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Silver medal T.png
The Galactic Siren
Idol of a hundred worlds
I will not sit idle while galaxies burn.
Player: @Trinitite
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Ally of Star*Guard, Star Watch, Intergalactic Gladiatorial Circuit, Malva
Real Name
The Galactic Siren
March 1893
Tilgandis, Malva
Milky Way Galaxy
The Golden Frontier
Idol, Superstar, Tourist, Gladiator, Galactic Hero
Legal Status
Suspected ban on return to Malva
Marital Status
Out of Your League
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
20 (119)
Body Type
Malvan Red
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing eyes, gold hued skin, sometimes has starburst design over right eye, obviously not human
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Energy Constructs
· Equipment ·
Ship: The Golden Frontier, Some potentially dangerous alien technology - the extent of the threat this poses is unknown
· Other Abilities ·
Music, diplomacy, Public Relations

Personality & Appearance

Youthful, vibrant, and with an easy, comforting smile that is so practiced it has become second nature. The Siren is a tall woman standing at six feet, her features well defined and perfectly symmetrical, and her form just what one would expect of a race that had perfected genetic manipulation. Her hair is worn long and often loose, a traditional warm Malvan red that compliments the glow of golden skin.

Aliona is a creature of many faces. The idol, the warrior, the person, all being among a few of those that she wears. She presents herself in public with care, practiced gestures and subtle phrases meant to play off the expectations and hopes of others, to engender loyalty and appreciation in fans. It is all part of the act, the presentation, and making an impression that lasts. Possessed of a practiced calm, she rarely loses her temper publicly as to avoid any debacles that might result. Sometimes however, the kind and collected diplomat and star can be cast aside and diplomacy isn't needed, but an impression still must be made. Depending on the affair, she's more than willing to add as much flash and glitz to the presentation, bringing with her wild energy, excitement, and unconquerable confidence. When she hits the stage, the other mask falls away.

Despite what she presents, there's a lot more going on in Aliona's head than most would realize. Vapidness and just the right amount of clueless charm might be used to put people off-guard, and hides behind it a sharp and considerable intellect. She may play to expectations, but those do not define who she is. She's a social chameleon who has learned to work her magic on numerous worlds and with numerous cultures. When among those few she feels comfortable enough to be herself, she can be much more serious and glimpses of a substantial melancholy that she keeps buried deep emerge; problems with her homeworld, the galaxy as a whole, and her legacy all weighing heavy on the Siren. She does maintain a certain carefree attitude however, and generous kindness that is not just for show.


The Siren's most recognized attire after her arrival on Earth, and a common look used at many performances

Growing up on Malva

"I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way!" ~Lady Gaga, highly suspected of being an alien.

Born from birthing machines like most Malvans, Aliona was raised by nanny-bots and given the same sort of education that all Malvan's receive. She never knew her parents and as far as she is concerned, really has no interest in ever meeting them. That's the way things go on Malva, they probably have better things to do than a family reunion and so does she. She spent many of the early years of her youth enjoying the various splendors of her planet, the considerable pleasures and experiences that it had to offer, and she did so in excess, like most Malvans. Growing up in Tilgandis, she was exposed to art, literature, and music even more-so than most Malvans, and she dove into it with a great deal of enthusiasm. There were so many wonders to behold on Malva, so many things to appreciate, but it began to wear on her. Strangely, she didn't suffer the same boredom and apathy that possesses most of her people, instead this was replaced with a sense of wonder about other things; the rest of the universe and the place her home held within it. Malva had been an incredible galactic empire, and now it was a shadow of its former glory. Why had it become this way, why had the Phazor let it decline, why did no one care? She had so many questions, but the answers were nowhere to be found.

Inspiration and Ambition

"There's something about her, a spark that I haven't seen in her fellows for thousands of years. I suppose that is why I tolerate what she puts me through...." ~Aliona's Ship, Golden Frontier

Desiring to see her questions answered, Aliona became a devoted student of history and music, delving deeply into Malva's richly recorded history, taking advantage of their extensive museums and incredible cultural legacy. The deeper she dug the greater it pained her however, there was so much that no one knew anymore, so much that no one cared about. Malvans in general were only interested in the latest fads, the newest trends, and every now and then something from Malva's rich history might resurface, maybe a fashion trend or a particular brand of literature, but there was so much that was untouched. Malva as a civilization had burried and forgotten more achievements than many civilizations might accrue during their entire existence.

She became enamored by old tales and songs, committing to memory the great early works of Thaluscan literature, as well as old ballads and songs, she memorized, gathered, and collected as much as she could manage on Malva's creative legacy. It was through this that she found inspiration and a need to create something new, a need to add to the legacy, and a desire to see it remembered and reborn through something new and special.

Growing up in Tilgandis had conditioned her to what it would take to become a great artist, and in Malva's past she saw potential for its future, she saw the beginnings of her inspiration. Her understanding of the flux of Malvan trends was also incredibly keen, especially when it came in the form of drawing from other cultures. Of special interest to her was Earth music, specifically the Beatles and the emerging genre of protest rock. Through music she could bring the past back, through music she could make Malva care again.

