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Player: @Atzet
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gil Spencer
Known Aliases: Aeron
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Mercy Hospital, Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Unk.
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: L.Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Cybernetic left eye
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: N/A, almost four months
Citizenship: America, full citizen
Occupation: N/A
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced strength, agility, speed, etc., Healing factor
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Two modified 1911 model pistols, capable of chambering a variety of ammunition, from .45 ACP, to rubber bullets, to everything in between. He also possesses a utility belt, with various things on and in it, and a knife on the back of the belt, and he has two custom rifles. Custom tights.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Gil Spencer was born to an average family in Millennium City, growing up with two brothers and three sisters. His mother was a homemaker, and commonly spent time with her children. His father was an inventor and scientist, and a bit distant from the rest of his family. After falling into debt they took out a loan from a shark who was, unbeknownst to them at the time, a member of the New Purple gang. Time passed, and they never paid the gang back. His mother and one of his sisters were murdered by a Hit Man hired by the gang.

Gil attended Westside High and made few friends along the way, often keeping to himself. He was never particularly bullied, or bothered, more reclusive than anything. This aside, he generally kept good grades, though his worst grades were generally in physical education. Gil was short, scrawny, and barely athletic during school. He kept a particular interest in a variety of music, and listened to anything from Johnny Cash, to Avenged Sevenfold, to the Black Eyed Peas. He had a certain penchant for firearms, commonly watching videos on Youtube. He also had an Xbox, and largely played First Person Shooters, and he did research a small bit into firearms.

Gil's father grew more distant from the family after his mother and sister were murdered, eventually sticking to solely staying in his makeshift lab. Gil attended school until he graduated high school. He wasn't ever very athletic, joining no sports teams and mostly keeping to himself. When Gil was returning home from school one day, he was involved in a deadly car accident. A van swerved and hit him by the side at nearly thirty miles an hour. Broken and beaten, with several broken bones and internal injuries, and essentially pulverizing his left eye from the impact with the van and the pavement, he passed out.

When Gil came to, he was chained to a table, in-- what appeared to be, his father's lab. It appeared to be abandoned, the only things in the room were a few inventions, an empty syringe and an IV, along with a footlocker that had been hoisted onto a table. Gil noticed he felt no pain, despite his injuries, and he broke out from the chains as if they were nothing, he also noticed his eye had been replaced. He was amazed, and made way over to the footlocker, opening it and reading the note. He took the items from the footlocker-- two swords, two modified pistols, a trenchcoat, and a mask. Gil took the name Aeron, and left to follow the wishes of his father.


Aeron went to work after he left his families apartment, immediately helping the MCPD with a few calls they were sent to after he had watched the cars go by. He worked as a vigilante for a few days, until he was talked into registering by another Hero. After he registered, he signed up to join with a group called New Vigil. His activites as a Hero are fairly common and low-key thus far.


After starting to get relatively low on funds, Aeron started to advertise himself as a Mercenary, setting up numerous ways of contact, he accepts most jobs. He also tends to neglect doing much research-- generally accepting a job and getting right to it. Since this, he's also cut ties with New Vigil. In addition, he's reconsidered his 'no-killing' rule.


Aeron had made decent funds from his mercenary work. Word got out that he was operating as a mercenary to several organizations, one in particular. ExGen Industries, a company that was gaining notoriety for its creation of combat-boosting stimulants. Aeron's Father, having taken up an assumed name and faked his death some months prior, heard that his child was still alive and well, and that his serum worked. He ordered a team from a privately funded PMC to retrieve Aeron, making them full aware of his weaknesses and capabilities from the serum.

The team ambushed Aeron in his apartment after tracking his WiFi signal, and he was brought down rather quickly from a combination of incendiary grenades and flashbangs. His apartment was firebombed, and he was kidnapped for a few months. In the presence of his Father, he was experimented on again. Installing neural implants to deal with his mental problems, imprinting combat training into his mind, and wiping several traces of his old personality. He was sent out, back onto the streets after a time, his memory having been selectively wiped from the incident that had happened, programmed with orders that were to be activated by his Father at a later date.


The serum which was injected into Aeron enhanced his natural abilities by a fairly amazing amount. Below is a list of different enhancements.

