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"Whether the weather be fine,
Whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather,
Whatever the whether,
Whether we like it or not."
- Author unknown

Fahrenheit AKA Kaspar von Schneider comes from a long line of heroes. German nobility at heart and powerful sorcerers in mind, his family has used its gifts to do good in the world for centuries. After the von Schneiders retreated from the public for quite some time, Fahrenheit - who is able to control the weather with his magic - is ready to uphold his family's leagacy in the modern world.

Player: @kampfykaufmann
"We have a saying in Germany... 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.' ...I wouldn't bet on that if I were you."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kaspar von Schneider
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Augsburg, Germany
Base of Operations: Millenium City, USA
Relatives: The von Schneider Clan
Age: 27
Height: 6'
Weight: 196 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: German/US-American
Occupation: Full-time superhero
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Weather Manipulation
  • Magical Knowledge

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Umbrella Focus

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Fahrenheit is a tall man with pale skin in his late 20s. It's obvious that he keeps in shape, but his build is clearly that of a scholar, not an athlete. He wears his light blond hair short and slicked back, but using his powers of controlling the weather usually causes it to look quite disheveled sooner or later. His usual outfit consists of a grey trenchcoat over a light blue sweater and grey slacks along with a white scarf and white gloves. He also carries a grey umbrella wherever he goes. Bad weather is never further away than a wave of his hand and he likes to be dressed for it.


Even from his earliest youth it was always clear that Fahrenheit would be a hero one day. He comes from a long line of sorcerers and German nobility, which goes back until the times of the Holy Roman Empire. Unlike many nobles or sorcerers however, his family never took their titles, privileges or powers for granted. Instead they saw it as their duty and responsibility to serve their people and the greater good. Almost each generation had at least one member of the family use their magic for the benefit of all. Some of them were court sorcerers and advisors, others were members of the Trismegistus Council, others used their powers to fight the evil in the world more directly and some were simply travelling healers and miracle workers.

For Fahrenheit being a superhero is simply continuing his family's duty and legacy in a way that is most appropriate for current times. While the nobility has lost almost all of its status and influence, the traditions and morals that governed his family for more than 600 years are still held high and Fahrenheit takes them especially serious as the last prominent member of his family - his grandfather - fought on the side of the Nazis in WW2, believing to be serving the interests of the German people. After the true extent of the crimes of the Third Reich was revealed his grandfather took his own life and his father vowed to uphold the principles of the von Schneider family even stricter now. Fahrenheit's father was blessed with clairvoyant and divining powers and served humbly behind the scenes as a member of West Germany's intelligence agencies during the Cold War. In contrast, Fahrenheit has decided to step out of the shadows again and is prepared to take a more proactive role in making the world a better place, as a superhero and a member of the von Schneider family. Recently he has joined the famous Protectors of the World and moved to Millennium City.

Fahrenheit quickly took the position of magical expert for the team. While more experienced heroes of magical origin have been with the team for a longer time, Fahrenheit's scholarly understanding of many different aspects of magic and the magical world give him a better ability to investigate, research or explain magical threats and challenges to his teammates. Fahrenheit has also taken it upon himself to review, categorize and maintain the Protectors' database when it comes to all things magic, often expanding it with knowledge from the von Schneider archives where appropriate (and allowed by his family). While he has not been in the field too often yet, the few times he has have made it clear that his unique set of powers and skills lend themselves more to a support role for his teammates in combat.


Fahrenheit takes himself and his role as a superhero very seriously. From his earliest childhood he has been prepared, raised and educated to represent the very best aspects of old German nobility: Be honorable, be honest, be noble, be just and be mindful of your etiquette and reputation. These lessons have always been the driving principles behind the von Schneider family, but after the shame Fahrenheit's grandfather brought over the von Schneider's, his father put even more emphasis on them.

While actually getting out into the wider world and dealing with a more diverse range of people, has caused him to loosen up a bit, he is still very aware of his lessons and the expectations and burden he carries; this makes him appear overly stiff and serious at times, but he means well. While he shoulders all of the responsibility placed upon him with stoic determination, deep down he is quite envious of people who had the freedom to make their own choice of being a hero.