The Galactic Siren

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music" ~Jimi Hendrix

Aliona by Avionetca.png

Aliona earned her name as 'The Galactic Siren' rather swiftly. Her blend of ancient Malvan music styles and songs with modern emerging trends and a touch of Earth music was something new and fresh that Malva hadn't seen before. Her early work was more simple, but for every feel-good tune she wrote, there was another that was deeply cerebral, with complex metaphors and references to a history forgotten. Due to this, her work acquired an extremely broad appeal that catapulted her to stardom. Influence on Malva alone wasn't enough though, she traveled to the worlds that composed the fading empire and sang of unity and a future, she toured the finest luxury worldships, she reveled in her fame and through it she felt like her dreams might actually be realized.

Her music evolved with the trends on Earth, and she embraced the spirit of music as a form of protest, initially doing so in support of Terala Shain's movement to see corruption purged from the gladiatorial games. Aliona wove songs about promising young gladiators who were unjustly and unfairly brought low just to please the crowd, of loves born in the arena and torn apart, and of the splendor that had once been. She passionately threw herself into her work, but this initial move at protest was eventually brought low when Shain's attempts were mysteriously silenced and the movement dissipated.

In the human year of 1977 an event transpired that would have an incredible impact on her career, when the Sirians attempted to invade Malva, the invasion crushed without effort. What followed the failed invasion was terrible, as a single Malvan worldship pressed a counter-attack against the Sirian homeworld and drove the already dying world past the brink, annihilating most of Siria's population. The Sirians whose world was already dying, had attacked Malva in desperation, in need of their technology to save their own species from extinction. The destruction that was brought upon Siria was without excuse, and an incredibly poignant example of why Malva needed to renew its understanding and connections with the rest of the Galaxy. If diplomatic channels had been open, if Malva was actually interested in the greater good of the Galaxy, the Sirians wouldn't have been driven to extinction, and their world could have been saved instead of burned. In a daring gambit, The Galactic Siren made the most famous and infamous move of her life as a public figure.

"Fading stars, fading stars, the light of my world grows dim. My heart, my life, so far from me...none to hold my hand as light ceases to be." ~Aliona, Lament for a Fading Star.

Broadcast in holographic form in the skies of each world of the Malvan Empire, appearing on the screens of nearly every luxury worldship, she conducted a masterwork performance that would enrage many, and bring millions to tears. The song Lament for a Fading Star is one of the most controversial works of art in recent memory on Malva. The song and performance focused upon the struggle of a dying species to survive, and the apathy of an all-powerful people that snuffed them out. Lament was about more than just this, and was laden with symbolism and detail about the wrongs that Malva had committed upon others due to this arrogance, contrasting it with the empire's once glorious past, and how they had gone from stalwart protectors against threats like the Elder Worms, to lethargic destroyers, who snuffed out lesser cultures without care or concern. The impact on Malva was great, but the other worlds of the Empire were where it was felt greatest. Aliona became a hero to non-Malvans in the empire, especially those that had suffered or felt as if their rights had been infringed upon, and disenfranchised aliens took to the streets, making their dissatisfaction known. The Fading Star riots have been a topic of interest to Malvan political enthusiasts ever since, and though Lament for a Fading Star remains banned in the Empire, that hasn't entirely stopped some Malvans and many others from listening to it. To many this song and to some extents Aliona is a symbol for change and hope in the stagnant and decadent world of Malvan politics. A commentary on the events of the Sirian Extermination and the failing (or lack) of Malvan foreign-policy, the song earned Aliona a slap on the wrist from the Phazor who was not the least bit amused by the rabble-rousing that this caused.

Aliona suffered a severe backlash after performing Lament for a Fading Star, and the Phazor's displeasure was made clearly known. She now knew how earth musicians who had tried to use music to change the world felt and she had fared no better. She continued to perform on Malva and elsewhere but her work became increasingly tame and catered to what the masses wanted, as she could no longer risk another inflammatory song. Distressed and feeling defeated, she began to sink into a depression, numbly going through the motions of life on Malva like everyone else.

Old Wisdom and a New Frontier

"Sometimes it seems like everyone thinks you're wrong, but deep inside you know you're right. Its not a good feeling, you feel alone, and cold, lost floating in the deepest part of space. But if you look hard enough, you'll find you aren't the only one that thinks that way, you'll realize that everything you've done is right and justified, and that is the greatest feeling in the universe." ~Aliona to Golden Frontier after meeting with the Wisdom Stones

"I'm not sure what they told her, but the change after she left those caves was remarkable. I knew then that things were going to be different, I knew then that I had to see her through on this journey. I was built for great things, and that greatness is no longer something that is behind me." ~ Golden Frontier, before leaving Malva

Aliona spent the next twenty years in and out of depression, moving from one trend to the next, her music devolving from works of substance to a much more manufactured brand of Malvan Super-pop. She still remained popular as long as she surfed the waves of trends, though her popularity abroad began to drop off. The only time she found herself feeling alive again was when she had the chance to perform off-world, though much of it was rehashing old material or new versions of older works redone to fit her new pop style; there weren't anywhere near enough of these performances to keep her sated however. Her touring dwindled, and soon she only performed on Malva; like her home she no longer mattered elsewhere in the galaxy.

