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Friend or Foe?
Ebon Widow
Espionage Expert
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"I can be good, or really good. I can be bad, but only as bad as I need to be. Freedom is true power."
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Spider Family, The Nexus Force.
Real Name
Regina Warren
Reg, Regina, Mum (By Solara), Mrs. Warren.
December 7th 1989
Berlin, Germany (On earth 998 AKA "Nazi Earth")
American (German on her world)
Millennium City, MI.
Freelance Spy, Vigilante.
Legal Status
Known Vigilante
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Ebony Tarantula/Stefan Warren (Father), Carmella Warren (Mother, deceased),Tiberius Warren (Half Brother), Night Spider/James Parker (Adopted Uncle).
Physical Traits
Magic Human
Apparent Age
130 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Brown
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Elemental Magic, Shadow Magic, Increased strength, agility, speed, and reflexes.
· Equipment ·
Stealth suit, Combat armor, Vast array of ranged weaponry, Poisons, Enchanted Ammunition/Gear.
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, Marksmanship, Arachni Training, Espionage, Assassination, Magic.


Regina Warren, much like her father and her mentor has an adaptive personality, changing depending on current situations. She often displays a playful, sassy tone when among friends, or even in battle. Charismatic and intelligent, Regina can often assert a role of leadership when necessary. She displays a high level of composure and an odd sense of humor at times as well. Frequently working for both government and underworld parties, Regina has a wide, less strict view when it comes to what is morally acceptable. Regina is also fiercely loyal to those she deems friends and family, lashing out to any who threaten them.


Birth and Early Life

Ebon Widow is a native of alternate dimension 998, known to a few as Nazi Earth, a world where WW2 was won by the Axis forces, resulting in worldwide domination.

Regina Warren was born on December 7th 1989 in Berlin, Germany to Stephan and Carmella Warren, the then Prince and Princess of the Arachni Empire, a global kingdom spawned from the former Nazi Empire and spanned from Germany to all corners of the earth. A year later Regina's mother, Carmella, was assassinated on the orders of Emperor Desmond Warren, Regina's own grandfather. Stephan dealt with the attacker before taking Regina away from their home. They arrived in Moscow, Russia, being on the run from a vicious Empire, Stephan left his daughter on the steps of an orphanage, before vanishing into the darkness.

Throughout her childhood, Regina had barely any memory of that life, it had been six years since that night. Regina grew up within the walls of the orphanage and lived a semi normal life. Unaware of the events that transpired outside Moscow.

One day the orphanage was approached by several men, all dressed in Officer's uniforms. They claimed to the Orphanage's staff that they were here on behalf of the Emperor, A revelation that brought worried glances from the maidens. They released Regina into the care of these guards as they escorted her into a private car on route to the airport. Mixed feelings flooded young Regina, fear over where she was going and not seeing her friends again, and wonder for what the Emperor would want her for. The plane arrived in Berlin, Germany and soon enough, little Regina's world would change forever.

Upon meeting Emperor Warren, Regina somehow recognized him, as if from a dream. After several nights in her new home, the dreams became more frequent, more vivid. Until she could see everything, the snow, the orphanage, and the man who left her, Emperor Warren himself. The man finally made it all clear to her, he was in fact her actual father. He then revealed to her just why he left her on that night in Moscow. Her mother was killed, they were on the run from a vengeful grandfather. And Stephan Warren spent those six years forming a rebellion that would eventually oust Desmond and cement his rise into power as the third Emperor of the Arachni Empire (Formerly Nazi Empire). All was clear to Regina, to her the circle was complete, she was now, home.


Years passed and Regina grew into her teen years as the Princess of the Arachni Empire, and was put through many programs to hone her skills to better protect herself. Overseen by a slowly changing Stephan. Regina noticed it, he was becoming a colder, more vicious of a ruler. But Regina's loyalty to her father was undying even at her young age. She was trained in many combat forms, as well as marksmanship and espionage. In her eyes, her father was training her to be his successor, but in reality, she was becoming his greatest weapon.

At age 18, Regina was christened as a member of the Widow Project, a group of all female warriors who served the empire as spies and assassins. Regina served alongside her childhood friend, Amanda, and several other high ranking agents who passed the trials with her. She remained with the Widow Project for two years, until she was eventually tasked to work under The Prime Inquisitor and deal with more higher risk missions.

Following Regina's rise into the main intelligence division, The Arachni Empire began to expand into other dimensions through the use of a strange artifact. The armies of the empire conquered alternate earths, two to be exact. And quickly built up a vast amount of resources. Soon though, Stephan Warren, who had now adopted the moniker of Ebony Tarantula showed desire to expand into a fourth earth, this one being a treasure trove of resources beyond that of what Nazi Earth had seen. The armies gathered their strength and pushed into this new world, and once again, Regina's life would drastically change.

