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The Energetic
Matter Manipulator
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Super Group
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Real Name
Gareth Koenig
Cardiff, Wales
United States, United Kingdom
Millennium City
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
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Tobias Koenig (Father),Dr. Meredith Koenig (Mother, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Slim, Athletic
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Powers & Abilities
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Energy Absorption, Energy Projection, Energy Utilization
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Self-powered Teleporter Gloves, HUD-equipped Goggles
· Other Abilities ·
Enhanced Genius, Multilingual, Sleepless


Gareth Koenig's parents met in Wales while studying chemistry and biology at the University of Cardiff. Gareth was unplanned, and once he was born his father opted to put his studies on hold to raise his son while Gareth's mother finished her degree. This decision proved to be extremely necessary, as Gareth was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Once his mother finished her studies, the Koenig family relocated to the United States after his mother took a job on at a research facility in New Jersey.

Despite his physical condition, it was clear early on that Gareth excelled mentally. He was not inhumanly intelligent, but he was very obviously at the top end of the unenhanced IQ scale. Gareth's parents capitalized on this. Because he wasn't able to run around and play like other children, his parents nurtured his mind. His childhood was spent reading, writing, and experimenting with whatever safe (and sometimes unsafe) materials he could get his hands on. While the other kids were playing outside he was studying. This separation from children his own age created problems for Gareth when he started grade school. He was used to conversing with adults, so the other kids found him weird. This was exacerbated by his inability to play with them because of his condition.

By the end of middle school Gareth's condition had worsened to the point that he was wheelchair-bound, and the specialists predicted he wouldn't live long past Freshman year. However, after learning about a team of researchers at the Goodman Institute working on using mutant genes to repair muscle damage, Gareth's mother managed to get a job at on that team at the Institute, believing it could be a potential cure for Muscular Dystrophy. Shortly after the transfer, they had a chain of breakthroughs. Still, the process was extremely dangerous, and a long shot by all accounts. Gareth found out about the research shortly after his Middle School graduation. He weighed the decision with all of the wisdom he thought he had, and told his mother he wanted them to test it on him. If it did not work, he was going to die anyway.

It worked. The procedure Gareth went through stopped the muscle decay, and to some degree reversed the damage that was done. However, there was an unforeseen effect. The mutated genes used in the treatment began to act in a manner none of the scientists expected. In addition to allowing normal muscle growth, the newly formed muscle tissue was also capable of absorbing energy into itself. His entire body seemed to accept this change, and adapted itself to capitalize on the new source of energy.

Unfortunately, news of a power-inducing experiment found its way to the government, the research forced to stop, all files were seized, and records classified. Gareth was put under goverment supervision while they discussed what to do with him. This decision was made easier by Gareth's almost religious desire to use his powers to further his studies, rather than for a life of crime. Instead of locking him up, he was supervised by UNTIL, and was allowed to continue his education.

Gareth's father always encouraged him to practice with his powers and learn how to harness them so he could give back to the world that had given him another chance. Gareth dismissed this request for years. He felt that the best way to help the world was not through violence, but through research and scientific breakthrough. This stance changed when his mother was killed during a robbery. Gareth was present, but was unable to defend her because he had never learned to wield his powers. His father never blamed him for the death of his mother, but a rift grew between the two anyway. Gareth decided he would become a hero like his father wanted, hoping it would mend the wound that had opened.

While at college, Gareth was part of a group that developed personal teleporter units meant for rescue workers. Unfortunately the battery packs required to power the units were extremely large, heavy, and expensive. Gareth figured out he could hook the unit up to himself and power it with his absorbed energy. They were called EXtraspacial TRavel ACTuator for Omnidirectional Repositioning (EXTRACTOR) Units, which is why he took the name Extractor when he registered to become a hero.

Gareth earned a Doctorate from MIT-Harvard.




