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Darius Phen
Player: @AZSolii
Darius by Kuron.jpg
"I'd rather not make some metaphor involving light

at the risk of sounding too cliché."

Character Build
Class Focus: Tank/Protector/Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism - Arcana (400)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Darius Phen
Known Aliases: Big Blue, Big D, Dari, Fuzzy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Henderson, KY
Base of Operations: Northern Canada
Relatives: Joseph Phen (Father) - Deceased

Diana Phen (Mother) - Deceased

Age: 24
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 522 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: ...Blue?
Complexion: ...Blue?
Physical Build: Heavily Muscular
Physical Features: ...Seriously. He's blue.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publically Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Editor and Writer

of the MCU Philosophy Journal

Education: Homeschooling

B.A. in Philosophy

Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength

Super Constitution, Light Manipulation, Light Channeling

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Loose fitting clothing

weathered chain, multi-purpose communicator

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A Heart Born; A Heart Shattered

Darius J. Phen was born September 14, 1986 at Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky to parents Dr. Joseph and Diana Phen. Due to complications, his mother died from giving birth, living only long enough to get a glimpse of her child and giving him his name.

Thus, Darius and his Father lived alone in the farmlands of Western Kentucky. While growing up, he was constantly amazed by the world around him, taking in every bit of his natural surroundings. His father, a doctorate and fairly known writer of philosophy, taught him everything he could about not only the world around him, but the one within. For him, the most breathtaking and vivid sight he can remember would be the yearly Perseid Meteor Showers across the nearly clear sky of the expanse of the farmlands.

As he grew older, he became his father’s proofreader for his articles. Although Darius never fully understood what his father wrote, he gained an appreciation for the English language and the writing disciplines his father taught him. Inevitably, this interest in literature nurtured a love of books and reading about a variety of subjects, ranging from fantasy fiction novels to basic explanations of quantum mechanics (or, as basic as they may come).

In August 2004, Darius left with his father to go to a conference held by the Philosophy department at Millennium City University. Having never been to a dense city so full of people outside of the rare trips he went with his father into Henderson for errands, Darius was in awe of the futuristic world, being quite the contrast it was from the farmlands in which he lived. While staying at a hotel, his father offered to bring the two of them dinner from a local restaurant. However, by unfortunate circumstances, on his way returning to the hotel, Dr. Joseph Phen was killed instantly in a car accident.

Unable to accept the loss of his father, Darius lost all the spark of curiosity and life his father had given him. His father’s former colleagues offered him a place to stay in Millennium, as long as he continued to edit and proofread articles for their academic journals. Without saying a word, he nodded in acceptance, and took their offer. They gave him an apartment in the West Side along with what was necessary with his work and to start off living on his own.

Over the course of five years, Darius rarely spoke or interacted with anyone, remaining closed off from the world around him. He continued his editing of philosophy articles, only keeping minimal interaction with the professors at Millennium City University.

To nearly everyone but them, Darius was dead to the world, and to himself.

Of Wolves and Men

"If you open your eyes, night opens doors of musk, the secret kingdom of the water opens flowing from the center of the night." --Octavio Paz "Water Night"

Five years after his father’s death, Darius was walking home after speaking with his employers, once again addressing their concerns about him. His work had not changed, but he was growing increasingly distant. Whenever it was questioned, Darius firmly stated that it was his problem and expressed that he wanted no one else to get involved.

As he approached his apartment, Darius heard shouts for help down an alleyway. Without even thinking on it, he turned on his heel and rushed into the alley, not knowing what he was doing. It just…was. Unfortunately, it resulted in him getting knocked unconscious from a blow to the head. After that point, he remembered nothing.

When he regained consciousness, hours had passed deep into the night. The moment he lifted up his hand to his face, he felt something…odd. It felt almost like there was an extension in front of his face. He opened his eyes and focused to see a snout. His hand had turned from the pale white of his skin to a dirty blue, furred and clawed monstrosity. A cold realization grasped his heart as his newly gained fur stood on end amongst the tattered rags of his clothing: he had become a monster.

