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"I'm the strongest."
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Player: @Zeiciq
Super Group
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Real Name
Hisashi Ijiri
March 21st, 1987
Himeji, Japan
Flag JPN.png Japanese Citizenship
Flag USA.png Legal US Immigrant
Millennium City, Michigan
Unemployed (Currently)
Professional Boxer (Formerly)
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Naosuke Ijiri (Father/Alive)
Kasami Ijiri (Mother/Alive)
Takuya Ijiri (Younger Brother/Deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6 ft
168 lbs
Body Type
Similar To A Middleweight Boxer's
Black (When It's There)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength
Healing Factor
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
Bodily Manipulation
· Equipment ·
Car and Car Keys
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Hisashi had a normal upbringing, without much difficulty in his life. Hiashi's parents were still in their first year of high school when Hisashi's mother was pregnant. The news wasn't well received in either his father, or his mother's family, and they were subsequently disowned and moved away from their family; eventually cutting ties with them. However, Hiashi's father worked hard in order to provide for the family that was now blooming. While Hisashi's father worked tireless to provide for his family. It wouldn't just be the three of them though. After a few years, Hisashi's mother had another child; his younger brother Takuya. Hisashi and Takuya were close, and did nearly everything together. Takuya viewed his elder brother as a rolemodel, and wanted to be like him, and Hisashi always wanted to provide a good example to follow because of it. Takuya wasn't as outgoing as Hisashi was, and was generally more shy and reserved. In some ways he was Hisashi's opposite, but that didn't stop Hisashi from trying to make him more outgoing. Takuya was more in to studying, reading, and playing video games, while Hisashi was a more athletic and outdoors child. He pulled him brother along with him whenever he could.

Outside of spending time with his brother, Hisashi spent a lot of time on the streets engaging in fights with other people his age, or some even older. Most of Hisashi's younger days were spent fighting gang members no matter if they had higher numbers, or weapons. It was this love of fighting, and physical competition that fueled his enjoyment of sports and other activities. Though what had sparked him to become a fierce fighter is something else. Takuya used to be picked on by bullies for being aloof and an outsider to the rest of the children at his school. Hisashi wasn't a big fan of that. Seeing his brother cry from being bullied had enraged Hisashi, causing him to strike out against the aggressors. It was from then on that Hisashi began to fight any and everyone so that no one else had to fight or deal with it. It's what mainly got him in to trouble.

But this desire to fight, and the competition caused Hisashi to seek a lifestyle that would accomodate it. He joined his school's boxing club, and quickly become one of the most distinguished and skilled fighters in it. With his strong desire to win and fight, he got the notice of a local professional boxing gym, and got accepted in to it quickly, becoming a professional at a young age. He boxed for a couple years after high school, winning nearly every fight he was in. His prowess was undeniable. Due to his success he became a sort of local celebrity. Although he was never a big name, people in the area knew about him at least. Takuya became envious of Hisashi because of the notice he was getting. But it gave him something to shoot for. Takuya became a skilled soccer player on his school's team, and was aiming to become a professional, and hopefully get to play in the World Cup one day.

Unfortunately Takuya's dreams were cut short. After a big game he went to celebrate their team's win with his friends, but never returned from the trip. The other members of the team weren't aware of his disappearance. A search was lead by the police, but they weren't able to turn up anything, much to the dismay of Hisashi and his parents. Hisashi became depressed from the disappearance of his brother, and began to try to find him himself. Though he lacked the knowledge on how to find other people and was generally unsuccessful in his endeavor. He was approached by a man in a black suit one day. The two talked, the man agreed to find Hisashi's brother if Hisashi accepts his offer to join a group called Cicada. In a desperate state of mind, Hisashi accepted without much second thought. He sometimes wishes he hadn't.