When talking to people, Fahrenheit is always infallibly polite and considerate, preferring diplomacy and compromise over any sort of confrontation. This has led many people to believe Fahrenheit to be a pushover; in truth Fahrenheit simply prefers to not lose face by getting into a heated argument in public. Small quirks like that, or his subtle but pervasive insistence on luxury are potent reminders that despite his usually humble demeanour, Fahrenheit is still nobility and knows it.


  • Weather Control: Magic has always run strong in Fahrenheit's family. It has manifested itself differently in different people over the generations: illusionists, druids, thaumaturgists, alchemists and even one or two necromancers. Fahrenheit's ability to control the weather is one of the rarer magical abilities in the family (the last weather controller was around the time of the French Revolution), but the wisdom collected by his family over generations along with strict training, studies and practice since the day he first showed any sign of magical ability have allowed Fahrenheit to master his powers to an impressive degree. Fahrenheit has complete control over all weather phenomena in a given area. The smaller the area he tries to control, the more potent the effect is. While he could theoretically extend his control over around two or three counties, all he would be able to do is cause a stiff breeze or a small shower. However when he focuses his magic on an area of about one or two city blocks he can create thunderstorms and shrouds of fog, summon and shape storm winds and lightning and call down hailstorms and cloudbursts. He can also use wind to shield himself and his allies from many attacks and fly. One notable aspect of his powers is the fact that he always carries an umbrella with him (a gift from his father), which acts as a focus for his magic. While he is able to weave his magic without it, he has a much harder time to do so and the effects of his spells are greatly weakened.
  • Magical Knowledge: In addition to his weather control, Fahrenheit is also adept at many other types of magic, if not to the same extent as with his innate talents. Common and minor spells and cantrips are no problem at all for him to detect, identify, cast and defend against and his theoretical knowledge of many different types of magic is even greater, rivaling that of much more experienced sorcerers.
  • Von Schneider Influence: Despite the fact that today the nobility has lost much of its former influence, the name von Schneider still carries some weight, both in the mystical community and outside. Through his family, Fahrenheit can call on favors from several useful organizations, including the Trismegistus Council, the German government or UNTIL and the name von Schneider has already opened several otherwise closed doors for him. And while his family is certainly not as rich as it once was, money has never been a problem for Fahrenheit and will probably never be.
  • General Knowledge: A visit to the von Schneider family library is a dream come true for every scholar, sorcerer or not. Spanning an entire wing of the von Schneider castle near Augsburg, it contains a vast range of literature about nearly every imaginable subject, from history to science and - of course - magic. Collected by the von Schneider family over generations, this library is currently maintained by Karl Helmschmied, a former colleague of Fahrenheit's father, friend of the family and Fahrenheit's private tutor in all things non-magical, who is desperately trying to modernize all the accumulated knowledge in digital form. Apart from his magical education, Fahrenheit's father insisted that he would also learn about as many other subjects as possible to make a well-rounded and well-educated superhero out of him. Most of Fahrenheit's childhood was spent in this library with reading and private lessons by Karl. Today, Fahrenheit is knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, which has helped him overcome many obstacles.


  • A Scholar, Not A Fighter...: While Fahrenheit's training included basic martial arts, exercise and combat training, he is all but useless in close combat. When he is not able to use his magic, Fahrenheit is just a regular human without any way of significantly contributing in combat and can more or less be completely ignored as a threat.
  • Sheltered Life: Even though Fahrenheit's family never consciously isolated him from normal people or prevented him from making friends, his training kept him too busy to have much of a social life or keep up with the modern world. As a consequence, Fahrenheit is about 5 years behind when it comes to the latest hot topics and trends, although he diligently tries to keep up. He is also a bit naive about how the real world outside of the sheltered haven of nobility works.
  • Code of Honor: The many, many nuances that make up the von Schneider family's code of honor have made Fahrenheit into a great hero and an even greater person, but the rigid structure of this code is easily exploitable by wily opponents. While Fahrenheit is not so naive as to fall for crude attempts to manipulate this (as he realizes) outdated code, he still loathes to break it.