Aliona never would have pulled herself from this situation if pity hadn't been taken upon her plight, pity from someone who had been observing her closely during this time. This someone was the AI of Apollyon's ship AI, Aeternum. Aeternum had been engaged in conversation with the AI of Frontier and convinced it to relay a message and deliver a data package to Aliona anonymously. What Aliona received was a series of videos and holo-photography of various sites spanning the empire during the Fading Suns Riot and concert, all of it re-arranged to the music in a poignant presentation. At the end of it all was a quote from herself, "I draw inspiration from the galaxy around me, from the wonderful things other worlds have created, and the rich and glorious past of my own." She realized then she couldn't give up. Once more she decided to look to the past.

Travel to the Wisdom Stones for guidance was an old Malvan tradition, one that was rarely practiced anymore, the stones having little want to say anything to the majority of the citizens dwelling on the homeworld; the majority of the citizens taking no interest in the stones themselves either. Aliona went and met with them, she sought counsel and what she was told shored her decision. She returned to Golden Frontier with spring in her step and a goal in mind. She would leave Malva behind and head out to the stars, she would make a difference in the galaxy as a whole, and through this, she would eventually make a difference at home. She would have to start smaller to bring about such big changes this time.

Once more Aliona began to write and perform on worlds throughout the empire and beyond. She began several new tours, and eventually she would find her way to the planet that so much of her inspiration was drawn from, she would visit Earth.

Powers & Abilities

Only the imagination of the user limits the Forge Star's application.

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

  • The Forge Star:
    An ancient and formidable weapon created before the Great War with the Elder Worm that raged for thousands of years. Six Forge Stars originally existed, hidden throughout the galaxy in secret locations guarded by the enigmatic Triumvirate, the remaining keepers of this monumental force for good (or possibly evil). Though the Forge Stars have remained inactive for thousands of years, at least one has been knowingly reactivated, the locations of the other two still secret for now. Even if someone did find one of the ancient weapons, accessing it would prove to be an exceptionally difficult and dangerous task, if not impossible without gaining the blessings of the Triumvirate and passing a series of dangerous trials. The power of a Forge Star is not so easily claimed.

The Forge Star itself is quite literally, a star, or was one thousands of years ago before its energies were harnessed. Each Forge Star is built around a star that has been forcibly collapsed to the point of hypernova. At this point, the hypernova star was captured within a new housing using Malvan dimension warping technology and locked perpetually in this state. The process would be exceptionally dangerous to even try and replicate and could result in the destruction of the star's local system, as well as a potential threat to outlying worlds due to long range gamma radiation bursts, which could cause mass extinction on unprepared planets. Due to this, the creation of Forge Stars was by no means a process that was approached with frivolity, it was not a trivial affair. Instead, Forge Stars were only created in systems where a star would soon be approaching a supernova state on its own, the Malvans simply accelerated and focused this process with a forced collapse, creating a contained hypernova instead. This protected other nearby systems in the Empire that could have otherwise suffered, as well as allied and neutral alien worlds. Once the hypernova was contained, it was utilized to power a rather unique weapon used by Golden Hunters in the Worm War.

  • Energy Constructs: Once imbued with the power of a Forge Star, the user is able to wield its energies in an incredible variety of ways. Though this does not mean having the full extent of the Star's energies, as its meant to power multiple imbued, not just one. The energy of the star can be shaped by the user's imagination and will; the more creative the individual, the more flexible and potentially powerful this tool becomes. By shaping this energy, hard-light constructs can be created and projected by the imbued in chosen form and function, as complex or simple as the user is able to feasibly comprehend. During the war, imbued Golden Hunters acted as considerable force multiplier, shielding vessels and often simulating their weapons and sometimes even the ships themselves; such an act would take considerable focus and understanding of the ship's systems and weapons that most wouldn't possess, a feat most likely impossible for the vast majority of contemporary Malvans. Creation and use of these constructs takes a great degree of focus from the wielder and the simpler what is made, the easier it is to use and the less focus is needed, the more complex what is being constructed, the more mental focus it is likely to take. Due to this, especially creative and willful candidates are the preferred receivers of imbuement.
  • Flight/Persistent Protection: Rather simply achieved through technology no more obtrusive than a piece of jewelry, this isn't exactly a miraculous achievment, however being imbued does grant the ability for flight. More impressive is the capacity for deep space flight that it also allows, protecting the imbued from the peril of vacuum. By using the energy to shield themselves and potentially even others, it can also allow for much faster travel through space, without the aid of a ship. In addition to this, the same persistent protection that allows one to survive in space also makes them more durable than they would otherwise be, acting as a form of shielding that is always active. This shielding while beneficial, is not enough on its own to ward off most dedicated attacks, and nothing compared to the defensive potential that constructs can provide.