Hisashi had machines placed inside his body that house nanomachines inside of them. The nanomachines spread throughout his body, greatly augmenting it. After successfully combining with the tech placed in his body, he became a weapon under the control of the Cicada group. He spent time being on missions from them, or being frozen inside of a pod they kept in their facilities. Years passed, but during the process where he's frozen, and they release their mental control, Hisashi had woken up and escaped from his pod. When the alarms sounded, he destroyed all the guards that came after him, freed the other cyborgs, and forcefully caused the facility to collapse in on itself. With he newly found freedom, he went back to try to live his old life. With all the years that had passed, he felt like an outside living his own life now that everyone he knew had moved on to different thing. His enhancements kept him from becoming a boxer again as well. He decided that he'd take his aggression out on monsters, criminals, and whatever popped up in his home town of Himeji. He couldn't stand living in Himeji any longer and moved to the United States, essentially abandoning his own life and just living as Katsuo.

The Beast of Ten Arms

Words. Words. Words.


To others, Hisashi describes himself as being a normal person. Hisashi places a lot of importance on personal strength, believing that most people should strive to do things on their own, but knows there are certain limits that people can't cross themselves. He admires and respects people that have high determination to do something, and a desire to win. Hisashi himself enjoys challenge, especially from fighting, and it's easy to tell from the way he speaks about the subjects. He always strives for victory, no matter the cost to himself, or things around him. A win is a win in his book as long as it was accomplished through his own strength and ability.

Hisashi isn't good at encouraging others. His roundabout way of speaking usually leads to things being interpreted as coming across as rude. Normally he doesn't notice if he is or isn't being rude. His tough love coming across as a little too tough.

He is also a man of normal intelligence, and has difficulty speaking to people about technical issues, since he doesn't completely understand them without being explained in an easy manner. Despite using a power suit and having a highly advanced car. He can't pick up on references, and often takes everything at face value as well.



Inside his suit, Katsuo's outward appearance consist of light blue and white plating with a black undersuit. His helmet's visor is split in half, giving it the appearance of two large, bright eyes. He wears a light breastplate, which covers most of his torso, along with part of his shoulders. His arms are mostly bare, save for his undersuit, and armor plating around his wrists. He also has armored gloves with the same light blue hue over his hands while his suit is active. His metallic belt and the dial are fitted around his waist, of course. While his suit is active, and he still has energy left, it gives off a bright blue light. The same is true for slots on his breastplate. His chest armor also contains small vents on the back, but they appear closed most of the time. His legs are also bare and covered by his undersuit, while his shins, feet, and knees are covered in armor.

With his suit off, Katsuo is a fairly unremarkable looking person. He lacks distinguishable features as he appears to look like a pretty average person. Though, he has somewhat visible muscle. Hisashi isn't a very large man but is very fit without much body fat. He maintains the body equivalent of a middleweight boxer. The only notable feature of Hisashi's is that he keeps his hair shaved down. He's not completely bald as he maintains some hair still. He doesn't shave much either so he sometimes will have a considerable amount of facial hair. Typically Hisashi wears jerseys since he has a love of sports and athletics. His clothing isn't exceptionally fashionable. He'll either wear sweatpants or jeans with some athletic shoes while out of his suit.

In order to access the majority of his strength and abilities, Hisashi must allow the machines inside of his body to rewrite his physical makeup. This causes his body to undergo a metamorphosis, with his skin turning into a light shade of blue. The inky black substance that once covered his body previously when he accessed his biosuit now resembles exposed muscle. Across his body he becomes armored with gray bone-like coverings. The shell-like coverings on his body are about as tough as metal despite their primitive appearance and design. Large, sharp blades jet out of his forearms, and he has sharp claws on his boots, giving him access to some other weapons.

Sticking out from the headpiece are four large glowing eyes, with two of them being exceptionally larger than the other pair. These "eyes" as they are serve no practical function for Katsuo. They're decoy eyes designed to distract and confuse whoever he's fighting. Katsuo's real eyes while he's transformed are located further up on his head. The tech inside of his body transforms his eyeballs into eye stalks that poke outside of the helmet. Although, if needed he can retract them inside of his helmet to protect them.

Abilities and Equipment


Katsuo by Ken.jpg

* Superhuman Strength - Katsuo's most valuable assest is his immense strength. Given his single minded nature when it comes to combat, it's no big surprise that he's capable of accomplishing various feats of strength. Formerly, his suit was only capable of lifting upwards of twenty tons, which is including various boosts from turning up his dial. However, since the suit and dial served a way of keeping his power limited, his strength has vastly increased since there no longer are restrictions on his strength. Not only is his strength already high, he can become even stronger by forcing extra arms out from his body.