Over the course of three weeks, Darius stalked in the shadows while scavenging for food and what he needed to survive. He tried his hardest to not be seen, hopefully to perhaps find a way to reverse the process or otherwise. As it stood, he had gained notoriety as a potential threat due to his appearance, so help from the MCPD was not possible without potentially getting shot.

However, it was inevitable that he could not run forever. He was cornered by five members of the Purple Gang, who wished to “kill the beast”. Not knowing what to do or where to go, something inside Darius snapped as he efficiently killed four of them with the blunt of a loose chain he found to the side, and the fifth being literally torn to shreds. Upon trying to hide evidence of his encounter in the sewers below the city, Darius knew he could not live like this, or else he would become what others thought of him.

Shortly after the event, Darius heard rumors of a wandering wolf Pack that seemed to be patrolling around the city. Having nowhere else to go, Darius attempted to contact the Pack’s leader, Jean-Luc Santeres.

Although reluctant to run with a Pack of wolves, Jean confirmed to Darius that if he did not adapt, he would not survive. With nowhere else to go, he joined them and worked with them from Millennium City and near the location of their Den in Canada.

Over the course of two months, Darius learned to become more accustomed with his form and his acquired superhuman strength. From the influence of the Pack, he became more and more detached from his original human mindset and turning increasingly more feral. However, the spark which had led him into that alleyway, that feeling that told him to do what was right, had also grown in strength as well, manifesting itself into physical Light.

For the most part, he remained in the shadows with the other members of the Pack. However, as he became accepting of what he had become, he became brutal and sometimes even lethal at the sign of trouble. He would have kept this mindset had it not been for the influence of heroes he met, particularly those of the Blue Family, Meta-S.W.A.T., and UNTIL agents such as Giga Gal.

However, it was a member of the Pack that finally broke him of this blindness. Rashan, without even doing a thing, only spoke words to Darius which resonated to not simply his humanity, but who he was. From only a few words exchanged, Darius’s monstrous outlook on life faded away to the open-mindedness he had before his father’s death.

For the first time since then, he regained his original self, though it was brief.

"And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood"

"It flows through all things, inside and outside, and returns to the origin of all things." -- Laozi from Tao Te Ching ch. 25

A cold wind graced the air across the world in the middle of October. Those sensitive to the changes of magical energy or otherwise sensed the coming darkness that would shadow the entire world. Jean, the leader of the Pack, in the absence of his Beta, entrusted Darius to handle the group in his absence, as he too noticed the change in the air. Not knowing what Jean was planning, Darius reluctantly accepted, though Jean assured him he would return.

And then, chaos struck. The sun on October 27th did not rise anywhere on the earth. The sky grew darker as the moon turned a blood red. Zombies crawled out of the ground and began an infection of necromancy while demonic, cursed werewolves appeared in roaming and destructive packs. With their appearance in Canada, it was not clear to differentiate the members of the Pack and the cursed werewolves.

One by one, each of the members of the Pack disappeared from existence. Geimhreadh, Arctic Howler, Stalks-The-Steel-Jungle, each one dropped from the communication system with each passing day. As much as Darius tried to keep the members of the Pack together and to protect them, there was little to nothing he could do against the three fronted attack of the undead, the werewolves, and those who hunted them. With their den overrun and the last of the Pack members fallen, Darius was the last to remain standing.

With nowhere else to turn, he looked to his allies of Meta-S.W.A.T., and did what he could to protect others from the same destruction. On November 9th, he participated in the joint effort of several heroes against the cause of the Blood Moon, Takofanes, in the action dubbed “Operation: Liberation”. Darius, with Destiny Certo, assaulted the tomb which held the soul of the hero Nimbus, and managed to help free her spirit while others handled the other twelve tombs. By the end of it, the enslaved heroes were freed, Takofanes was resealed, and the sun shined once again on the world.

