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Player: @UPRC
Biographical Data
Real Name: Amy Rogers
Known Aliases: Albatross, Spirit, Winterstar
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Base of Operations: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
Relatives: Brother William Rogers, Mother Elizabeth Rogers, Father Mark Rogers
Age: 24 Chronologically, 32 Physically
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 133 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Glimmering Blue Eyes, Occasionally Frost-Covered Skin
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 16 Unoffically (4½ Officially)
Citizenship: American/Canadian (Dual Citizenship)
Occupation: Superheroine
Education: University
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Heightened Intellect, Positive Energy Projection (Healing), Control of Cold Water Vapor, Limited Shapeshifting, Teleportation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Amy Rogers (aka Albatross, formerly Spirit and Winterstar) is a Canadian superheroine who was originally based out of the UNTIL HQ in Millennium City for training, but is now on her own and striving to make a name for herself in the global hero community. She is a budding psychokinetic who possesses a supremely high intellect, the ability to manipulate her own matter, as well as the ability to control cold water vapor in the air or moisture in her own body.


Spirit (1997 to 2011)

Discovering Her Powers

The young Amy Rogers grew up in a suburb located in the city of Toronto, Canada. She lived with her parents, Claire and Simon. From an early age, Amy knew that she was not like other children. She hated to admit it because she didn't want to seem arrogant, but she truly believed and observed that she appeared visibly smarter than her peers. It wasn't until she was six years old that her powers made themselves known to her. While admiring a local superheroine known as Black Spider, Amy wished very hard that she could be like her. She wanted to be a heroine just like Black Spider and, without any warning, the young girl suddenly became a complete physical copy of Black Spider. Her powers would not be secret for very long, or even be secret at all, due to the fact that Amy's transformation happened... In the middle of a crowded shopping mall.

Fortunately for Amy, there was a Canadian UNTIL representative passing through who managed to calm the situation. The UNTIL representative, Donovan Brinks, saw great potential in the young girl's powers. After everything had returned to normal within the mall, Donovan Brinks offered to take Amy under his wing so that she could be trained by UNTIL. An answer did not come quickly, as Donovan Brinks had to wait nearly two weeks for Claire and Simon Rogers to allow their daughter to be taken to UNTIL headquarters in Millennium City. Donovan Brinks promised that she would be well taken care of, and that transport for the two would be arranged for Claire and Simon to visit their daughter whenever they would wish.

18 year old Amy Rogers. As seen here, her skin was once paler due to spending almost all of her time indoors.

Early Training Stages

Fast forward twelve years. The little six year old Amy Rogers had become an eighteen year old young woman. Amy Rogers had decided to take on the alias "Spirit" and uses it outside of her trusted circles in order to protect her identity. She offered several reasons for the name such as her fondness for white sweets, her abilities which allowed her to move around in a ghostly manner, and her high levels of spirit (enthusiasm).

During the dozen years since Amy had left Canada, she was trained to use her shapeshifting ability more formidably, and also discovered that she can teleport via dispersion and project energy as well. With Donovan Brinks overseeing her training and offering her any assistance required, Amy discovered that her powers all stem from having a mutant brain which was continuing to grow and mature. It was quickly determined that the power contained within Amy's brain was quickly exceeding all expectations and predictions, forcing her examiners to theorize that her mind could one day rival that of Menton. The information was immediately labelled highly classified and, because of the nature of just how much power her mind could potentially hold, even Amy herself was denied knowing the full extent of what her brain could possibly do in the future. This was kept a secret even from Amy out of fear that if she knew, she could stray down an unlawful past and even end up like Menton.

UNTIL provided Amy with private schooling for the past dozen years which included elementary, high school, and university. As expected, Amy's ever-ascending intelligence made all of her schooling a breeze for her. After concluding her studies, her focus shifted entirely to training, Initially Amy wass being trained in reconnaissance and spy work, due to UNTIL feeling that with her unique abilities, she could one day become the ultimate infiltrator and spy. Amy's training focused primarily on how to implement her shapeshifting abilities in reconnaissance and spy work. For instance, her shapeshifting ability could let her copy one's appearance and voice but not their personality, prompting UNTIL to train her in how to act appropriately and not blow her cover. Amy also received trained in how to read mannerisms and facial expressions so that she can detect whether or not anyone she tries to deceive suspects something is amiss.

Amy would train at UNTIL headquarters during the day but by night she would typically roam Millennium City in search of fun. Despite being highly intelligent, she still desired to have as much fun as anyone else her age. She would particularly enjoy going to Carl's Gym to exercise and, despite being underage in the United States, she developed a habit of visiting Sherrera's Bar to socialize with people or just listen to conversations. She would not usually be mischievious enough to try ordering a drink, though she has been known to order pina coladas with a moderate level of success without even having to resort to shapeshifting to appear older.