  • Enhanced Strength- The Serum vastly increased Aeron's muscle mass, and his general bulk. As a result, his body grew, and he became taller and stronger. He's able to lift up to two tons with a bit of effort, and could possibly be pushed to three. This radical shift in his physique made him appear older than eighteen, though he's still very much that age.
  • Enhanced Agility- The Serum also increased Aeron's capability to move his body, and increased his ability to balance and coordinate, enabling him to achieve some amazing feats of changing his bodys position when needed. He sometimes uses this in combat, to evade around or over his foe, or clear obstacles.
  • Enhanced Speed- The Serum made Aeron faster by a very vast amount, increasing his ability to run to inhuman levels. He can easily outrun a speeding car, and he also uses this during a fight to move before his foe can make a move against him, or to move out of the way of certain attacks. Combining this with his agility and strength, he's also to pull off some feats that'd amaze, and most likely injure a normal human.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- Aeron's mind was also enhanced by the Serum, making him much smarter than before. His IQ is well beyond genius level, though he never particularly shows it, or uses that aspect unless he believes he needs to. He does, however, use his mind a fair bit in a fight, or, well, anything along those lines. Investigation, social interaction, etc.
  • Enhanced Senses- Aeron's senses were also enhanced by the Serum. His sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch were all increased as a result. He can pick out details that a normal human wouldn't be able to see, and his organic eye adjusts to darkness quicker, and he's able to see farther than a normal human. He can also smell subtle differences in the air, or a particular scent. He can tell the 'taste' of certain ingredients, added or otherwise (poison, etc.), and he can 'feel' certain differences that a normal human couldn't. He can also hear much better than a normal human, able to hear things from far off, to things that a normal human wouldn't generally catch.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Aeron's reflexes were enhanced by the Serum as well, greatly increasing them to the point of being inhuman. He often uses his enhanced reflexes to assist in his fighting, or to counter or dodge an attack. The increased reflexes are a great asset for Aeron to have, especially considering the nature of hero work.
  • Healing Factor- The most prominent of these abilities granted by the Serum would likely be Aeron's healing factor. The Serum increased and mutated his bodys ability to heal naturally, cuts, depending on how severe, usually heal in an instant, and the same is said about -most- gunshot wounds. Broken bones generally take several minutes to heal, depending on what's broken, and how bad the break is. He can also regrow lost limbs within a few hours, or a few minutes, depending on what was lost, and how hard pressed he is. While this may be, being distracted during combat lessens his ability to heal to -that- extent, and he must get out of a fight and lay low until he can heal that severe an injury. And, technically, he could be considered practically unkillable, as any wounds, whether he's breathing or not, could still heal, but though this is the case, it could take several hours or several days for fatal injuries to heal, depending on what exactly happened. It is unknown at this time what would happen if he were to be decapitated.
  • Resistance to Poison- The healing factor has an added benefit of making Aeron more immune to toxin. It also made it incredibly difficult for him to get drunk, and, though he has an increased immunity towards it, he can still be poisoned, and still become intoxicated. It just requires more of the poison/alcohol.



  • Fire- Despite Aeron's enhancements and healing factor, he has a particular weakness against fire, mostly when it's used when he has wounds that haven't fully healed. The fire cauterizes his wounds, and makes them that much harder to heal, and this could be exploited to keep him out of a fight.
  • Still Human- While he may be enhanced, he's still Human. Anything that can harm a human can harm Aeron, and he still feels pain, healing factor or no. Blunt force, bullets, falls, etcetera. All of this can hurt Aeron. Being shot in the head, for example, will most definitely dispatch him until his healing factor kicks in, though this could take almost a day to heal. He would technically be dead for the duration of this process.
  • Sensory Overload- Aeron's enhanced senses could also be taken advantage of. A loud enough sound, a strong enough smell, or a blinding enough light could easily stun Aeron long enough for him to be immobilized.
  • Still New- Even though he has all these, increased capabilities, Aeron still lacks one thing. Experience. His lack of experience could also be taken advantage of, moreso when going up against an experienced fighter.
  • Mysticism- Aeron has no particular defenses nor weaknesses against Magic. This could be used against him, as he has no way to defend against it.
  • Psionics- Again, Aeron has no particular defenses or weaknesses against Psychics.


  • Metabolism- A side-effect of the Serum was it made Aeron have to consume food and liquid (typically water) constantly to have his healing factor at peak levels. When he consumes food, it's essentially mass turning to mass when he's injured. This process leaves him hungry if he has a particularly big wound, and while his healing factor still functions without food, it is much less effective, and renders large injuries having to take several days. Minor injuries still heal quickly, but not as quick as if he had food.
  • Increased Hormones- Another side-effect of the Serum is Aeron's increase in hormones. This results in body hair growing at a faster rate (though not to the point that he has to, say, shave every six hours), among other things associated with hormones.


  • Custom made .40 caliber pistols- Based off the Smith & Wesson Military and Police model, though at a bit of a smaller level. They can chamber .40 caliber ammunition and most of Aeron's custom ammunition. More compact than his 1911 models, these can be easier hidden, or just, offer a less bulky firearm. The magazines hold 12 rounds each, standard.

  • Modified 44. Magnum Revolvers- The most recent addition to Aeron's armaments, two custom-made, modified 44. Magnum revolvers. Aeron purchased these, simply for the fact that he enjoys revolvers. Capable of chambering the 44. Magnum round, in addition to Aeron's own ammunition, these weapons have been made to Aeron's specific instructions-- even partly, his own modifications. Sporting a more... modernized look, complete with an advanced design for the cylinder. In addition, Aeron also had two thirteen inch, high carbon steel blades added to both of them, along with a way for them to be detached if needed. The weapons also sport longer barrels.

