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Tomonari is a character I have used for years in various roleplays, and as a result, has undergone multiple changes to his personality, appearance, and even history. As such, he has been altered in order to fit within the Champions universe, as I do with every roleplay. He generally is my main character in all of said roleplays, making him one of the characters that I can easily roleplay and develop. Note too, however, that any information in this profile is only known OOC-ly, unless discovered IC.


This version of the character no longer applies In Character, and has been retconned as Thomas Joshua Cathal as a clean slate for lack of better words. This is due to the RPer having felt the inability to return to Champions and play Tomonari in the state he was in after having edited him differently out of game in other RPs and the like. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, although this page will still remain here.

      • END NOTICE

Tomonari Joshua Cahal
Player: @Tomonari15
Character Build
Class Focus: Undetermined
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism (Enchanted Gear)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Tomonari Joshua Cahal
Known Aliases: Tomo
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Aboriginal Australian/Japanese
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Dane Cahal (Father, Alive),

Saotome Cahal (Mother, Alive),

Sibald Cahal (Grandfather, Alive),

Renee Cahal (Older Sister, Alive),

Claus Cahal (Older Brother, Alive),

Jessica Cahal (Younger Sister, Alive),

Mary Yamagishi (Aunt, Alive)

Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Very dark skin
Physical Build: Average, some muscle
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret... since people generally don't know he's a metahuman.
Years Active: About 1 year, 6 months.
Citizenship: Legally able to live in the US, but not a citizen.
Occupation: None... unless you count self-proclaimed janitor of Sherrara's Bar.
Education: Entering Junior Year of high school. Ultimate Guardians Student.
Marital Status: Single, not looking.
Known Powers and Abilities
Emotion Sensing/Absorption, 'Tarot Card' and 'Bard' Magic, Supernatural Claw, Inhuman Speed, Guitar Weapon Fighting, Shaman Magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Normal clothing, various items in his bag, Passion Acoustico, tarot cards (the deck only includes the major 22 arcana, however), a large fang, earpiece comm, various shaman necklaces
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To start off, he's not impressive looking by any means. Although he has a thin body stature, Tomonari is not lean or muscular by any means, although he has enough power to run, run away fast. He has a very dark skin color. Since he has matured somewhat into his teenage years thus far, his face is really begining to show at least some maturity, face shape wise. Despite being of an asian heritage, Tomonari doesn't show much of this ethnicity. His hair is short, having been cut against his will. The hair is scraggy and curly, or rather, as much as he can with short hair. He also wears a pair of thin framed, rectangular shaped black glasses, as his vision, well, sucks.

His clothing is nothing much to look at either. His normal clothing consists of a long sleeved shirt, a jacket open in the front, and a pair semi-casual jeans that are held up by a belt with a gray buckle. His shirt is mainly tucked into his pants, although it does tend to hang over his pants sometimes. His white shoes aren't much to look at, generally being of a semi-casual look as well. Slung over his shoulders, and resting on his left side, is a large, tan satchel, which holds various things such as a frying pan, school text books/homework, and his tarot cards. The strap over his satchel's currently belongs to the Passion Acoustico.


((Serious WIP))


Birth & Childhood

Tomonari was born on January 21, 1996, being the third child of Dane and Satome Cahal. Originally, he lived in Brisbane, Australia, effectively making it his hometown. At this time, however, his father was in the Australian military, and as such, rarely saw him. Because of this, Tomonari had spent plenty of time with his mother, who also had to watch over his other siblings, Tomonari's younger sister being born a year after. Luckily his grandfather, Sibald Cahal, lived with them as well, making it easier to handle four kids. Although Tomonari seemed to prefer being near his mother immensely, and showed a sign of shyness early on, he eventually became comfortable around his grandfather as well. Whenever his father was able to visit though, Tomonari (when he was able to walk and what not) would hide behind either his mother or his grandfather, whoever was closer at the time. This made things difficult, but there wasn't much that could be done at this point.