* Healing Factor - Whenever Katsuo sustains an injury, the tech inside of his body scrambles to quickly patch up his wounds. With the rapid nature of his healing, Katsuo can recover from minor wounds almost immediately upon receiving them, and can regrow lost limbs if given enough time. Recently, the ridiculous expanse of Katsuo's regenerative abilities were shown. He's capable of renerating a new body if he's destroyed if there's still some of him remaining. The tech sends out a signal to the remainder of his body to grow a new body. It's a long process that takes several months in order to complete. However, the situations surrounding Katsuo's revival are odd. It's not entirely clear if this regenerative process is repeatable, or if it was a one time deal.



What makes Katsuo, Katsuo. His bread and butter. Hisashi's nanomachines greatly increase his physical ability by a tremendous amount giving him more strength in comparison to a normal human's physical ability. Hisashi obtained the mysterious tech when he was part of Cicada. The main asset from his tech is the suit it places over his entire body. The suit varies from individual to individual so it has a special flair to each one due to their bodily makeup. His nanomachines are mostly organic in nature since they're actually a biotechnical alien lifeform. However, the tech inside him lacks any sort of intelligence, and carries out duties as programmed into its tech parts.


Katsuo's greatest defensive asset, outside his regenerative abilities, is his biosuit. His biosuit is broken down inside his body, and can be assembled outside, and around, his body at will at any time (usually). His suit is largely composed of two major components, the harder armor plating around more vital areas like the head and torso, and a thick, black, leathery membrane around everywhere else.

  • Armor Plating - Katsuo's notable blue armor plating is created by nanomachines in his body pressing tightly together, forming a very tough wall. The armor plating is equivalent, if not stronger, than steel. Gun fire from lower caliber weaponry doesn't do much to his armor besides ricochet off, or maybe dent it. Continuous fire from an automatic weapon can be enough for crack and break the integrity of the suit's plating, but Katsuo usually prevents anyone from getting their chance at doing so.
    • Helmet - Katsuo's helmet gives him a clear sense of vision. As typical of a helmet's purpose, it prevents anything from getting into his eyes. While the visor on his helmet isn't as strong as the rest of the armor plating, it is relatively bulletproof, but to a lesser degree. His helmet visor, cyan in color, can adjust to the brightness of Katsuo's current enviroment, giving a sense of night vision in really dark areas. Though, due to the simple nature of his nanomachines, his helmet lacks any sophisticated systems.
  • Black Membrane - Another notable characteristic of Katsuo's suit is the black substance covering his body. It operates the same as his armor plating, but the nanomachines are more spread out than clumped together. As such, the black membrane coating isn't as tough as his armor plating, but it offers its own set of advantages. Namely, the membrane gives more freedom of movement, and is effectively placed in areas where movement is key such as under the arms, and on the legs. It isn't easy to get through either. The black membrane is a tough, leathery substance serving as Katsuo's second skin. It can't completely stop bullets, but it prevents bullets from piercing Katsuo's flesh too deeply (depending on the caliber and round). It's also resistance to cutting and tearing. Blunt force trauma is distributed throughout the membrane, lowering impact from kinetic force.
    • Nerve Connectors - The membrane interfaces directly with Katsuo's nervous system. He can feel outside stimuli that comes in contact with it. This is, however, a double edged sword. While he can feel anything that comes in contact with it, he can feel the membrane being cut or pierced as if it was his own skin. His nanomachines can cut off pain receptors if the pain is too intense.

Jet Vents

Katsuo has a number of vents located on his chest armor. The vents can open up, and propel Katsuo with a quick burst of speed whenever he needs to and can spare the energy.


Katsuo's primary weapon, outside his own fists, is the EscaHawk. The EscaHawk is a handheld battle-ax constructed from the nanomachines inside his body. Tech from inside of his body pools itself to his arm, and constructs the axe in his grip. The axe has moderate cutting power, and coupled with Katsuo's might, it can cleave through mostly anything Katsuo goes up against.