  • Retractable Staff- Aeron, with some paid help, created a retractable staff as a non-lethal way of combat. Made from Mandarium, a durable, though light (For Aeron), type of material. It can be retracted with the push of a button, allowing it to be full size or a fairly more compact size. He has a sheath on his back, where this weapon stays.

  • Sword- A blade, made from graphene and provided to him by his Father before he was sent out into the streets. He occasionally carries this with him.

  • Armor- Aeron, after returning from his several month-long disappearance, was given a suit of armor to aid him. Made to protect Aeron without hindering his movement, its undersuit is a Kevlar and NOMEX weave, much like his tights. The plating offers greater protection, while protecting most vital areas. The bracers have a holographic display capability, which can be used for several different things, in addition to several different things the armor does. The undersuit is also made to protect against electricity. The boots have a maglock capability, allowing him to stay attached to most metallic surfaces. The mask, after a couple instances of being immobilized due a concussion or flashbang grenade, has audio dampeners which filter out noises at a certain decibel level.

  • Liberator.
    Liberator- Aeron's sniper rifle, Liberator AP-01, is one that Aeron had custom made, for the purpose of him needing to be able to shoot at longer distances. Taking queues from the CheyTac Intervention weapon system, and the U-JF Jeffie system, the rifle was made primarily to be used by one operator. The scope is capable of syncing with Aeron's cybernetic eye to aid in ballistic solutions, spotting, and so on. The scope also has a magnification of 8-32x56. The rifle has also been modified to be able to chamber the 7.62×51mm caliber round, along with Aeron's own ammunition. It also sports an extended magazine, allowing for ten rounds to be loaded into each magazine. It's capable of semi-automatic and three-round burst fire. The rifle has an effective range of up to 800m.

  • Phone- Aeron's phone is a normal smartphone. He uses this constantly.

The Eye

Aeron's cybernetic eye is one of the more advanced pieces of gear he has. It's capable of a few different vision modes and other functions that greatly aid Aeron. These are listed below:

  • Infrared- Aeron's eye is capable of viewing the area in Infrared, or Thermal mode, enabling him to see heat sources, be it from a body, or fire, or what have you. This can also help when his view is otherwise obscured.
  • Night Vision- Aeron's eye is also capable of Night Vision, enabling him to see in total darkness.
  • Forensic and Ballistic scanning- Aeron's eye can also function as a tool to help him when something needs investigating. The eye enables him to scan ballistics (bullet impacts, dimensions of the bullet, where the bullet was fired from, etc.), and forensics, enabling him to pick up blood trails, scan bloodstains, retrieve data from DNA, or scan certain things in the air, (chemicals, vapors, etc.).
  • X-Ray and Biological scanning- These modes allow Aeron to both, see through walls, see peoples skeletons, and monitor their heart rate and condition. The extent of the ability to see through walls is minor, and he has to be close to a wall to be able to see through it.
  • Zoom- Aeron can also zoom in with his eye. His eye allows up to a 7.5x zoom.


Aeron has an abundance of ammunition for all his weaponry, and some special ammunition he made himself. Below is a list of Aeron's custom made and special ammunition.

  • Standard rounds- Standard Full Metal Jacket rounds.
  • Cryogenic rounds- Aeron made his cryogenic rounds as a means to deal with, both, Metahumans that wield fire, and to deal with the Starspawn, after learning from Galactigal that, if you could cool a Starspawn off, you could potentially put them out of commission, and (hopefully) non-lethally. When the rounds impact, instead of acting as normal bullets, they explode, so-to-speak, on the impact area, instantly cooling it down far below freezing temperatures, and could possibly cause ice to form.
  • Glop rounds- Another of Aeron's custom made rounds would be his glop rounds, which can be used as a non-lethal means to deal with people. When the glop rounds impact, they explode in a type of goo that covers whatever it hits. The goo makes it incredibly hard to move if enough is applied, and they also sting when they hit.
  • UNTIL impact rounds- Aeron recently went about assisting UNTIL where needed, and, in return, asked for a supply of ammunition that wouldn't be as lethal as live ammunition, or rubber bullets. Thus, he was supplied with impact rounds.

The Impact Round is fired through a propulsion system inside the gun itself, much akin to a magnetic rail gun. Upon point of impact, the round explodes. The kinetic energy of the impact is almost identical to that of a bullet, but there is no penetration.

Common injuries on mortals are broken bones and tissue damage. On Meta-humans, it's highly similar to being hit with a high-caliber shell.