However, for Darius, this came as a pyrrhic victory. As he soon found out, though the world was saved by the efforts of his and of several renowned heroes, Darius came to realize that he was once again alone.

Light in the Darkness

In the aftermath of the Blood Moon, Darius joined the ranks of Meta-S.W.A.T., having nowhere else to go. While wanting to help others in the clean-up of the Blood Moon, Darius also searched through the month for any other traces of the Pack. However, he soon came to realize that it was futile: they had either died or moved on.

Blaming himself for letting the Pack fall, Darius isolated himself from the rest of the world. In doing so, he lost connection with not only those he knew, but also himself. The result was the loss of his form, turning human once more. In addition, the Light he had felt and was able to produce was no longer reachable to him, no matter how much he tried. Over the winter holidays, Darius stayed inside his apartment, not even recognized for his original form.

While doing so, Darius was oblivious to the threat of Superior and what had happened in his depression, until he came upon learning of the death of Lt. Kyran Hunt-McIlroy, who committed suicide. Not knowing the circumstances, Darius ventured outside with a purpose for the first time in several weeks.

Upon his first instinct in returning to the Meta-S.W.A.T. garage, Darius found Kyran’s helmet with a logged message inside. The message detailed where Superior’s collective consciousness resided and a potential way to defeat him. Having no time to lose, Darius called on the Respond and Protect server for other heroes to hear this message.

Unfortunately, Superior had also heard his plea for help, and began to try and dominate his will through coercion. As he tried to seep deeper into his mind, Darius felt and remembered every loss that he had experienced, and from that came hopelessness against fighting back Superior. But with the help of Smokin Mirrors and the sorceress Valentyna, Darius was able to remember how each of those he lost affected him, and realized they would be for naught if he fell under Superior’s sway. His parents, the Pack, and now Kyran and Flynn. He would not lose himself after all of this.

In using all of his effort with Smokin’ Mirrors and Valentyna to push Superior out of his mind, his soul became consciously connected and synchronized with his mind and heart, causing his form to shift back into his monstrous form in a brilliant flash of Light. This was the final formation of his Enlightened Bond.

However, the event made him wary to help in the final bout with Superior, realizing that if he was controlled directly by him, he would be responsible for any destruction caused by such things.

In addition, not being sure what to do and confused as to why he had turned back into the wolf-like form, Darius left Millennium City in search of answers.

((Bio currently in progress and being submitted piece by piece))

The Story So Far...

((Coming Soon™))


When hearing him speak, many hear a calm, compassionate baritone who sounds more befitting of a quiet bibliophile whose good idea of an evening well spent is reading a book by the fireplace. While this may be a fairly accurate depiction, when taken with his physical appearance, it causes a great amount of confusion in what to anticipate from the brutish looking character.

Those who take the time to know him will find an individual with a remarkable amount of patience that often figuratively and literally rolls with the punches. When he does act, he does not strain in effort to act in resistance, but rather in tandem with the opposing force (For example, in a literal case, he will use his barriers to deflect blows. Not in resistance, but rather as a way to continue the motion of the attack and using the blows against his opponent).

He puts forgiveness above justice in nearly any sort of situation. Just as much as he may be the character to bring someone to their knees, he may also be the one to extend his hand to help them back up, regardless of what they have done.

Fighting for the sake of fighting is a concept that Darius has dropped in the past several months, finding that the price of people getting hurt, regardless of the purpose, is great and should be avoided. While originally one to take to the front lines and fight in a fray of villains by decking them in the face, Darius now holds steadfast to the mindset of acting without action, often only making his move when it is deemed necessary by his instinct and his feelings.

Despite his serious demeanor and attitude, he has a gentle and clever sense of humor, and will display it when appropriate.


