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The Teen Detective
Cobalt Crush
Ready to Rumble!
Ready for a fight!
Player: @Keioseth
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Moonlighters, New Vigil, The Progeny
Real Name
Nicholas "Nick" Turchino
Cobalt, Cobbles, CC, Crushy
April 1st
Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Millennium City, MI, USA
Lithium Labs
Student, Experimental Weapons Tester (Lithium Labs)
Legal Status
Juvenile Record - 3 Counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
David Turchino (Father) & Angelica Turchino (Mother)
Physical Traits
Italian American
Apparent Age
160 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Lip Piercing
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
MCMAP training
· Equipment ·
Taser Tonfas & Bo Staff, Cobolter (wrist-mounted bolt launcher), trick shuriken, smoke bombs, THeDs, hard-light shield, TINMoS Goggles
· Other Abilities ·
Eidetic Memory


Nick does not like to talk about his non-crimefighting life and when he has his mask on rarely talks about anything but 'work'. Other than that he's a friendly person who speaks his mind, an issue with his former teammates at the Moonlighters.


I live for those who love me, for those who know me true;
for the heaven that smiles above me and awaits my spirit too.
For the cause that lacks assistance, for the wrong that needs resistance,
for the future in the distance, and the good that I can do.

'What I Live For' by George Linnaeus Banks.

Nick spent his early years learning to fend for himself as his father, a US Marine, was usually deployed and his mother was usually working late at her job or in Law School. His father retired when he turned 7 and took up a position in the NYPD eventually working his way up to a detective status within two years. When his father made Detective Nick was inspired by it and started a junior detective agency at his school.

He'd help kids and teachers find lost items and stuff during lunch and sometimes after school. This frequently led to him running into the local bullies and wannabe gang members which resulted in many bumps, bruises, and other injuries. His father began teaching him all the self-defense training he learned while in the Marines and in the Police Academy to help protect himself.

One day he noticed his best friend Rachael came to school with several bruises and when he asked her about it she simply stated she had fallen off her bike. Some of his father's training had kicked in and he realized that the marks could not have been made that way, so he began wondering if she was being bullied or if a family member had done it. So he decided to sneak out of his parents apartment and start several stakeouts at Rachael's apartment.

The first two nights were uneventful while he was there but on the last night, he saw Rachael sneaking out of her room onto the fire escape, she was wearing some kinda pink and black hooded outfit and carrying a metal baseball bat. He followed her for a bit and witnessed her stop a mugger and he realized she was sneaking out at night to fight crime like the heroes on the news or in comic books! He was dumb struck by this and continued to watch her throughout the night.

While she was heading home a group of gangbangers attacked her and she was very outnumbered. He flipped up his hood and grabbed a nearby plank of wood to knocked down a couple of the gangbangers allowing Rachael to free herself and start swinging her bat. They eventually succeeded in taking down the group of thugs and Nick took off his hood and surprised Rachael. He told her he'd been worried about her and didn't expect that this was the reason for the bruises. She ended up helping him make a costume to run around in and they spent some evening crimefighting as the duo "Crush Girl" (Rachael) & "Cobalt Kid" (Nick).

They continued to do this through middle school and into their freshman year of high school. However this didn't last, a group of seniors at the school attacked Rachael one day after school and took her to an abandoned building and proceeded to beat and rape her. When she didn't show up for their patrol Nick asked around and eventually tracked down the building and Rachael. He called the police and EMTs trying to keep her from passing out, before the police arrived she told Nick the name of the senior that was leading the group that had attacked her.

In a rage he left as soon as the police and EMTs arrived and tracked down the guys who had done that to her. He broke down the door to the house they were in and beat the bloody hell out of each and everyone of them. He likely would have kept going but one of them managed to call the cops who showed up and stopped him. Later that night Rachael passed away while at the hospital while Nick was arrested.

The group was charged for the rape and murder of Rachael and are spending their lives in prison while Nick was charged as a minor and sent to Juvie for two years and probation until his 18th birthday. After he got out of Juvie he and his family moved to Millennium City for a change of scenery and to give Nick a chance at a clean slate.

