking though. I wouldn't put much beyond my friend, but this..? It's a new low, even for her. Hmpffhh... "

Heartbeat remains quiet up top. She feels like an idiot now.

Amy: "Well, I suppose she -is- looking out for your well-being... at least I hope so, right?"

Black Ice: " ...if that's what you'd like to call it. Stalking a first date?"

Amy: "Maybe she's jealous."

Black Ice: "Hah, I doubt it. And not a clue who she's possibly convinced to join her in her crazy antics."

Black Ice: "Blue?! ...this'd better not be you. Sorry if we're botherin' somekind of chimney cleaner, no offense!" he shouts up to the rooftop.

Amy taps her chin for a moment as she thinks. "Hmmm... ah, I can see it now. Yellow... definitely some yellow. And she's not...human..." She nibbles on her nail, looking off into the distance.

Black Ice looks up to the rooftop searchingly, then turns to Amy again. "Huh? ...so that's why you dared to ask me out. You're some kind of a mutant yourself, aren't you..? I mean, no offense."

Black Ice: "Or metahuman?"

Heartbeat remains quiet, looking at Blue for any ideas of what to do.

Blue Freedom seems as if she's about to move.... but then decides against it, remaining perfectly still.

Black Ice: "And that's her new friend apparently, some Malvan. Alien."

Amy: "Maybe." She waves her hand about... "Let’s see if we can convince them to come down here."

Heartbeat facepalms, feeling like an idiot.

Black Ice clenches his fist for a moment, inhaling slowly. Clearly pissed off at the deception, as his knuckles turn white from the tightly balled fist.

Black Ice: "Blue..?" He refrains from raising his voice too much.

Up top... things seem to be getting... tighter. Looooots and lots of pressure. Nothing deadly, but man is that super uncomfortable.

Black Ice: "Perhaps you're wrong after all, yeah? We might just be a pair of loons shouting colours up to a rooftop?"

Amy: "Oh I'm sure I'm right. Just watch."

Black Ice quirks an eyebrow, then nods slightly. Half mumbling, "Can't believe anyone would feckin' spy on a date. Most mates would simply be glad for you, you know?"

Amy: "Ah, I guess curiosity killed the cat."

Black Ice: "They're gone now?"

Blue makes a face underneath her mask as things seem to get tighter around her. Something would need to be done before this got worse. She'd look back to Heartbeat to see how she was doing. She'd speak in a low tone. "If....this is too much...get out of here, alright?"

Heartbeat whispers to Blue “Ok...!”

Amy: Such a shame... such a shame. They didn't move out of the gravity well. Hey guys, time for a good old-fashioned teleport! Come on down, enjoy the show, after all, the action was prepped!

Blue would blink as she appears down beside Oliver and 'Amy'. She'd mutter something like 'Crapbaskets' underneath her breath.

Black Ice: "We could go somewhere else if you'd like? Try and lose my stalkers. Terribly sorry about all of... eh, this."

Amy: "See, I told you they'd be down!" She smiles, sipping her coffee. "Hello."

Black Ice blinks in confusion as the two appear, before quickly turning to a glare. Clenching his fist tightly once more.

Black Ice: " ...seriously?" He glares / stares Blue down, obviously pissed off.

Amy: "Lookie, told you I saw yellow."

Blue Freedom keeps her gaze fixed on Amy. "And how exactly did you see that?"

Heartbeat steadies herself as she gets teleported down and then looks at Black Ice, lowering her head in embarrassment*

Amy: "Magic!"

Black Ice: "Yeah, great." The sarcasm is apparent in his voice, " ...I expected it from someone like Blue, kind of, didn't figure she'd stoop -this- low though. But you? Apparently this is common practice in alien cultures, eh?"

Amy wiggles her fingers at Blue.

Black Ice: "Does it matter how she knew? You never tell on a -first date-." he puts the emphasis on the last word, as he glares towards Blue. " ...a private first date. I thought they were meant to be, at least."

Black Ice: "Last I checked this wasn't a double-date."