Darius stands just over seven feet with a straight posture, giving a powerfully intimidating or reassuringly inspiring appearance due to his heavily muscular build. His entire body is covered in a short and decently groomed blue fur coat, though does little to hide the definition of his form. Large ivory claws emphasize his dense, hulking hands. A bestial, wolf-like head is in the place of what would otherwise be a human face, with large, sharp teeth lining his mouth. The two large canines from his upper jaw jut past his lower, resulting in a saber-tooth-like appearance when his mouth is closed. Contrasting this entire appearance are two large green human eyes, which clearly express a great deal of emotion and compassion.

His regular attire consists of loose fitting and flowing clothing, in particular, a large white open robe with gold-colored trim and baggy pants. A heavy, dulled chain that seems to have had more than its fair share of wear and tear is wrapped around his waist.

PRIMUS Registered Abilities

Darius’ abilities stem from a force which can best be described as the energy of the universe in which all things are done. By acting as a conduit of this force and letting it use him, Darius has obtained a formed a strong connection within himself which is dubbed as The Enlightened Bond. As a result, he is capable of many supernatural feats which are manifested by this conscious connection of his heart, himself, and the world around him. This same connection is what has caused him to take his altered humanoid form and innate physical abilities.

While this force is particularly aligned with light and warmth, it is neither holy nor sacred. It is a pure projection of the self and energies pertaining to it.

Super Strength/Constitution

Eh, it may not be the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster, but he can lift it!

Although large size is never a sure-fire indicator for strength, Darius plays the assumption straight. Many have speculated Darius’s absolute threshold for strength, but there is very little to give a definite answer as he does not use his abilities unless absolutely necessary. The best guess comes from witnesses confirming that he has lifted and tossed semi-trucks and freight containers, marking his strength at least fifty to one-hundred tons. However, other reports indicate that he is capable of lifting and flinging VIPER tanks and transports, though these are not yet confirmed. In melee, his is often seen fighting hand to hand with subduing, but potentially bone-shattering blows, often flinging enemies to the side away from further combat.

In addition to his strength, Darius has been known to take a tremendous amount of punishment. His work with Meta-S.W.A.T. pushed him to test the limits by taking hits ranging from gunshots, point blank bombs and missiles, and blows from super-powered entities. This resilience is further strengthened by his Light which can passively protect him when under a threat.

Superstat Strength.png Super Strength

Imbued by the Enlightened Bond, Darius's physical strength allows him to perform feats such as flinging a tank with ease. However, outside of this, not much is known about its limits or nature.

"But while it is still subject of debate, first hand witnesses that have come in contact with it agree: his punches hurt."

Might Haymaker.png Haymaker

While having learned a some tricks from a few martial arts styles, sometimes all that's necessary is raw, blunt force.

"Taoist does NOT mean pacifist. Why do people continually keep forgetting this?!"

  • Rank 3 // Rank 2 + Nullifying Punch

Might Roomsweeper.png Roomsweeper

When push comes to shove, he isn't afraid to retaliate with a charged, forceful punch.

"Sometimes the best way to keep people from fighting is to knock them away. …FAR away."

Might Mightyleap.png Mighty Leap

With a quick twist and a slight change in stance, the blue wolf suddenly lunges forward with uncanny speed towards a target.

"A quarter-ton wall of muscle is about to ram into you. What do?"

  • Nailed to the Ground
  • Crippling Challenge

Superstat Constitution.png Super Constitution

In addition to the Enlightened Bond granted him great physical strength, it has also given him a girth to match it, and is able to withstand blows that would otherwise cripple or even kill.

"If surviving point blank explosions does not account for this, nothing will. And to clarify: no. I do not believe hiding in a fridge to survive a nuclear explosion counts towards this."

Item Device Bloodmoon Centerofgravity.png Center of Gravity

Using great strength, Darius slams hard into the ground, causing nearby objects and enemies to be drawn towards him.

"Dynamic Entry? I certainly think so!"

  • Device

Powerarmor Invulnerability.png Invulnerability

The flurry of projectiles and cuts impact the monstrous humanoid, but they seem to be deflected or otherwise ineffective as he endures them without so much but a flinch.