  • Protectors of the World: Fahrenheit is a member of this prestigious team of crimefighters. He has qickly adapted to the fast-paced superhero life and his colleagues and become the team's resident expert on supernatural matters. He is just as loyal to the Protectors as he is to his family and will defend the lives and honor of his friends without a second thought.



  • "Well he didn't exactly get introduced to me at the best time, having a mental breakdown, but he kept his cool and help with deal with a very confused Ancient Alien. He seems like a great guy from what I've seen." - Keioseth II
  • "Magic and myself have never exactly been the best of friends. That said, I trust Fahrenheit much more than most of those who understand the supernatural. He's a calm in the storm, so to speak." - Sparrowhawk
  • "Fahrenwho? Has it really come to the point where every idiot who can come up with a codename thinks he can talk shit? Fine, I'll bite, here's a message for you back: 'Fick dich und deine ganze Sippe, du Hurensohn.'" - The Doctor
  • "Weatherman here is like a real life, male version of Mary Poppins! It's so cool. He should avoid alleys, schools, parks and playgrounds though. People might get the wrong idea because of that dusty old trenchcoat.'" - Jinn
  • "Fahrenheit lives up to the reputation of his family name in terms of power and knowledge. Most impressive." - Cait Sith
  • "I never thought I would say this, but I never thought I would ever be intimidated by a man wielding an umbrella. Quite capable, quite knowledgeable, and a force to be reckoned with. I've been on opposing sides with him once, and I don't intend to do so again." - Faith
  • "Herr von Schneider ist... Ähm, ist ein sehr talentierter Mann. Ich respektiere ihn. Ähm... Ja." - Extractor
  • "It's good to see that the Germans approach magic just like they do everything else; Von Schneider is a disciplined and level-headed addition to the team. God knows that's what we need when magic rears its head." - Captain Adamant


  • Fahrenheit carries his umbrella with him everywhere.
  • ...and finds the thought of him looking like Mary Poppins when flying just as funny as everybody else.
  • Fahrenheit is a bit vain. Since his powers have the habit of messing with his hair, he carries a tube of hair gel with him most of the times.
  • Having grown up in Europe Fahrenheit is often amazed to see typical US things in real life.
  • Actually seeing Fahrenheit snack is a rare occurence. It's not like he is intentionally starving himself, he simply seems to be able to function with less food than other people.
  • Fahrenheit is something of a reverse snob when it comes to coffee. The cheaper the brand the more he seems to like it.
  • Fahrenheit smokes. He is very polite about it and makes sure it never bothers anybody. He has hidden an ashtray for personal use on the roof of the Barlowe Building and thinks nobody has noticed.
  • Fahrenheit speaks with a German accent. He hates it when somebody comments on it and tries very hard to lose it.
  • Fahrenheit's family is very nosy and interested in Protectors affairs. Sometimes they are helpful but more often they are just terrible busybodies. Fahrenheit is quite embarrased about it.
  • Fahrenheit's father has the habit of calling at the most inappropriate times, for example during mission briefings and similar important meetings.
  • Fahrenheit had a bit of a crush on former Protector Fathom, but never had the courage to ask her out.
  • Fahrenheit is quite technology-savvy for a mage. While he does not particularly care for the latest gadgets, he is otherwise surprisingly enthusiastic and skilled with modern technology and is even learning to fly the Protector's high-tech aircraft, the Valravn, just in case.
  • Fahrenheit is quite casual about magic and will happily answer every question to his best knowledge. He considers the secretive attitude of many mages when it comes to their craft 'annoying'.
  • Fahrenheit often forgets that not everyone is descended from nobility and can spend as recklessly as he does. Due to the fact that his work as a hero causes him to travel a lot, most of Fahrenheit's subtle need for luxury comes in the form of expensive hotels, fine restaurants and flying first class.
  • For a Champions Online Live-Action Movie, my pick for Fahrenheit's actor would be Matthew Gray Gubler.