Gulch Barber

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The Gulch Barber
Player: @Bluhman
"Well don't that just make me the strangest thing you've seen?" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: All-Ranged DPS (STR/Warden/Guardian)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Paula Patina
Known Aliases: The Gulch Barber
Gender: Female
Species: Snake Gulch Robot
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Snake Gulch, Nevada
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: "Father"/Creator: Tyrell Donaldson
Age: 35
Height: 6'0
Weight: 192 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Average, Fit
Physical Features: Revealed mechanics on right arm and leg.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Unemployed
Education: Snake Gulch robot priming
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Boosted strength and endurance, Rudimentary lasso skills
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Scissor Arm, Power Box, Jet Adaptor, Chain Reel
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Gulch Barber is a robotic entertainer from the Snake Gulch amusement park. Having received 'upgrades' from the Black Harlequin, she has mostly been outcast from her original home and has found more success as a hero in Millennium City.


Before Harlequin

Paula Patina on stage before the closing of Snake Gulch.

The Gulch Barber was originally known as Paula Patina, one of the oldest entertainer robots at Snake Gulch. Having been in service for roughly 30 years, she used to lead most of the dances that took place in the park during its glory days. Being of such status, she was one of Tyrell Donaldson's favorite robots, and had received various upgrades to her design over the course of her career. Old photos reveal that she was veritably the most detailed of his creations, favoring a realistic synthetic skin to help make her more 'alive', as opposed to the bare metal that most of the other Snake Gulch personnel were stuck with.

Her position as Tyrell's favorite robot made her an object of both admiration and contention to the other robots. Quite a few of the cowboys had their sights set on gaining her affection, which often would make for a good show when the park was still open. Even after the park was closed down, some gunslingers continued to duel over her. In addition, many of the older female entertainers knew that they'd probably do best to follow her lead and hopefully end up in a similar position that she does. Then there were some of the saloon lasses that envied her. Most of these were low-ranking barmaid bots, and other machines who manned the bars.

The closing of the park wasn't kind to Paula to say the least. Now with the internal strife among robots who had both gone for and against the way of mechanon, fewer of them were really caring about Paula's rank or seniority. Even if Paula was resistant to Mechanon's preachings, her lack of combat skills made her largely inconsequential in the park's ultimate fate. As the years went on following Snake Gulch's closing, Paula's advanced design began to disintegrate, and soon, nothing was setting her apart from the other robots that walked the park.

Send in the clown

Gulch Barber, during her stint with Black Harlequin in Millennium City.

A cold Christmas eve in Nevada, and The Black Harlequin had finally caught wind of the state of Snake Gulch. Mostly keeping in the shadows, he had a bit of prior knowledge of the area. Being himself a toymaker and 'entertainer' he certainly showed his sympathies for the park's fate. Of course, being completely mentally unhinged tends to make such displays of sympathy a bit strange, as is the case with the Gulch Barber.

Around midnight, Harlequin had managed to kidnap Paula Patina from off the town's streets. She was, initially, rather apprehensive to being kidnapped by him. However, when Harlequin made Paula the offer to be reconstructed as one of his new dancers and entertainers for the upcoming 'christmas parade' in Millennium City, she began to reconsider. As of late, she had mostly been stuck fending for herself in the gulch's chaotic tangle with Viper and rampant Mechanon zealots. Her frame was getting rusty and worn, and she certainly wasn't doing any entertainment just sitting around and waiting for others to save her. Bringing these points of contention up with Harlequin, he agreed that making adjustments for such circumstances would not be a problem at all. Harlequin took the lass to his workshop in Millennium City and got to work.

Just as Paula had specified, Harlequin had managed to craft her a new set of synthetic skin, just as she had remembered it back in the old days, and measured perfectly to her frame. Of course, Harlequin didn't stop there; if she were to both give the citizens of the city a show, and return back to Snake Gulch after the festivities and give a hand in keeping the park safe, she would need more! Getting right back to the work table, Harlequin fitted Paula's chassis for a set of jet boosters in the soles of her boots (while also critically damaging one of her legs), a water-cooled power generator on her back, and her currently trademark scissor-hand. After Paula had seen what Harlequin had done to her now, she nearly broke out in (robotic, most-definitely-simulated) sobs. A simple reassurance from Harlequin, stating that the arm would be vital for 'cutting ribbons', served to cajole her until the big day. In the meantime, Harlequin got started on sewing up a more seasonal outfit for his protege.