"Bleeds? What are those?"

Light Manipulation


One of Darius’s main abilities is the creation and manipulation of Light in the form of barriers, projectile bolts, and even simple light sources. In most cases, the energy is a constant flow of power, much like a river of water. Anyone able to sense an aura would be able to see his as a literal beacon of warmth. As such, using his powers is not difficult, but forcing their use can cause strain on him as well.

Darius’s barriers are formed by either subconsciously acting as a deflector for a parry in the midst of a combat or spurred as a means to protect himself from a premeditated blow (such as the recoil from one of his own punches, which can otherwise flay his skin). When touched, the barrier responds according to however it is touched. If someone simply puts a hand on one, it will react by giving a warming, calm sensation. Yet, if someone tries to push on it with force, it will push back as necessary, but never at a more than lethal force.

By conscious will or by simply letting the energy course through him, Darius can fire concentrated bursts of “hard light” from his palm. In cases when he is surrounded, he is able to let the Light course through his entire body, covering it in a temporary shell which can dull pain and protect his form.

More recently, he has managed a way to use his Light as a ground to surge forward at incredibly high speeds. He is also further able to use this trick to otherwise move quickly in a chaotic situation, subverting his large form with displays of purposeful agility.

Lastly, Darius is able to produce sources of illumination by concentrating his Light energy into his claws. There are no special properties in this other than it can light up a dark room or cavern. However, this doesn’t prevent clever applications of it (for example, using morse code with it across long distances).

Force Forceshield.png Force Shield

Darius holds up his hands as a large, glowing circular barrier appears in front of him, protecting him and his allies from direct attacks.

"It’s very shiny and pretty. But it will hurt if you run into it or it runs into you."

  • Rank 3
  • Force Sheathe

Celestial Conviction.png Conviction

Darius takes a direct hit from a staggering blow to the chest, bleeding from the impact. He stares back at his attacker with an unflinching gaze as he takes a quick breath and exhales as Light surrounds his form, stabilizing him.

"You know, I think game designers were just trying to sound pretentious when they designed a power that just made someone glow."

  • Rank 3

Item Device Bloodmoon Nimbusofforce.png Nimbus of Force

Seeing his allies in danger from attack, the blue wolf motions his hand in purposeful desperation as barriers of Light appear around him and his allies.

"LIMIT BREAK! Mighty Guard! ...wait, that's a dumb Limit Break! Where's my Omnislash!?"

  • Device

Travel Powers Superspeed.png Super Speed

As you sit on the steps of the Rennaissance Center of Millennium City, a blue streak followed by golden Light streaks past you with a miniature sonic boom!

"No, you’re probably talking about the OTHER blue speedster. He’s down in the Green Hills on the right. If you’ve passed Station Square, you’ve gone too far."

  • Rank 3

Telekinesis Kineticdarts.png Kinetic Darts

With a careful movement of his hand and a slight twitching of his claws, Darius clenches his fist and punches forward and a bolt of Light manifests and strikes forward towards an enemy.

"It’s like Rayman 2: The Great Escape! Except…with blue…and fur…and limbs…and—OK, maybe it’s not like Rayman 2…"

  • Rank 3

Force Forceblast.png Force Blast

Darius lifts up an open palm as Light collects in a ball of energy under it. He launches it off, blasting it into an enemy!

"Pew pew! Pew pew!"

Power Ego Telekinetic Wave.Tga.png Coward's Lament

Seeing the assailants attempts to get to their bomb to arm it, Darius moves his hands in front of him as a wave of Light bursts forth and pulls them back!


  • Device

Light Channeling

"Acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue." -- Laozi from Tao Te Ching ch. 10

Much like Darius is able to manipulate the flowing energies of his Light in multiple ways; it reveals its true nature and power when he simply lets it flow as a constant, unfiltered and unfettered stream. By doing this, he is able to channel his Light to others, allowing them to relax or to reinforce or speed up their natural healing from a wound.