In the time since Rachael's death however, Nick had slipped into a deep depression causing him to give up on his Cobalt persona, his music, and even his cooking. One day while walking home from school he witnessed several bullies beating up on a freshmen. A feeling took hold of him something almost like primal instinct, he flipped up his hood, grabbed a fallen branch nearby, and quickly dispatched the bullies. The freshmen introduced himself as Paulie Zicarelli and the two became fast friends. The incident helped pull Nick out of his funk and he began training once again.

It was around this time that he was approached by a mysterious man calling himself Mr. Blank and offered to help train Nick and give him a chance to work again. With his passion lit once again, he gladly joined the Moonlighters, a street-level group of vigilantes to guard the rough and tumble streets of Millennium City's west side and to handle the problems most super heroes leave to the police. It was here that he went from Cobalt Kid to Cobalt Crush, a name he chose to honor Rachael and her Crush Girl persona.

He didn't make many friends on the team however since he refused to do anything against the law (beyond his vigilante work which went completely against his probation terms). This fully solidified his bad habit of working alone. He however did find some camaraderie in his teammates Swordsaint and Ghost Owl, the later coming to his rescue after he took a massive beating after his first encounter with Madison Vogel aka 'Oddity', a member of the Maniacs street gang. Mr. Blank gave Nick a goal, Swordsaint helped train him back up to what he had formerly been, and Ghost Owl help hone his observational and detective skills.

His days with the Moonlighters were hard as his inexperience with how the team worked and being out of practice led him to frequently being injured (at one point being healed by a transdimensional space princess, no really, I'm serious). However his days in the Moonlighters were limited as in January of 2013, Mr. Blank unmasked himself, disbanded the team, blew up their base and vanished. Finding himself out of work he did his best to keep up the work that Blank, Saint, and Owl had taught him, striking out on his own and eventually coming into the gaze of the New Vigil.

During his time between the Moonlighters and New Vigil he saw an add on a messageboard a band that had recently gotten rid of their guitarist and was seeking someone to replace them. He called and got an interview where he met Ericka Anderson, Andy Baker, and Ari Silver the remaining members of 'Fierce Temptation Foundation' a Michigan-based Metalcore band. The job came down to Nick and another guitarist named Chris DeLuca and in the end they couldn't narrow it down any further and opted to take both of them into the band. Since they joined the band has become popular in the underground scene playing several metal festivals in the Michigan area.

His tenure at New Vigil lasted slightly longer than the Moonlighters, and the members of the team finally cracked the shell Nick had built around himself. He opened up, started dating, got a job, and finally enjoyed being a hero for the first time in years. As the year went on and as members graduated and left or simply vanished, the team splintered and once again Nick struck out on his own, though this time he at least had some financial backing. He had started working at Lithium Labs (a company owned by Freelancer Industries) where officially he worked in their mailroom but in actuality he preformed field tests for their various inventions before they were sent into production and sent to Police Departments around the country, a position he managed to obtain after saving Antonia 'Tony' Adams, Dr. Sunny Patel, and Dr. Caleb Hall from a metahuman assassin for hire named Skyla Conteh.

After meeting with a group of his former New Vigil teammates, he's joined a new group calling themselves the Progeny.

Important Files: Family, Friends, & Allies



  • David Turchino: My dad, he spent 15 years as a US Marine before retiring and becoming a cop in Millennium City.
  • Angelica Turchino: My mom, works as a lawyer for the District Attorney's Office.
  • Vinnie Turchino: My cousin of many talents, mechanic, car salesman, and more. You name it, Vinnie can either do it or knows a guy.


  • Rachel Clark: Teen hero known as "Crush Girl", she was my best friend and Crimefighting Partner, deceased.
  • Paulie Zicarelli: Friend from school, was the catalyst for me creating the 'Cobalt Crush' persona and coming out of retirement.
  • Allen Stone: Probably the smartest person I know and on top of that one of the stronger ones as well.
  • Irene Matthes: Teammate and friend, seems to like a good mystery.
  • Bee: "Beeman" is everyone's friend, whether you want a friend or not.
  • Ericka Anderson: Ericka is the lead singer of the band I'm in, writes very dark lyrics.
  • Andy Baker: Ericka's boyfriend and the band's bassist, smart ass.
  • Ari Silver: Drummer for the band, metahuman shapeshifter think T1000 but less murdery, mute.
  • Chris DeLuca: Our second guitarist, good guy kinda dorky.