Avenging Ms. Canada

Donovan Brinks decided that it would likely be best to remove Spirit from Millennium City temporarily for a few months so that she could focus solely on her training rather than playing mischievous tricks in Sherrara's Bar and other unnecessary activities.

Spirit opted to travel to Ottawa for private training, not even informing her family that she had returned to her home country. She remained there for six months with her mentor Donovan Brinks training and honing her abilities and learning how to apply herself in combat scenarios, something that she had previously been opposed to. She also focused on learning how to control her positive energy projection abilities more efficiently. This allowed her to use her positive energies to mend physical wounds and regenerate stamina. In contrast, her negative energies were honed to be used for combat. Spirit learned how to create and maintain blades of pure energy created by her mind. These blades proved to be quite dangerous, though they were never tested on a living organism. Spirit also learned how to focus her negative energies further, allowing her to disperse the negative energies as shockwaves and psionic explosions.

Spirit's maturing brain also forced her to have a very sudden growth spurt that occurred far faster than that of a normal human being. As a result, she ended up growing three inches over several days. Her mind accelerated the aging of her body enough to allow Spirit to shed her child-like appearance. She considered this to be a gift, as it occurred during the week of her nineteenth birthday.

Shortly before departing Ottawa, Spirit attended a public speech by the Prime Minister outside of Parliament Hill. The purpose of the speech was to award Ms. Canada with a commendation that she had been invited to receive. Spirit got more than she bargained for when the speech turned out to be a mere ploy by French Canadian supervillainess Nova to lure in superheroine Ms. Canada and defeat her with everyone in attendance being hired by Nova to trick the Canadian superheroine. When Ms. Canada arrived, the Prime Minister revealed himself to be a super-strength body double who immediately restrained Ms. Canada who had let her guard down. It was at this moment that Nova appeared and delivered a fatal strike to Ms. Canada's throat with a knife. She did not survive.

Nova, former nemesis of Ms. Canada. After killing the superheroine, Spirit vowed to find and defeat Nova.

Nova immediately fled the scene, presumably heading towards the United States in an effort to go underground. While the real Prime Minister was located, Spirit declared that she would hunt Nova down and avenge the death of Ms. Canada, whom Spirit had looked up to.

When Spirit returned to Millennium City with several months of intense training under her belt, she now resembled a full adult and had greatly improved her powers. She felt like a could be a true superheroine and was anxious to get her gloves dirty cleaning up the streets. She immediately abandoned her original white costume, designing a new costume for herself and setting out to finally make her mark on the troubled city.

Spirit's War on Crime

After stepping onto the streets of Millennium City, Spirit decided to head straight to Westside to straighten out the various gangs littering the streets. Several of the gangs had even preyed on her in the past when she would be heading to the gym, so she decided that it was time for the prey to become the predator.

Spirit would go on to clear out several buildings throughout Westside that were under gang control. She relied strictly on word of mouth on the streets to locate the nests. Pedestrians quickly learned who she was, and public support quickly to her side as she hindered the operations of most, if not all, of the gangs of Westside. After feeling that she had helped Westside significantly, she turned her eyes to the downtown district of Millennium City. Donovan Brinks urged her to avoid the east end of the city for the time being, but Spirit's optimism got the best of her as she headed into destroid territory.

Despite being initially nervous of the destroid threat, Spirit proved to be quite a match for them as many destroids would fall to her increasingly powerful negative energy attacks. The ultimate test, however, came in the form of what panicked pedestrians referred to as a Mega-Destroid. Spirit observed several heroes fighting the gigantic robot and quickly joined in. Spirit, along with the other heroes gathered, were able to destroy the Mega-Destroid after several minutes. Shocked and surprised at what she helped to defeat, all Spirit could do was return to her messy UNTIL quarters and revel in her accomplishment. It was at this moment that she decided to train further to prepare for the eventual hunting down of Nova.

Into The Great Wide Open

Her preparations would not have the chance to be very long, as the MCPD made Spirit aware that Nova was hiding out in an abandoned factory in Westside and that this was possibly the best chance they would have to nab her. Spirit made haste in locating the factory where she found Nova constructing a bomb large enough to destroy a large city area. Nova declared that she wouldn't let Spirit stand in her way, and that she would put an end to her just as she had with Ms. Canada, before engaging her in a fight.

The fight with Nova proved to be Spirit's toughest challenge yet as she struggled to deal with the villainess. She was forced to think ahead and analyze Nova for weaknesses, quickly realizing that Nova's super strength only allowed her to attack within a limited range. Spirit used this to her advantage as she gradually tired Nova out by attacking her from a distance and forcing her to exhaust herself. In time, Nova had been significantly tired out enough for Spirit to move in and put the villainess down for the count with her psionic blades. Nova went out like a light, and spirit quickly contacted the MCPD and Defender to have Nova locked up in a prison cell immediately. It was a bittersweet victory for Spirit, and she finally felt like she had become a real fighter of crime.