Malvan Technology

Though she still possesses these devices Aliona is much less reliant on some of them than she was before being imbued by the Triumvirate and the Forge Star. She does still utilize some for performances, but can otherwise do without them in conflict.



Not quite what you'd expect from Earth mics, this Malvan marvel comes packed with an array of wondrous features. A golden cylindrical device akin in appearance to a sci-fi laser sword made popular in movies, it can capture the user's vocal work and amplify it to appropriate levels, achieving perfect balance no matter the surrounding harmonics. Dimensional Space Warping technology allows for all audience members within a targeted area to hear the performance as if they had the best seat in the house, even in the case of an open-air auditorium. In addition to this it has a particularly incredible broadcast range, allowing her to link up with her ship, for even longer range broadcasting; the mic also has a built in full 3-dimensional visual relay. When activated it captures the actions of the wielder from all angles, processing the best possible dramatic shots for display in a variety of widely used galactic holographic display formats.

But wait, there's more! Being an adventuring songstress can sometimes be dangerous, so its always wise to make sure you have something to defend yourself with on hand. Able to magnify sound waves to debilitating or extremely damaging effect in the form of focused or larger blasts, it can pack a significant punch when needed. On command, the mic can also re-route power for a secondary weapon function, creating an energy construct blade out of one end of the device for defense in close-quarters; very much like the aforementioned laser swords. Both capable of being deadly or simply incapacitating, its a handy tool for the Malvan that doesn't have time to go for a proper weapon. All things considered, this amazing mic is the perfect accessory for intergalactic musical performances, or when crazed fan-bots rush the stage.

Instant Wardrobe

A must for the fashion conscious, this device allows for the creation of any outfit, anywhere, at nearly any time; simply by describing it, the desired fashion masterpiece will flicker into existence over the user's form, replacing their current garb with it. In addition to this, you can store designs you're fond of for later access, establishing a favorites list of all your best. This can help make certain that you always look your best and always have the right look for the right situation. Of course, the discerning Malvan fashionista still keeps a physical wardrobe full of exotic clothing, so the instant wardrobe hasn't quite eliminated this need. It can replicate these outfits however, with a simple scan adding them to its database. Sometimes however, only the real thing will do. Some Malvans take great pride in their ability to discern who is wearing an instant outfit at a formal gathering and who actually put the effort into getting the real deal; the former can be a huge faux pas that you might never live down!

  • The instant wardrobe can also establish basic personal shields, or allow its user to survive in vacuum without the need for an unfashionable bubblehelm...unless of course those are back in vogue.

PAD Sphere

Personal Assistant Drone

The Personal Assistant Drone Sphere (PADS) is a must-have for the important Malvan on the go, though it is a hearkening back to earlier days, as more advanced PA devices certainly do exist, but the quirk and charm of the drones is something that has come back into fashion, almost as if they were a new form of pet. The option exists to load any number of pre-fabricated AIs or to build your own based off of your own personal tastes by selecting a number of options. For those Malvans in possession of a ship, the AI of the vessel can establish a link to the device through which its own perception can be enhanced along with its ability to assist the owner. Each PADS unit can be loaded with options best suited to the needs of its individual user, though all of them come with long-distance information relays, 3d recording devices, personal transporter relays, and defense options. In the case of Aliona, hers has been set up with the following:

  • 3d Holographic Grid Construction: Allows for establishing holo-grids in areas that otherwise lack them, key for impromptu performances or addressing the masses.
  • Cloaking System: Envelops the drone in a cloaking field
  • Uplink: Allows simultaneous uplinking with her ship, Golden Frontier, for the AI to easily manage both at once. This also allows the drone to link up its recording and projection data with larger grids, for multi-world performances.
  • Personal Defense Grid construction - Enhanced Shield system
  • Ran by Golden Frontier's AI

Ship - Golden Frontier

The Golden Frontier was a ship originally purposed for warfare during the great struggle with the Elder Worms that lasted for thousands of years. Due to this the AI has seen many conflicts and has a considerable wealth of information concerning Malva's wartime history, as well as a considerable repertoire of hands-on knowledge about space warfare. Able to react faster than (normal) sentients, Malvan AIs can be exceptionally formidable opponents in space combat, especially with the incredible firepower that these warships can bring to bear. That said however, the Frontier is a ship no longer in its prime as far as the conducting of war is concerned, though that is not to suggest that it isn't dangerous by any means, the vessel's now limited arsenal still enough to leave most planetary civilizations envious.