In rare cases, Darius is able to enter a trance like state in which his movements work with the Light he manifests. From this, his actions and movements become more purposeful, almost as though he’s not even trying to act; he simply does. In this state, he is able to direct his Light to his allies, acting as a morale booster by greatly increasing their capabilities and allowing them to bounce back from otherwise crippling injury.

Telepathy Psionichealing.png Psionic Healing

Darius holds out his hands, letting Light flow from them to stabilize an ally or encourage them from a distance!

"I’m dying…Oooh…the pain—oh wait, I’m better now. False alarm!"

  • Rank 3

Celestial Seraphim.png Seraphim

As he begins to trance, all human like motion stops. He breathes steadily and begins to move without even trying. Light flows around him, acting with his movements in perfect balance with the world around him.

"Caution: may contain more than your daily required amount of sparkles and shiny. More nutritious than vampire sparkles. Go Team Darius!"

  • Rank 3

Celestial Redemption.png Redemption

Darius kneels down next to a knocked out ally as his Light flows around him. He lets it flow in an unfettered stream to an ally to attempt to bring them back into consciousness and back into the fight.

"WAIT, don’t click release—DAMNIT! I have a res you know!"

Item Device Bloodmoon Supernaturalposession.png Supernatural Possession

Grasping at the chain at his belt, Darius flings it at an enemy to temporarily snare it while the residual energy from the chain flows around his allies, easing their pain.

"It's a chain that causes jealousy even in Tetsuya Nomura. True story. **Sage nod**"

  • Device

AethericIncantation.png Aetheric Flight

The Light around Darius allows him to move and act without trying, giving him the ability to lift and soar into the air.

Yes, I’ve heard the term “Flying Brick” before. What of it?

  • Device

Celestial Imbue.png Imbue

Darius's Light concentrates around him in a wave of energy, empowering his next action, be it his channeling or an attack.

"For those times when screaming "HIKARI NI NARE!" will not do."

Martialarts Masterfuldodge.png Masterful Dodge

Despite his rather bulky and intimidating size, Darius concentrates his movements to weave around attacks and bending in ways that should not be physically possible.

"And this active defense doesn't just have its uses in combat. HEY-O!~"

Supernatural Resurgence.png Resurgence

In the midst of heavy fire, Darius's Light surges through him, revitalizing him through a second wind!

I invoke the muses of Guy Shishioh and Domon Kasshu... HOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Rank 2

Travel Powers Teleport.png Teleport

In a faint flash of Light, Darius vanishes from sight only to reappear in front of his target in moments.

"Hey guys! Check out this cool trick I learned from Zeratul!"

  • Rank 3

RP Hooks

  • Those who have read philosophy journals and/or essays may be familiar with Darius’s last name of Phen, as his father was a philosophy doctorate whose papers were often published. More recently, Darius himself has decided to take up his father’s mantle in this by writing an occasional essay for the Millennium City University Press. In both his own work and his father’s, concepts of Eastern Philosophy, particularly Taoism, are heavily prevalent.
  • Darius was a member of a group known as the Pack, which he believes himself to be the only mortal survivor of since the Blood Moon. The only individual he knows who is still alive is the immortal Anthony Kinistrel.
  • With little to no traceable arcane source of his powers, Darius has been an enigma to several psychics and mages due to the seemingly implausible abilities he displays. However, a keen eye can observe that his abilities are not channeled from the Astral Plane, meaning they come from somewhere else…
  • While Darius may be twenty-three years old, his writings and observations in the psychology and philosophy of heroism and the human conscience seem to suggest that his biological age and his own personality don’t exactly line up. Many may simply shrug it off as him just having a lot of insight, but someone may have other suspicions…
  • Despite being a previous member of the MCPD, Darius is NOT a registered superhero. Instead, the profile within the PRIMUS database is one which was quickly created and maintained by the original unit director of Meta-S.W.A.T., Lt. John Wheeler.