Spirit relaxing in her new high tech residence.

Spirit would go on to celebrate her accomplishment in the usual manner of conning bartenders at Sherrara's into giving her drinks. Spirit would drink several pina coladas, also having some brief encounters with various heroes such as Gearhead, Nightwave, and Thundrax throughout the course of the night. When all was said and done, she returned to UNTIL headquarters to get some rest. She was feeling remarkably full of herself and was over the moon with happiness. These feelings would quickly shoot off the scale as, upon returning to UNTIL, Spirit found Donovan Brinks waiting for her. Expecting him to look down on her late night drinking, Spirit was pleasantly surprised when, instead, Donovan said that she was now trained enough to stand on her own without UNTIL support. She was escorted to an off-site residence that Donovan had paid for himself.

The residence included everything Spirit would ever need as a superheroine and crime fighter. She quickly became giddy as she observed all of the advanced technology, computers, and various systems in the residence. Before Donovan left, he informed Spirit that she would always have a friend at UNTIL headquarters. After a hug and a thank you, Spirit bid Donovan farewell. Rather than acquainting herself with her new home, Spirit instead opted to fall asleep immediately on the nearest flat surface, and she did.

Coming of Age

It did not take long for Spirit to aim for even greater success. In the coming few weeks, she would find herself lending a hand in Vibora Bay, thwarting a new plan by Nova who had escaped from prison, and also assisting various heroes throughout Millennium City.

August 29, 2011 would prove to be one of her most productive days as a superheroine. In the early hours of the day after the stroke of midnight, giant robots began causing chaos in downtown Millennium City. Spirit quickly arrived on the scene to assist Albert Wagner, Blue Bruiser, Chocolate Chip Chelsea, Jet Justice and two other heroes who were unknown to her in taking down a very large and heavily armored robot that was destroying an apartment complex. While Spirit and the heroes worked to defeat the robot, Chocolate Chip Chelsea tended to the injured civilians nearby. Despite the robot emitting an aura which greatly weakened the powers of the heroes, Spirit was still able to gather enough drive and determination after the robot's defeat to overcome the effects of the aura and assist in healing the wounded. This did, however, severely weaken Spirit. She then departed from the scene after telling Chocolate Chip Chelsea she did a great job. Spirit would end up locating Blue Bruiser and asking him to accept her into his Defenders of the Earth organization. Blue Bruiser seemed a little unsure of Spirit, but did not rule out extending a welcoming hand to her as he promised to run background checks on her and then decide if she could join.

Spirit battling Nova. She assumed the form of the villainess in an attempt to bypass Nova's goons.

Later in the day after the sun had risen, Spirit found herself further north in the Canadian arctic to prevent a minor crisis from occurring. Together with Albert Wagner, Raccoon Girl, and Thundrax, Spirit and the other heroes were able to prevent the crisis from happening. The heroes were quite happy with their success and began congratulating each other, but Spirit slipped away immediately as she had exerted herself more than she had expected and felt that she needed to rest.

Despite the fact that she had exerted herself too much twice within a twenty four hour period and wasn't feeling well, Spirit still took it as a positive. She felt that pushing herself in such a way would only make her better and stronger. Even though she didn't quite like the weak feeling from over-exertion, she vowed to push herself more often so that she could continue to get better and earn more respect in the hero community.

Leaving the Superhero Community

Things would not go the way Spirit desired. While she always felt that she was generally looked down upon in the hero community, possibly for her age or general inexperience, in recent days she felt absolutely disillusioned by, in her words printed in a recent newspaper interview, "the overall lack of maturity and respect for each other among the hero community. I am absolutely shocked at how grown adults, who are generally adored by the public, can turn into such children towards one another when the public cannot hear or see them. While I feel I have been mistreated by people who are looked up to and admired by budding young heroes and the public, the problem isn't just with the treatment I have received. The superhero community, as a whole, is a complete and utter farce on the inside."

Excerpt of Spirit's controversial newspaper intr.

Spirit would continue to resent her peers more and more, but it wasn't until she played a remarkably harmless and innocent prank on a man that things went too far in her mind. After playing the prank, which had no repercussions for herself or the man, members of the hero community immediately called Spirit a criminal and a liar when, in actuality, she was anything but a criminal and was struggling to make people even understand the truth of what happened. After being compared to a criminal, Spirit finally became fed up and severed her ties from the superhero community while exposing her true identity of Amy Rogers to the media at the same time. Her unspoken motivation for publicly revealing her real name was that she felt safe enough letting people know who she really was since, after all, she could easily make herself unidentifiable to most individuals simply by shapeshifting. Spirit figured that individuals with bad intentions would only be able to go so far with only her name and not her ever-changing appearance.