((Another serious WIP))

Galahad the Spirit Wolf

Galahad is, as mentioned, a spirit wolf which can be summoned through the use of a large fang, which Tomonari keeps with him at all times. The fang itself was given to Tomonari by Ursun. Galahad is a rather old wolf, and this is rather obvious upon sight of him. His fur is white, and not exactly kept tidy. Otherwise, there isn't much to Galahad's appearance, except when he is summoned from and returned to the fang.

As a spirit, he has obtained various powers that a normal wolf wouldn't have. For instance, Galahad has the ability to sense and confirm various types of magic, as well has keep in contact with spirits. Alongside this, the wolf can use wind and water magic, being able to cast without much of a problem. However, even though he can do things such as magic, Galahad still retains some of his more feral instincts, such as heightened hearing and determining scents, as well has chomping his jaws down hard on his opponent.

In general, Galahad acts more like a proper gentleman of sorts, albeit with a different way with words at times. His age does show with this as well, calling himself old and talking up a storm when the situation arises. That doesn't mean he's entirely proper, having a habit of teasing Tomonari quite a bit. He does know when it gets too much, and will simply stop. Even with this in mind, there is only so much Galahad can take before getting annoyed, and after that, even angry. When angered, usually when someone is trying to harm his student (granted, this depends on Galahad's point of view), having shown to even threaten someone.

Alice the Guardian Spirit

The spirit of a young girl who is Tomonari's Guardian Spirit. She had been following the boy in secrect every since he -fell down the rabbit hole-, that rabbit hole being the moment before he joined Linked, when Tomonari was being chased by an ice beast. For the following year, Alice merely observed him as he grew, eventually revealing herself to be his spirit guardian. She felt it was time that he was ready to know about her, and as such became more involved her Tomonari.

Quite frankly, she is rather powerful. The full extent of her magical abilities are currently unknown, as Alice isn't seen in battle too often.

The Passion Acoustico

An acoustic guitar created on June 8, 1892 in Italy. The creator of this magical instrument was named Francois Leroux, a sorceror with a knack for bard magic. The original intent of this object was to unleash a melody based on the emotions written within a piece of music, and also the player of the instrument itself. However, upon showing the guitar to some acquaintances, it became apparent that it could allow normal humans to use magic, and after an accident involving it, Francois ran away with it, and sealed it within a cave. He enchanted the instrument so that if anyone who was irresponsible were to come near it, the guitar would transport randomly to another area. Not much else is known about this, except for the fact that various sorcerers have determined that the magic which allowed it to teleport has diminished, and it was only a matter of time before the enchantment would fade.

The guitar itself is a simple, tan guitar, although the strings and neck of the instrument are an odd color. Said parts of it were more of a purple-pink in color, and at times an aura of the same color variation will appear around it, more often than not while being played.

Tomonari acquired this instrument after Guy Sweetland broke his original guitar, leaving the boy to call Ursun to get him out of this situation. Being told by Galahad to apologize to Sweetland for invading the Dogz territory, Tomonari walked inside the resturaunt, only to discover it had been a trap. In this moment of need, the Passion Acoustico appeared in the boy's hands, and in combination with Tomonari's own powers of emotion, as well as his bard magic, it proved to be a powerful medium for magic. However, after the whole ordeal was over, the guitar didn't vanish, which showed that the enchantment originally put onto it has faded away entirely.

Recently, he discovered that the Passion Acoustico can be used as a melee weapon, if the need arises. Because of this, it's more or less indestructible, so it would take a rather powerful opponent or some such to damage it. If one were to closely inspect the magic around the guitar, however, he or she would notice that the indestructible portion was added on much later after its original creation.


Reaper's Repel: The purpose of this power, is essentially to keep Tomonari from being killed by things that would otherwise be entirely lethal, as a general statement. However, there are some notes that should be considered here. For starters, even though he can't be auto-killed by a lethal attack, it'll still hurt like hell, which also takes away his energy. Like a typical RPG, if he takes enough damage, well, he's KO'd, which really isn't that hard to do with some weaknesses. The most important part about this spell though, is that it is bound to his body. Although it automatically keeps him alive, it can be dispelled. If by some chance it is, just that action can strain his body, and revert his resistances to a normal human. Even being defenseless like this, the initial impact can knock Tomonari unconscious, due to the sudden cut-off from the spell.

