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Player: @PoochieHellhound
Bloodline's first form as a teenager living in Westside.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 10
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Eduardo Crezca
Known Aliases: Bloodline
Gender: M
Species: Human/Mutant/Cyborg (Depending on form)
Ethnicity: Latin-American
Place of Birth: Millenium City
Base of Operations: A basement in Westside
Relatives: Father: Jorge Crezca (mutant), Helena Crezca (Non-superpowered human)
Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Complexion: Tan, hard as steel skin
Physical Build: Muscular, teenager
Physical Features: His native form generally wears a beanie and baggy clothes.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Student
Occupation: Student
Education: Currently in High School
Marital Status: None
Known Powers and Abilities
The ability to call on any ancestor or descendant to take his place, the strength and wisdom of all in his bloodline that he knows.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A heavy weapon (Depends on form)
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Eduardo Crezca was born on Mercy Hospital at the 16th of June 1995, three years after the destruction of Detroit. His parents had survived the destruction only thanks to his father's powers, the ability to absorb energy and turn it into matter, growing larger as he does so. He had saved his wife Helena from certain demise by absorbing the gunfire from Destroids and using his newly-acquired strength to fight off the Mega-Destroids one-on-one.

The Early Years

Ed was always a nice child. During kindergarten and elementary school he was often bullied by the older kids. His father was often out stopping crime, so he hardly ever saw him. For this reason, he was left without a father figure, and he filled that void with tales of other superheroes, especially the mighty Ironclad. All his life he wished he was like his father, like those other superheroes, and able to protect the weak, rather than being the weak one himself. But his parents were adamant in their belief that the mutated gene had not transferred to him from his father, and he was powerless.

However, conflicting with these claims, Ed evolved quickly, much like his father. he could walk before he was 6 months old, and at the age of one and a half he already knew how to speak, read and write. Physical tests indicated that his shape was good, but not extraordinary. Thanks to these things, he was a very bright child in school. He took special interest in history and the scientific subjects. He liked to spend his free time with researching historical persons and phenomena. Consequently, no one was surprised when he decided to study to become a historian.

Discovering his ancestors

The Shining Knight

The day had come when they were going to do genealogy, and Ed was very excited. He didn't know much about his ancestors, and he couldn't wait to know what great deeds they'd done. He took his seat and listened to the teacher as she explained the process of genealogical research. She researched about her ancestor from the medieval times. A tailor of great renown, apparently she tailored clothes for the nobles of her area.

After that, the class was left to do research on their own ancestors. Ed swiftly executed the steps that the teacher had shown earlier, finding page after page of information about a man known only as The Shining Knight - a knight that was not like the other ones. Instead of riding into war with other kingdoms or executing the king's orders, The Shining Knight would wander the streets of the grander cities, apprehending lowly thieves and burglars. He was not above the law, nor did he let it hinder him in his quest. He did whatever was necessary for the task before him. He was loved by the citizens, and despised by the nobles, but he helped keeping order in the kingdom.

As Ed found this information, he started feeling weird. As if something was surging into him, rapidly and violently. This something didn't stop there, but once it had surged into him it urged to burst out, sort of like he was going to explode. He looked around, and noticed that his whole class was staring at him. Apparently he was twitching and moaning uncontrollably. So he ran. Out of the school, homewards, he ran. And that's when it all went black.

Ed woke up in his own bed. Looking at a calendar, it was the next day, and he had no memory of how he'd gotten there or about anything that had happened the day before, except the genealogy lesson. The television was on, and the news reporter was talking without showing much interest.

"A strange man has been going around Westside in full medieval armor, stopping burglars and robbers in the streets. Witnesses claim that he's calling himself The Shining Knight. An new hero on the..."

Wait. The Shining Knight? The Shining Knight? Ed raised the volume of the TV, and observed the screen very carefully. It showed footage of a muscular man in a steel armor defeating thugs with a broadsword. He looked like he'd been picked up right from the Dark Ages. The Shining Knight... Ed turned off the TV and went upstairs, to the kitchen.


Ed thought little of the incident in the coming weeks. He didn't have any more blackouts, but he did see some more news reports about the Shining Knight dealing justice in Westside during the nights. He also couldn't shake an imaginary voice of a medieval knight out of his head. Was he going mad?

He soon noticed that his strength has increased in an odd fashion. In a very short time, his physical strength and stamina more than doubled. Soon, his father sat down and spoke to him, for a talk that he'd been prepared for ever since he knew he was having a child. He confronted him about if his powers had manifested. Ed told him about The Shining Knight and the blackout, and that he's become stronger later. This puzzled his father a little, and he didn't ask any further questions.

A few days later, a new kid started Ed's class. His name was Ai tan Wei, and his family came from China. He was just as interested in genealogy and just as nerdy as Ed himself, and as such he befriended him. One day Ai tan told Ed about a legend that had been passed down through generations in his family, and he'd never told it to anyone before. It was about a man who farmed by day, and fought crime at night. He was much like the ninjas of the time, only not employed by anyone.

It wasn't until Ed had come home that day that it started to happen. The medieval voice in his head had been shouting all the way back, things like "Someone's coming, lad. Mayhaps they can make you listen to me.". And once he was almost at his house, it hit him. Just as bad as what had happened only a few weeks before. Only this time he didn't wake up in bed. He woke up in a black room. It was impossible to know how big it was. In there was no one, but a knight. The Shining Knight. In the middle of the room was an orb, a large orb, and in that orb Ed could see his house. Then his yard. Then the road. It was as if he was looking through someone else's eyes. Like he was looking through his own eyes. "That's not your eyes, lad." said the knight, as if he could hear his thoughts. "It's the eyes of the guy who just arrived. A chinese fellow, it looked like."