A New World. And New Challenges

The Arachni arrived on Champions Earth, a world filled with high magic levels and almost god like heroes. and soon they based themselves on that earth's Germany, in the depths of The Black Forrest of southwest Germany. Ebony began his own crusade and eventually came to blows with this world's defenders. Especially a group known as the Titian Institute, Regina had noticed her father drastically changed as they crossed the Dimensional barrier. He was getting more unstable, more ruthless. Soon though, Ebony Tarantula experienced his first defeat at the heroes hands. Resulting in his temporary death. Only by Regina's intervention and the power of Etir, That Ebony returned. More unstable than ever he tasked his daughter and son to attack the institute in earnest. While the heroes were recovering from their previous encounter with Ebony. Regina was tasked to assassinate Dr. Mallick Orson. A genius of technology and Ebony's intellectual rival.

Regina Warren, now known as Ebon Widow, tracked down Orson with intent to serve her father's wishes. However, before this, Orson had captured Tyson and locked him away. Regina was conflicted, she cared for Tyson. But feared what would happen if her father got control of this earth in his current state. This allowed Mallick to talk her down and struck a bargain with her. Tyson's freedom for Orson's life. A choice Regina made wisely, she accepted Tyson's release and as "proof" Mallick allowed Regina to cut off his arm for Ebony to ensure her own safety. However, Ebony Tarantula saw through his daughter's ruse, and as punishment destroyed Tyson on the spot. After a brief fight between the two, Regina was forced to flee from her father, and into the arms of the Titian Institute.

Dr. Orson took Regina in without hesitation and quickly began to harbor feelings for her. The two worked closely together and aided the Institute in holding Ebony off and possibly defeating him again. But more tragedy struck. Ebony Tarantula gathered his forces and allies and launched an assault on the Institute, a battle that ended in the group's destruction.

Soon though, the survivors of the Institute attack regrouped and formed the Nexus Academy, and Regina finally accepted her shared feelings for Mallick, and they began dating, this however was short lived. Ebony soon caught word of this and "Finished loose ends" by killing Mallick one night in his lab. Regina was devastated and so was the Nexus Academy. Regina then became aware of a "Plan B" program Orson had left behind, and Regina had two choices to Clone mallick and give him a new life with no memory of anything or anyone, or give her DNA to mix with Orson's resulting in new life. Regina chose the latter and through genetics, Adam Orson was born, her son.

The Value Of Family

Regina had just gotten used to life on the heroes side, she had a caring family, her brother was back from the dead and she was being trained by Night Spider to use her talents for good. However, the bliss was short lived. Slade Thron, a partner of Ebony Tarantula who was thought dead returned to destroy the Nexus Academy and Regina's family. Slade had been aware that Regina's son, Adam Orson had genetically grown to a 18 year old physique and had begun dating Slade's daughter, Catherine. Slade was furious, and while under the influence of alien technology began to single out Adam with intent to kill.

Naturally, Regina defended her son AND Cat's wellbeing and embarked on a personal mission to ensure Slade would no longer be a threat to anyone, without killing him. Ebon Widow soon discovered that a set of Alien Rings was the source of Slade's new found savagery and (With help from both Night Spider and her father) managed to take them away from him. Adam was safe, but the Academy still was in danger...

Questionable Actions

The war between Nexus Academy and Slade Thron's organization The Shadows raged on. Slade led guerilla strikes whenever he could, often causing damage to the city and injuries to the Academy's students. Soon enough, a select few of kids, led by Roki. Broke into Slade's headquarters and eventually kidnapped Slade's second daughter, Solara Thron. In an act of mercy, knowing that the poor girl had nothing to do with their conflict. Regina along with Plasma Web and other female heroes returned Solara to her father. And the battle yet continued.

With goading on from Tiberius, Night Spider then authorized Regina and Tiberius to kidnap Solara again, this time to lead Slade out to be arrested. Regina disguised as a maid and while Tiberius attacked the guards, Widow led Solara to a back room of the Slade CORP building where she promptly knocked her out.

Not wanting to burden Solara with being a hostage, Regina kept her maid form, going by the name Maria and holding Solara at a "Safehouse" for a few weeks until a plan was formed.

On one night, Regina and Tiberius knocked out Solara and took her to a rigged warehouse in Westside and held her there until Slade himself arrived. While disguised as Mercenaries, Regina and Tiberius fought off Slade before Regina brutally incapacitated him. All in front of Solara. Solara then unleashed her powers onto the surviving environment, being a Beta Level Telepath this proved dangerous to everyone present, including Solara. Solara was dying from the outburst's effects when Regina managed to revive her. And as the MCPD took Slade away, Regina vowed to protect Solara as penance for deceiving her.