Seriously, he isn't a pacifist. Don't let the compassionate nature fool you.


  • …has a slight pet peeve about people making “dog” jokes about him, although typically he humors them.
  • …is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and has also taken a hand at writing himself, typically on philosophical speculation or train-of-thought style diaries.
  • …may show great restraint, but he is attracted towards members of the opposite sex and is not immune to the charms of women.
  • …is the meta-guardian of Sun Toki (AKA, Monkey Girl).
  • …despite having wolf-like features, has a sense of smell and hearing only as strong as human limits provide.
  • …does not stay for the press, unlike most heroes. Upon the completion of stopping a villain or its aftermath, Darius typically is not seen afterwards, not wanting to draw attention. However, he does not shy away from others if he is approached otherwise.
  • …is not even sure where his powers stem from; he only knows that they simply “are”.
  • …is rarely seen at Club Caprice. He’ll only go if he’s forced in by someone.
  • …has only recently discovered what the furry fandom is. His reaction was one of awkwardness and disbelief, particularly when he saw art of himself…


Rumor has it that...

…he is a big cuddly carebear.
…he is a werewolf.
…he was never human at all.
…novels by Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams are among his favorite books.
…he has taken lives before.
…he is a technical pacifist.
…he is legally dead.
…lives above the pharmacy in West Side, where the store owner blasted him point blank with a shotgun thinking that Darius was some sort of demon the first time he entered. The result was his first month of rent being paid for.


Blue streak speeds by, Sonic the--no wait, false alarm.
  • “For a long while, the strength I had gained with my form had caused me to crush or break nearly everything I touched. I tried so hard to control it, that it almost seemed that I would never be able to even hold a glass without cracking it. It was only after I had stopped trying and simply let go of my control that I was able to not only stop breaking drinking glasses, but shake hands without hearing a crack and even give a compassionate hug to a thankful person without causing them to gasp for air. This one lesson made me realize that I had been playing the part of the hero incorrectly. It wasn’t the fact that I was trying too hard that caused me to break things; it was the fact that I was trying.” – Excerpt from his first essay in The MCU Quarterly Philosophy Journal
  • “When the life of a child not of this world was in jeopardy due to our laws and regulations, I made a realization: I don’t stand for the law. I stand for doing the right thing.” – Excerpt from his letter of resignation from the MCPD.
  • “I used to believe that evil was evil and good was good, and by force and might, things could be made right. But my journeys and my own introspection have shown me that nothing in this world or others is purely one thing or another. The good and the bad come from the same place.” – To Van Loganis Skitoshov on the depths of human morality.
  • “I…will…NEVER SERVE YOU!” – To Superior (@Superior) before managing to break his control.
  • “I know this may sound very awkward but…I’m not ‘into’ fur…” – to Eclipse on women.


((Place whatever the heck you want here if you have a comment about this guy))

"D has gone through some seriously rough times since I got to know him, his friends disappearin' left and right, then that whole werewolf fiasco durin' the Blood Moon. Still, he keeps a big grin on his face throughout and can bang with the best. Glad to have him as a friend." - Spitfyre

"Still waters run deep. Darius for a long time lingered in my peripheral vision, I wonder if perhaps it is a time to change that." - Striker

"He always seems kinda sad. But he's a good person, putting others first when he's obviously dealing with something big. He has my respect." - Giga Gal

"Mr. Phen. Hm. Well, for his beastly appearance, he is as afraid as anyone else. Afraid of loss. Afraid of failure. Afraid of being alone. That being said, when decent people are consumed by fear, the world is all the worse for it. I believe Mr. Phen to be a decent person." - Kastor

"It's amazing how often he'll be where he's needed most without any fanfare whatsoever, doing his job with virtually no mistakes. He may be a wolf, but he's not gloryhound. He's quiet around me, but I respect him a great deal." - Thundrax