Emotion Sensing/Absorbtion: Simply enough, Tomonari is able to sense the emotions of others, although cannot sense anything more than the emotion itself. As such, he is also able to sense the energy given off by an emotion, and absorb this energy in order to fuel his magic. It has no side effect on the person or creature Tomonari takes the emotional energy from. He can also use his own emotions for energy, although this tires him out if used too often.

However, with the help of Darius Phen, Tomonari has discovered that using the same emotions, he is able to create in someone's mind a visual representation of emotions. The downside was, this was only found with the boy's own emotions, and with the help of Darius himself. When recently done a second time though, it appeared that, after some information was gathered and thought through, that this portion of Tomonari's powers can read another's memories, but as of the current time, he is unable to dig for specific memories.

Bardic Magic: This set of magic requires his guitar in order to function, emulating more or less exactly like a bard would. With this, Tomonari sends magical energy coursing throughout the guitar, and upon playing a tune or something of that nature, he is able to cast magic. Now, playing a few notes can send off lower level spells, but attempting to cast high level magic may require him to play an entire song, as well as making little to no mistakes doing so. Generally, Tomonari uses water, wind, and ice magic for attacking. However, he is able to use sonic/sound based attacks in order to attack in close to mid range. Over time though, Tomonari has been able to reduce the amount of music playing required in order to cast higher level magic, mid-ranged spells becoming much more common for him to use. Although he is now able to use stronger magic efficiently to an extent, there is still a certain amount of time required for him to even cast such high level spells.

Northern Lights: Simply put, this is his most powerful spell when only using his bard magic, so he can't use his tarot cards to cast this. First, an outburt of green energy shoots outwards from him, showing a burst of power. Then, a replica of the Northern Lights flies around him and his opponent(s), more often than not in a large area. He calls out an incantation while floating up in the air, a pair of 'wings' being formed while he does so. At its peak is when Tomonari actually lets the spell loose, and causes the 'wings' to shoot downwards towards the ground, with the rest of the lightshow following. This spell hits multiple times, and multiple targets if applicable, and can get pretty destructive to those on the receiving end.

However, do note that this spell takes a bit out of Tomo, no matter how much emotional energy he uses. The reason behind this is that this attack was made from his own, personal power after coming to a realization that it's okay to ask others for help, as it is often not as much of a bother as he thought originally. The incantation for this attack is as follows:

"From the frozen skies, I invoke the power of these primal spirits to lend me aid! Now unleash my prideful howl! I won't end here... Northern Lights!"

Tarot Card Magic: As with the guitar for bard magic, Tomonari uses his deck of tarot cards to cast spells and attack with this set of magic. Although he typically uses non-elemental magic with the cards, he tends to use it for more direct attacks. Since the tarot cards are infused with magic, he can do things with them such as chain the cards into a whip, make a shield of sorts, and various other things. The most common thing he does, however, is splitting the cards into two sets of eleven cards each, and arranging said sets into short swords ofa sort.

Important Note: He is unable to use both bard magic and tarot card magic at the same time, due to him only having two hands, and the fact that such a thing would require a good amount of power to maintain.

Guitar Weapon Fighting: Because of the indestructible properties the Passion Acoustico has, Tomonari has discovered that he can use the guitar as an actual, physical weapon. He isn't too good with said style yet however, not being one to use something akin to a sword. The tarot cards are an exception, as they are infused with magic. As for how he can fight with his guitar, he can use simple strikes, or he can infuse it with water, wind, ice, or sound/sonic based power for an elemental effect.

Recently, he has learned to temporarily emblazed his guitar in a green glow, the glow shaped like a sword more or less. As for how the glow looks, it resembles the Northern Lights. Doing this temporarily increases the damage he does when striking with his guitar as a weapon, but it is only active for a short time before reverting back to a guitar. However, he has noticed that it takes his own energy to shift the guitar into this 'form', so to speak.