And so Christmas came, and Harlequin began his annual parade through the streets of Millennium City. Sending out his tin soldiers and giant teddy bears, Paula soon realized that this hardly was any kind of parade she wanted to get involved in. For most of the part, she opted to stay by Harlequin's side, simply beholding what was unfolding before her, and voicing her complaints. Harlequin just continued to cajole her, saying that she would be the final act in his big day. After heroes began to show up to stop Harlequin's fun, and managed to disable Clarence, his giant mecha-teddy-bear, he soon took to the field himself. Bringing his trusty gadgets along, as well as Paula and her giant shear, Harlequin engaged the squad of heroes. Before setting off, he gave Gulch Barber one last phrase: "This is your big chance to shine!"

But by now, Paula definitely knew better. This was exactly what she had feared becoming at the hands of VIPER in Snake Gulch; a mindless killing machine. Thanks to her foolishness, she had gained the body of a killer, and had been playing along with a sweet-talker that wanted little else out of her. All she had left was her conscience, and that was thankfully all she needed.

Paula sided with the other heroes in the final fight against Harlequin, leaving him horribly outnumbered. The battle was swift, and Harlequin had managed to escape using a smoke bomb, but not before Paula had landed a good gash on the demonic jester. The city initially showed reluctance to really accept the mysterious, scissor-handed robot that had managed to strike down the villain, attributing it more to a flaw in Harlequin's programming or some other design glitch. After Paula had made her story public, however, she was readily welcomed as another hero in the metropolitan area. Now, comfortable knowing that she is using her weaponry for the right cause, she decided to change her name to reflect her newfound pride. The Gulch Barber emerged.

Detailed Information


O - ■□□□□
C - ■■□□□
E - ■■■■□
A - ■■■■□
N - ■■□□□
An idealist to no end, she truly believes that there are good intentions in most people. She finds herself much more comfortable communicating with humans rather than robots, and is usually rather defensive of most people who return her sentiments. At worst, this can make her seem a bit clingy and gullible; largely what made her so easy to manipulate by Harlequin. Nonetheless, her experiences have made her a bit more weary, and now she usually pays most loyalty to her original creator, Tyrell Donaldson.

She is traditionally coded to dance and sing, but has gained enough knowledge to know how to fight. Even taking this into account, she seems unsure and rendered agog by new situations, usually taking a couple of seconds to really process what goes on around her. Even if she has a killer blade hand, she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so to speak.


Confidant With...

Friendly Toward... BluhIcon.pngCohaIcon.pngTracIcon.pngMarkIcon.pngMegaIcon.pngMRJIcon.pngAylaIcon.pngMontIcon.pngBlueIcon.pngZeppIcon.png

Acquainted With... IsteIcon.pngQlifIcon.pngBarbIcon.pngXenoIcon.pngDigsIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... SeagIcon.pngSandIcon.png

Foes With... SecrIcon.pngJudgIcon.png

Grudge Against...

Combat Specifications

She's certainly durable and powerful enough to bring the fight to VIPER!
Being a robot, Gulch Barber's physical traits are rather impressive. She can haul a little over 1000 pounds, and has a Water-Cooled Power Box capable of keeping her running at full power capacity for upwards of 5 hours. The box is rather heavy, and juts straight out of her back, causing her to run a bit slower. She makes up for this by having jet adaptors in her feet, capable of letting her jump through the air at lateral speeds nearing 26 miles per hour. These jets allow her to reach a maximum height of 212 feet in a single burst. Her body has been lightly reinforced, and can take a few gunfire shots without much more ado than light dents.

Her main weapon is her Scissor Arm. She isn't terribly skilled with it, but has enough power in the limb to close it on a target with thousands of pounds of force, capable of cutting even reinforced steel bars in half. Her scissor arm also carries a chain reel, which, combined with her basic skills with lassos, allow her to reel in enemies from afar. Though not terribly skilled in either area, she is fully capable of chasing down targets, and dragging them into the lethal grasp of her scissors.

Trivioo Triviee

  • A heavy weapon character that uses Stormbringer? That's just nutty!
  • In the costume creator, her actual skin color is pure black.
  • Her scissor arm consists of Ironclad's Gladius, wielded by a Roin'esh sword arm and a Blaster Bracer to hide the tendrils.