Blue Freedom pulls her cape around herself and gives a shake of her head. Her hand was definitely moving for something on her utility belt. "You're the woman from the dance, aren't you? The one who Erich puked on?"

Amy: "Yes, he almost ruined my favorite shoes, too! Luckily I had just the spell for it!"

Black Ice: " ... " he forms a surprised look, then resumes glaring. "Subtle. And here I was, thinking your next words might have been an apology."

Heartbeat looks down sadly and then up at Amy and Black Ice. "S...sorry?"

Blue Freedom: "And I suppose it was 'magic' that allowed you to see what happened to Oliver's friends?"

Oliver sniffs annoyed, glancing angrily towards Heartbeat, before returning his scowl to the main suspect - Blue.

Amy looks to Taffi and tsk's. "Shame. Oh, them? No, I saw that when I was leaving the blimp. I kind of live in westside, it's on the way."

Black Ice: "Blue..?" He tilts his head slightly, " ...kindly piss off? It's a date. Or it was at least. Not a bloody interrogation, especially not by someone who wasn't even -on- the date to begin with."

Heartbeat: "Just...wanted to make sure you're ok. Since...you know...people on dates have been having bad luck getting hurt lately. You know?"

Amy: "Well, I thought it -was- going well, until your babysitters decided to show up. Shame, you're a cute one."

Amy: "Maybe I'll see you around."

Amy turns to go. "Thanks for the coffee, by the way."

Black Ice: he smiles towards Amy, then sighs, "Yeah, hopefully. And with less company." he glares back towards Blue and Heartbeat.

Heartbeat facepalms as Amy walks by her.

Blue Freedom lets out a soft sigh and turns to Oliver. "How do you feel, Oliver?"

Black Ice: " ...thanks a bunch, Batman." forms a thin line with his lips, clearly not amused. " ...pissed off, mostly."

Heartbeat looks pleadingly at Black Ice “You saw what happened to James and Charity. We thought something bad could've happened to you and Amy. You know? How could she even tell we were way up there?"

Black Ice: " ...how can I turn things to ice? How can Blue strike people with lightning?"

Black Ice: "What would've possibly happened that would've been worse or more awkward than this."

Blue Freedom: "How could you be such a moron? Blood not pumping to the right head? Do you remember what Charity said the other night after the attack?"

Black Ice: "No, I didn't. When I arrived she was only mumbling and staring into nothing, traumatised."

Heartbeat: “Oliver we...didn't want to see you hurt...or worse." She looks pleadingly at Oliver before looking sheepishly down at the pavement.

Black Ice: "But yeah, I guess I am a moron. Thinking someone like me could have a normal date with a fit girl, hah. Just didn't expect this to be the thing that messed it up."

Blue would facepalm slowly. "Alright. I'm going to say this once and only once. Mercy had mentioned that the blonde from the party was the same one who turned out to be Mother. That woman who walked is the blonde from the party. Ergo, the blonde on your date is...?"

Heartbeat hadn't even considered that “Ohhh? Oooooooooooh my.”

Black Ice shakes his head sideways in disbelief, "You're impossible Blue. You're claiming I went on a date with Mother, the intergalactic cosmic entity that wishes to destroys this planet..? And who apparently likes coffee and British accents?"

Blue Freedom: "And somehow placed a lot of pressure upon myself and... I actually don't know your name." She'd make an apologetic nod to Heartbeat.

Black Ice: "Did it ever occur to you that Mercy might've been rambling or confused, after what she's been through? Or that there might've been more blondes at that party?"

Black Ice: "Or that we aren't the only metahumans in this town?"

Black Ice: "She asks a mutant like me out on a date, it figures there's something off about her. But to claim she's an intergalactic villain..?"

Heartbeat: "What matters is that we gotta look out for each other with what happened to James and Charity." She sighs. "Oliver, your date would've gone fine if she wasn't so... perceptive! We were hiding good!"

Blue Freedom: "She managed to teleport both us without seeing us and somehow place an uncomfortable amount of pressure on us?"