The chinese guy, calling himself Farmer, was discovered by Ed's mother, who had seen what had transpired. She tried to attack him with a frying pan, but the chinese man returned to Ed's brain and sent Ed back before she could.

The appearance of Farmer had helped Ed understand his own powers better. He now knew who the people in his head are and where his strength is coming from. He did not, however, understand where they're coming from, or why they are particularly appearing. He understood that it has to do with their stories, so his father tried to help him to get his great grandfather into his head, but to no avail. Ed was still confused.


Farmer, however, was not. He had a message for him. One of a relative from the future, one of Ed's descendants. How Farmer knew that, Ed couldn't make him say. He just said "I know... because I'm supposed to know." Whatever that means.

Farmer lead Ed to a place quite a bit outside Millenium City. There, in a very small crater, Ed could find a pod. Inside that pod was a story. A story about a physicist who immortalized himself through placing his central nerve system in a complex robot built to keep him alive. And as such, a robot physicist had also inhabited his brain. For once, though, he never broke through to the real world. "Oh, it seems our plan worked perfectly, didn't it Farmer?!" said a voice in his head. And then he could feel Farmer nodding. Ed was still very confused, but he was becoming quite strong by now, and as such his father allowed him to come with him on missions and patrols, under the codename Bloodline.

Quincy Quickdraw, Vinuhita & Harnulf Bjornulfsson

V1CT0R could explain to Ed how his powers work more exactly. Apparently, he needed to find out about a certain event in the relative's life to gain contact with him. So, after he knew that, he tried again to add his great grandfather into his head. After going through several important events of his life with his father, they found the one that did it. The one where Quincy was given the mission to infiltrate the Purple Gang.

Using the same method, they gathered a more ancient relative, but one that his father knew well. Vinuhita, a prince over a south american tribe in the 12th century, had been a renowned member of their bloodline for quite some time thanks to his status. It took some digging, however, to find out that the tribe's shaman bestowed upon him an armor and a club of solid rock to use to protect himself, and that was the information that did it.

Bloodline was much more at peace, knowing about what his powers were all about. He could sleep at night, for the first time in a very long time. Some of his dreams were a bit unpleasant, though. Once, he dreamed that he ran in a forest, away from something, towards the voice of his father, shouting his name. "Ed! Eddie! Come 'ere!". Suddenly, a figure appeared before him, but it was too misty to see who it was. As he stopped before it, he noticed that it was the one who had been calling, and it wasn't his father.

It was The Shining Knight.

"Eddie! I've been waiting for you to..." The shadow that had been following Ed appeared from the forest, only to swiftly be slain by the Shining Knight's sword. "I do love doing that. So, Eddie, if you could wake up that would be of greatest interest to me. I want you to do something." Ed woke up at that, and The Shining Knight spoke in his head. "The relatives you have found are good men, lad, however, they are no warriors. I want another warrior up here to speak with. Can you do that, boy?" "Um... Maybe? I dunno where to look..." Then he realised the long family tree of Scandinavians on his mother's side. Maybe he could find someone there.

And yes, in his mother's family tree he found Harnulf Bjornulfsson, a viking who was well known in his area for power as well as nobility. As he learned that he had spared an enemy of the vikings, and it ended better for the vikings as a whole, the man appeared in his head as well.


The Shining Knight

Reluctant to call himself anything other than The Shining Knight, he lays down his sword on thieves and other wrong-doers. He prefers to spare his foes, but doesn't hesitate to destroy their lives otherwise, through maiming them or ruining their economic or social status.


An accomplished physicist from the early 2100's, he decided to immortalise his genius by building an android that can contain and sustain his brain as long as it's powered by certain metals. His preferred method of defeating his enemies is through the use of technology, but when cornered he will gladly pull out his mechano-powered hammer for a spin.

Harnulf Bjornulfson

The most powerful and savage viking of his time, he would even go against other vikings if they were out of line. Which they weren't often, unless they had considerable power themselves, for Harnulf was feared all over the land for his power, and most importantly, respected for his nobility. He has been seen dropping his weapon against an enemy of the vikings once they were defenseless and begging for mercy, something that was rare in a viking.

Lil' Quincy Quickdraw

The fastest pistol in Westside during the middle 1900's, he was the Purple Gang's most respected member. Little did they know that he was working for the MCPD behind their backs, infiltrating their lines while supplying the police force with whatever they need to shut down their criminal activity. He was never discovered, though, because no one dared confront him, even when unarmed. His punch was not to be trifled with.


A quiet fellow, we know him only as Farmer. He seems to hail from ancient China, and uses a scythe both for harvesting crops and battling criminals. Once he makes sure they won't hurt anyone anymore, he simply disappears from the scene without a word, or a sound.


Vinuhita is a prince of a South American indian tribe in the 12th century. The shaman of his tribe foretold death and pain in his future, and as such, he appealed to the gods of Earth to bestow upon him an armor and a club, both made of solid rock.


Any comments from other heroes here.

"We do not know much...about Eduardo, but we find be a very interesting individual. We are...not sure how he manages it, but able to replace himself with others...from different points in time. We wonder...if Eduardo himself is time-lost or...not." / "Ed's cool! I can kind of relate to him, what with him being able to hear other people in his head, just like with me and Gal! I think..." - Galactigal/Samantha, respectively

"He's a great guy!! I like how he has all these ancestors that he can change into. I hope he's ok when that happens? Does it hurt him? I don't know but I do know he can be very powerful and wise." - Heartbeat

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