A Venomous Web

Life continued as normal. Regina and Solara developed a friendship that ended up in a parental relationship. However due to complications in their relationship, Mallick Orson and Regina civilly broke up and Mallick with their son moved away. Tiberius was then called to the Netherworld by his mother, Revenna, Queen of Shadows to partake in a war among demon species. Tiberius left Regina and the family for his duties.

Soon after, activity from The Arachni Empire resumed. On August 8th 2013, Twenty Arachni Intel Pods crashed down from space in random areas around Millennium City. Quickly acting, UNTIL barred off these devices from the public, only to be slaughtered by Arachni Retrieval Units. The Ultimate Guardians were the first heroes to respond and entered a conflict with Ebony Tarantula. Having a history with Ebony, the Nexus Academy lent info and aid to the UG. In the end only three of the pods remained in hero custody, one of which had it's contents open. This revealed that Ebony Tarantula's presence on Earth predated The Titian Institute and that there were more than a few lesser groups under The Arachni's influence. The battle escalated when Ebony Tarantula viciously attacked and kidnapped Bloodryn for His Associate, and later defeated Primal-Man and kidnaped him as well.

The Nexus Academy and The Ultimate Guardians joined forces to investigate. They had then located Primal Man in Castle Arachni, a fortress hidden within Germany's Black Forest. The Hero Teams gathered their forces, Night Spider enlisted Slade Thron, who was serving his time in stronghold to provide aid in defeating Ebony Tarantula along with The Young Stars who offered their help as well. on September 8th the teams along with UNTIL and The German Military attacked Castle Arachni in an all out battle with both The Arachni and VIPER forces. In the end, the heroes rescued Primal-Man and destroyed the fortress, however Slade Thron was murdered by Ebony Tarantula personally.

The Arachni escaped German borders and fled out into the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown location. Regina must now deal with a heartbroken Solara, but for once in her life she finally stood up to the very people who raised her...And won.

Regina dropped off the radar for some time afterwards, when she came back she found that The Arachni had fled earth after a defeat on their island base. Considering herself completely free, Regina now searches for a new home, and a place where her talents would be useful.

The Orion Crisis

With the Arachni gone and Solara now settled in. Regina set out on her own as a freelancer and spy for hire. In late 2013 Ebon Widow was pulled back into the fray when The Nexus Force was under attack by the mechanical overlord known as Orion. Regina helped to investigate the origins of strange delta signatures across the globe until early 2014 when Lawrence Materdore unveiled and activated The ARC, a device that could link the world's networks into a single server. The moment the device was propelled into space was when Orion attacked, his invasion nearly destroying the Nexus Force and costing the lives of many friends.

With Night Spider trapped in Hudson City and cut off from the team, Regina became the unofficial field commander for The Nexus Force. During this time, Adam's girlfriend Catherine gave birth to Regina's grandson, a baby boy named Slade Ryland. Regina continued to aid the Force until the final confrontation with Orion. After a harrowing mission to the year 2035 the Nexus Force had all they needed to bring down Orion and stop the invasion, when the day came Regina convinced the Nexus Force to instead target the ARC on the basis that by destroying it neither Orion or anyone else could use it for harm. The heroes managed to stow aboard in the chest cavity of a robot Orion Sentinel and rode into space. Above the earth, the heroes battled Orion and his forces as Regina was preparing to fire the only weapon that could destroy the ARC, a special railgun that Lawrence Materdore gave to her months prior.

Regina finally loaded a Direxium bullet into the chamber and had Roki Uchisama kick Orion in front of the ARC, when he did so Regina fired the bullet through the ARC and Orion, destroying both of them. Orion had strangely bled out before he vanished, Roki and Regina collected blood samples. However Regina gave hers to the demon Zephyron, as a reward for The Arachni's aid in the battle. This upset Roki as Zephyron kicked Regina out of the way and stole both the blood and The ARC before escaping.

With the Crisis now over Regina returned to her job as a Spy for hire. Leaving The Nexus Force behind her.

Summer Of Spiders

Regina was quickly called back into action soon after The Orion Crisis ended. Her father and The Arachni had taken over Westside's criminal underworld and assassinated Lawrence Materdore, co CEO to Parker|Materdore Dynamics. The Arachni had also attacked Mallick Orson's training room while Adam, Catherine and other Nexus heroes were training, assassinating Mallick Orson soon after. This move forced Widow back into the fray to protect what was left of her family. For weeks she gathered intel on The Arachni's biggest key operations. Focusing on the Drug Trade and Weapons Rings in particular. These investigations led to Lady Recluse's and Samurai Spider's arrest along with crippling blows to The Arachni's infrastructure. Eventually, the crisis ended when Ebony Tarantula pulled his forces from Westside, leaving a massive power vacuum in his place.

Widow now remains closer to Nexus Force, but refrains from joining them still.