Black Ice taps his temple with a finger, clearly gesturing they're mental. "You're standing next to an alien. If she was out to kill me, don't you reckon she'd done so before I bought her coffee?"

Heartbeat: "It didn't have to be her doing it. What if the bad person came up to you and her, Oliver?"

Black Ice: "Looking out for each other involves spying on each other? You two have lost it."

Blue Freedom: "Why didn't she kill Charity and James? She's playing around with us, Oliver."

Black Ice exhales slowly, closing his eyes for a brief moment. "Right. Of course she is... would appreciate it if you left me out of your fantasies, yeah?"

Blue Freedom: Blue would scowl at Oliver. "What is with you British guys and being complete and utter MORONS?"

Black Ice: "I'm in plural now? I thought only traitorous teammates came in pairs. But hey, cheers... thanks for keeping an eye out, I didn't get kidnapped by an inter-dimensional entity, Happy now?"

Oliver's jaw tenses a bit, he shakes his head slowly once more, before simply walking off. "Thanks a bunch."

Blue Freedom: "No, because you're probably going to do something stupid like think with the head that you shouldn't think with when your life is in danger."

Heartbeat sighs "It could've happened! Look at James!" Tears start to well up in her eyes as she turns around.

Black Ice: "I can take care of myself Blue, I always have. And perhaps I shouldn't have bothered ever joinin' a "team", hmpffhh... "

Blue Freedom: "And how exactly are you going to take care of 'Mother'?"

Black Ice: " ...I can't. So why bother worrying about it."

Blue Freedom: "Because none of us want to see you hurt."

Blue Freedom: "We actually care about you, you damn moron."

Heartbeat sighs. "She's right, Oliver."

Black Ice: "Yeah, right. You've got one funny way of showing it, Alex. The feelings aren't mutual, except for the moron part. Grhmphh... " He sniffs annoyed, then turns to be on his way again.

Heartbeat hangs her head and bites her lip “Sorry, Blue. We tried.”

Blue Freedom: "Well, it's as you said. He wasn't attacked so this went well."

Heartbeat thinks about that “Hey you're right! Whew!"

Blue Freedom: "I'm still certain that was Mother, given what Charity said."

Heartbeat: "I don't know. But she is pretty crafty being able to spot us all the way up there and then teleport us down here."

Blue Freedom: " ...She probably could have killed us. Which makes me wonder just what's she's doing. It almost feels like she might be trying to demoralize us before she gets around to finishing the job."

Blue Freedom: " ...Which means we might have a bit of time to come up with some sort of plan."

Heartbeat mhms. "Well we better get on that then. I'll see you at the training soon, Blue. Thanks umm...for being there with me."

Blue Freedom: "Thanks for coming to get Oliver's back, even if he doesn't appreciate it. Erm... what was your name again?"

Heartbeat: "Taffi!"

Blue Freedom: "Taffi? Well, it's nice to meet you, Taffi. I'll see you at the training session."

Heartbeat: "See you there!"

Problems with Mother

In late February, she was given permission by Oliver (along with Bee, Shannon and Adamantine Girl) to follow him on another date with Amy. The date seemed to be going well, until Amy began to convulse and the cosmic being Mother emerged from the her fallen body. The New Vigil teens engaged in battle with her.

Stopwatch pulled Bee and Taffi away from her emerging explosion, carrying them to safety. The next cosmic blast wasn't so lucky, knocking Shannon a distance a way and out of the battle. Oliver and Adamantine Girl continued trying to attack Mother, and Taffi was eventually caught by a blast of her cosmic energies and knocked out as well. Adamantine Girl received the worst of the damage though, being blasted at point black across the city. Oliver found himself under the rubble of a nearby building, being lifted to safety eventually by Blue Freedom, who showed up to see what was going on. Mother then vanished, her avatar unable to keep form after expelling so much energy.

Taffi and Shannon were taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital. Taffi received a concussion, and recovered soon after, but poor Shannon took some extra healing from new Vigil's friend Natasha Roy to get better. Natasha also helped soothe Taffi's concussion and the group of New Vigil teens were able to leave the hospital.

