The Ring of Water

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Why, the story of how one forged a Ring of Water is not much unlike the tale of when I first managed to capture the blue flame of Nephritis and sculpt it into a bowl that shielded me from the charms of the Queen of Summer Court Nymphs! It indeed revolved around using ingredients which couldn't work together, to create a utensil none were meant for!

A young lad around the age of 700, with his faithful wolf that was a wee bit younger than him, came to me with the proposition of declaring me oral archivist and Lord of Lands and Associated Marks for their group of bravery, honesty and heroism. When I heard their tales, not only was I impressed by their form, but also their context. A sequel had to be made, and it would bring this old man no greater honor than to make a record of it for future generations.

They sought out an Ailment-bane Knight in Green Armor, one from beyond the Garden. An interesting old boy with a knack for localisms of the linguistic kind. They formed a ring in my Old Castle. A magical ring! A ring you can't wear because it would slip out of your grasp, but one you can admire in the metaphorical sense of symbols. This ring's purpose was to seek out the dark, the just dark enough dark, the one those with lanterns couldn't see because it wasn't there, and the ones with no oil were too poor to stave off.

And this is only a prologue. Or an epilogue. Well, for these fine young mean it was a sort of epilogue than transited into new adventures, yet unwritten, only hinted at. For you, my dear listener, it is but a prologue. Or maybe a sequel? An additional tome in your own heroic endeavors? Will you help expand this ring even wider, until it is wide enough to trap the neck of an Alabaster Drake of Symphonia?


Shinnosuke Yamagami

Little is known about Shinnosuke Yamagami (?? ???). Records pinpoint him appearing at various places in the world throughout the past 300 years, possibly even longer. As he pre-dates the increase of meta activity post-WWII, one possiblity is that it is a legacy identity, similar to that of Black Mask (only presented as one and the same figure to creatue a "spook story"). Regardless, during his time with The Ultimate Guardians, he was noted to be a master of infiltration, one on one combat and investigation. He also exhibited supernatural arcane-like powers, but whether these were inherent or items is uncertain. His dog is an even bigger mystery.

Amadhan na-Uaine

Skilled in both mystical and mundane healing arts, 'Supernatural Physician' is the term Amadhan is most likely to use to describe himself. Operating, until recently, out of Phantasmagoria (an infuriatingly clean and tidy curiosity shop in Vibora Bay's Weston Tangle), Amadhan first appeared on the metahuman radar as the Ultimate Guardians' primary medic. Fickle, whimsical, easily distracted, with a reputation as a bit of a party animal and a stong insistance that he wasn't a hero, it can often be difficult for outsiders to gauge the hows and whys of Amadhan's involvement with... well, anything serious. However, he has proven on numerous occasions that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, and is a more than competant combat medic.



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The theme of the Ring of Water is "slightly dark". It focuses on threats outside the spotlight, but which are still dangerous. A giant rampaging monster in Millennium City would be a job for the Champions, but an organization systematically slaying werewolves would be under the RoW's radar (that is not to say that members wouldn't lend a hand in stopping the previously mentioned rampaging monster). As the focus of the group is based on the magnitude of the threat, rather than the type of threat, the Ring of Water accepts members of any specialization. Regardless whether members are spellcasters, scientists, or just good combatants, everyone has a place and role within the group.