  • Paralysis rounds- Aeron's other means of non-lethal ammunition is his paralysis rounds, which are, more correctly, a very small syringe housed in a shell casing. Inside this syringe is a small amount of Tetrodotoxin, which, at higher amounts, can be lethal, though the amount in the syringe is non-lethal. The toxin in the needle can cause temporary paralysis in most normal circumstances. Aeron seldom uses these rounds, for fear that they -will- end up killing someone, though he always has them on hand. He obtained the toxin for these through less-than-legal means.


Different tools Aeron uses in his line of work. Some of these he takes in favor of others.

  • Cryogenic explosives- Aeron possesses several cryogenic-based explosive devices. Most notably are his cryo charges, which act similarly to a block of C4 explosives, though on a smaller scale. Aeron made these for the soul purpose of fighting Starspawn, though he uses them to subdue villains at times. He can link multiple charges together to make a bigger explosion.
  • Thermite charges- Aeron also owns thermite charges, which he uses when needing extreme heat. They are covered with an adhesive, allowing them to be stuck on most items. They can also be remotely detonated.
  • Flashbangs- Standard, used for disorientation.


Since his kidnapping and due to the memory imprints, seeking help from places, and some online videos, Aeron's been trained to some extent. Below is a list of what he knows.

  • Basic combat training- Training similar to that which the United States Marines go through. From firearms, to squad combat and movement, and the like. Still, though. While it's been imprinted, he hasn't physically been through the exact training, and, as such, one may be able to use that to their advantage when facing him, in some way. He also didn't go through any advanced training. (I.E., Explosive Ordnance, special forces or what have you.)
  • Aikido- Another imprint would be that of Aikido and its techniques. This was taught to him to allow a way to deal with opponents without seriously injuring them. His skill is at an adept level.
  • Bojutsu- Aeron learned Bojutsu during a three month long trip to Indonesia, and has been receiving videos, diagrams and the like from the one that taught him since then. His skill is at an intermediate level.
  • Others- Aeron has also learned or been imprinted with basic Krav Maga, Jiu-jitsu and Judo. In addition, he seeks help with his fighting styles wherever he can get it, and is still learning. Another would be Boxing.


Aeron has a fairly large amount of funds from a trust fund that was unlocked by his Father after Aeron received his genetic enhancements. He uses these funds to purchase more gear, enhance his living quarters, or to help others that need it.

Allies (WiP!)

Below is a list of Aeron's friends, associates, and allies, in no particular order.

  • Anarchy- Despite some occasions, Aeron considers Veronica a friend of his. He looks up to her, occasionally for guidance, training or help. Anarchy is, also his boss.
  • Divael- Though they may fight occasionally, or get under eachothers skin, Aeron, again, considers Natasha a friend.
  • Black Knight- More of an ally, though he does get along some with Steven. Aeron trusts him, atleast enough that he isn't wary with Knight watching his back.


  • Deadhead- A gangster-turned-assassin, Deadhead was the cause of several murders (however low profile) in Westside. Responsible for the death of Aeron's mother and sister, after months of research and tracking the assassin, Aeron caught up with him. Arriving at a warehouse that served as the assassin's base, Aeron found the man. After a fierce firefight and then fistfight, thanks to Aeron's healing factor, he was successful. Seeking revenge, Aeron executed Deadhead on the spot, and then proceeded to hang the mans corpse up from the rafters, not bothering to clean up after himself-- he left it clear that it was him, even going so far as writing a note and leaving it on Deadhead's corpse. The note read: Deserved it. - Aeron.

Others Opinions

"He sings a lot and likes music. He seems very friendly and will be a great part of the team, I totally bet!" - Heartbeat

"He has great ideas. Like attaching a grenade launcher to his guns. That being said, he could stand to be less toxic socially."-Prankenstein

"We are not entirely...fond...of Aeron. His personality is abrasive, he is rather...cocky, and we do not like his...singing." / "Aeron? He's okay, though I really wish he wouldn't sing on the comms so much! He's a total freaking dink sometimes, though...what a goober." -Galactigal / Samantha, respectively

"Aeron's a dork. I like dorks." -Bloodline



(Post here at your hearts content!)


He moisturizes twice a day, every day.

He carries a bag of Doritos with him everywhere.

He still plays his Xbox, under the gamertag CrypticDuster.

He has four MMO subscriptions, all of which he plays.

His computers have a number of viruses on them from various sources.

He is left handed.

He's a little self-conscious when it comes to his cybernetic.

He has a collection of old music.

He is afraid of sewers.

He reads comic books.

He watches alot of television.

RP Hooks

Need a Mercenary? Contact Aeron!

Wanting Aeron to answer for what he did to Deadhead? Contact me @Atzet to set something up!


Many thanks to @Stone1602 for giving me permission to use the impact rounds!

As a general notice, the player doesn't really know much about fighting or anything. Apologies if some of the moves seem lackluster.