The Mother of all Battles

New Vigil stands ready to defend on the moon.

After the previous issue with Mother, Samantha began using her telescope and saw an anomaly of something heading towards Earth at a rapid speed. After some invetigation, it was found out that this was one of Mother's starspawn children, Nova. New Vigil knew that they had to protect the Earth from this threat and that Nova would be attracted to Galactigal's location. A plan was developed to take the fight to the moon where New Vigil would intercept Nova.

Samantha helped the group by revealing that her father had created a special EMP device to harm Galactigal. This prototype might damage or kill a starspawn, and the group didn't want this ever to be used on Samantha. Blue Freedom, Bee and Taffi helped charge up the device and James was chosen to carry and protect it during the battle.

On March 3rd, Nova's signal grew bright and the team new it was time to gather. They arrived on the moon and stood ready to meet the threat. The battle was joined as Nova's large hands gripped into the moon's surface, kicking up dust and rocks. It was a hard battle, but eventually Shannon was able to stop time and get James into a position to drop the device onto Nova. Galactigal grabbed James as everyone dove for cover. Suddenly the bomb went off and Nova screamed as she collapsed in on herself.

Mother then arrived soon after an eerie calm and told Galactical. "You traitorous daughter ... you helped them KILL your own family! You are broken, have always been broken, you are no daughter of mine!"

The group protested and rallied around Galactigal and the battle with Mother was joined. Black Ice launched a blast, and Bee returned one of Mother's cosmic rays back at her. A massive fight was engaged. Taffi was knocked back and around by several blasts. The battle was chaotic, with Charity trying to engage and just down Mother's avatar's mind. The cute android M.E.D.I.C. rallied a blast from a satellite near earth toward Mother.

Things seemed going roughly until Galactigal summoned all her might to swing at Mother, knocking her some distance into a crater. It was then that James appeared different in his armor. Charity looked worried as the being that had taken over Arcane Squire made its way toward Mother and created a massive blast, ripping a dimensional hole at the location. The New Vigilites banded together, blasting and igniting more blasts as Mother was sucked into the hole. The group continued then to blast at the rift and Taffi created an EMP explosion of her own in her state of heightened anxiety. The final blast came from a warhead by M.E.D.I.C. sealing the rift. Mercy helped James, trying to push the darkness in the suit back to the recesses of his mind.

New Vigil had won the day, sending Mother away. But they knew it would not be the last time they would see her.

Bad Luck

In April, Taffi and Bee went to investigate some strange disappearances that were occuring in Millennium City. They encountered a suspicious conspiracy theorist named Alleycat, which provided them with information on people being abducted throughout the city. She saw a woman being taken to a place in Westside so the pair went there to investigate.

When they arrived, the found a creepy boarded up house. After entering, they discovered a trapdoor inside the basement which led to a cavern deep below the house. Taffi went to investigate down below as bee guarded above. A woman called out for help in the darkness below, but when Taffi lit the cavern up, all she saw was skeletons and long dead body of a woman. Soon, tentacles bubbled up from a pool in the center of the room, chasing after Taffi as she frantically tried to leave. The pair escaped, only to find that the house was boarded up as if they hadn't even entered the place.

Over the next day, Taffi had horrible, luck with bird droppings, tripping over her own two feet, spilling things, slamming into walls. She decided to stay indoors for a day and eventually the bad luck went away.

Love, Loss, and Learning

Her sweetie Samantha slowly began to merge with Galactigal into one entity. Soon, she wouldn't be able to change into Sam much anymore. Samantha began to distance herself from Taffi in order not to hurt her. Taffi spent a lot of time trying to reassure Samantha that she'd always be there for her.

When Galactigal left Earth, Taffi felt lost and unsure of her future. To ease her loss, she travelled to the Forum Malvanum during her summer break, getting to meet other Malvans and learn more about Malvan cutlture. It was here that several Malvans took her under tutelage and gave her some Malvan gifts--including a super cool Malvan Grav Chariot and a fashionable holo projection device which had beautiful dragonfly wings she could wear.

