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The Reaper
Death's Guitarist
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Player: @Keioseth
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Reapers
Real Name
Aolani Keahi
Al, Lani
April 12th
Lahaina, Hawaii
Millennium City, MI, USA
Realm of the Ravens
Reaper, Guitarist
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Marital Status
Single formerly Married
· Known Relatives ·
Rey Zitarrosa (Ex-Husband)
Physical Traits
Human / Atlantean
Hawaiian / Atlantean
Apparent Age
200 lbs
Body Type
Athletic / Muscular
Dark Brown
Sky Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Height and Build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Weakness Creation, Healing Magics
· Equipment ·
Reaper Scythe
· Other Abilities ·
Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Surfing, Guitar

Personality and Appearance

Tall, well built, and gruff in attitude, Aolani was both Daddy's little girl and tomboy from the earliest moments of her life. She stands at a towering 6' even taking after her father. Her hair is a deep dark brown that at times appears almost black if it weren't for the lighter natural highlights often seen in pony tails and buns, she also sports sky blue eyes. More often than not she is seen in a hoodie and a pair of jeans.

If it weren't for her feminine features you'd swear she was a guy, from her gruff and coarse manner of speaking to her love of beer, fighting, and action movies, is a massive tomboy. Always willing to share what's on her mind whether you want to hear it or not.


The First Wave

Powers & Abilities

Atlantean Physiology

As she is half-Atlantean on her father's side she can breathe underwater, she's tougher and stronger than your average human to allow her to survive in the crushing pressures of the ocean and she is more resistant to cold temperatures, she can see better in the dark though not perfect night vision, and she can swim faster and longer than most.

Gifts of the Reaper

While not a full on Grim Reaper for all intents and purposes she can access their powers granting her several abilities:

  • Spirit Form - Like the 27 other members of the Reapers she can turn herself into a spirit which both allows for easy of movement since most people can't see spirits and allows her to be able to visit the spirit world.
  • Soul Reaping - She is capable of taking the souls of others to the afterlife, if the soul is not willing then they must be either mortally wounded (beyond medical attention), dying, or dead before they can be taken to the afterlife. Willing participants can be brought back as long as it was not 'their time'.
  • Death Sense - She can sense the dead, the dying, Death itself, other Reapers (both the members of the 28 and actual Grim Reapers), those who meddle in the balance of Life and Death, as well as those who have returned from death by natural or unnatural means.
  • Soul Summoning - She can summon the souls of the dead from the afterlife to help her (typically used to gather information).
  • Life-force Absorption - This ability known to the 28 as 'Soul Eating' is fairly self explanatory and allows her to drain the life-force of living things to heal and empower her. This power ties into the powers granted to her by her Scythe which allow her to create weaknesses.

Corrosion Inducement

Granted to her via her Scythe, she can cause metals to corrode.

Martial Arts Training

She has trained in boxing, kickboxing, and judo since she was a little kid and recently took up Yamanni Ryu to learn to fight with her scythe. She rarely fights with the scythe however, preferring to handle her opponents with her bare hands.


  • Kana's Spear - Each of the 28 members of the Reapers has a 'Death Scythe' which have unique powers to aide the Reaper in their missions, her's often takes the form of a spear.
  • Guitar - A blue and white Fender Stratocaster she inherited from her father after he passed away.


Short Temper: Easy to get on her bad side.

Hands On: Always prefers to take of things herself and with her own hands (or feet).

Family, Friends, & Allies


  • "Big" Jeff Keahi - Step-Father, former amateur Boxer, died in the ring due to complications.
  • Nalani Keahi - Mother, runs a bakery.
  • Koa - Biological Father, Atlantean warrior, missing.
  • Fiona Keahi - Younger Sister, freshman in high school and helps mom at the bakery.


  • Jace Reaper - A fellow Reaper who gained his power shortly after her. They were both trained by the same person, a veteran Reaper.
  • Rey Zitarrosa - Exhusband, metahuman and an RCMP Inspector from Prince George, BC, Canada, currently 'on loan' to MCPD.
  • Voukashin 'Vouk' Nemanja - Former/Current pirate, hunter of nasty supernatural creatures, and 'professional' drinking buddy.
  • Markas Silverkin - Leader of the Reapers.

Rogues Gallery



Name: Skyla Conteh
Abilities: Grim Reaper Physiology, Scythe with Vibration Abilities
Affiliation: Assassin-For-Hire

A rogue Reaper, ability to manipulate vibrations via the use of her Scythe, definition of a C.B.f.H..


The Faceless Man

Name: Michael Dullahan
Abilities: Nightmarish Face
Affiliation: Assassin-For-Hire

Dullahan has a face that can literally kill you if you gaze upon it, usually keeps it hidden behind a mask.


RP Hooks

  • Has been participating in local MMA matches (not using her powers) since her arrival in Millennium City.
  • Plays Guitar.
  • Back home in Hawaii she was an avid surfer.
  • Enjoys snowboarding as well.
  • Often trains at local gyms like Carl's.



Opinions and Comments

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Meta Information

Live Action


  • Lana, a scythe weilding cleric from a D&D campaign I was in, direct inspiration for Aolani and the inspiration for the


  • Holly Holm a local Boxer and MMA fighter from my area.
  • Korra, Legend of Korra, main inspiration for appearance, hair, and attitude.

Personal Soundtrack

Theme: Children of the Earth - Megatrax

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