While Spirit decided that being a villain was not ideal since she was not evil, she still sought to oppose the people she had originally wanted to be friends with. She knew that the best she could hope for was to become a freelance hero for hire, but beyond that she could not determine what to do. What course of action to take would continue to prey on her mind for quite some time though, despite leaving the UNTIL-based hero community, Spirit was still open to working with smaller groups and teams of heroes.

Donovan Brinks decided to resume communications with Spirit after her outburst to the media, saying that he was worried that she was letting herself fail to see the bigger picture of everything in Millennium City. Donovan feared that if Spirit continued to harbour negative feelings, it could influence her still young mind in negative ways. Spirit dismissed Donovan's worries and insisted that she was fine and was only frustrated by the attitudes and personalities of many heroes.

Chivalry, Ignition, King Snake, and a werewolf sharkman named Thrash would all approach Spirit after reading her interview in the newspaper, attempting to make her understand that things weren't really as bad as she thought they were, and that she is one of the rare heroes who truly has a good heart. Spirit was thankful for the interactions, but she maintained that she could not work with the UNTIL-based heroes who regular attack one another in person or harass their peers over radio frequencies.

Being approached by heroes who agreed with her and supported her rather than wanting her head made Spirit feel a little more hopeful. Also, an eventual press statement by Thundrax on the matter, in which he felt sympathetic towards her and admitted to feeling similar to her when he was young and entering the hero scene made her feel a little bit better about herself and her conflicting views of the hero community.

Focus on Canada

Despite the glimmer of hope, Spirit decided to disappear for a while. She returned to Canada where she went back to fighting small-scale crime and honing her abilities further in her spare time. After gaining a little more recognition in her home country, she decided to show that she truly represented her country. A new costume was fashioned, and a darker hair colour was taken on by the superheroine. She promised that she would help her fellow Canadians most of all, deciding that it was time for her homeland to become her prime focus rather than Millennium City, though she decided that she would still visit the American city from time to time.

Spirit flying through the skies of Millennium City shortly before her transformation into Winterstar.

On one of her visits to Millennium City, Spirit sought the aid of fellow Canadian hero Blue Bruiser in an effort to know what it took for the highly regarded hero to reach the status he had achieved. Blue Bruiser answered any question she could throw at him and also helped open her mind to the bigger picture of life as a superhero. Spirit's desire to "just help people" was looked at as a kid's ambition by Blue Bruiser, and he helped Spirit to see that to help others, she had to help herself as well and that she had to make an effort to seize any opportunity to better herself not only as a hero, but as a person as well.

Blue Bruiser's words forced Spirit to view everything from a new perspective. She felt grateful to have been able to have a worthwhile one-on-one conversation with the hero, believing that his advice had put her on the proper path to becoming a respectable heroine.

Winterstar (2011 to 2014)

Birth of Winterstar

Wanting to secure a worthwhile challenge, Spirit began searching for her villainous nemesis Nova after being tipped off that she was last seen in the Canadian arctic. Spirit headed off in search of Nova. After turning every stone she could, she was eventually pointed in Nova's direction by Force Station Steelhead. Unfortunately, Spirit would unknowingly stumble upon Nova, several allies, and a curious group of Gadroon who were interested in acquiring Nova's services as a black market dealer. The group proved to be more than Spirit could handle, and she was quickly captured and taken to a bunker that Nova had been using. It was here that Nova attempted to forcefully remove Spirit's powers. However, her calculations were incorrect and her machine went awry. It immediately drew in an immense amount of energy from the surrounding environment and, rather than sucking power from Spirit, it infused her with new powers instead. Spirit would quickly discover that her body was now emitting a continuous amount of frost and mist. With a little focus, she was able to quickly harness what she assumed to be some kind of new power. Before Nova could even react, Spirit unleashed far more power than she expected due to not knowing how to control what her body had been forcefully given, and Nova's bunker was quickly torn apart by immense mix of ice, snow, and wind.

A wounded Spirit would claw her way from the rubble, unable to find Nova anywhere. She would immediately realize that the cold arctic air felt almost pleasant on her exposed skin. Whatever Nova's machine had accidentally done to her, it was clear that she now had some control over water vapor. She also noticed that most of her psionic and telekinetic abilities had been reduced, but she was not sure of the extent of the loss. All she knew now was that "Spirit" seemed to be a very inaccurate name for her.

It was then that she decided to adopt a new name. Winterstar.

Field Testing the New Powers

After there was a call from the MPD for heroes to attend an out of control robbery at a store in the city center, Winterstar was immediately tempted to assist but initially decided not to as she was still having difficulties adjusting to her new powers. Still, she decided that she may as well try to help in whatever way she could since there would surely be other capable heroes answering the call as well.

