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The Vigilant
The Daring Detective
Player: @Alstann
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Gavin Cross
Detroit, MI
Flag USA.png American
Millennium City, MI
CrossCorp CEO, Philanthropist
Legal Status
Unregistered Hero, Identity Secret
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
James Cross (father, deceased), Heather Cross (mother, deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 0" (1.83 m)
202 lb (91.6 kg)
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Lightweight composite bow, conventional and specialized arrows, automated mechanized quiver, multi-tool utility belt, lead-lined high-tech domino mask, voice modulator
· Other Abilities ·
Bow mastery, superior athleticism and acrobatics, expert marksmanship, exceptional martial artistry, near-genius intellect, stealth proficiency

Gavin Cross is the Watchman, a vigilante waging his own personal war against crime in Millennium City. As the son of two wealthy socialites who perished in an unfortunate car accident, Gavin eventually inherited his father's company, CrossCorp. News of the subsequent acquisition of his father's wealth and shares soon attracted the attention of various long-time associates looking to exert their influence on the company. The combined trauma and stress eventually sent Gavin into a spiraling depression, causing him to seclude himself within the family mansion for several months. During this period of time, these shady associates had managed to take over the company in his absence. The following day, it was reported that the mob had burned down the family mansion, and after several years of no public appearances, Gavin was legally declared dead. Oddly enough, his body was mysteriously never found amongst the wreckage.

Recently, Gavin has miraculously resurfaced in Millennium City and taken a rekindled interest in his late father's company. News outlets constantly speculate about the playboy's unexplained revival, a topic that he avoids discussing. A favored theory among fans is that a mysterious group of cultists had kidnapped him the night before the mob burned down his home, but this idea does not appear to be supported by any evidence. Armed with the curious ability to gracefully slip into and out of social atmospheres with little warning, it is impossible to tell who he really is. No one realizes that the billionaire secretly moonlights as a detective who fights corruption through espionage and investigation. A skilled marksman and martial artist, he favors the bow and his sharp mind to help him carry out his crusade against injustice.




Skills and Abilities


  • CrossTech Compound Bow: Watchman's compound bow is a custom-made weapon specifically developed for versatility in almost any scenario. Secretly manufactured using CrossCorp's technological resources, the bow's unique design consists of a machined reflex riser made out of a Kendrium alloy, a solid parallel limb system created using high-grade fiberglass, a hybrid cam system, and a bowstring made out of an experimental high-modulus polyethylene. Offering a unique collapsibility that allows for concealed carry and transport, the bow also features a snap-action mechanism for instantaneous use, an infrared laser sight, and an arrowhead-selecting remote control system built into the grip. Due to his experience and high understanding of bow mechanics, Watchman has successfully developed a compound bow that is easily adjustable, nearly silent, and incredibly accurate without cluttering the weapon with too many unnecessary gadgets unlike other compound bows on the market. Overall, this allows the bow to be lightweight, yet durable, proving to be a highly effective tool for virtually any situation including stealth, close combat, and long-range shooting.
  • Conventional Hunting Arrows: These are Watchman's standard projectiles for dispatching enemies. Crafted with extreme attention to detail, these customized arrows are made out of carbon fiber for less weight and use stainless steel fixed blade broadheads for high penetration. Further tests and modifications have also significantly improved their velocity, consistency, and durability. While they are considerably effective against regular street-level threats, their overall usefulness is subject to variability when metahumans and enhanced beings are factored into the equation.
  • Trick Arrows: Besides the normal broadheads, Watchman carries a multitude of various experimental arrowheads that he can select depending on the situation he's in. Due to limited quiver space and the cost of materials needed to manufacture these arrowheads, Watchman may not always have every specific trick arrow at his immediate disposal. The following is a list of the arrows he has developed:
    • Blunt Arrow: Designed as a non-lethal substitute for hunting arrows, this arrow utilizes a large blunted steel tip in place of a normal arrowhead that serves to bludgeon rather than pierce the target.
    • Explosive Arrow: This arrow utilizes a small explosive charge packed inside the tip; the intensity and severity of the explosion are dependent upon the amount of thermite contained within the arrowhead. Watchman can prime and detonate the arrow at his leisure by using the remote on the grip of his bow.
    • Taser Arrow: Powered by a small internal device, the arrowhead contains four electrodes that extend out and can pierce light armor in order to deliver a jolt of electricity to the target. This arrow is mainly used for incapacitating enemies.
    • Foam Arrow: This particular arrow replaces the normal broadhead with a moderately-sized steel capsule that releases a dark blue experimental foaming compound on impact, effectively covering the immediate area in a large radius. The compound is a high-density polyurethane that hardens over time and can be used to incapacitate multiple targets or create softer improvised landings.
    • Sonic Arrow:
    • Gas Arrow:
    • Grappling Hook Arrow:
    • Twin Claw Arrow:
    • Tracer Arrow:
    • Hacker Arrow:
  • Automated Quiver:
  • Protective Body Armor:
  • Domino Mask:
  • Grapnel Gun:
  • Utility Belt:
  • Voice Modulator:

