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Player: @Godsend56
A recent press photo with UNTIL HQ in the background
Biographical Data
Real Name: Quinn Bishop
Known Aliases: Throwdown, Agent Bishop
Gender: Male
Species: Human Male
Ethnicity: Black
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Base of Operations: Millennium City / Moon Base
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 32
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 342 lbs
Eyes: Confidential
Hair: Black
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Solid
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Confidential
Years Active: Ten for UNTIL, Two since given operational freedom
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Badass
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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UNTIL Director's Note

  • Quinn Bishop, aka Throwdown, has been a great asset to our cause. He was originally born in New Orleans, but his parents moved him to Detroit shortly after. He grew up as a normal kid from the ghetto, meaning he was often in fights, and even did a couple one-nighters in the slammer. We overlook that because he's such a valuable asset. The Battle of Detroit put a wrench in high school for Quinn, but he did graduate, and his parents moved back to New Orleans shortly after. Bishop started working dead end jobs in construction around Millennium City as it was being built from the ground up, basically drifting through life, until something lit a fire udner his ass. We're not sure what it was, but he was suddenly all over the re-opened sections of the city, cleaning it up. One of our field agents saw him take out close to fifty Cobra Lords in a single fight, and recommended him to their supervisor. Two weeks later, Quinn was workin' for us. Since, he's been invaluable, able to go toe-to-toe with anyone we throw him at. Medical reports suggest that he's not a mutant, nor has any superpowers, but is at the very limit of human strength. Glad he's on our side.

During the recent Qulaar invasion, we sent Throwdown to deal with it. He performed spectacularly, and the capes took notice. Thankfully, Quinn's smarter than that, and still takes orders from us, and still considers himself a part of UNTIL, even though he's been hanging around the cape community dives more and more often. We'll need to keep an eye on that, but I think as logn as we sign the checks, he'll be sticking with us.

Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, Out.

  • Well well, seems Bishop's been keeping busy. He's takin down several super villains, such as the likes of Mind Slayer, Armadillo, and Necrull. He's also gone toe-to-toe with the Teliosaurus and Mega-Terak and come out clean. To say he's one of UNTIL's shining spots is an understatement. We offered him a position as the head of Operation Snakecharmer, but he declined, stating he would rather be out on the field, taking out his targets himself.

One thing to note though is that his "Hero Mentor" "The Blue Bruiser" died weeks before Quinn's last "Spook-op" ended. Since he's been back, he's been on a tear through the superhero community, looking for clues and leads, going to far as to even threaten some people. If this continues, we may have to bring him in and revoke his right to mingle with the capes. We can't have an agent doing "evil" to the world's most beloved celebrities.

Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, Out.

  • Recently, Throwdown's spent a lot of time in Lemuria. He's done a great job down there and has made great steps to stopping the Lemurian Civil War that's currently raging. He's also taken down Grond to extract a genetic sample and went around Stronghold and captured the excaped supervillains in the area. But there's been an issue: His ex-wife, codenamed ARTEMIS, has escaped custody and is on a warpath, wanting to ruin Quinn's life for leaving her. It seems she has some skill with a bow and aversion techniques, and she's already confronted Bishop in the same place that Echo did. We should increase security around that damn Museum. Luckily for us, he didn't seem phased at all. This situation needs to be contained, immediately, before the public gets word that a hero's wife turned against him

In light of all this however, Dr. White has invited Quinn to join UNITY, UNTIL's supergroup. He recently accepted the offer to join our capes. At least we can keep an eye on him this way.

Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, Out.


  • Status report: Throwdown took some time off the books on a much needed vacation. ARTEMIS hasnt done much in his abscense, although VIPER and DEMON certainly have. Luckily, Throwdown came back and hit the ground runinng, joining in at the Snakecharmer base and helping put an end to VIPER's plans for obtaining the Serpent Lantern and gaining even more power. A week later, he was working with Project: HERMES and was even sucked into the Qliphothic Realm, to stop Luther Black from gaining the power of a King of Edom. We thought he could use a break afterwards, so we put him on a security detail for some new teleporter that Harmon guy came up with. Per Bishop's report however, he teamed with some heroes and helped a Resistance in an alternate world overthrow Shadow Destroyer there...begging the question. Who is Shadow Destroyer, and how can he be in our world and this other at the same time?

Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, Out.