When out of his costume, Gareth might come off as shy. He fumbles with his sentences, often breaking them up with long pauses, or negating or excessively clarifying previous statements. This is not due to shyness, however. Gareth's mind is in a constant state of hyperactivity - it often runs faster than his mouth can keep up with. Additionally, he sometimes weighs the situation in his head after already speaking, and finds it necessary to retract or clarify his statements in light of the new information he has processed. He is also generally wary and inexperienced around people, so he second-guesses a lot of his choices after they happen. Gareth is deeply concerned with the well-being of his friends and allies. He wants whats best for everyone, and sometimes lets his intelligence get the best of him - causing him to think he knows what's best for everyone. He is quick to criticize decisions that he thinks are unwise, and is often surprised when such actions lead to hostility towards him. Despite this, he cares what people think, and what they think of him, so he does try to make amends.

He believes in the law. To him, they are there for a reason and should be enforced and upheld - especially by the hero community.

When in his costume Gareth comes off as much less timid. The mask seems to shed whatever self-conscious tendencies he has, and he is able to speak much more succinctly. This isn't always the case, however, and as he gets more comfortable with the people he is with, his stuttering and clarifying tend to resurface. He is very confident in his abilities as a hero when working solo; however, he is unaccustomed to working on a team, and tends to have difficulty figuring out how to mesh with other people and their powers. He would probably make a good tactician if not for his self-doubt.


Gareth does not actively have a secret identity. His cover is that he is not very interesting in his personal life. He works in a pharmaceutical lab, and doesn't do much socializing in public. He uses his mundanity as a way of keeping people from thinking he may be able to do anything extraordinary. In his spare time, when not fighting, Gareth likes to run. Having been physically disabled as a child, the thrill and exhilaration of exercising is something still novel to him. His other hobbies include other mundane things like reading, researching, learning languages, and tinkering.

He does not have any real romantic history.

He currently works at a pharmaceutical lab in near Millennium City, and as a consultant with the Goodman Institute.


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Energy Absorption: Extractor has the ability to absorb and store most forms of energy into his body. In doing so, he has the ability to run at great speeds, and leap great distances. He is able to channel the absorbed energy to specific areas of his body to increase specific functions, such as muscle repair, or to his entire body to enhance his physical stamina overall. Extractor is in the habit of keeping a steady flow of extra energy to his brain to increase his basic senses and keep himself alert.

Extractor's ability does not require contact, although proximity is required and contact increases efficiency. Extractor's energy sheath (explained further below) acts as a transducer, converting absorbed energy into biological energy, which is then stored in his cells. His ability to absorb energy requires conscious effort, which limits his ability to absorb sudden bursts of energy.

Extractor is not able to absorb all types of energy. The following list contains information on which forms of energy he is capable of absorbing, and the effects the absorption has.

Fully Capable

  • Thermal Energy - The absorption of this form of energy results in a drop in temperature in the affected area.
  • Electric Energy - The absorption of this form of energy results in the disruption of electrical flow.
  • Radiant Energy - The absorption of this form of energy may result in a decrease in temperature and reduction of light.
  • Luminous Energy - The absorption of this form of energy results in a decrease of light.
  • Biological Energy - The absorption of this form of energy results in fatigue in the affected individual(s).
  • Sound Energy - The absorption of this form of energy results in a reduction of volume.
  • Nuclear Energy - Extractor is unable to absorb sufficient quantities of this form of energy to effect a change in nuclear reactions, but is able to reduce fallout.

Partially Capable:

  • Kinetic Energy - The absorption of this form of energy is limited by Extractor's ability to anticipate the speed and trajectory of an object, and results in loss of velocity.
  • Magnetic Energy - The absorption of this energy is limited by Extractor's ability to detect its presence, and results in a decrease in magnetic pull.
  • Chemical Energy - Extractor is not capable of absorbing Chemical Energy, but it capable of absorbing the resulting Thermal and Electric energy created through chemical reactions.
  • Mechanical Energy - The absorption of this form of energy is limited by Extractor's ability to anticipate the moment of contact in events such as receiving a punch or kick, and results in decreased trauma.
  • Magical Energy - Extractor's ability to absorb magic-based energy varies based on the similarities the spells have to other forms of energy.


  • Elastic Energy
  • Dark Energy
  • Psychic/Psionic Energy

Energy Projection: Extractor is able to channel the absorbed energy out of his body in the form of kinetic energy.