Prior to Aliona's acquiring of the Golden Frontier, the military vessel had been refitted as a luxury craft for interplanetary travel, doing away with a significant portion of the old armament in favor of increasing living space and other amenities that Malvans would find desirable when gallivanting across the stars. Luckily for the stripped down vessel, Aliona's needs weren't much more demanding than your usual Malvan, and her support needs as an intergalactic entertainer could already be met by the computer systems, though being in the service of a songstress that would rather use diplomacy rather than vaporizing an insignificant enemy is something the AI is still getting used to. Despite losing a large portion of its original armament, the spacecraft still has the following:

  • 2 Malvan Getha-Beam w/ 100,000km range
  • 2 Malvan Kinetic Projector Batteries (4 projectors total), for close ship-to-ship combat and hull penetration
  • Sentient Malvan Missile Pods; self-reliant fire-and-forget swarm missiles capable of covering hundreds of kilometers in combined blasts
  • Malvan Starship Force-Shield
  • 1 Tractor Beam
  • Teleportation Matrix


  • Focus: Wielding the power of the Forge Star is no easy task. If Aliona can't keep her focus, due to stress, or other reasons, it becomes much more difficult to create effective complex constructs, in those cases having to resort to simpler and often much more direct applications instead, which can often be countered more easily. Under exceptional stress, she may not be able to utilize the power at all, unable to concentrate well enough to bring it to bear.

  • Celebrity: Perhaps not thought a weakness by some, Aliona is not allowed to have much of a private life. Her personal relationships are not secret and if they are, they aren't for long. She may not be as active a celebrity as of late as she has been in the past, but information on her isn't exactly difficult to come by, especially if you can get off Earth. Tracking the Siren down is not a difficult task in the slightest.

  • Never Saw it Coming: The power the Forge Star grants is incredible, and through clever use of constructs it can establish a daunting defense for the user. Though it does grant some level of unconscious protection as well, the same persistent shielding that protects the user in deep space, it is not quite as impressive as that of bricks or exceptionally sturdy super-heroes. If not wearing armor, something many traditionally didn't bother with, given they could easily and quickly create their own armor at will should it be needed, the Imbued is potentially vulnerable if caught off-guard. They cannot protect themselves from that which they do not expect. The element of surprise is a powerful advantage.

Recent History

The K'zthkindi Invasion & the World of Vahr

Seeking excitement, Aliona joined on with the fight on the front-lines against the K'zthkindi Invasion from the Andromeda galaxy and the mysterious forces behind it. Initially looking to only help provide transport out to the Star*Guard base on Europa, she decided to stay in for the long-haul and help however she could. In addition to actually partaking in missions, she helped by conducting morale boosting events for the star*guard and their many allies wherever and however she could, this included a number of promotional pin-ups as well as several morale concerts for the war effort.

At one point the inhospitable world of Vahr and its warring peoples were threatened by the path of the K'zthkindi ship. The Vahrians were unable to come to peaceful terms to allow for a complete evacuation of the planet, and when conflict once more broke out between them, Aliona helped to bring the battle that would have brought doom upon their people to a halt with an impromptu mesmerizing performance. While the rest of the heroes went and engaged the K'zthkindi directly afterwards, her ship the Golden Frontier joined in the battle. Aliona herself remained behind with the Vahrians to help negotiate and usher in peace between the two groups.

The Song of Battle, 2012

"Blackmail or a daring new popularity stunt? Whether its through coercion or choice, the Galactic Siren's surprise appearance in the Forum Malvanum not only as the opening act of a new season but the opening fight has generated a storm of controversy and conversation! Has the Siren's career hit rock bottom, is she looking for that next boost in popularity? Has she finally gotten tired of life as a musical sensation? Whatever the case may be, Aliona's presence is sure to turn heads and draw in even bigger crowds to the Malvanum! ~Glebok Blenglard, Interstellar Journalist"

Due to an unfortunate deal with Tateklys to avoid potential ire from her homeworld, Aliona agreed to join the ranks of gladiators in the Forum Malvanum and begin attending as not only a musical guest but a challenger. Part of the deal involved Aliona taking on abilities to compete, and Tateklys wanting to provide a good show, determined the form this would take. Helping shape Aliona into the kind of special guest competitor the Malvanum needed to guarantee a new draw and create new interest, the effort has worked very much in Tateklys' favor. Tateklys has remained good on his part of the bargain as well, though Aliona hasn't been too happy about the arrangement.

Star Fall

This plot is currently ongoing, check for updates here and on the CORP Website[[1]]


The Forum Malvanum



Praetor of the Lunar Games, the Malvan Tateklys (The Fashionable One) adorns himself in a style of Roman dress and is master of the Forum Malvanum on Earth's moon. The incredibly bored and practically immortal alien controls not only the games themselves but all the crime and corruption therein, and uses this to not only strengthen his own power but serve as some measure of entertainment for himself and those who watch. Unlike many Malvans, Tateklys possesses ambition and isn't content to sit idly by and do nothing, he wishes to experience new things, and the oddities of Earth's villains and heroes, especially when cast into his arena, present an all new form of entertainment to the Praetor.