UNTIL Meta-human Medical Report

General Abilites

  • Unlike most capes, Throwdown does not have any superpowers, mutations, etc. He is at the very peak of human strength. His skin has toughened to the point that conventional firearms and other civilian weapons no longer do sustainable damage, although most impacts never make it to him anymore due to new additions to his field gear. Still, it's...quite remarkable. While his body functions normally, Quinn's adrenal system is phenomonal, allowing him to block out most pain and react faster, and he seems to produce almost no fatigue toxins, due to his years of endurance training and field work. I'm surprised we haven't kept him in medcial for longer, to run tests and see if this truly is the peak of human strength and endurance.

While Throwdown may be nearly immune to physical pain, at least mentally, reports show he is quite succeptible to mental tampering and, like nearly everything else, magical interference.

Report filed by UNTIL Specialist Dr. Raymond K. Johnson

UNTIL Loadout Report

While Quinn has worked with UNTIL for the past decade or so, we have equipped him with all sorts of fun little gadgets and such, from standard issue firearms to cutting-edge tech...for those really fun missions. The followign is what he currently uses.


  • X-34 Tactical Display Visor- This bad boy is a piece of equipment that we cooked up to scan and pinpoint the weakpoints of an object, to allow for maximum damage. It can also retrieve information on locations, obtain intelligence reports, and works as a coms device on several frequencies, to maintain contact with both UNTIL and whatever team Bishop gathers. This particular unit was recently modified and allows for:
    • Teleportation,
    • Energy Displacement Field- Although it takes aprx. 90 seconds to charge, this field will cause massive damage to any targets within fifteen feet of Quinn, as well as disorient them.
      • Update- The engineers have modified this to have a smaller version of this field to be charged in ten seconds. It sacrifices "oomph" for a secondary shield around Quinn.
    • Bio-signature detection- A gizmo that links to the UNTIL and PRIMUS databases, so Quinn always knows who he's looking at, given that either agency has a file on the person in question.
  • Chains- These are not UNTIL issued chains, but you better believe we tested the hell out of them when Quinn started wearin them around the place. It seems they're dimensionally-tied, and trace amounts of Qliphothic energy have been found, though nothing is active. Throwdown says he won them in a poker match. The guy is nuts to use them, but how else is he gonna punch out a demon or ghost?
  • X-56 Energy Shield- Our basic energy shield, it offers decent protection from whatever's thrown it's way and appears as a hard-light bracer. Guess Bishop doesnt need anything else.
    • Update - Quinn has recently discarded the bracer-variation of this shield for a full body, low-level and constantly running variation, more akin to a "force field". This shield can be expanded to up to four friendlies as well.
  • Modified UNTIL BDU- Our best field agents get to modify thier UNTIL wear. Quinn keeps a pauldron, armored leggings, thigh guards, and his chains on him in his standard wear. His Spec Ops gear consists of a kevlar micro-weaved full body outfit that covers him from head to toe. He also has a few other looks, including a modified UNTIL SCUBA platform, civvies, jungle fatigues, and his UNTIL Officer uniform.



Until recently, official documents showed Bishop's residency in Westside Millennium City. But it seems Agent Bishop has used his significant backpay to purchase a high-rise penthouse in the downtown district, with an easy view to both the ARGENT MC-HQ and City Hall. It also seems he's re-purposed on of Juryrig's old teleporters for easy access to an old moon-base. From there, Agent Bishop monitors daily alerts with the help of SOCRATES and our own early-warning system. He seems to also have an armory at both locations, amongst other personal belongings. Oddly, both the penthouse and moon-base seem setup to host meetings. Either Bishop is getting his old spec ops team back together, or he's planning on a new team of heroes. Either way, it bears further recon.

Report filed by Maj. Winifred B. Payne

Recon Report

Intel suggests that Throwdown is a loner of sorts, but he does keep a few capes around as friends, and has stopped going to the bar on base and started to hang around Club Caprice more often. The majority of his aquaintences appear to be part of a group called "Rising Force", and Throwdown seems to be a major player there.

While Bishop was away, the Rising Force was dismantled by unknown forces. This is a slight cause of concern because of Throwdown's membership and thier UNTIL charter. It seems however that a second Blue Bruiser (see Blue Bruiser section below) has put together The All-Star Avengers, spiritual successor to the 'Force. Quinn's remained skeptical of this new Bruiser, and hasn't fully joined the ASA, but rather stays around to keep an eye on thier new leader.

It seems now that Bishop is running solo again, and content to form temporary alliances with whoever he needs to to get the job done, per recent recon reports

A recon photo of Throwdown. Apparently, he spotted the Recon team.