When Winterstar arrived on the scene she found Blue Bruiser, Chivalry, Danger Deer, and Dobergirl there as well. The five heroes found the store being ransacked by lowly gangsters who had somehow come into possession of advanced laser weapons and were proving to be too much for the initial police officers on scene to handle. The heroes all quickly worked at ending the robbery and subduing the gangsters. Winterstar used her young powers to create a heavy fog to reduce the gangsters' visibility, ice the ground to increase the chances of slipping and falling, blow a blizzard through the second story windows, and then to create shackles made of thick ice to bind the gangsters after the heroes successfully put an end to the robbery.

Upon further testing of her new powers, Winterstar learned that she was able to do far more than she imagined. During the day while in particular bright areas, she could manipulate ice to refract colours and light in any way she desired, which she found could be used to disguise a simple ice formation as a object or stationary person, though this only seemed to be convincing from a distance of at least twenty feet or more.

She also learned that, by using her ability to control temperature in conjunction with her vapor control, she could attempt to force a sort of deep freeze on whatever she wished. This was tested with small things at first, such as apples and bananas. She would compress an intense cold upon the fruits which would make them freeze solid inside and out. Upon throwing the banana and hitting the apple with a heavy book, both fruits shattered. Winterstar began wondering what other applications she could use this cold freezing technique for. She quickly thought of how it could probably freeze and destroy limbs and organs, imagining what the result would be if she chose to deep freeze a human's brain or heart. The idea of doing such a thing quickly turned her off, as she still didn't intend on ever fatally harming anyone barring drastic circumstances. Regardless, she decided to take official time off to go into seclusion once more in an effort to hone her newer powers.

Return to the Public Eye

Winterstar concluded her secluded trainng after several months and returned to civilization. She wanted it to be known that she was back and decided to spread word by allowing media interviews. This worked out fairly well for her, though she declined requests from a few interviewers who wished for her to showcase what she had learned while being away.

Her hesitation to show her now refined powers was down to one simple reason - she felt that she was capable of performing truly lethal attacks and did not want to alarm anyone. Winterstar had taken a liking to a new ability that she called "the wrecking ball" which involved a gigantic sphere of ice which she would use to destroy objects and surfaces. After much experimentation with ice spikes, she became quite content with a large and deadly ice lance as well as another power she devised which would hurl ice "darts" that she could use to restrain or surprise enemies. Winterstar also perfected her deep freeze ability and used actual flesh and blood specimens in the form of road kill to test out the frightening effects that the power had on living tissues. Winterstar concluded that the power could likely be used to kill extremely easily, but vowed to never use it except against truly evil supervillains and the like.

Upon taking up the role of a patriotic defender of her homeland, Amy reworked her costume to show her patriotism.

Shortly after coming to grips with her ever-increasing level of power, Winterstar decided that there was little reason for her to visit Millennium City anymore. She left the city for good and returned to Canada where she would focus exclusively on protecting her homeland. She was not opposed to returning to Millennium City in the future, but she did not believe that such a decision was necessary to take for a long, long time. If she were to ever return to Millennium City, it would not be for several years. She wanted to look after her homeland and protect it from any supervillains who would wish to do it harm.

Winterstar would eventually return to Millennium City two years later, though not on a permanent basis. More sure of herself than ever before now that she had become a more established Canadian heroine, Winterstar was looking to broaden her scope in an effort to help out wherever needed though her headquarters and main area of interest was now on the Canadian east coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Known Far & Wide

After focusing to make an official name for herself for several years, Amy was finally gaining recognition with her name at least spreading beyond North America. Despite gaining more fame, Amy's efforts focus remained predominantly on North America and Canada in particular.

Amy used her drastically weakened shapeshifting abilities to restore her hair back to its original blonde colour before turning to the drawing board and redesigning her mostly blue costume to better reflect her status as a representative of Canada in the superhero community. Her tights became entirely red and white, resulting in a profound sense of patriotism being instilled upon Amy. She began to draw parallels between herself and the heroes she grew up admiring such as Black Spider or Ms. Canada. Amy also began to express a desire to step up to one day fill bigger shoes, setting her eyes on becoming as recognizable as Blue Bruiser, Justiciar or Thundrax.

Visits to Millennium City became slightly more common as Amy wished to check in on the large hero community in the city while also enjoying a few outings with her former mentor and good friend Donovan Brinks. When Amy had last seen Donovan, she was but a fledgling hero who hardly had a name for herself. Now, the Winterstar name had acquired a bit of recognition in Canada with UNTIL being more than aware of her. Amy would jokingly indicate that she now felt like a B list celebrity. This proved to be a relatively peaceful time for Amy, as her arch-nemesis Nova had still not resurfaced since the incident in the Canadian arctic nearly two years prior.