Rogues Gallery

Owlsight Alstann.png

Real Name: Drew Harrison
Origin: Natural
Inspired By: Merlyn (DC), Komodo (DC), Hush (DC)
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Gunrunner Alstann.png

Real Name: Malcolm Galloway
Origin: Natural
Inspired By: Deadshot (DC), Vigilante (DC), Domino (Marvel)
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Vicar Alstann.png

Real Name: Charles Cunningham
Inspired By: Bane (DC), Deacon Blackfire (DC), Brick (DC)
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Phosphorus Alstann.png

Real Name: Dax Vernon
Inspired By: Firefly (DC), Beetle (Marvel)
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Gaussian Man Alstann.png

Real Name: Marcus Maxwell
Inspired By: Electro (Marvel), Shocker (Marvel), Livewire (DC)
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Roleplay Hooks

  • Gavin is a highly recognizable celebrity in Millennium City. Your character may have seen him on TV recently.
  • Does your character work for CrossCorp? Are they affiliated with the company in any way? Gavin probably knows them.
  • Primarily a defense contractor, CrossCorp provides the U.S. military with various weapons and technological gadgets. If your character is involved in the military, then they may have used one of Cross' weapons.
  • CrossCorp recently discontinued their research and development of experimental crossbows and compound bows. In a news article, Gavin claimed that "our clients wouldn't be much interested in outdated forms of weaponry anyway."
  • As a multinational conglomerate, CrossCorp offers additional services through its various subsidiaries including Cross Technologies, Cross Biotech, and Cross Chemicals to name a few.
  • Gavin's reputation as a party animal and frequent nightclubber precedes him. It's highly possible your character has seen him in the downtown nightclubs on the weekends.
  • His sudden reappearance after his apparent death a few years ago remains a hot topic among gossipers and nosy reporters.
  • While his line of work tends to keep him within Millennium City, he sometimes takes impromptu "vacations" to different places such as Vibora Bay.
  • The Watchman tends to stay out of sight when conducting his business, but he can't hide forever. Your character may have spotted him at night.
  • In terms of busting criminals and solving cases, the Watchman has created a small reputation for himself. Ever since rumors of his questionable crime-fighting methods have surfaced, the MCPD has placed him on their wanted list.
  • Is your character participating at an event somewhere in the city? The Watchman may be spying on them from a distance. Be wary of your surroundings.


Watchman: The Auction

Watchman investigates a black market weapons auction in order to track a dangerous hitman.

Watchman: The Kidnapping

A casual stroll downtown ends up turning into a dangerous situation for Gavin Cross.


  • Watchman is heavily inspired by: Green Arrow (DC), Batman (DC), The Question (DC), Rorschach (DC), Hawkeye (Marvel), and Jason Bourne (Bourne franchise). Other important influences include: Nightwing (DC), Black Widow (Marvel), Tony Stark (Marvel), and Daredevil (Marvel).

Public Opinion

"I have seen many like him in my time. Quite a few broke under the pressure, others simply gave up, others just kept carrying on until that life put them into an early grave. What sets him apart is the fact that he thinks of the consequences of his actions and how they affect the bigger picture. An admirable trait. It's a shame he wastes his talents in a fight he can never win." - The Doctor

"A dependable man. Highly critical and analytical, I feel his point of view is much needed on a team such as ours." - Ultima King

"Watchfriend is a good human and a good teammate. He is also surprisingly effective with such a primitive weapon. We have shared the fistbump and are now friend-friends." - Starlancer

"From my limited working experience with him, he could come across as a bit more amiable when in the field - but there is no denying that his skill with a bow rivals even my own, and he is a valuable ally to have watching your back. I am sure we will grow accustomed to one another in due time." - Sherwood

"Watchman is a man of conviction -- of grit and determination. I don't think I've ever seen him back down from anything. You ask me why I recruited a man like him to combat a threat like the impending destruction of the Multiverse, I'll tell you the truth: it's because I can trust him to keep his eyes on our mission more than anyone else. Perhaps even more than myself..." - Captain Collider

"Direct, competent, and more useful than Sherwood." - Prism

"Ah yes, Watchman. I've a great deal of respect for the fellow, and that is not given lightly. I daresay we may even share something of a friendship." - Black Corsair

"Reserved. Calm. Effective. These words tend to sum up Watchman rather well. Though he continues to play the role of enigma to many I firmly believe he has the makings of a leader... preferred 'solo act' notwithstanding. - Sparrowhawk

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