  • Flare Up - By twisting his belt dial two times, Katsuo can supercharge his axe. His axe's edge burns with a bright blue light as it heats up. With his blade's edge superheated, Katsuo's axe gets a tremendous boost to cutting power. The plasma edge of Katuso's axe is capable of melting through a variety of metals due to its intense heat.
    • EscaHawkerang - With another twist of his dial after Flaring Up, Katsuo can use his axe like a boomerang. The tech composing the axe will return the axe to Katsuo after initially being thrown.
  • EscaHawk Chou ~ Jet Axe - By twisting his dial two times, the size of Katsuo's handaxe increases. The axe becomes a much larger battle axe, and needs to be wielded with both hands due to the increased weight. It provides much more crushing power over his regular axe as a result. The axe has vents located near the head that provide a similar function to the Jet Vents on Katsuo's body. By pushing energy from inside his suit to activate the vents, the axe can be swung with great speed and force.
    • Seismic Crush - By twisting his dial another time, Katsuo's augmented strength can transfer to his EscaHawk Chou. With his strengthed enhanced, he's able to slam his axe down with incredible force to create a large shock wave similar to how he can create one with his fists using his dial. However, the shock wave created from his axe has greater range and force.

Escalation Dial

The Escalation Dial is a dial located on Katsuo's belt. The more he turns the dial, the more energy his suit takes in and puts out. This cumulated energy can be dispersed out in a variety of ways. The energy pulled into the suit can also be used for certain, special suit functions. Most dial functions are still being explored, but there are a few known and commonly used ones:

One Twist

  • Energy output is increased by roughly 50% of base levels. Increase in physical ability is more noticeable. His strength is increased by about 1/3 total.
  • Cumulated energy can be unleashed for a charged up punch or kick for added 'oomph'.
  • Tri-Beam - A weaker set of beams that strike with intense heat, rather than force like the larger beam projected from his belt.

Two Twists

  • Overall output of his suit is doubled, as is his overall strength.
  • Energy Beam- Gripping the sides of his belt, Katsuo is able to concentrate his collected energy into his belt and fire off a powerful beam of pure energy.
  • Power Kick- Charging both feet with collected energy, Katsuo can unleash a powerful dropkick combing both his strength, and the force of the energy being dispersed out from his feet.

Three Twists

  • Overall output of his suit is tripled, as is his overall strength.
  • Energy Burst- By dispersing energy, Katsuo can unleash his suit's collected energy into a powerful pulse of energy around him.
  • Shock Wave- Katsuo can disperse his energy into a very powerful shockwave. Provided there is solid ground for him to get use out of it.

Four Twists

  • Overall output of his suit is quadrupled. He's able to reach the pinnacle of his strength. However, due to the extreme stress absorbing and dispersing so much energy causes on his body, a full twist is rarely ever used since it puts on too much strain.
  • 'Super' Punch- Since it's dangerous to use the suit for a long time in this condition, Katsuo can disperse all the energy at once for a massive punch combining both his sheer strength and hit suit's stored energy. The Super Punch is wild and destructive as the energy released spreads out in a violent manner, often ripping apart what it hits.
  • Burst Cannon- Opening his chest plate to reveal the small cannon in his chest, Katsuo can charge a lot of energy at this cannon and fire out a large and powerful explosive blast from it.

Five Twists

  • Katsuo's belt has an internal locking mechanism that prevents him from turning his dial more than four times. The amount of damage done to his body from the strain of spending so much energy is enough to be fatal under certain conditions. There can also be very lasting consequences as well if it isn't fatal. As such, the internal lock prevents anything beyond a fourth twist of the dial to be used. However, due to Katsuo's strength, he's capable of breaking the internal lock, and pulling energy from all the tech in his body. It exist, essentially, as an extreme last resort.
  • Giga Kicker - Tapping into all his suit's energy, Katsuo can channel the energy into his feet. Much like his Power Kick, the Giga Kicker is a powerful kick that disperses the energy out, using his feet as focal points for the energy. The amount of energy dispersed is immense, and the force of his kick from full augmentation of his physical strength is enough through a vehicle, or create a crater.