Previous Known Acquaintances:

Blue Bruiser
The Blue Bruiser considers himself to be Throwdown's "superhero mentor", teaching him how to be a true hero. Quinn's done a lot of underground work before, so we're sure he's just letting this guy chat, while Bishop takes it with a grain of salt. Bruiser's also the only thing we've seen that could probably out punch Throwdown though, so we'll keep an eye on this situation.
Intel suggests that The Blue Bruiser has died, yet he's still running around. Maybe it's a clone, or an imposter. We'll keep tabs on the situation, in case whatever this new cape is happens to be dangerous.

Jake Worg
Whatever this guy is, he was able to stand with Throwdown in a fight. Quinn seems to admire his tenacity, and might keep him around as a friend. We'll keep him under surveillence, just in case things head south.

An acquaintance of Bishop's, Crimson is a natural pyrokinetic. She doesn't seem to consider herself a superhero, and, like Throwdown, is skeptical of this second Blue Bruiser. She seems to know more than she's letting on. We'll keep an eye on her.

Zarek Nightwood
Mr. Nightwood is a self-proclaimed demigod, but he does have the power and skill to back this claim. He's another Rising Force leftover and was at first opposed to the new Blue Bruiser as well. It seems he's warmed up to him now, and is recruiting for the All-Star Avengers alongside the new Bruiser. He's on the same power level as Bishop and The Blue Bruiser, and as such, we'll keep an eye on him.

Reports submitted by UNTIL Black-Ops units Alpha-Epsilon

Notable Achievements

Throwdown has accomplished many things in his UNTIL career, from capturing rouge heroes and supervillains to leading projects and teams and battling planet-threatening foes. The following list are accomplishments recognized by UNTIL and targets captured by Throwdown. Only a few have been selected due to time constraints. UNTIL will send PRIMUS an updated list as time and budget allows.

We're not happy about his fling before, during, and after we assigned him to take her down. Maybe the relationship was genuine, maybe it wasn't, but it remains one of the few black spots on Bishop's record and since been classified and remains hidden from any press.

  • Destruga II

When Dr. Destroyer launched his second mobile island in 2006, we organized our troops to work with several superhero teams to shut him down; VIPER even lent a hand with it's Dragon Branch. Knowing he was near defeat again, Destroyer began to prep a large scale mind-control satellite. We sent Bishop in as part of a team to stop it.

Throwdown was an integral part of stopping the recent Qulaar Invasion. He found and rescued Kinetik, helped repair the the cannon used in the IronClad Defense, and defeated one of the Black Talon pilots. It is also considered the start of his "superhero" career.

Often considered one of Dr. Destroyer's biggest assets and top LTs, Gigaton took control of the area surrounding Greenskin. We were able to insert Bishop to quell the situation, which he did. While he was there, he put a stop to Major Gertz's betrayel, took down the rampaging Ferd and Phrose, put Talisman back in Stronghold, and stopped a nuke from going off.

  • Blood Moon

Throwdown was assigned as Advanced UNTIL Recon during [the original] Takofanes' assault on Millenium City. In this capacity, Throwdown was able to help free the souls of thirteen undead heroes under the Zombie King's thrall and eventually help defeat Takofanes himself. Also during this time, Bishop went under deep cover to combat the werewolf threats popping up across the globe. Intle suggests he may have been bitten. If so, we should keep an eye on him in case the Blood Moon rises again.

  • Project Awakening

Quinn directly influenced the outcome of VIPER's Project Awakening. According to his mission report, he successfully infiltrated the base, rescued several key scientists, and defeated Mechaniste and his guards. With the intel he gained within, we have been able to jump-start Operation Snakecharmer.

Throwdown took a team of five into Teelios' Canadian stronghold, removed him from power, shut the place down, and defeated him. The mission report and evidence he collected suggest Teelios is expanding his genetic expirements. It was confirmed later on, during Quinn's initial visit to Monster Island, where he defeated Telios a second time.

The work that Throwdown did during VIPER's assault on Bureau 17's base has helped us establish a operational zone on the Island. Currently, Throwdown is working to keep ARGENT and VIPER presence on the island in check, as well as battle both the Elder Worm and Lemurian presence. Also while on the island, he managed to assault Mega-Terak and remove an integral part of the machine's operational matrix, and even led a team of heroes to stop Qwyjibo's most recent rampage.

Recently, Quinn led a multi-team operation to take Grond down and take a tissue sample from him. To say he did so is an understatement. His ingenuity in bringing the goliath down is something to go into our training manuals.