  • Quarrel: I like the way she does business.
  • Mercy: A lot nicer boss than Blank, that's for damn sure.
  • Gala: One of the few aliens I know.
  • Vi: I don't think she ever really liked me but she reminds me of Rach.
  • Mr. Blank: Mr. Blank lead the Moonlighters and helped get me back into shape. I considers him a mentor, even if he was an asshole.
  • Swordsaint: My "Big Bro" is another person I would consider a mentor, he also seemed like one of the few people ion the Moonlighters that actually liked me.
  • Ghost Owl: Owl taught me how to be stealthy, you can thank him for my signature vanishing into the shadows technique.
  • Kay: Fellow New Yorker and hot, especially for a blue chick with a tail.
  • Fei: Upbeat, crazy zombie girl. She's a blast to hang out with.
  • Ripclaw: Loud, cranky, pain in the ass, yet one of the few people I got along with.
  • Astraea Ling: She's like a more strict combination version of my parents.
  • Kris: Totally had a crush on her.
  • Black Ice: I never thought I'd be on a team with a male model, good guy though.
  • Blue Freedom: Powerhouse and, if you factor in Torrent and Night, I apparently I have a thing for girls in blue.
  • Cait Sith: I don't know why, but I like the cat man.
  • Heartbeat: Another Alien I happen to know, nice girl.
  • Kid Ballistic: I think he's the only other normal human on the team.
  • Lash: Brains are not her forte, but she has incredible power.
  • Ace: Has a jetpack.
  • Recluse: Creepy spider guy, alright dude though.
  • The Silver Scar: Alien space man, space Roman?
  • Maverick: Speedster, thinks too much with his second head.


  • Tony Adams: My boss at the branch of Lithium Labs I work at.
  • Dr. Sunny Patel: Chief inventor at my branch of Lithium Labs.
  • Alexandra 'X-Kat' Katsaros: A computer programmer and internet security specialist, pretty sure she's insane.


  • Bobby: Con Artist, Dealer, and source for a lot of my information on the goings on in the West Side.
  • Detective Becker: Becker's a MCPD Detective in his late 40s, grizzled veteran type who used to work in Hudson City, before transferring to MCPD 5 years ago.


  • Eidetic Memory - Nick has what is commonly referred to as Photographic memory, meaning he can recall images, sounds or objects in memory with great precision.
  • MCMAP - Nick's father, David, is continually teaching him the techniques he learned from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. MCMAP draws influences from several disciplines including boxing, jujitsu, judo, sambo, krav maga, karate, aikido, escrima, arnis, hapkido, taekwondo, kung fu, and kick boxing. He is nowhere near a master of MCMAP but with several years of training under his belt he definitely knows how to defend himself.
  • Acrobatics - After an accident with the Moonlighters that left Nick with a large amount of the bones in his body shattered (healed thanks to a trans-dimensional space princess, no really, I'm not kidding) he took up acrobatic training as a means to rehabilitate himself.
  • Detective Training - He payed attention to his father's work as a detective and has received some training from his Father, Mr. Blank, Swordsaint, and Ghost Owl. He can judge angles of bullet holes, has a keen eye, and most importantly knows how to handle evidence to safely get it to the people that actually know what they are doing.
  • Legal Knowledge - Thanks to his mother being a Lawyer for the last 12 years, he has a basic knowledge of the legal code.


