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Player: @Bluhman
"All the world's a canvas, and the men and women merely paint-wait, that's not how it goes, is it?" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS (DEX/Warden/Vindicator)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Impasto
Known Aliases: Rainbow Ghost
Gender: Female
Species: Enchanted Paintbrush
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown (Rumored to be SW Europe)
Base of Operations: New York City
Relatives: Foster Parents: Henson Brothers
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: White
Hair: Pink/Red hues
Complexion: Cycles through all colors; cooler colors towards lower parts of body.
Physical Build: Stocky, Rounded
Physical Features: Wears little color outside of white or black.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: None
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Painter, Dancer
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Manipulation of light and color, color-shape crafting, teleportation, neutralization
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Color-shfiting cloak
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Impasto is a bizarre creature of circumstance. Believed by many to be the result of a freak accident within the home of an artist and scientist, Impasto's origins have been traced back even further than just the isolated incident that had created her.


The Mage's experiments

Though the exact origin of Impasto is unknown, there have been folktales and scrolls kept by the Tresmigestus Council which detail the experiments of a Mage that lived in the 16th century. This mage, Tambor del Chuk, was both a diligent enchanter who happened to have a brother who was a famous painter. The scroll details that Chuk had heard his brother's complaints about how his brushes would often break, and how often he would run out of paint to create his murals for the lords of the land. As much as Chuk was talented, it was his brother that was the breadwinner for the family; it was in his best interest to help his brother's work.

Chuk got to work, consulting the Tresmigestus council for aid in his project. The project ended up making a magical paintbrush, which could take essentially any liquid, and, by sheer force of will on part of the painter, transform it into any color of paint. The paint produced by the brush could be of any possible vibrancy, and yet went on with incredible consistency; being capable of simply changing the color of the surfaces it came into contact with, it could paint a canvas again and again without any waste or chipping occurring. The magic, contained all within enchanted bristles, ensured that the tip of the brush would never dull, split, or get messy. It fit exactly to the brother's desires, and folklore reports that Tambor del Chuk's brother was elated with the gift he had been given.

Regardless, the file within the Tresmigestus library contains scrolls on how to reproduce Tambor del Chuk's work. However, the very same scroll includes warnings that the end product, though satisfactory to a skilled hand, could prove disastrous or volatile in amateur circumstances.

Modern Era Magic

Impasto's initial look, before painting her outfit.
Though a record of the event is not recorded in the Tresmigestus council's library, a copy of Tambor del Chuk's magic paintbrush was indeed sold. In an auction in SoHo, complete with a live demonstration of the brush's capabilities, the brush was eventually sold off to the Henson brothers: Matt Henson and Richard Henson. The brothers, who were up-and-coming painters at the time, were determined to use the brush's unique abilities to produce top quality pictures with minimal effort.

The Henson brothers were far from experts in their field, but once given instructions on how to use the brush, they immediately got to work on their newest piece - At least, that was the plan until Matt dropped the magic brush in a jar of black paint. The presence of every hue within the black paint, combined with no willpower to determine the color of the paint caused the paintbrush to take a mind of its own. With the paint forming around the brush like a body, a humanoid figure slowly formed and crawled its way out of the pail, the black paint slowly separating out into its individual colors in a brilliant display. By complete accident, the Henson brothers had created Impasto.

Impasto, then unconscious and completely naive, was soon nursed back to health by the brothers. She was slowly taught how the world around her worked, and grew to become quite skilled at using her imbued powers to naturally shift not only the color of objects, but also enable her to form new items by sheer will. Her gentle and free spirit made her a talented painter, and a beautiful dancer, combining her color manipulating abilities to embellish her moves with dazzling displays of light. Indirectly, the Henson brothers had got their wish. Impasto was perfectly content with her work, while the brothers reaped the rewards.

Then the brothers opened a suggestion box for their studio, suggesting how the troupe could improve Impasto's performance. Though the Henson's were perfectly content to take the constructive criticism, Impasto did not react well at all to the new restraints that were being put on her art. When her patience had hit her limit, she lashed at Richard, breaking one of his arms. Matt was left to tend to his brother's wound while Impasto fled out the window in a cascade of lights, determined to venture to places where she would not be restrained by others.