Inhuman Agility: This is actually an innate ability he has as a metahuman. Simply enough, he has superhuman speed, and along with that, is quite nimble, allowing him to dodge attacks more easily. However, he has only obtained a max of 70 MPH run speed, as any faster would probably hinder his ability to dodge attacks, and force him to only run in straighter lines.

Teleportation: Pretty much what it says, he can teleport. As such, this can increase his speed and agility even further, allowing him to pull off sneak attacks, as well as making dodging much easier. Despite his inability to properly use shamanic wind magic, his teleportation uses the wind in order to teleport. Rather, teleportation uses the same mechanics as his bardic magic, in the sense that he uses emotional energy to fuel his teleportation.

Summon/Desummon Galahad: See Galahad the spirit wolf for more info.

Branch the Kodama: Not necessarily a power per se, but this Japanese spirit is more or less one of the first things shaman related that Tomonari has done successfully. Granted, Branch is still very much a newborn, so he has to take care of the litte guy. For some reason, Branch likes cucumbers...

Supernatural Claw: During his first Blood Moon, Tomonari became too curious for his own good, and borrowed the talisman from Claude Baine, which turned the boy into a werewolf at will. However, after giving the device back, some of the magic from the talisman remained in Tomonari's body. Due to this, Tomonari has discovered the ability to fuse his hand with magic to act as a beast's claw of sorts, and swipe at something. However, this isn't a powerful ability, and it's probably rare that he'll use it in general, battle or not. It is currently not known whether or not repeated use will allow Tomonari to full on become a werewolf, although he'd much rather not know.

Potion Making: Simply enough, he has dabbled a bit in making a few magical potions. Of course... he's not that great at it, although Tomonari has grasped the concept quite well.

Shaman Magic: Tomonari is currently learning the various aspects of being a shaman, albeit, he isn't exactly a pro at this kind of magic yet. However, he is able to effectively use water elemental magic in this style. Although he can use wind magic, he's pretty terrible at it.


To start, even with all of this magic at hand, Tomonari's body will still act more or less like the average human being's for the most part. He merely has the endurance of a normal human, albeit, probably slightly moreso. This is mostly due to the fact of how his family's genetics works, with Tomonari being an example of not obtaining an immunity to injury or something of that sort naturally. On that note, he also isn't exactly one you would go to for something physical, since Tomonari is more or less weak in that regard. Granted, there's still the fact that he can be a delivery boy, as he can still run quickly.

His dislike of fighting (occasional sparring aside) can bring Tomo some issues. Since he isn't too fond of fighting, he can get rather nervous in one, and as such can put a damper on his abilities.

Because of the elements which he aligned himself with when first learning shaman magic, Tomonari seems to be more vulnerablility to fire and earth elemental attacks. The same can also be said when in, say, a desert or volcanic area. Heat tends to get to the boy easier.

Although it is likely a weakness of the Passion Acoustico overall, this does affect Tomonari a lot. It has been discovered that since the guitar automatically uses the emotional energy of its wielder, energy obtained from other sources is not necessary. However, before this was discovered, Tomonari had still done the same thing he did when he had his old guitar. Because he infuses the emotional energy from others as fuel into the guitar forcefully, it causes a reaction where Tomo's own emotional energy is supressed as a mass inside the guitar. Since it is not used, his own emotional energy forces itself back into him, causing the boy to under go a 'posession' of sorts, which causes Tomonari to become unwillingly hostile towards everyone, even to the point of trying to hurt people. Note though, that this could happen to anyone, and can get pretty nasty if left unattended to...

Perhaps his biggest weakness, however, is his innocence. Even though he is nearing adulthood, the boy still retains quite a bit of childlike innocence within him, making Tomonari be curious, or even being manipulated in some way. Granted, the latter isn't going to happen often, due to the fact that the boy still has a sense of right and wrong, although there's no way to really tell.

Friends, Family, Allies

((Eh, at this point it's in no particular order.))

The Ultimate Guardians- Tomonari joined as a student into this group, and has adjusted rather well into the group for the most part.