Albatross (2014 to Present)

Il Sait Porter La Croix

Amy's star continued to slowly increase as her patriotism only grew stronger with every passing day. Her powers continued to intensify, her high IQ prompting her to find new and creative ways to utilize her powers, such as manipulating her own matter as well as the moisture of her own body to reshape as a being of ice. Using this ice form, Amy found that she could sustain ridiculously heavy amounts of damage, as any bits of her ice body that broke apart or melted simply remained as vapour, awaiting for Amy's physical body to reshape itself either when she was immobilized or chose to exit the ice form. She found that many of her invented abilities, such as her offensive "deep freeze" technique, were amplified further when she reformed as a being of ice. This prompted her to realize that she could indeed be a tremendous fighting force.

Disregarding of her predominantly ice based powers, Amy decided that her adopted alias of Winterstar sounded too cold for one who aspired to one day be a revered hero. As such, she decided to change her hero identity again and settled on Albatross. She admired the albatross bird and felt that she could compare herself to it. She also felt that the albatross was an inspirational bird that was in some ways symbolic of her homeland. As a result of this, only her hero identity changed while her costume remained unaltered. However, Amy did decide to remove her mask since her identity was public knowledge.


This timeline details important moments in Amy's life, such as when her powers first emerged and her various ups and downs in the hero community.

1990: Born in Toronto, Ontario to Claire and Simon Rogers.
1996: Powers manifested for the first time in public.
1997: Began training as a special reconnaissance agent for UNTIL.
2008: Adopted the alias Spirit as her psychokinetic powers strengthened.
2009: Acquired a nemesis in the form of French supervillainess Nova.
2010: Left UNTIL to stand on her own as a superhero.
2011: Changed superhero alias to Winterstar after acquiring new powers.
2012: Departed from Millennium City to concentrate fully on her work in Canada.
2013: Became a recognized superhero in Canada and began regular hero duties abroad.
2014: Changed superhero alias to Albatross as she further strove to promote herself.


Basic Facts

1. Amy is exceptionally friendly to anyone who is not deemed a criminal or villain. She makes an effort to be nice to everyone she talks to and she likes to cheer up people who seem visibly blue or depressed. She may appear reserved at times, but will never turn down anyone who wants to talk with her.

2. Her favourite colour is white. Amy's favourite junk foods and treats are mostly all white (vanilla ice cream and milkshakes, various yogurts, white chocolate, etc.).

3. Sudoku puzzles are Amy's favourite way to exercise her brain. She is able to complete most sudoku puzzles she attempts in approximately forty five seconds and can tell immediately if a puzzle is unsolvable before even writing in a single number.

4. Amy loves Carl's Gym. If she's not training at UNTIL HQ, then she's probably at the gym exercising or socializing with other gym patrons. The colour of her gym-wear changes each time she visits the gym, since she can just shapeshift and have different clothes whenever she pleases.

5. Despite having a very high level of intelligence, Amy still acts like anyone else her age and craves fun.

6. When Amy's grandmother passed away several years ago, she inherited a necklace that had belonged to her grandmother. It is in the shape of a golden ankh. Amy typically wears it everywhere she goes, as it has very deep sentimental value to her.

7. While Amy enjoys making new friends, she is very dismissive towards relationships and will turn away anyone of any age whether they be man, woman, or space-frog. She attributes this to not wanting to feel the pain of a relationship ending. She fears the idea of having someone she cares for die or disappear.

8. Amy has a profound hate towards heroes showing disrepect to one another. She believes that heroes should act in the manner that the public perceives them, so when she notices a hero acting like a playground bully to one of their own peers, it will anger Amy tremendously. Also, when Amy is the victim of a bully-hero, she will often become extremely defensive and intentionally try to provoke the aggressor so that everyone can see their true colours.

Career Costumes

Amy has worn eight full time costumes under the names Albatross, Spirit and Winterstar.

Favourite Things

Animals: Just about any kind of bird will top Amy's list of favourite animals with common crows and doves being her favourites. She is also partial towards domestic house cats, grey wolves, lobsters, and tigers.

Books: Amy tends to zone out a lot when she reads, so she usually tends to stick with books that can be read in short sittings such as anything from the humour section of any book store. She also likes biographies and poetry at times.

Want to get on Amy's good side? Give her spicy peppers!

Foods: If it has a bit of a bite to it, then Amy will want to eat it. She is practically obsessed with spicy foods and loves sampling dishes from India and Mexico. Spicy foods seem to have little affect on her, rarely making her sweat or have unpleasant bathroom experiences. Habanero peppers delight her to an incredible degree. Amy also likes mustard quite a lot, and it is her condiment of choice for practically every form of sandwich.

Hobbies: Amy likes to exercise and work out frequently and can be seen at Carl's Gym when she is feeling energetic. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen often and is always making up her own dishes from randomly throwing various things together just to see how the resulting concoction will taste. When she is relaxing or taking it easy, she enjoys bird watching and reading poetry.

