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The Living Star Warrior
He Outshines Evil
Player: @Keioseth
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
SN 1572, "Tycho", Star
1.09 Billion Years Ago (Approx 9000 since Novae, 30 since Acquiring the Armor)
Former member of Star*Guard
Legal Status
Retired Star*Guard
Marital Status
Single (Wishes to Date Sol aka The Sun)
· Known Relatives ·
Sister Star (Deceased)
Physical Traits
None (Armor Appears as Male)
Apparent Age
1.09 Billion Years Old
6'1" {Armor)
Body Type
Glowing Red
· Distinguishing Features ·
Living, glowing, ball of plasma and flame
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Asterokinesis, Flight
· Equipment ·
Starlancer Armor, Star-Staff
· Other Abilities ·
Trained by the Star*Guard, speaks any known language in the universe thanks to the tech in his armor.


Tycho, as he was nicknamed by someone at UNTIL, is very curious about the universe around him since he gained his sentience. He asks a lot of questions since he is new to everything. He is naive often believing what people tell him unless his suit says otherwise. You could say he has a sunny disposition.


Deep in the vast reaches of space long, long ago a cloud of gas, energy, and dust coalesced into twin stars. This binary system soon (in a galactic sense) grew as many planets and planetoids formed around the star siblings. Many civilizations grew and faded during the siblings long lives on their planets, conquers came, some succeeded, some failed. Wars, famine, peace, prosperity, they witnessed it all.

Eventually, the eldest and larger of the twin stars began its Red Giant phase, as all stars eventually do, and due to the expanding resulting in the change, it destroyed much of the system and any still living in it. Leaving only its sibling, it continued to grow and grow as it gobbled up its internal fuel sources until over time the outer layers of the star’s corona cooled and faded away into the vacuum of space and left the elder star as a white hot cinder known as a white dwarf.

The intense and oppressing gravity of the new white dwarf drew in everything around it including the outer layers of its sibling. It did not take long for too much of the sibling’s mass to be absorbed before it caused a catastrophic event, the white dwarf went supernovae. This massive eruption of energy obliterated both stars and sent energy and matter in all directions.

This event was so bright and powerful that it was even witnessed on Earth in 1572. From Earth the source appeared in the constellation of Cassiopeia and was one of around eight supernovae visible to the naked eye in historical records. It was witnessed and catalogued by maybe people around the world though it is more commonly known as ‘Tycho’s Supernovae’ do to Tycho Brahe's extensive work and research on it.

In the husk and remnants of the binary system arose a new star, a new life form, a sentient energy life form. Having just gained sentience the being was curious about the new universe around it and roamed the stars for another 500 years before coming into contact with another sentient life form. These being sought to study and control the vast power for the star-being so they experimented on him for years before he discovered he could manipulate his body, the sentient ball of plasma and energy that it was, and broke free from his captors.

The resulting event helped CONTROL, the sentient computer at the center of the Star*Guard, to finally pinpoint his exact location and sent several members of the guard to his location. He lashed until CONTROL was able to convince him that they meant to harm to him and wished to help him. For many hundreds or possibly thousands of years, he had no proper sense or idea of time, he stayed on Odrugar as the Odrugarans and the Star*Guard studied him. A scientist named Phlox accidentally discovered a way for the star-being to communicate with him and spend several years developing what would become the first generation StarLancer armor.

With the armor the being could communicate and aid his long time friends better than ever before and eventually joined the Star*Guard. “Starlancer”, as his teammates began calling him, had great power at his new robotic finger tips thanks to his Asterokinesis and was quickly recruited to be a StarAvenger. The StarAvengers are the “heavy hitters” of the Guard, the toughest, best-equipped fighters able to tackle opponents and situations a regular Star*Guard has trouble with. He was granted a special Star-Staff that is significantly more powerful than the regular model.

During his time with the Guard he fought many in many battles including the Malvan-Elder Worm war, Valak the World-Ravager in 2000, and was present for the attack on CONTROL in 2009. His fellow Guard members always treated Star more as a weapon than a person and he would eventually leave the Guard after the death of his only friend, and surrogate father figure, Phlox passed away in 2014. On the night of Phlox’s passing, Star saw a shimmer in the starry night skies above Odrugar and felt a pull, an attraction to it. He took his Star-Staff and headed for the twinkle eventually arriving in the Sol System where he ‘fell in love’ with the star Sol.

He landed on the Star*Base on Jupiter’s moon Europa manned by the human Star*Guard Andre Almena. Andre helped him get in contact with the proper people on Earth and spent several months at an UNTIL base learning the basics of life on Earth, its people, and its laws. It was during this time that the scientists at the base discovered he was created by the Tycho Supernovae and they nicknamed him ‘Tycho’. Confused by this as he had been going by Starlancer, one of the scientists explained the Nicknames are often used as signs of affection and friendship. He was taken back as he’d never truly had a friend other than Phlox and this began his habit of nicknaming the people around him to show that he likes them.

While on Earth he helped a group of heroes take down a villain and this was his first introduction to Captain Collider. He would join Collider’s mission and the Frontiersmen to save the Multiverse from almost certain apocalyptic destruction.

Powers & Abilities


Can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a star.