Aliona's connection to Tateklys is tenuous at best, though she has met with him on several occasions and she did manage not to bore him immediately,which is at least a mildly positive sign as far as business relations between the two. Aliona sees Tateklys and the Malvanum as her potential ticket back to popularity on Malva. If she can gain fame and produce new and interesting music on Earth, the Forum (and Tateklys) is how Malvans will first take note. She's been called upon by Tateklys to perform several concerts at the Malvanum to open for a few of their big matches, and in return she's been provided with a particularly nice place to stay and treats her as if she were an honored guest. Unfortunately, the fact that she is a known to have at least once been an associate of Terala Shain's and has her own reputation as a political rabble rouser is likely part of the reason for this kind treatment, so Tateklys can keep an eye on her.

Watching the Siren closely is exactly what Tateklys did, feeding information to the Phazor and generating concern around her activities, enough for the Phaezor to bother directly retrieving information from Golden Frontier about her activities. Due to the nature of the Phazor's control over Malvan technology, the Frontier was never the wiser, though Aliona soon became well aware of what had taken place when Tateklys revealed his plot. Blackmailing the Siren, he forced her into an agreement where she would occasionally fight as a special gladiator in his arenas as well as help provide information on special prospects from Earth that could prove to be properly entertaining competitors. In exchange for this, Tateklys would bolster her popularity with Malva once more to such levels that the Phazor himself might find it unwise to intervene in her affairs. Unable to say no, Aliona surrendered to the bargain.

Story: Falling Stars - The Bargain Between Aliona and Tateklys[2]

The Star*Guard

First deciding to assist the Star*Guard during the K'thzkndi invasion, Aliona has since been recognized as an ally of these galactic defenders. On several occasions she has been asked for her assistance, often in missions of diplomatic importance, and played a part in helping them keep the piece in various parts of the Milky Way and beyond. She is not officially connected to the organization in any capacity but has enjoyed a healthy working relationship with numerous members of the Guard in various undertakings. Aliona's association with the Guard has been prevalent enough that some members of the galactic community, for better or worse, have begun to view her as a staunch ally of the organization.

Due to this working relationship, Aliona was contacted by Marshall-Cadet Eliask concerning the formation of a new team that would operate both within the Sol sector and beyond. This group known as StarWatch is a special taskforce led by a Star*Guard Marshall tasked with bringing down an expanding criminal threat that has begun to cause chaos in surrounding sectors and has begun to bleed into Earth's as well. Taken on board as a diplomatic laiason and a symbol of hope, Aliona has been tasked with assisting this newly formed StarWatch in their mission to bring down this powerful intergalactic syndicate.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.



Bruce Parkins, the man that would become Skeletron, did not dream of becoming a super-villain. Quite the opposite, Bruce wanted to be a hero. Bruce wanted to be an astronaut. To this end he devoted his life, serving in the Air Force, becoming a crack test pilot, and eventually securing a position with NASA during the Cold-War. His dreams of seeing space would be realized on the fateful day that a secret experimental manned space flight was given the green-light to put a new propulsion system into action. He was go for lift-off.

As the spacecraft broke atmosphere, an unfortunately timed and undetected meteorite smashed into his rocket, tearing through the hull. The impressive fireball that resulted spelled the end of astronaut Bruce Parkins, at least so far as Earth knew it. As flame consumed the vessel, Bruce and the ship's remains weren't destroyed, but catapulted into space beyond the speed of light, the meteorite's impact and the strange material of its composition causing a bizarre reaction that sent him screaming (quite literally) through the great beyond. Bruce would have been quite dead, if it weren't for the fact that the meteorite felt bad for what it had done and took pity on the poor man. Composed of a sentient living metal, it encased and protected Bruce as his flesh was burnt away. What was left of Bruce was a living metal skeleton, the metal symbiote having saved his life, something he wasn't exactly thankful for.Bruce spent the next 10 years hurtling through space, alone, with only the voice of the symbiote in his head to keep him company. It was the most awful road-trip ever.

On his tenth year of floating through the void, Bruce, who had recently lost posession of that name to the symbiote due to a bet (the symbiote proved to be a canny gambler, also there was very little available to use as a wager) finally had a stroke of good fortune when he saw he was headed towards a lush green planet not unlike Earth. Not only would it be a wonderful change of scenery, but the chance of encountering sentient life (other than the symbiote who didn't talk much anymore, they had exhausted most conversation topics during their trip) was remarkably high; the fact that there was noticeable amounts of space activity outside of the planet and the many lights on its surface served as a pretty great clue as far as that was concerned. As fate would have it, the remains of his rocket were smashed into by the equivalent of a space-faring garbage barge that threw him off course, sending his rocket to the planet's moon, a galactic dumping ground.

Just My Luck, as Once Bruce called the planet (since he had no idea what the name was anyhow), was a moon that had been formed out of space debri and garbage, and initially unbeknownst to the castaway, built around massive industrial forges and assembly-lines that were long dead. It was on Just My Luck that he finally got a look at his reflection, and saw his own face after those 10 years in space; he wasn't horrified, just mildly disappointed, re-kindling his relationship with his girlfriend back on Earth was going to be impossible. In the world's skies, he could see the lines of derelict and dead vessels as they floated in orbit around the trash moon, eventually being drawn into massive deconstructor-rings that rendered the vessels into their base components, which would shower down on Just My Luck. Beyond the ring of dead ships was the lush green planet he had been denied. Every night he stared up at that world and hatred grew in his heart, and that hatred gave him purpose. He would find his way to that world, and he would make it his own.

