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Daemi, former villain and mercenary now redeemed in to a hero living in Millenium City with her Beloved Alexxia Moon and their two daughters. She is also a member of The Ultimate Guardians. The one and only Demon up to date to have been allowed in. She lives in the Guardians base of operations, the phoenix tower. Daemi does not have any special abilities more than her extreme resilience to taking damage together with amazing endurance and strength. She is also able to summon different kinds of demonic weaponry thanks to her demon inheritage.

Player: @Daemi
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"Can't you see im a damn fairy?"
Character Build
Class Focus: Insane resilience and regeneration
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Tech
Biographical Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: Daemi
Gender: Female
Species: Demonkin
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Circle of Wrath - Hell
Base of Operations: The Phoenix Building (Guardian Tower), Millennium City
Relatives: N/A
Age: 300
Height: 6'7
Weight: 242lbs
Eyes: Right - Full, glowing green; Left - Blind, eyepatch - Prostetic
Hair: Messed up mohawk; Green tips and black
Complexion: Ash Grey
Physical Build: Strong, muscular
Physical Features: Many scars, piercings, and carved glowing seals over arms and legs
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2007 - Present
Citizenship: US/Swedish Citizen
Occupation: Mother of two
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Involved
Known Powers and Abilities
Supernatural strength and resilience.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Symbolic Black leather jacket and pants, heavy combat boots.
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Born around 301 years ago Daemi was ment to be the first in a breed of demons that were ment to be more than mindless slaves and soldiers. Given free will and free speech the circle of wrath gave life to six of these demons. It did not take long until free speech and free will was considered a failure among the ranks. Acording to the lords to many questions were raised and not enough was given. There was enough chaos already in this circle, war as always was raging on between the seven circles, the lords of wrath did not need this failure as well. The word were given and five of the experimented demons were brutaly slain and mutilated, the sixth, Daemi, got herself banished to save her skin. The destination were earth and she soon found herself facedown in snow just outside arvidsjaur, Sweden.

Filled with mindless rage, the demoness wandered the snow for days and even weeks, no goal in mind nowhere to turn and feeding from whatever she could get over, animals as well as humans.


Project Wrath

Picking up arms

Private Military Orgainisation - Black Wing Watch

Cambodia, prisoner of war, downfall

Arrival to Millenium city


Going solo

Black Beauty

Joining the Guardians

Beloved and Mother of two

Falling to the scourge


Thoughts and Views

On Killing: "Don't go there... Just don't go there."

Heroism: "I try my best, figure everyone who claims to be a "Hero" does their best. Can't really ask more than that."

Her Demon heritage: "can't help what i am, Sure i could try and hide it all, but the fact still remains that i my origins lies in what you call "Evil Incarnate". I supress my nature everyday to be better and do more so i wont hide what i am. And if someone have a problem with that they can fuck off and il gladly tell them to do just that if i have to."

On Religion: "Are you kiddng me...? No i mean... really..?"

On Politics: "Please... Do i look like i care about countries dick swinging competition...?"

On Media: "Next question..."

On her friends and family: "I would die for them without thinking twice."

Personal Interests and Trivia

- Actually loves winter and snow

- Has a very dark sense of humor and is very mischievous at times

- Most of her spare time goes to working with armors and weaponry, has a habit of breaking power tools

- Loves butts, if she sees a well shaped butt she will spank it!

RP Hooks

What Other Heroes Think of Her

Feel free to edit in your characters thoughts here!

"Great tits, great ass, and great everything inbetween. Combine that with a lovely personality and a flexible tail, and you got My favoritest demon of all! Which is Daemi. If you weren't paying attention." - Rufus, previously known as the Sin Reaper

"I believe everyone gets a chance, and I am glad we decided to take a chance on Daemi." - Friendly Fire

"Hypocrite." - Shinnosuke Yamagami

"Daemi? She's awesome if you get on her good side and can get her wavelength. If you get on her bad side, then you're likely a drag anyway, so can't help you there! *laughs*" - Aleste

"Hi Daemi! Uhhhh she is pwetty cool and her wings fwap and stuff and uhh....she's nice to me." -Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"Ah like Daemi. Wouldnae be a night out w'out her." -Amadhan

"Daemi is a one-of-a-kind-demon. Don't let her machismo fool you though, she has a big heart and its in the right place. I should know, I can see into people's hearts, their more excessive desires, and hers are adorkable. Oh yeah, and Wrath is sexy as hell of course, so that helps too!" -Hannah Hel-Dottir

"Arse kicking, sex appeal, and a splash of aweseome sauce to boot!" - Soulburn