The Progeny

Progeny Together

When the Progeny formed, Taffi was one of its first members. She loved getting back together with her old pals Lash, Black Ice and Blue Freedom. From the get go, her bubbly personality was hit or miss with some of her companions. In 2015, she spent all of her summer in cheerleader camp, finally making the squad at Bracen.

Also, in 2015, her old friend Atomix joined The Progeny. The pair of them came close together, as they both shared time in several of the missions which the Progeny went in, including a campout which would end up in a fateful way.

Last Pulse

After tangling with the Mexican spider goddess-villain Salei several times, The Progeny were pulled into a pocket dimension by the evil villainess and forced into a final showdown. After shielding her friends during the battle, many of her allies were affected by her mind-altering powers, and her teammate Silver Scar bashed her over the head with his shield. Taffi crumpled to the ground, with a horrible brain injury, slipping in and out of consciousness until Jill came over to try to heal her. It was at this time that Taffi saw Salei brutally kill Kl'vin and the pocket dimension started to rumble.

Memories and love washed over Taffi and in that moment she decided to release everything she had to help her friends. In that moment, her final heartbeat released a pulsing wave of shielding protection and amplifying energy to assist The Progeny. And then her heart beat no more.


Taffi has some issues and spends several times a week in therapy to help recover from years of Stockholm Syndrome in ARGENT's care. Her emotional deprivation led her to be very insecure, with low self-esteem, as she was never validated for her talents or successes. Taffi did, however, keep herself in good spirits throughout her captivity and loves to hum tunes and read. She has a very creative mind, and her therapists credit her creativity with keeping her sanity during her periods of isolation.

Socially, she is very friendly, naive, and inquisitive. She sometimes asks too many questions, and sometimes likes the social cues to pick up on other people's feelings. With time and better understanding, Taffi should manage to develop like a normal socially active teenager.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tidal Arterial Field and Flow - Through electromagnetic properties, Taffi's genetically augmented heart pumps blood through her body, creating an energy field with each pulse and fluctuation through her circulatory system. This energy can be harnessed to provide a continual electric flow. When her heartbeat raises, through fear or strenuous exertion, this energy can be expulsed rapidly from her body in bursts. Taffi is learning to control her heart rate to better use her energies.
  • Power Generator - The energy field created by her body can be used as a steady stream of current to power various facilities or objects. She has tested this recently by powering a computer and a refrigerator by holding their power cords.
  • Power Amplification - Those with energy related powers can hold Taffi and receive a boost to their powers while in contact with her. This works particularly well with those who use energy or electricity related powers.
  • Flux Pinning - Raising her electromagnetic field, Taffi can levitate above the ground. By tilting her body and adjusting the direction of her flow, Taffi can levitate in various directions or higher into the air.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse - During severe emotional states, Taffi can release her energy into an electromagnetic pulse, disabling all unshielded electronic equipment and wiping magnetic media within a few meters of her. The radius increases depending on the severity of the emotional charge. This ability has only happened twice when Taffi through tantrums when she was younger. ARGENT learned to try to keep her isolated and emotionally drained in order to prevent these bursts from occurring.


Titan Institute

Leida Drakkro: Taffi's therapist and teacher within the Titan Institute. Leida helped her through her initial counselling and offered her care and instruction within the safe confines of the Titan Tower.

Oceanier: She's always felt close to the man who helped her out of the generator in Millennium city and has kept in touch with him since her capture. He was her first friend upon her rescue.

Atomix: Atom was another friend of hers from the Institute. She found him drawing pictures of her on her sketchpad.

Night Spider: James was one of the security members of the Institute. She was glad for his help and protection.

New Vigil

Taffi and ShaBam jam out to DDR at the arcade. Bloodline, Pranky and Charity look on.

Charity Corren: Her first friend at the Bracen Institute. Charity was one of her first contacts at her advanced school. She finds her to be very sweet and caring.