Working with what he could find, he tried to assemble a new craft, while building himself weapons for the coming invasion. In time he would discover the great foundries of the trash-moon and reignite their flames, building weapons, robots, and eventually proper vessels to carry he and his army to the world that kept dumping its trash on his moon home. With his army built and fleet cobbled together, Once Bruce was ready, but...a soon to be emperor needed a name; he donned the name Skeletron, in reference to his new appearance, and the bevy of cybernetic improvements that he built for himself. The other world would never see it coming, and they didn't. When Skeletron arrived with his army, he discovered that the planet was already quite dead, its population wiped out by a horrible disease many years before he ever arrived in the system. The activity he could see buzzing about every night, was the automated remains of the skeleton of a once impressive civilization. At least he wasn't on the trash-moon any longer. What good however, was ruling over a dead planet. Skeletron expanded the development of his fleet and armies on the dead world and prepared for his coming conquest of the galaxy, and his eventual return to earth as a conquering hero.

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Born on a world that they killed long-ago with unending warfare, the Crog have become a nomadic warrior race that makes its way through the stars as mercenaries, pirates, and bounty hunters. Though the Crog are exceptionally dangerous on an individual level, the majority of them lack direction enough to be considered a real threat to the galaxy, unless they are properly led, the reptilian warriors otherwise content to find identity in the conflict of others or through brutal acts of piracy and raiding.

Recently, Crog ships have been gathering, and other Crog have been abandoning their jobs as mercenaries. Pirate fleets that were once enemies now have been seen working together, among smaller and faster vessels once associated with the race's bounty hunters and raiders. The Crog pillage and burn wherever they go, delighting in carnage and warfare, and in every conflict the name "Crog'Mogor!" echoes across burning skies. The glory of the Crog race ha begun to return through the efforts of this new warlord, and the galaxy may never be the same once they are done with it. Rumors suggest that Crog'Mogor is after something, and has promised his people a great power that will allow them to reclaim their lost glory. This promise and stories of Crog'Mogor's skill and ruthlessness has been enough to draw the warriors, many old enemies themselves, together and united in purpose. Without Crog'Mogor they would fall apart, but with him, the galaxy itself may burn.

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"I answered the call to war, I fought alongside brothers, I was a hero, and then I threw it all away for passion...."

During the Great War with the Elder Worm, countless Malvan heroes lost their lives in conflict that seemed to have no end, but Patroclus was not one of them, his name and deeds stricken from the records of history. Patroclus was a great warrior, one of the fabled Golden Hunters, the glittering spear of Malvan might that would pierce the heart of the Worm's unending tide. Fearless in battle and almost peerless in skill, he saw some of the greatest conflict the stars had ever seen. All of his glory would be undone in a fateful night, where out of passion and jealousy he fell upon one of his brothers in war, and murdered him over love. Spared death by his peers and commander, who his love for could now never be, Patroclus was sent into exile.

"I suffered more than you can possibly know, I saw the darkest the Worm had to offer, but that could not break me. No, the pain of my exile and the love I would never know were far greater torments than anything the Worm could ever throw at me. I fought on, it was all I had, all I knew, and my only chance at redemption."

Patroclus spent his days on the fringe of the Malvan Empire, fighting the Worm wherever he found it, sometimes joining Malvan warbands in need of a Golden Hunter's aid and disappearing before they could ever know his name, but most of the time, he fought alone. Solitude and his thoughts were his only company, the only time he was not alone was when he was surrounded by foes in battle, and for those brief moments when he was once again among brothers in arms. Word spread of the nameless Hunter's deeds and heroics, but the triumphs of a nameless man might as well have not been triumphs at all, no one would read of him when the war was done.

"I could have stopped fighting, I could have left and gone anywhere, found my own world to rule over, but what life would that be? Redemption was all I wanted, even if it was unattainable. Glory lies beyond the horizon! I would try to reach it whatever the cost...what a fool I was, to think I would be rewarded for my bravery, for my commitment, for my love."

A mighty fleet of the Worm gathered in Malvan space, destroying worlds and threatening all life within and beyond the system it had descended upon. Trapped were several mighty worldships and some of Malva's greatest Golden Hunters. The battle raged for months, and any victory the Malvans had was met with thrice as many defeats. They continued to fight, knowing they had to stop the Worm there, that if that system was lost others untouched by the war would soon burn and fall as well. Patroclus made his return at this great conflict as all hope seemed lost, appearing before those peers that exiled him, and the love that could never be realized. Patroclus offered them all a chance to escape, to rally in one of the other systems while he made a last-stand against the Worm here by himself, he offered his life as a sacrifice and one final shot at redemption. His fellows accepted and that would have been enough, if his love had not been scorned, if he had not been told that even with this great act he would not be forgiven for what he did, for the life that he stole. A great sadness welled in his heart and Patroclus knew that everything he had done was out of futility, but still he went on with conviction; this was the only path he had left. As the Worm descended on the last great Malvan stronghold in the system, the Worldships left, evacuating those they could from nearby planets, and the Hunters fled as well, Patroclus once again stood alone.