  • TINMoS Goggles - A simpler version of the Freelancer THINGs (think Batman's detective mode from the Arkham games), the goggles allow for Thermal Imaging, Infrared, Night Vision, Motion Sensing, and Scanning functions along with facial recognition, text and video chat, and provide the user with a defense against their identity being discovered. The goggles emit a miniscule electromagnetic 'fog' that causes the wearer's face to become blurred in video and photographs similar to that seen on TV when a persons identity is needing to be protected.
  • Lithtech XJ-01 & Chameleon Armored Tactical Suit - The CAT Suit (tights and armor) and Jacket are made of bullet, slash, and piercing resistant materials, capable of changing color to help with blending into the shadows.
  • Lithtech PDW-104 Gungnir - The Gungnir is a modular multi functional weapon designed by Dr. Sunny Patel. The base form is a Bo Staff which can split into two Eskrima sticks, a built in cable can link the Eskrima sticks together into a set of nunchucks and the staff can also split into a three section staff. The ends can be electrified or have a small hard light blade projection.
  • Lithtech AG-05 Cobolters - Based on Nick's original design and improved by Lithium Labs, these cobolters are wrist mounted bolt launchers hidden in his gauntlets. They can be loaded with several types of trick ammo including Cryo Bolts, Napalm Bolts, Taser Bolts, and Tracking Bolts.
  • Shuriken - Nick carries three types of Shuriken, normal bladed shuriken, explosive shuriken, and sonic shuriken.
  • Lithtech Thermal Heating Discs - The "THeDs" have were designed as a heat source in the extreme cold, by removing the limiters however they can be used to melting through metals and superheating the floor beneath an opponents.
  • Lithtech Grapnel Line Launcher - A gas powered grapnel line launcher mounted inside his bracers used to reach high places or to grab opponents.
  • Smoke Bombs - Small orbs that release a thick black smoke to blind opponents.
  • Anaesthetic Gas Bombs - Similar to the Smoke Bombs but instead of smoke they release an inhalation anaesthetic to knock out opponents.
  • Lithtech X-90 Photonic Coalescence Aegis - These Hard Light Shields are experimental technology that he acquired from Oddity, who stole it from ARGENT, and was later improved by Dr. Patel. This small device mounted on his bracer can produce a hard light shield.
  • Boomboxes - The boomboxes emit previously recorded sounds, music, or even broadcasting his voice. They can be mounted to most surfaces thanks to a special adhesive on the backs. He also discovered that a high enough frequency causes them to explode thus their name.


Only Human: He has no meta-human abilities, he is a normal person so there is a lot that can hurt and injure him.

Bad Knee: Thanks to a injury while he was a member of the Moonlighters he has a bad left knee.

Flair for the Dramatics: Despite his CQC (MCMAP) training from his father being a very no-flourish, pragmatic fighting style, he loves to do classic hero, movie, and comic tropes and dramatics. This can leave him open to attack as he tries to 'fancify' his attacks.

Depression: Regularly deals with this, causing him to have low self-esteem and to retreat away from friends and family.

Death Wish: He can be very self-destructive, often putting himself in unnecessary danger which frequently leads to being hurt.

Loner: He really prefers to work alone, not out of distrust in others but in himself. He blames himself for Rachael's death.

Quick Temper: While he does make an effort to control this it is really easy to get under his skin.

Psychic Weakness: While he has a strong will he's had no training in putting up mental barriers to block out psychic attacks.

Magic Weakness: To the same end, he has not training to stop magic based attacks either.

Rogues Gallery



Name: Madison "Maddy" Vogel
Abilities: Stolen Technology
Affiliation: Maniacs

Insane, destructive, could be pass for attractive if she got rid of the dreadlocks, like to steal tech from ARGENT and UNTIL, the reason Knight is after me.




Name: Adam Murdock
Abilities: Cyborg
Affiliation: ARGENT

1.) Robocop rip-off, 2.) Robocop rip-off, 3.) Even the reboot was a better Robocop than this guy, 4.) Robocop rip-off. Side Note: There's a small army of him.




Name: Skyla Conteh
Abilities: Grim Reaper Physiology, Scythe
Affiliation: Assassin-For-Hire

Assassin, has a scythe that acts like the gravity hammer from the Halo games, really likes the color yellow, can suck the soul out of a person. Avoid close proximity.



Night Star

Name: Michael Bank
Abilities: Light Manipulation
Affiliation: None

Former Canadian Hero, has the ability to generate and manipulate light, murdered a police commissioner and his family, clearly not all Canadians are nice. Possibly a faux Canadian, further investigation required.