  • Lemuria

Recently, Throwdown was assigned to rescue the Aegir from a surprise assault from the rebelling Lemurians. The mission report states that Bishop took the mission into his own hands, teleporting around to disable the mines in the area and infiltrating and sabotaging enemy subs to clear a path to the fallen sub and resolving the situation there. While he was under the sea, Throwdown also resolved several pending issues surrounding Prince Marus' whereabouts, cleared up the nuclear waste around the Cherenkov, and aided Bureau 17's science outpost.

  • Shadow Destroyer

Bishop was tasked by UNITY to gather a team of heroes to check out a Qliphothic tear near our moon base. Instead, the teleporting pad was sabotaged and they ended up in te gladitorial games of Dorvala. According to Throwdown's mission report, each hero had a foe they had to fight, followed by Destroyer himself. They took down the threat, and an investigation is ongoing about the sabotage.

  • Vibora Bay

Throwdown recently showed up in Vibora Bay, sporting several scars of a magical nature. When questioned, he claims he was part of the Apocalypse. Obviously, we sent him for psychological evaluation, but immediatley cancelled when we downloaded the contents of the X-34. Despite massive amounts of interference, we did witness a battle between a werewolf battle force led by Black Fang and Throwdown (we believe he gained thier allegiance during the Blood Moon event), Dr. Destroyer, and a new threat called Therakiel, who commands battalions of fallen angels. Apparently, Bishop time travelled back to us and has requested to leave the situation to him and the other heroes. For reasons unknown, the Secretary-Marshall agreed.

  • Snakecharmer

After his year-long sabbatical, Throwdown came back and prevented VIPER from obtaining the Serpent Lantern and gaining unbelievable amounts of power. in the proccess, he took down Viper-X again, Freon, and the mysterious Viperia. However, in his pursuit of the Serpent Lantern, the villains escaped UNTIL custody when VIPER retaliated (See: Incident File Code Named "Aftershock")

  • The Demonhame

Reports of civilian abductions led to Throwdown investigating warehouses owned by DEMON or their sattelites. Eventually, he found the hostages and freed them. Witchcraft heard of Throwdown's endevour and contacted him when the Magic Lantern bookstore came under fire from Qliphothic forces. Throwdown assembled a team and stopped the attacks and traced them back to the Qliphothic realm with the help of Prject: HERMES. While ther, per his report, he freed the Kings of Edom from Luther Black's spells, and defeated the Edomite himself, with the help of something called a Demon Key. [Additional comments redacted]

  • Shadow Destroyer (cont)

We sent PFC Ara Mikhail with Bishop to escort a parolee from Stronghold to the unveiling of Harmon's teleportation device. The parolee (only known as Vermuscle since mutating; he claims to be a former VIPER Tar-trapper) was to be used as a test subject for Harmon's teleporter. According to the report, something came out first, and convinced all three of them to come with him. Bishop states the man's name was Grizz, and that he allowed the parolee to help combat the threats after the teleproter was shut down. Grizz told Bishop and Mikhail that there was a person there by the name of the Old Man who could help them get back, but they needed to break him out of jail first. Apparently it was successful, and after an encounter with Shadow Destroyer, Vermuscle got the jump on everyone and teleported back first and disappeared. Mikhail and Quinn are back as well. Bishop has been reprimanded, but as per usual, did not seem phased, but unusually mum on what happened. His tactical visor had its record manually deleted as well. We'll keep an eye on him and see if we can't get any more intelligence on this...Multifaria, and how Shadow Destroyer can be both there and here at the same time.

Report filed by Sgt. Andrew David


We've sent Throwdown on a lot of missions in the decade he's been with us. That's a lot of enemies to rack up, a lot of super-villains who've wangled thier way out of Stronghold, and people who may be looking for revenge. But there's been a few to keep an eye on:

Echo The Bunnyman
Echo The Bunnyman
  • Real name: Unknown.
  • Origin: Apparently Canada.
  • Location: Stronghold

Echo is a demented, psycopathic criminal mastermind. And he makes Throwdown look small. This modern-day giant showed up on our radars when tried to take a Lemurian artifact. Quinn happened to be around when MCPD asked him to look into it. Throwdown diffused the situation, but Echo escaped before he could be properly apprehended, and swore revenge.