"He's a weird one I'll give him that. He and I see the world through different eyes and our views collide but both are right. I gave him a trial one that I think few could pass and yet he went beyond that, beyond what I thought could be done. For that I see him as a powerful ally and a great friend. He also knows the best places to get food." - Van Loganis Skitoshov

"In the last few months Big Blue as been quite literally moving a mountain because his gut has been telling him its the right thing to do. If this wolf had any more conviction he would probably be in prison." - Lyco

"Mr. Phen, he's... like a big brother to me. Even when I kept doubting myself, he didn't stop trying to help me. I want to do the same for him. I know he has his own problems, so that makes him, well, just like everyone else, right?" - Tomonari

"Good heart." -Real Soviet Damage


((Just a stupid for-fun section. If you want to add one that applies, feel free!))

Barrier Warrior – Slightly subverted, but otherwise played straight. Many of the barriers Darius uses also shield his punches to protect from the recoil of force. Incidentally, any blows he pulls have that wall of force to enforce it.

Combat Medic – He’s always the healer of any team he’s on…and he’ll STILL punch the boss with a haymaker to the face.

Does Not Know His Own Strength – Was played straight when he first started being a hero. This happened as a result of his trying too hard to control it. Once he learned how to trust himself, he managed to overcome this.

Fixer Sue – Typically, I’m VERY careful about how Darius goes about trying to solve a problem. But, the flexibility of his abilities still leaves me with this thought constantly in my mind when I RP. Trust me: I try to avoid it as MUCH as possible, but if I get too close to this realm in the midst of RP, I’m relying on you guys to smack me in the face. …huh…is it considered fixer sueish to fix a fixer sue from fixing?

Hard Light – Related to Barrier Warrior. His barriers and Light-based projectiles are based off of this.

Light the Way – Played straight. Each of Darius’s abilities stem from this in some way.

Neutral Good – Best way to describe his alignment: Do the right thing. Lawful or not.

The Paragon – Darius doesn’t wish to be the hero people hold out for; he strives to be the hero that people look up to as an example. He does this so that at the end of the day, others can say “Amazing, we did this all by ourselves!”

Personality Powers - …as if I need to say anything else! Both subverted and played straight!

Power of Trust – Played straight to the point that it can lead to the view that Darius is very, very naïve. He is open to nearly anyone who asks for his help, regardless if friend or foe. Takes the mindset of “You don’t need a reason to help someone”.

Technical Pacifist – Does not fight unless absolutely necessary. If he is provoked by a villain who simply wants to fight him, he will refuse. If engaged in combat, he will focus on protecting others over striking back.

To Win Without Fighting//Talking the Monster to Death – Has often managed to avoid fights by bringing up logical points and dissuading an aggressive party from taking action.


Musical Inspirations/Themes

Although The Pack (Supergroup) is long gone, he still keeps the cave they lived in maintained.
Personality/Main Theme
Cave of Mind - Joe Hisaishi - ((For those of you who recognize the tune: Yes, it is a major theme from the Miyazaki film "Howl's Moving Castle". Honestly, I feel the trumpet's melody is the outline of who he is, and when the other instruments come in, you realize he may be more than just a simple musical line. But, that's just me. That, and the title is particularly fitting, heh))
Alternate Personality Theme
Anthem - Kamelot
Battle 1 - Yasunori Shiono

Voice Actor

Troy Baker


Jon Talbain [from Darkstalkers] - ((This was the blue furred werewolf character. Honestly, I had not thought of him at the time when I was in the character creator making Darius. I just thought "Eh, blue fur. Why not?!" Then I remembered this character about two months after making him and realized it was probably from this, though subconsciously.))

Zidane Tribal [from Final Fantasy IX] – ((The mindset of not needing a reason to help someone is something I wish a lot more people would employ…))

“Let’s be careful out there”-Man (My dad) – ((If there is anyone as compassionate or reliable as Darius is, it is definitely my father. Truly someone I can count on.))