A recent upgrade to his bike, the nanomachine core of the EscaStrider was removed from his motorcycle and placed within a car. The core fused with the car, much like it originally did with the bike. The car retains its high efficiency, capable of traveling miles upon miles with little gasoline available. The car has a pretty sleek design after the tech molded with the vehicle physically changing everything from its outward appearance to minute details. It's a sleek two-seated sports-looking car sporting the same colors as his suit with a white stripe down the length of it from front to back. The car is also still linked with Hisashi's mind as his bike previously was. However, with added space in comparison, the car is able to have a touch screen built in that serves a variety of functions. The car is also able to speak directly to Hisashi, something that they weren't able to do prior. Alongside the manual transmission is a small thrust level similar to something that would be located in the cockpit of a plane. Hisashi is able to force more energy out of his car to increase its speed. Below that is a slot where he can slide his Escalation Dial and perform a number of actions akin to using his suit.


Cold- Katsuo's nanomachines do not like cold. Cold enough temperatures will cause them to go dormant. This is dangerous for Katsuo since, without his nanomachines, his organs could begin to fail and possibly kill him. If he's in a fight and his machines go dormant he could lose all his abilities and turn into a normal human, which is equally as dangerous since Hisashi isn't used to fighting anything superpowered as a regular human.

Salt- The organic components of his nanomachines dehydrate quickly when exposed to salt and other such things, so much so that they can break down rapidly. Hisashi has had to manage his salt intake and monitor his hydration to prevent any incident of death. He has a lot of nanomachines in his body so this might not be such a problem. Salt can also prevent his body from regenerating at a certain area, so it can be quite dangerous.

Limited Strength- Katsuo is strong, but there's a limit to how much he's able to lift (with or without the use of his Escalation Dial), he can easily be crushed by objects too heavy to lift off himself.

Escalation Dial- While it's a great asset in a fight by greatly increasing his abilities, the Escalation Dial can kill him upon repeated use over a fairly short period of time without a break.

Stubborn- Hisashi can be a pretty determined and stubborn person. Even if he's losing a fight he'll just keep going until stopped one way or another, or his target is defeated.

Psionics- Hisashi has no degree of mental protection, making him quite susceptible to mental assault among other things.

Friends and Acquaintances


  • All-Star - All-Star is a mixed bag with Katsuo. The two have had a slightly similar upbringing, and they're both professional at their craft. Katsuo is willing to listen to All-Star's orders and follow them. On a more personal level, Katsuo sees All-Star as maybe being a friend, but Katsuo isn't willing to confide much to All-Star.
  • Artifist - Katsuo didn't like Artifist's behavior much, and he generally considered (he still does consider) her a weirdo, so he keeps his distance from her. However, after she told him about her father, Katsuo gained an immense respect towards her. While they might not be on really friendly terms with each other, Katsuo does understand her conviction as it's a similar conviction he has with his deceased younger brother.
  • C.O.P. - As long as COP keeps doing what he does, Katsuo doesn't have a problem with him. Outside of working, Katsuo doesn't care much for the robot.
  • Dobergirl - While he won't admit, Katsuo deeply respects Dobgeril's spirit. Anyone willing to throw themselves in to something is a trait Katsuo can value. While he holds some respect for her, he sees her as being too immature, which may one day end up getting her killed. He's mostly neutral towards her, but is aware that she does not think very highly of him. Katsuo doesn't care much about it to change her mind at any rate. He does wish her well at least as she had a rough time during her disappearance.
  • Kara McIlroy - Katsuo regards Kara to the same degree that he regards Dobergirl for the most part. However, Katsuo seemingly ignores the timespan she spent in another dimension, and regards her as being far younger than she states that she is. As such, Katsuo mostly wants her uninvolved in fighting, though he isn't very vocal about it. He's particularly tough on her so that she can mature (least that's his intent even if it doesn't come across as such most the time.). Like Dobergirl, he wishes her well as she's still very young to be throwing herself into danger.
  • Sentinel (Serenity King) - Sentinel helped prevent Katsuo's tech from killing him, so he's considers himself to be indebted to her for saving his life. He's somewhat friendly towards her given that she's a cyborg, and assumes that they're similar in some regards.
  • Ada Clover - Katsuo doesn't care much for Ada personally. She has connections and knowledge about fame which Katsuo sees a valuable. He wants to become famous himself to accomplish his younger brother's wish of becoming famous, so he's willing to get help from her to achieve it. Though he doesn't speak of his reasoning to her.
  • Fantasma - Fantasma is the only person he'd outwardly call his friend. She allowed Katsuo to communicate with his deceased younger brother with her powers, giving him a little bit of closure. Because of that, he considers himself to be indebted to her. Since she's the only person he readily believes is his friends, she's the only person he's willing to confide with. He also respects her fiery and passionate attitude.