Arcane Squire: After her interview and acceptance into the New Vigil, she met James and found him to be quite the amazing gentleman. She admires his shiny suit of armor and kindness.

Samantha Edwards: She likes Sam because Sam is a bit of a nerd like herself. Sam also seems to love aliens. She looks forward to getting to know her better and may even have a bit of a crush on her as well. Recently, Taffi let on that she liked Sam and the two are in a bit of an awkward relationship at the moment.

Bee: Bee has been a great friend to Taffi and they have been working together in battle quite often. He is good at hairdressing too, which is awesome. The two have gotten quite close over the past few months as they've worked a bunch of missions together. Taffi trusts Bee and loves working with him.

Blue Freedom: Her partner in crime, Taffi looks up to Blue since she's quite the strong personality and she is courageous.

Amplitude: This suave blue alien ran over and kissed Taffi after the War Pig battle. She now seems to like kisses and has a fondness for this wild, crazy guy.

Black Ice: Oliver is a very snarky guy with a tough exterior. He seems a bit of a prankster, but there's definitely more to him.

Stopwatch: Shannon is quiet, and Taffi thinks she is very interesting. She wants to get to know her a bit better, especially after Shannon helped her and Bee to safety recently.

Lil Goliath: She doesn't no Jason very well, but he seems like a very strong and imposing guy. Recently, Taffi and Jason have become kind of fun rivals over sports teams. She wore a Tampa Bay jersey out because it matched her hair, and now Jason won't let her live it down. Taffi has been calling Jason a "Cheeseeater" after some misconstrued thought that he must like Green Bay.

Kid Destroyer: Taffi's got to watch him puke on some girl's shoes at a school dance. Recently, when KayDee was at the arcade and blasted some of Sam's hair, Taffi retaliated by tackle-tickling him to some rather humorous effect.

Lash: Olevia is a great girl with New Vigil and really into fashion. Taffi looks forward to spending more time with her, especially some shopping at the mall!

New Vigil hanging out at a cafe.

Shadow Blade: Ebony is another sweet girl. She is friendly, probably overly so!

Megabyte: Megan is a new addition to the team and totally cool. She can turn into digital code! How awesome is that? She is also really funny and smart.

Blue Wizardess: Jaidean is a visitor from another dimension! She dresses really pretty in blue and has a bracer that does magic...or technology or ...something!

Luctus: An interesting new addition to the group. He seems a bit charming but also very closed off in some ways. I think that Jaidean girl might have something for him!

Another new member to the group. He's a pretty suave guy and he can change into different things. Pretty coo!

Quarrel: Sandy is a no nonsense badass! Sadly, during a recent mission to check out NuGene, Taffi messed up some stuff and she thinks Quarrel is disappointed in her.

The Progeny

HexBane - Taffi really enjoyed Jill's company and found her to be a fun supportive friend.

The Silver Scar - De'thuum was an alien like Taffi. De'thuum could actually understand Malvan, and she learned more about her culture from him as well as sharing some experiences together.

Faith - Faith and Taffi were just starting to get to know each other. She admired Faith's gentle and healing mindset.


Wyvern: She's green and has wings. Very nice girl. She was recently with the Citadel members.

Victory: Lisa is with the Young Renegades. She's a great and gifted girl. She seems quite strong!


  • She's a HUGE fan of Aliona. Upon her rescue, she found out about Aliona and she's really the only Malvan that she knows about. She's hoping to meet her one day, but in the meantime, she has been collecting all of her music that she can get her hands on.
  • Taffi has a big teddy bear collection. She loves stuffed animals. Her blue stuffed teddy bear "Bluey" was her only companion for many years when she was alone.
  • Samantha and her talked and Taffi is now convinced she has a strange alien physiology! She has no idea if Malvan insides are the same as humans, and has started to name hypothetical organs that she thinks exist inside her. Currently, she has come up with the "Blork" gland, which creates cooties, and the "Fluffwuffle", a possible Malvan gland that sorts the cooties into good and bad ones.
  • She has recently taken up dancing at Bracen after Sha-Bam showed her how to properly move her hips. She really enjoys it!
  • Taffi started to learn how to sew in order to make stuffed animals.