"I never would have dreamed that my salvation would not have been at the hands of my peers, but at those of another, one unknown to us all."

Patroclus fought his last great battle within the halls of the overwhelmed stronghold, making his way into its depths to what he knew could save the neighboring systems. There he purposefully destroyed an ancient Malvan weapon, and the ripple of destruction it sent outwards annihilated the Worm flet, and laid waste to every living world within the system. Patroclus was true in his promise, he stopped the Worm there, but he sacrificed an entire system to do it. Patroclus himself should have died that day, but something was watching him, something from beyond known space that was drawn to the destruction he wrought and the fury with which he fought when he no longer had hope. It made a bargain with the hero, promising him all he had lost, and more, when the time was right, but for a price. He accepted.

"I return to find a broken, sad, decadent people, devoid of passion, devoid of dreams, lacking everything I fought to protect. This is not the Malva that I fought for, that I died for, but I will make it right, I will have what I returned for."

When Patroclus was returned to the galaxy he returned to Malva, but he did not find waiting what he expected. Disgusted at how far his people had fallen he left and set out into the stars once more. The despair at what he found turned to anger, but from that anger grew a new plan, and ambition welled within his cold heart. Glory lay beyond the horizon, and he would see this glory realized, whatever the cost.

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Aliona's opinions on People, Places, and Organizations. All of these are public knowledge, but if her private opinion differs it is indented beneath.

  • Apollyon: A true champion and peerless warrior, there is no one I can think of that I'd rather have fighting by my side than Apollyon. A testament to the might and majesty of Malva, he has no peers in battle, and you can quote me on that. If I'm at an Arena, you can guarantee I'll be cheering for Apollyon.
  • "Saerios is curious to me. He's possessed of the same need for decadence that so many of us have, I myself included at times, I will shamefully admit; it is difficult to entirely break away from such comforts, though my stay on Earth and other worlds away from the Empire has certainly made that easier. He's arrogant, rude, and completely self-absorbed, but there's more to him than that. Sometimes, I think he's like me, and he's presenting a facade for the galaxy, other times, I think he just wants to add me to the list of sentients that have shared his bed; no, it hasn't happened."
  • Azunai: Earth is lucky to have champions as mighty and keen as the stalwart Azunai who towers over his opponents.
  • "His intentions are good, and his steps to help others are many and bold. His intellect is frightening, and I cannot help but wonder that if his ideals were laid to waste, what would become of him; a desperate man easily turns to dark things, and his mind is more dangerous than his daunting brawn. I do not know him well enough to say for certain what his character truly is."
  • Chivalry:Charming and old-fashioned with a warrior's heart, the knight knows how to work a crowd and win them over.
  • Earth: A curious little world with incredible charm. So many exciting things happen here every day! Its been a great place to work on my music, and the new fans I've earned here are so very supportive, I love them all dearly.
  • "Earth is a curiosity, an anomaly compared to so many of the other worlds I have been to. The heroes and villains that clash here are a source of endless fascination, excitement, and danger, a testament to the best and absolute worst that this species could eventually become. They in truth, remind me much of what I read of my own people in our histories, and I worry that their ambition may take them down those same paths, I can only hope that they handle it better than we did. This place is an inspiration to me, not just for music, but in other forms as well, Earth and its denizens have made me realize that I must take a much more active role in helping the galaxy."
  • The Forum Malvanum: No greater arena exists. The challenges that rise are opportunities for some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy to test their spirits and strength for all to see. Its a wonder to behold, and fantastic entertainment that cannot be matched. Tateklys has outdone himself, I couldn't resist the offer to add my name to the ranks of the competitors, its truly an honor, and every performance there is a joy, whether it is to sing or battle.
  • "It is corrupt to the very core, ridden with crime and wholly unfair to those who are victimized and seen as nothing but the next piece of amusement. A wretched testament to how far we've strayed when bloodsports are the only entertainment we find continually worthy of attention. Tateklys is crafty, a brilliant intellect that is dangerously curious and tired, so very tired with life, and is only concerned with what his next source of entertainment might be. If he finds you intriguing or you can offer him some dalliance he has not experienced, you can bargain with him well, but do not try to battle him in a game of wits."
  • Particle Man: He's absolutely adorable, I want to carry him around in a pocket.
  • "In a world of giants he stands taller than most, but does so with such cheer and charm that I cannot help but think his mirth hides great personal tragedy. Also I suspect that he's actually a gigantic pervert. I'd still probably carry him around in a pocket, however."
  • Star*Guard: The greatest force for good in the galaxy. I owe much to the Star*Guard, and I will always be their friend and ally.


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