Movies: Anything funny will hold Amy's attention, as laughing happens to be one of her favourite things to do. She is a big fan of comedies, but tends to shy away from toilet humour (fart jokes and the like) as she feels that it gets old pretty quickly. She also likes drama movies and is prone to completely losing herself in a good drama.

Music: "Needs more cowbell!" Amy is a huge fan of classic rock from 1960 to 1990. If she's in a pleasant mood in public, she can probably be heard humming or singing to bands such as Boston, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kansas, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. Her favourite song is perhaps Freebird.

Friends & Various Contacts

Amy has not formed any lasting friendships, but thinks highly of the following people.

Blue Bruiser: His quirky behaviour at times, as well as his Canadian heritage, are enough for Amy to like Blue Bruiser, but the deal was sealed when he offered her advice for improving herself as a heroine and a person that she began looking up to and respecting him far more.

Gearhead: One of Amy's favourite people to bump into in Sherrera's. Even though Gearhead does not pay a great deal of attention to Amy anymore when the two are in Sherrera's, she has always been able to get along with him very easily.

Chocolate Chip Chelsea: A young girl with unique powers and a penchant for chocolate chip cookies. Amy admires the girl's innocence as well as her blossoming spirit. Plus she's adorable as heck.

Gearhead: One of Amy's favourite people to bump into in Sherrera's. Even though Gearhead does not pay a great deal of attention to Amy anymore when the two are in Sherrera's, she has always been able to get along with him very easily.

Nightwave: Even though Amy has spoken with her several times, all of their encounters have been in Sherrera's Bar. Amy enjoys talking to Nightwave, believing that out of everyone she has spoken with thus far, Nightwave probably has the best head on her shoulders of them all.

Thundrax: One of the heroes who Amy looks up to and sees as a good example for her to follow. Thundrax has been openly supportive of her as she learns the ropes of being a hero, which she has appreciated.


Amy's original powers all stem from her mutated brain, which can project energy, allow her to change her form (by manipulating the formation of her matter on an atomic level), and even teleport (which she does by fully dispersing her body). Her original telekinetic and telepathic abilities seem to have become mostly dormant or repressed, though she can still exhibit some telepathy. These powers are mostly defensive and/or not used for combat, but she is able to hold her own against some opponents when she utilizes them. Her new powers, which all encompass an extensive control over water vapour, can be used defensively and offensively. Her vapour control has many capabilities.

Original Powers

Positive Energy Manipulation: Amy's positive energy projection allows her to mend her own body's wounds at an impressive rate as well as provide somewhat effective treatment for minor injuries and small wounds of other people, but she is currently not able to mend large injuries or severe lacerations nor can she heal bone damage. Of all her powers, this is perhaps the most draining for Amy. When she had to use her healing powers over an extended period of time when downtown Millennium City was under attack by hulking robots, Amy required almost twenty four hours of rest to recuperate.

Shapeshifting: This was originally Amy's main power, but it has become her least used after becoming Winterstar (due to the new powers greatly reducing the effectiveness of her shapeshifting). Her shapeshifting allows her to change her appearance. Her photographic memory allows her to duplicate the appearance and voice of other people with almost one hundred percent accuracy. She is not able to copy personalities or powers, allowing anyone with a keen understanding of the people she mimics a good chance of knowing that something isn't right with the person. Amy has previously trained to use her shapeshifting abilities for reconnaissance and spy work. Amy also uses this power to play tricks on her associates and friends by assuming the forms of well known heroes such as Sapphire and Witchcraft (though with questionable accuracy), or even as people she meets throughout Millennium City.

Super Intelligence: Despite not being able to fully tap into her genius intellect, Amy can still sometimes show momentary flashes of brilliance. These flashes could range from making daily errands easier, thinking up creative attack strategies, and "Macgyvering" her way out of various peculiar situations. These flashes work both ways however, as sometimes it can cause her thoughts to overload and she may temporarily lose her train of thought entirely.

Matter Dispersion: Once a minor power that caused Amy more bad than good, her dispersion powers have improved significantly over the past year. Amy can teleport by examining a location she would like to go, dispersing herself as energy, and then materializing in that location. The travel time when Amy is dispersed used to be quite slow and she could rarely keep up with other heroes. She has improved her understanding of the dispersion process and, as a result, can move around much faster than before. Amy avoids tight crevices and the like when teleporting due to the fact that, if she materialized in a small location, she could very likely die or be severely injured. For the most part this power is just used for getting around quickly, but is also useful for quickly dodging incoming attacks.