  • Innocent Aliens - Taffi has grown up not knowing much and human ways are still new to her. She tries to be cheerful and adapt and reads and watches as much pop culture as she can to get caught up.
  • Blush Sticker - Taffi's cheeks light up when she's embarrassed. This happens often around Sam.
  • Brainwash Residue - Poor Taffi still suffers from long term damage from being raised for all those years by ARGENT. She's still shaking the effects of what happened and attends counselling and therapy for it.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology - Taffi isn't sure what she has inside of her, which leads to tons of guessing about various organs and things she thinks might be inside her. Should she ever get examined, she will probably be devastated to know there is no "Fluffwuffle" in Malvan physiology.
  • Genki Girl - Taffi is 100% enthusiasm and considers herself New Vigil's cheerleader. She always tries to look on the bright side of everything.
  • Gold-Skinned Space Babe - Something about Malvans can be quite exotic! It's not enough that they are a different color, but all end up appearing as beautiful specimens. Blame it on genetics!

In Memoriam

Have a comment or memorial for Taffi? Feel free to leave them here:

"We have come to rethink our...opinion...of Taffi. She is a naive...being, living in a world of which...she does not belong. She is far...too kind for her own good, and...we are afraid that she will be...taken advantage of. Humans are cruel...and manipulative, we worry about...her. However, we still find her...to be grating on the senses, but...we have learned to tune her incessant...electromagnetic pulses out, for the...most part." / "Y'know, I used to just kind of see Taffi as a really neat alien, and I kind of didn't really get to know her that well. Now that I do, though, I've realized that she's not really all that different than me, and I like that. She's fun, sweet, silly, and kind of ditzy, but I find it all to be kind of...charming. She's just adorable." -Galactigal/Samantha, respectively

"Taffi is a sweet girl who's had an unfortunate life. I'm glad she's able to stay upbeat despite all this and I'm glad she's taken so well to our team. I hope she's able to make her wishes come true one day." -Mercy

"Taffi? Oh...um.... Taffi is special Not short-bus special. No. She's warm, caring, a great kisser.... Not that I've....well...maybe once."- Shadow Blade

"Total bestie, better than all the restie. I LOVE Taffi, she's so much fun and she's always in a good mood and she wears the best clothes and she's NEVER unhappy. Love it!!!" - Lash

"She is too happy. All the time. Too much smiling and squeeing. Also, she's pink." - Prankenstein

"Not the most obnoxious alien I've ever met. Not the least." - Kid Destroyer

"Taffi is really great! She's been a good friend, and I do enjoy spending time with her. It's not too often you meet aliens, so I'm quite lucky I got to meet her. I only hope she never loses that happy disposition!" - Bee

"This team has two adorable pink people on it, but Taffs is the sweetest and most adorable. Don't tell Mercy I said that..." - Whitecloak

"I'm gonna say this much: Taffi's the only alien I've met. If every alien is like this, I don' think we have to worry about bein' invaded." - Bloodline

"Malvan must have multiple suns, because her sunny disposition is the brightest I've ever seen. She's a little gullible and a tad naive, but I suppose there's a certain charm in that." - Black Ice

"As an alien, she is of course scientifically fascinating to me. But as a person, she is a kind soul and I can rely on her to brighten up a day." - Stegoboy

"Does the phrase "sickly sweet" mean anything to you? How about "bombshell"?" - Kid Ballistic

"While I confess that I don't know much about her species, I can guess that her personality is rather unique. I find her positive attitude to be a tad infectious, and I mean that in a good way." - Cait Sith

"Are you sure her super power isn't somehow weaponized optimism?" - Cobalt Crush

"I don't know Heartbeat all that well just yet. She seems to be very bright, very positive. Hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future to get to know her." - Faith

"I miss Taffi. Sometimes I can almost feel her heart beat in my hand still. She was a delight to have around. I hope she knew how many people loved her before...the end." - HexBane


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