  • Kinetic Barrier - Extractor can create a sheath around his body that acts as a force field. He is able to bolster specific areas, or increase the strength of this sheath as a whole. His projected energy has a very limited range. He cannot project a forcefield around another person.
  • Kinetic Blasts - Extractor is able to 'collect' energy outside of his body and then shoot it away from him in the form of an attack. The projected energy travels in a straight line directly from the point of release. Due to his limited range, his kinetic blast attacks are only able to travel a couple yards before dissipating. The further his blasts are projected, the less powerful they are.


  • Super Speed - Extractor can project energy out from his feet to push off of the ground, increasing the length and power of his stride. At max speed he can run around 150 miles per hour (240 Kph). Using the same principal he can increase his swim speed.
  • Super Jump - Extractor can project energy out from his feet to significantly increase the power in which he pushes off the ground. He can continue pushing off the ground for extra height. His maximum height is about 50 stories.

Teleportation: With the assistance of his Personal Teleporter unit, Extractor is capable of teleporting nearly anywhere within range of GPS signal. The technology used in the teleporting device allows for pinpoint accuracy on three axes. Due to the fact that the device is powered by Extractor himself, and not an external battery, longer ranged teleports take longer and are more exhausting. He is capable of changing the settings on the teleporter to allow for the teleportation of other people and objects that are in contact with him.

Note: All of these powers are described as they exist under optimal conditions.


Enhanced Genius: Gareth was born a high level genius. As a result of the procedure that gave him his powers he was able to improve his brain function substantially, further increasing his IQ.

Hyperalert Perception: By providing a constant flow of extra energy to his brain, Gareth is able to remain at a heightened state of alertness at all times. His senses are not superhuman, but he is more aware of and better able to react to the stimuli.

Constant Sustenance: Gareth does not need to eat to create the energy required to maintain his body. He does, however, take nutrient supplements to remain healthy.

Sleepless: Gareth does not need to sleep to recover and re-energize his body as he is able to absorb energy to achieve the same effect.

Personal Vital Maintenance: Gareth can maintain his own body pressure and temperature by utilizing his absorption and projection.

Breathless: Gareth can maintain his brain function without requiring oxygen by utilizing his absorbed energy to achieve similar biological effects.

Reverse Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis is a technique using a small electric charge to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin. This technique also works in reverse, removing chemicals via electrical charge. Gareth accomplishes this by absorbing the electrical charge out of specific areas of whatever he is extracting.

Polylingual: Gareth enjoys learning languages as a hobby. He currently speaks English, German, Welsh, French, Russian, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish fluently, has a basic understanding of Spanish and Portuguese, and rudimentary knowledge of Hindi, Japanese and Mandarin.

Doctor of Chemistry: Gareth has his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and has a wealth of knowledge in many other fields.

Note: All of these skills are described as they exist under optimal conditions.


Fighting Style: Extractor has studied and practiced his powers to an extent in which he is extremely versatile in combat. He uses a mix of fast, light punches and kicks, enhanced by his energy projection, that are only slightly more powerful than normal punches and kicks. His main purpose for this style of melee combat is to create brief physical contact in order to slowly drain energy from his opponents. He is not a trained martial artist, so his methods tend to look a little wild and haphazard. He maintains a constant kinetic sheath around himself to absorb most blows he may receive; however, he must be aware of the incoming blow for this to be very effective. By utilizing his energy to maintain a state of hyperalterness, he is generally able to take on small-to-medium sized crowds without much risk.

In addition to his melee combat, Extractor can perform slow, heavy hitting attacks that have some range. He does this by gathering energy outside of his body and throwing it towards his enemies. The further away, or wider the spread his projections get, the less powerful they are.


Cold Powers: Cold doesn't transfer, and as such, Extractor can't absorb it. He is limited to actively blocking ice attacks, and has no real defenses towards temperature changing attacks.

Sappers: Other energy drainers and absorbers would have no trouble sapping Extractor. Not only does this help those who can do this to him, but he is so unaccustomed to being exhausted that he is almost completely disoriented when he is not charged with energy.

Surprise: Extractor relies heavily on maintaining alertness so that he can anticipate and absorb attacks or hazards that would otherwise hurt him. If he is caught by surprise, his personal sheath only applies the protection slightly higher than the strength of Kevlar, and blunt force trauma still hurts.