New Powers

Cold Water Vapour Control: Amy's new powers all fit into the same general category. She is able to control cold water vapour in the air, greatly enhancing and expanding it beyond regular capabilities to create ice and snow. She is not able to use this power as effectively in dry environments, but in dire situations she is able to extract moisture from her own body to use or even the bodies of others if they are allow her or submit to her. She can create very small and localized blizzards, frost, hail, and can shape large pieces of ice into whatever she desires (body armor, projectiles, shields, walls, essentially anything she can imagine that is within reason). Essentially anything involving frost, ice, mist, snow, or water can be done by her in a localized area (ie. she can create a raging blizzard, but it will only encompass a small area, roughly 30x30 feet at most). Her vapor control can also affect the temperature of a small area by lowering it temporarily when she chooses, with -75 Celsius being the coldest she has achieved. Amy can also thrive in cold environments. Wearing superhero tights in the arctic is no problem for her anymore. This does not mean she is immune to the cold, as it will start to bother her when the temperature dips low enough. -120 Celsius, to Spirit, is a normal person's 0 Celsius. Upwards of -200 Celsius is considered dangerous for her. Considerng the fact that some of her attacks will drop below -200, Amy must be very aware of where she directs her attacks. Her powers can harm her as well depending on what she is doing, so she must always be careful.


Frail Body: Amy may have an athletic and healthy body, but she is still physically weak. This is why her original powers were mostly stealth based and why she likes to focus on barriers and shields with her new vapor powers. Brutish heroes could easily and quickly subdue Amy if they would be able to get close enough to her.

Partial Hemophobia: One thing that greatly bothers Amy is the sight of blood. While she can handle small cuts and scrapes on herself and merely has to look away if someone is bleeding badly, she cannot tolerate large quantities of blood or grotesque scenes. If someone was covered in blood or a gushing wound was exposed, Amy would not be able to stomach it.

Water Vapor Control: This is more of a point than a weakness. Amy's water vapor control has not rendered her weak against fire or lightning, as the ability has not changed the make-up of her body. It merely allows her to control cold water vapor, not become it. However, if she is covered in frost or ice, she would not stand much of a chance against anything that would be particularly anti-cold.

Public Opinions

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"Spirit is evewything a hero should be. She protected me fwom a giant robot while it was hurting people. She's very pretty and wonderful. I am gwad to know her." - Chocolate Chip Chelsea



Albatross (formerly known as Spirit and Winterstar) is an RP character I have been played since 2010. She developed into my RP main after I took a liking in her story and her interactions with fellow heroes. I sat out from playing Champions Online for the tail end of 2011, all of 2012, and up until the end of November 2013. As such, I'm a bit out of the loop nowadays but can't wait to get back into the community. Hit me up on Albatross (or any other character) if you'd like to help me reacquaint myself with the game and its fabulous RP!


Need Amy for RP?

Amy is frequently half-present in the Champions RP channel, thus it is not always good way to contact her or draw her out IC. Even if she is not in the channel IC at specific times when I'm playing on her, I do still have it visible for reading on the Amy character. If I'm searching for RP then you'll likely be able to spot me in Carl's Gym or Sherrera's Bar (mostly the latter). Feel free to approach me if you notice me in either location.

If I am online (@UPRC) and you would like to involve Amy in something, feel free to drop me a line. How do you know if Amy would fit the RP you are trying to get going? Well if you need any of the following things in the RP, I can help on Amy:

1. A hero with a youthful outlook on life.

2. A healer (not terribly advanced).

3. A shapeshifter (Amy can't look like men for obvious OOC costume/tailor related reasons).

4. A simple extra attendee/body for the RP.

5. A Canadian!

RP Hooks

If your character has frequented the UNTIL HQ, then they may have seen Amy aimlessly wandering in or out of the facility from time to time. Frequent visitors to Carl's Gym may also recognize her, since Amy enjoys going to the gym each evening to exercise. Patrons at Sherrera's are also likely to recognize Amy as well due to her habit of hanging out at the tavern very often. Canadian heroes would also have a chance of recognizing Amy, as she has begun to acquire a bit of recognition in her home country.


Tom Petty - Learning to Fly: This song is basically Amy's teenage life in song form. She was not certain of what she could do, nor if she would even succeed.

Russell Watson - Where My Heart Will Take Me: A song that describes Amy as grows older, matures, and grows stronger. Her self-confidence is quickly increasing, and this song reflects it in a nice way.

Tekken 5 - Moonlit Wilderness: If I had to choose a piece that was purely instrumental, it would probably be this one. I can really imagine Amy laying down the hurt with her powers to this tune.

Who Would Play Her?

Since choosing a fitting celebrity to play our heroes is a pretty popular thing to do, here are my picks for Amy. Ellen Page has the attitude, the look, and the small size to portray the original younger Amy when she was known as Spirit. Since her body's aging accelerated and she adopted the Winterstar moniker, I feel that Amber Heard would be a more appropriate actress to select to portray Amy.