One day.



Have anything to say?

"Silent? Check. Deadly? Double check. This guy embodies the very definition of a ninja in my eyes. I get alot of misconceptions about me being a so called 'ninja' but this guy takes the cake from what I've experience so far. Very calm and very cool. Never once heard a complaint out of him. Or anything for that matter. He's not behind me is he?" - SoulStar

"Definitely keeping an eye on him. He's a quiet one and a bit of a loner... I understand that. He seems to fare well though when partnered with others. I may not be the best to say this, but I want to see him come out of his shell. With a bit more actual hand to hand combat training he could work wonders fighting crime, impressive as he already is." - Sparrowhawk

"He's so quiet and standoffish... I've dealt with teammates like that before, but it's still kind of... sad? I guess. Other than that he's tough as hell and very focused. The armor's pretty sweet too." - Dobergirl

"He's definitely more quiet than most people I know, but nevertheless he's a nice person to work with - very professional. I think people misunderstand his silence though. It's not like he's unsocial. He just doesn't have much to say!" - Black Sigil

"Aquamarine." - Keioisis

"I was surprised to learn he wasn't a machine." - C.O.P.

"Katsuo is an outstanding fighter and I'm glad to have him on my side whenever we're out in a mission. I...just wish he'd open up more. A lot more. I thought I kept things bottled up but he...he's a closed book buried in a sealed vault." - Razira

"Don't let the tight lips and clenched fists fool you: Katsuo is one of the most reliable and loyal people I've ever worked with. Hits like a bitch too." - All-Star

"He's the strongest, just ask him." - Imp

"Hishashi needs to pick up his phone sometime and let his friends know if he's still alive." - Artifist

RP Hooks

  • To make a living, Hisashi does a lot of freelance work. He's not necessarily a mercenary, but he doesn't have a real permanent occupation. He makes just enough to support himself. It wouldn't be too odd for him to have met colorful people while jumping from job to job.
  • Katsuo has a fair bit of reputation. He has a bit of a more negative reputation in Japan due to collateral damage he caused during the beginning of his hero work.
  • He is willing to take missions if requested, depending on the work itself.
  • While he doesn't really drink alcohol, Hisashi does go to bars for the atmosphere.
  • Hisashi still enjoys boxing and doesn't mind a chance to get into the ring.


  • On his off time Hisashi mostly reads books. Commonly he reads medieval fantasy stories or horror novels. He's a big fan of anything high fantasy.
  • Hisashi got into boxing because other sports clubs had too many members.
  • In some cases Hisashi has been known to break a finger or two due to how hard he punches. With a high pain tolerance and his regenerative abilities, it's not too worrisome for him.
  • Katsuo is more popular on the internet than he is in the general media. Not that he's very famous to begin with as he often dodges out of the way of the media spotlight.
  • Due to his unusual physiology as a result of his biotech, Katsuo doesn't need to eat a lot of food as his body is almost entirely self-sufficient. He still needs to eat to make sure his body has sufficient energy and nutrients it cannot produce on its own.
  • Also because of his new physiology, the food he does eat is often unseasoned due to his body's reaction to salt and his own taste.
  • Hisashi is a big sports fan, his favorites include: football/soccer, boxing (of course), baseball, and basketball.
  • His favorite color is yellow because it reminds him of Spring.
  • Unsurprisingly he's a fan of the first Rocky movie.
  • Hisashi's record is still kept. In his short career, he had 5 total wins via KOs, and no losses/draws.
  • Cicadas can be symbolism for reincarnation in Japan. The Cicada organization wants to rebirth humanity by foreign beings from the gene-pool, and establish global dominance.
  • When Katsuo does actually bother to speak Japanese, he speaks in Banshu-ben of Kansai dialect.


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