  • Ionikinesis - Capable of manipulating the plasma that makes up his body to projectile and beam attacks. This also results in a form of Pyrokinesis and the creation of visible light. He can also explosively shred his outermost layer of plasma in a Supernovae like explosion.
  • Black Hole Creation - He can create black holes by creating and collapsing microstars.
  • Nucleokinesis - He can manipulate radiation, his favorite being gamma rays.
  • Flight - He can fly in atmo and in space.


While he usually tries to handle combat with his Star-Staff or with brute strength he can tap into his own life energy and body to create powerful attacks.

  • Meteor Storm Grenade - Star charges up and fires several plasma spheres randomly in the opponent's direction, disregarding accuracy and with no intent on actually hitting the enemy. He then suspended in the air, completely surrounding them and finally commands the energy spheres to rapidly spin around the opponent and inevitably rain down on them with a vicious onslaught from every direction.
  • Gamma-Ray Burst - Star draws his hands back and gathers up gamma radiation. Then, he thrusts his palms forward and discharges a massive whitish-blue beam of gamma-ray energy towards his opponent.
  • Accretion Disc - The Accretion Disc is a razor-sharp disc of plasma that can slice through almost any substance. It is slow to create however.
  • Supernovae - Star gathers his life force and converts it into energy before violently shedding the outer most layer of plasma from his body in an enormous, golden-yellow explosion.
  • Quasar Cannon - Creating a micro star in the palms of his hands then forcing it to become a micro black hole, he force feeds it his own body before firing the excess energy at near light speed at his opponents.
  • Comet Crusher - Gathering as much plasma as he can between his hands he fires a powerful blast of violet colored energy at his opponent, it is capable of destroying large planets if enough power is put into it.


  • StarLancer Armor - The StarLancer armor is a super advanced robotic suit built to allow Tycho to communicate and interact with other races. It's very tough, weighs about 800lbs, and higher than average strength and speed.
  • StarAvenger Star-Staff - More powerful than the normal Star-Staff, the StarAvenger staff can fire energy blasts, create energy fields and barriers, and grants him the ability to travel in FTL.


Life Force to Attack: To use his more powerful abilities he actually has to tap into his own body which depletes his inner helium and hydrogen reserves. Using these powers too much can result in death,

Dumb: He's not very bright, despite his time with the Star*Guard he is very naive.

Gullible: He's not gonna fall for a bad guy claiming to not be a bad guy but he'd believe gullible is not in the dictionary.

Friends & Allies

The Frontiersmen

  • Captain Collider - "The Captain" or "The Good Captain", was the first person since Dr. Phlox to make him want to actively participate in the goings on of the Universe, or Multiverse as it were.
  • Aliona - Haven't met yet.
  • Bullet Ant - Haven't met yet.
  • Crawdad - "Redfriend", fellow cop plus he's big and red.
  • Desperado - Haven't met yet.
  • Katsuo - "Strongestfriend", he's the strongest around.
  • Orchid - Haven't met yet.
  • Particle Man - "Smallfriend", fun, full of energy, and a powerful buttkicker.
  • Prism - "Shinyfriend", no longer "Ladyfriend" after being told by Uplift that 'Lady friend' means something else on Earth, very good fighter.
  • Rocket - Haven't met yet.
  • Roadrunner - "Fastfriend", He's fast.
  • Soldier Celsius - "Coldfriend", can make Chowdah.
  • Tryton - "Waterfriend", not the friendliest.
  • Ultima King - "Magicfriend", weird but nice has introduced Star to the wide and strange world of Magic.
  • Uplift - "Amarisfriend", can control gravity, seems nice.
  • Vespula Sting - "Beefriend", not much of an opinion, Star still feels bad for accidentally killing one of the ninja cyborgs.
  • Watchman - "Watchfriend", Watch is his first friend-friend on the team, they have shared the fistbump.
  • Wildling - Haven't met yet.
  • QUARK - "Quarkfriend", likes to ask QUARK any question that pops into his flamey head.

The Star*Guard

  • Dr. Phlox - Surrogate father figure and the creator of the StarLancer armor, died in 2014.
  • Andre Almena - Earth's local Star*Guardsman, helped get Star to Earth.

Known Associates

Star*Guard - One of the greatest forces for peace, truth, and justice throughout the Galaxy during the past million years has been the Star*Guard, an organization of powerful heroes overseen by the people of Odrugar.

Rogues Gallery

RP Hooks

  • Former member of the Star*Guard.
  • Member of the Frontiersmen.
  • Is a living Star.


Opinions & Comments

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"An offworlder and a unique one at that. Though I find his obsession with our sun somewhat unusual, I suppose there are... worse interests out there?" - Ultima King

"It speaks to human hubris that so many of us can look at a being such as Starlancer and see ignorance and naivete in places where brilliance instead shines through. Here is a being, a living star with no stake in anything we could comprehend, fighting alongside a species he has never known for a cause he has only just heard of. Starlancer may not be human or even corporeal, but his spirit would convince anyone otherwise." - Captain Collider

"Starlancer is an interesting character. While his origin is far from human, he seems to have assimilated somewhat quickly into our culture, and that is an impressive feat, no doubt. His ability to effortlessly wield great power solidifies his place as one of the strongest members of this team." - Watchman

"I was not aware that joining the Frontiersmen involved babysitting...but, he could be worse." - Prism

Meta Information

Voice Actor: Matt Mercer (His voice for Chrom from Fire Emblem)


Possible Theme Song: Starman by David Bowie

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