Technology Reliance: Extractor is extremely reliant on his HUD and teleporter gloves. He has never attempted to fight crime without them, and if they malfunction during a fight he it takes him a long time to adjust to the loss.

Inexperience: Most of the hero work Extractor has done has been rescue and research based. He doesn't have a ton of combat experience and he has no training in any combat style.

Visible: Extractor always has at least a subtle glow about him. He can't really be stealthy.

Central Processing Unit: Most, but not all Extractor's abilities require at least some level of conscious activation and maintenance. He is always multitasking. He is unable to utilize every ability to its full capacity at once. He has to actively regulate and relegate his energy. Distractions and surprise are good ways to take him out.


Goggles: Extractor's goggles have a HUD that displays a map of the city, a compass, coordinates, the current temperature, his body temperature, and the codename of the people who are talking to him over his communicator. The inside of his goggles have receivers for the energy he projects so that he can adjust the settings of the HUD (such as changing the brightness, zooming in on the map, etc.) by sending different amounts of energy to them.

EXtraspacial TRavel ACTuator for Omnidirectional Repositioning (EXTRACTOR) Unit Gloves: These personal teleportation gloves are powered by Gareth himself. They are connected to his HUD in his goggles, which he uses to perform quick calculations to figure out where to teleport. They operate on three axes, allowing him to teleport along the ground as well as in the air. There are multiple fail-safes built into the units. They do not actuate if the space attempting to be teleported to is already occupied by matter. Most of the coordinate calculations are done by Extractor himself, but there are algorithms built in to do slight course corrections if necessary.


  • Extractor doesn't sleep. Does your character spend a lot of time in any of the major cities of North America during times of crisis? You'd likely have seem him flashing in and out of buildings carrying civilians.
  • Did your character attend MIT in the past four years? So did Gareth! He's the one who graduated Suma Cum Laude and Valedictorian and finished his entire education, undergrad through doctorate in 3 years.
  • If your character works for PRIMUS or other less public metahuman related government organizations, they might have read a file or two on Gareth Koenig and the experiment he went though.
  • Does your character work at the Goodman Institute? Gareth is there sometimes, working as a consultant.


Swiss Army Superpower - The ability to absorb and project energy has many, many potential uses. From not needing to eat or sleep to maintaining a specific body temperature - Extractor can do a lot with his powers, and he knows it too.

Lethal Harmless Powers - Luckily for villains, Extractor is a highly 'moral' man. He believes killing is wrong under almost every circumstance, and is vehemently against excessive force. That said; if he wanted to, he could absorb the electrical charge out of a person's heart or brain (or any other body part), or absorb all of the heat out of a person (or specific body parts).

Hyper Awareness - Extractor keeps a constant flow of extra energy to his brain to allow himself to remain awake and alert whenever he desires. His senses never grow weary and he never needs to rest them.

Not That Kind of Doctor - Gareth/Extractor has his doctorate, but he is not a medical doctor. He is very knowledgeable about medicine, but he is not licensed to practice it.

Up To Eleven - Extractor's powers can be very destructive. He rarely ever uses them to their full potential. It is extremely impressive when he does, though.

Apologizes A Lot - Gareth tends to apologize a lot. Sorry.

Not So Weak - He may look nerdy, but Extractor is quite powerful.


Cannonball - Five Iron Frenzy

Meltdown - Enter Shikari

Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

Watch It Crash - Streetlight Manifesto


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"I have been on several missions with Extractor now and I highly respect how quickly and seamlessly he has become an integral part of our team. His abilities have proven to be invaluable on several occasions and he uses them with an impressive degree of ingenuity. However - and the irony of me saying that is not lost on me, believe me - he needs to lighten up a bit. Making mistakes is only human and if a mistake is made, then we are there to have his back." - Fahrenheit

"I really don't know Extractor very well and...to be honest, so far our interactions haven't been the greatest? Nothing like snapping at the new member in a simulator to up an already awkward interaction. Hoping that we can both move past that, because he really doesn't seem like that bad of a guy." - Tesseract

"There's one type of energy you can project even without powers, wearing tight black tights like that. You know what I'm saying. You should definitely just own it, dude." - Jinn

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Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give us victories.
- Abraham Lincoln, Letter to Major General Joseph Hooker (January 26, 1863)