Name: Samson Cavallo
Abilities: Super Strength and Durability
Affiliation: None

A 'professional' bank robber, super strength, skin is durable enough to stop bullets and most bladed weapons. Tasers work surprisingly well. Might be a porn star.



The Hammer

Name: Mstislav Kuznetsov
Abilities: Guns and Muscle
Affiliation: Enforcer for the Cobra Lords

He has a rap sheet longer than he is tall, expert with shotguns and knives, suspect in over 20 open investigations, can't understand a word he says even the Russian parts, hates being called 'mush mouth'.


Jade Dragon.png

Jade Dragon

Name: Samantha Long
Abilities: Chi Manipulation
Affiliation: Assassin with ties to the Red Banner

Better at CQC than I am, wears green despite working for Red Banner, possibly color blind requires further analysis.



The Queen of Hearts

Name: Sally Klein
Abilities: Jet Pack and Gadgets
Affiliation: Jewel thief with ties to the Black Aces

Likes to steal anything expensive, fairly intelligent, she kinda like a Nega-Lash without the powers.


Violet and MrPlum.PNG

Violet & Mr. Plum

Name: Violet Vickers and Mr. Plum
Abilities: Girl with a Robot
Affiliation: New Purple Gang

Violet has no powers, created a pulp gangster inspired robot she controls with a mind reading hat. Can't believe I just typed that sentence out.


RP Hooks

  • Recent high school graduate, so you may know Nick in his civilian life.
  • Former member of the Moonlighters.
  • Trains at Carl's Gym frequently.
  • Former member of New Vigil.
  • Guitarist for 'Fierce Temptation Foundation' a local Michigan based band.
  • Currently attending the Henry Ford Community College for an Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts

Comments, Thoughts, and Opinions

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"He might be the most normal out of all the people I know... But now that I think about it, that's not saying much. He can do karate moves and that's really neat. I think I annoy him. You think I annoy him?" - Lash

"The guy has an arsenal. I dig that. But he plays with his inside voice. What's the fun in taking down the bad guy if no one hears about it?" - Kid Ballistic

"I bet the main use of those sticks is to fend off hordes of well fit girls. I mean, he's in a band and he knows how to cook? C'mon! Stop making the rest of us look bad, mate." - Black Ice

"Miao." - Miss Pussycakes

"I could do without his taste in music. He adapts quickly in combat, and I'm curious just how many gadgets he actually has hidden on his person." - Cait Sith

"The guy must honestly -try- at being a bore sometimes. He's just too orderly, too professional, too effective. Guys like him either don't know how to or don't want to live while they're young. I'ma show him how it's done." - Maverick

"Total stud! Him and Kid Ballistic could be some kind of stud duo or something. I mean really. They both got moves and stuff!" - Heartbeat

"Kind of reminds me of Sparrowhawk, in the sense that he seems to have a gadget for anything. He even has the same color scheme going on!" - Tesseract



  • Used to be known as the Cobalt Kid, but he dropped the 'kid' and took up 'Crush' in honor of his former partner Rachael "Crush Girl" Clark (deceased).
  • Even though his father wants him to join the military after he graduates high school, he actually wants to go to Culinary School, become a chef, and eventually open up his own restaurant.
  • His cousin Vinnie got him a '68 Chevy Camaro as a gift for his 17th birthday, he promptly got it painted blue and dubbed it the Cobalt Cruiser.
  • Works at Lithium Labs, he is contracted to test out the gadgets they are making for Police Departments and are the source of his equipment.
  • Plays rhythm guitar in a Groove Metal band named 'Fierce Temptation Foundation'.
  • Likes physical activity, goes to the gym any chance he gets. Mostly does strength and endurance training, be he also spars from time to time.
  • Favorite Genres of Music are Blues, Ska Punk, and Hard Rock.
  • Really likes making puns and 'dad' jokes.

Personal Soundtrack

Meta Information

Live Action


  • Normal Name and personality is based on my friend Nick
  • Additional personality quirks inspired from @Mr.Ripper
  • Abilities and Costume are inspired by Nightwing, Daredevil, and other Street brawl-y heroes.

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