Impasto main trasnport: soaring through the air in a technicolor display of lights.
Impasto continued her performances on the streets of New York, simply showing off for the fun of it. She saw no reason to try and improve her abilities, as people still seemed to come back day after day to enjoy her displays. 2 years passed, while Impasto continued to perform the same tricks. People soon lost interest in her performances, and she was soon left alone in Central Park. With nobody to behold her, what good was she? Deciding that the brothers perhaps had been right, she began to make her way back to their apartment.

The moment which changed her life occurred on the way home, when she had a run-in with street thugs. Having heard of Impasto's work, they were no doubt interested in trying to get the best of her and sell her off for their own profit. When they made their move, however, they certainly were not expecting Impasto's color manipulation to be such a potent weapon. Forming a blade of light from her hand, she was able to cleave her way back home, thinking little of the incident. All Impasto cared about was making amends with her 'parents' and accepting their attempts to improve her skills.

When reports came in on the thugs that had been mutilated by Impasto, with discolored wounds and patches, Impasto's public image was entirely ruined. Now, people felt a lot less secure around this colored freak, who could just as easily do a rainbow pirouette as lash out and take your arm off. Impasto was in a rut, but thankfully, the Henson brothers had an idea of how to turn the fact on its head. Having understanding of the need for change and progress, Impasto readapted herself for heroic work, donning her current cloak and outfit.

Since then, Impasto's reputation has largely recovered, and she is a fairly well-known hero around the New York City area. Though her performances are now much less often than they were before and though she is now bound to duty, she is now happy to know that there are many people out there that accept her for her deeds and identity.

Detailed Information


O - ■■■■■
C - ■□□□□
E - ■■■■■
A - ■■■■□
N - ■■■□□
Impasto, technically being only 5 years old, certainly shows a lot of naivete. Despite that, she has excellent intuition and innate intelligence, and quickly picks up on new techniques and ideas. She is also extremely creative, capable of applying all manner of concepts to new situations. She places no value in material or monetary gain, instead entrusting a lot more significance in creativity, ideas, and friendship. With this in mind, she is also a relentless donator to greater causes, and shows great kindness.

Being a form of pure color, she does have some bad points to her attitude. She is quite impulsive and stubborn, though she isn't so immature to throw fits about not getting her way. She ultimately is over-obsessive about being the center of attention for her efforts.


Confidant With...

Friendly Toward... TrimIcon.pngIdatIcon.pngFlstIcon.pngMegaIcon.pngApopIcon.pngMachIcon.pngAylaIcon.pngMeliIcon.pngPhasIcon.png

Acquainted With... ChisIcon.pngLANIcon.pngBluhIcon.pngVoltIcon.pngMRJIcon.pngPalaIcon.pngXenoIcon.pngTrolIcon.pngBlupIcon.png

Ambivalent Toward... IsteIcon.pngSeagIcon.pngSandIcon.pngMarkIcon.pngCarmIcon.png

Foes With... SecrIcon.pngJudgIcon.png

Grudge Against...

Combat Specifications

Impasto's weapons of choice, a sword and shield, are made out of 'hard' colored light.
Physically, Impasto is quite average. Though slightly energetic, she is no more strong or durable than a human being. Her reflexes are fairly impressive, however, and she is quite limber and acrobatic, capable of running at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, and somersaulting at speeds far exceeding that. She mainly gets around by morphing into a giant glob of pulsating light, which cycles through all the colors of the rainbow. She can also teleport very short distances, mainly in order to get the drop on her enemies.

Her mainstay power is the manipulation of light and color. She can simply will parts of reality to just change color and appearance, creating illusions that can throw enemies way off when it comes to attempting to hit Impasto. Impasto has also further developed this power into her ability to do Color-shape crafting, allowing her to create 'hard' objects out of nothing but pure light. This is how she forms her two main weapons, a technicolor sword and shield which change color each time she summons them. These implements never break under pressure, and are quite hard to the touch.

More the nature of the brush she was made from rather than her own creative energies, Impasto's body also neutralizes any liquid it touches. Though any fluid that Impasto makes contact with will generally retain its appearance (unless she wills it to change), the fluids will automatically become entirely chemically unresponsive, and even edible by human beings without any ill-effects. For combat purposes, this makes Impasto very hard to poison, and quickly allows her to clear out and disinfect wounds that she might sustain.

Some whatnots and stuff

  • Clearly influenced by other rainbow heroes I've seen around the game. Spectra is probably the most notable one, though.
  • Uses a special set of binds which cause her powers to change every time she uses them. In retrospect, this gimmick probably would have worked a lot better had Impasto been Infernal. Then again, I already have too many of those.]]