Darius Phen- Ever since his start in the world of hero-ing, Darius was the first person he started opening up to. From there, he was more or less the catalyst for Tomonari to start opening up to others.

Ursun- For the most part, he is the person that Tomonari is closest to, and at this point is quite literally calling him Dad. It sort of makes sense though, since Ursun has also been made the boy's godfather.

Cosmic Glory- Another friend of his... that's pretty much it for the most part, although it seems as though they share similar interests, such as a love for mystery and detective based literature. They're also both in the cooking club at school.

Ice-Heart- Lenora Carver is pretty much his teacher when it comes to making potions and such through mystical means. Still, she is a trustworthy woman from what he knows so far, and Galahad seems to get along with her just fine.

Surova Grimwish- Originally met when Tomonari had asked for help with confronting a man called Puzzling Enigma, she is really someone who is an ally for the most part.

Tremor- More or less is sort of like a brother to Tomo, since they live in the same household.

Dobergirl- Throughout the entire time a not so right in the head Proud Patriot was being chased down, she was with Tomo and Galahad trying to search for said not so right in the head hero.

Character Opinions

(Your comments on Tomonari and/or Galahad. Feel free really.)

"He's a pencil neck with hippy hair. Good kid, but if I had a barber shoppe..." - The Blue Bruiser.

"Comrade Tomonari good kid, that obvious. Only sad that Comrade not get word in or able make decision because dogwolf making them for Comrade." - Real Soviet Damage

"The boy is indecisive. The dog is a fool." - Shinnosuke Yamagami

"Tomonari is pwetty awesome and I wuv to hug Galahad. Galahad is fluffy and the best. That is all!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"Tomo! Keep kicking ass with that cool pink guitar!" - Dobergirl

"Is good kid. Nice and friendly. Could use bit more confidence though, yes?" - Surova Grimwish

Tales of the Minstrel

((This section depicts stories that involve Tomonari on a deeper level per say, or stories in general.))

Carry the Legacy? - In which Tomonari learns a lesson of being a hero from his own, personal hero: his grandfather.

Theme Songs

Yes, there are quite a few songs here, but since to me it seems there's a lot of 'situational' aspects to Tomo's story, I felt that it'd help me visualize each scenario more.

Main Theme- The vocal version of Reset from the game Okami. I chose this song for the lyrics it entails, and I felt that it fit him. So far, Tomonari has ended up having various regrets, whether it be he feels sad for not doing something, or feeling stupid for doing something wrong. Even still, even though he feels like giving up, there's still that little something that keeps pushing him forward, with him keeping any promises he's made as best as he can, such as his search for his family. For the most part, this takes a bit of thought to understand, but considering how things are going for Tomonari, this only fueled my thoughts of making this his main theme.

Hero Theme- Theme of the Devil Summoner: Raidou vs. series. Pretty much, it is another battle theme, although, this is reserved for a more determined theme for Tomo, as well as doing something truely heroic.

Tomonari's Theme, Soul Song- The exact, main theme for Tomonari himself. All about them lyrics.

Millenium City Battle 1- Battle Theme 1 from Unlimited SaGa. One of the battle themes for when he's in Millenium City.

Canada Battle- Agni from Ar Tonelico II. Simply enough, for a typical battle in Canada.

Monster Island Battle- Battle Theme from Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner.

Lemuria Battle- Romancing SaGa III Battle Theme, Kurikinton Fox remix. Title pretty much says all.

Vibora Bay Battle, Blood Moon Battle- Persona 2: Innocent Sin Battle Theme, PSP version.

'Necromancing Machines'- Vrtra from Ar Tonelico II. Really for a 'boss' fight against a mechanical or necromancy like boss. Probably used more for Canada than anything. Also, creative theme titles are creative.

Important Battle 1- Todfeind from SaGa Frontier II.

Important Battle 2- Persona 2: Innocent Sin Boss Battle, PSP version.

Important Battle 3- The Fool's Dance from Dawn of Mana.

Important Battle 4- Battle Theme EX from Unlimited SaGa.

Important Battle 5- Passionate Rythm from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.