Now Echo has hired an army of thugs outfitted with military weapons, and has used several supervillains in his quest for whatever it is he's after. We know he tried to take that artifact at the Millenium City Museum of Natural History, and was powered up by it. He also took over the WCOC News Station briefly, and tried to detonate a tactical nuke inside of Millenium City. Throwdown was able to catch him in the warehouse where the nuke was stored, but Defender got involved and sent him to the Westside prison to await transport to Stronghold, instead of letting us deal with it. As such, this psychopath broke out and has cloned Mayor Biselle several times in preperation for a coup, tried to capture the Teliosaur by way of hypnotics, and nearly got nuclear launch codes from the PRIMUS Data Center. Luckily, Quinn has been around to stop him, but Echo needs to be dealt with. Permanatly. And if Bishop can't do that, we can.

It seems that Throwdown recently put Echo The Bunnyman away for good. Throwdown discovered Echo's plans for a "Death Ray" in an abandonded Steelhead bunker that Echo was using as a staging area in North America. After disrupting those plans and saving some lower level heroes that PRIMUS had sent in, Bishop followed the trail to a bank in Millenium City, and eventually found Echo's base on Monster Island. We dont have clear data on what went on down there, but Throwdown came out with Echo in tow, just before the mountain blew. Echo's enjoying time in Stronghold, but his top LT has now come to large.

  • Real name: Unknown.
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Location: Stronghold

This...thing...came out of left field. It uses some strange form of martial arts we've never seen, and it's species is not on anyone's radar. What we DO know is that he's a maniac, though a little more precise than Echo the Bunnyman was. If Echo was a hammer, this guy is definetly a scalpel. So far, he's seemed to be highly interested in Draysha, going so far as to cross VIPER to continue his experiments. He also has a seemingly endless army of lizardmen at his disposal, all practicing the same strange martial art. We'll help Bishop when we can, but he may just be on his own for this one.

After trying to escalate the war in Lemuria and dealing arms in Canada, Chax'si attempted to use the Mandragalore for his own purposes. Quinn foiled that plan, as well as several others, including a robbery attempt and a hostage situation, both in Millenium City. In desperation, Chax'si retreated back to Echo the Bunnyman's old mountain base on Monster Island and restarted the Deathray Project. Bishop was able to handle that as well, and like Echo, Chax'si is under lock, key, and cryogenic sleep in Stronghold.

  • Real name: Sarah Bishop
  • Origin: Millenium City
  • Location: At Large

Sarah Bishop. She defines nutcase. Married to Throwdown for a couple years during his UNTIL agent days, he dumped her after his affair with Mindslayer, saying she was too good for him. Now, she's out to prove it. It looks like she's had training in martial aversion and combat longbow. She also seems to be in on whatever plans Echo and Chax'Si were up to. Recent intelligence suggests she was actually trained by Chax'Si. Her dossier has been coded classified and is considered a threat to UNTIL security. Her recent actions include VIPER arms sales, sabotage on Monster Island, and attempting a nuclear explosion in the vicinity of Lemuria, possibly to disable all resistance in using the Mandragalore.

Update: While in downtown Millennium City, Throwdown was alerted to a bank robbery in progress. The culprit was none other than members of Echo's army, led by the mercenary Hard Target. The theives managed to gain what they came for, but Hard Target was left behind and Throwdown followed the rest of the criminals through a teleporter back to Echo's Deathray on Monster Island. Throwdown called new friend (and long-time hero) Thundrax to help take down ARTEMIS and rescue the Rocket Hawks, who were already assigned security detail. ARTEMIS was defeated and is currently locked away in Stronghold.

Reports filed by Sgt. Stefan Ramirez

Further Intelligence
We're not sure where Echo the Bunnyman came from, who hired him, or what his motives are. However, recent intel suggests that Chax'Si was on of Echo's top LTs, and everything he did was on Echo's orders. Impressive, considering Echo is currently in a cryogenic sleep in Stronghold. Chax'Si also seems to be the one who altered and freed Sarah Bishop while he had Throwdown distracted by his henchmen, during the Mandragalore incident, and now ARTEMIS is trying to cause a nuclear sub to detonate its payload near Lemuria! All of these instances are too closely related to be coincidence. Something tells me though, that the worse is yet to come...

Additional report filed by Secretary-Marshall Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt.


This intel was loaned to to PRIMUS by UNTIL to complete our database. All reports have been looked over by both parties to ensure maximum accuracy.


All of the following is OOC

  • UNTIL Agent for a decade
  • Not a Metahuman or Superhuman. See UNTIL Meta-human Medical Report/Equipment Loadout above for more details.
  • Formerly had an affair with Mind Slayer
  • It is safe to assume that Throwdown knows whatever UNTIL knows about a hero's backstory or powers, due to his visor being hooked into the UNTIL database.
  • Any of the "Achievements" section above can be used or referenced to.