Powers And Skills

Dark Matter: While not on par with her Father, Regina gained her ability over dark matter by Ebony Tarantula's "Obsidian Touch", which granted her a connection to a mysterious otherworldly force. With this power, Regina can open portals, distort reality and fire projectiles of Dark Matter. With recent practice, Regina's powers have grown to be about half as potent as her father's. She can now effectively bend Gravity and Time, and Manipulate organic and inorganic matter.

Etir Exposure

Peak Level Human Strength: Thanks to Arachni experimentation with Etir, Regina's physical strength is at the peak level of natural physical limits of a woman of her height, weight and build. She is capable of lifting up to 500 lbs.

Peak Level Human Speed: Her speed is also enhanced to the peak of human capability. Regina is as fast as a human woman can be.

Super Human Agility: Regina's natural agility is heightened to a level greater than that of an Olympic level human. She can coordinate her body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity easily.

Super Human Reflexes: Due to the Arachni's experiments, her reaction time is similarly enhanced and functions with superhuman efficiency and capability.

Advanced Human Durability: Regina's body has been augmented and trained to the pinnacle of human development. Though she can be injured in the typical ways other humans can be, she possesses exceptional human strength, endurance, and stamina.

Advanced Human Senses: Her five senses are enhanced and function at the peak of human attributes. She also has a slight variation of the sixth sense shared by Night Spider and Ebony Tarantula

Strong Mental Resistance: Regina is capable at withstanding torture for amazingly long periods of time. Some of her contracts require for her to be captured often and she has been extensively trained to endure long-term inhumane interrogation methods. This also makes her resilient to psychic attacks. She frequently opens her mind however, to remain in contact with Solara.

Enhanced Immune System And Healing Factor: While she is susceptible to disease, Ebon Widow has been enhanced by Etir chemicals that makes her body resistant to poisons. She also heals at a slightly higher rate then most humans.


Expert Martial Artist: Regina is an expert in the field of martial arts. She is proficient in karate, judo, aikido, ninjutsu, savate, muay thai, boxing, and multiple styles of kung fu.

Expert Acrobat: She is an Olympic class athlete, gymnast, acrobat and aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats.

Expert Marksman: Regina is an extremely accurate marksman, skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing.

Multilingual: She can speak in Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Intellect: She possesses the ability to quickly process multiple information streams. And rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.

Expert Tactician: She is a very effective strategist, tactician, and field commander. She has lead Arachni strike teams and even Nexus Force on one occasion.

Seductress: She is an expert in the field of seduction. Regina has been known to bend many different men to her will and sometimes even get them to do her jobs for her. She sometimes continues deceiving certain men through means of acting if she still has a further use for them.

Expert Spy: Regina is a dangerous agent trained in espionage, stealth, disguise, infiltration, and demolitions. She displays an uncanny ability for psychological manipulation and can mask her real emotions well. She is capable of killing in cold blood when the need arises (however will avoid it when there are other options present). Her talents and years of experience as an ex Arachni Specialist has led her to become a proficient vigilante and spy for hire.


Altruism: A problem Regina faces due to how fast her world has changed in such little time. It was tough for her to adapt to the laws and systems of Champions Earth. In turn, Regina often walks on the very thin line between Vigilante and Hero, occasionally falling either way. It is only due to her friends and allies that she is not completely on one side, but rather chooses the morality that would be most beneficial at the current time. (This however only applies to the Hero/Anti Hero moral standings) Recently, now that Regina is taking care of Solara, she has been leaning more into the heroic side of things.

Beginner: Regina is fresh on the hero scene and has a lot to learn in terms of morals and "The Hero Way". Thus she is prone to mistakes. On the other hand, she possesses enough Assassin Training to keep up with the boys.


Through years of experience Regina has become adept in various forms of combat, comfortable at both melee and long range. But her main skill lies in her marksmanship. Regina will often attack from a distance and use deception to surprise her opponents. More likely than not Regina will fall on using her dual pistols to deal major damage to a single enemy or to attack multiple foes at once.


Spider Grenades: These quarter sized orbs are widely used in The Spider Family's arsenal. These devices come in many verities, these include Taser, Kinetic Explosion, Plastique, Cryo and Goo Burst rounds.

Smoke Types include Tear Gas, Knockout Gas and Smoke Screen.

Web Hook: Another Spider Family Iconic, this grapple hook fires a retractable liquid metal cable with a questionite prong on the end. The launcher comes with a boost function to allow faster ascension as well as a metallic handle that can attach to Widow's belt, leaving her hands free.

The Web Hook also has a combat function, this device can disarm an armed opponent by grabbing the weapon and reeling it in. Also, the hook has a separate attachment that can fire a zipline.

Darts and Poisons: Being a natural Alchemist, Regina can create poisons and toxins of many types. She stores these poisons on launchers attached to her gauntlets. Many of her guns can fire these darts as well. Regina keeps a few darts on hand, these include Sleep Darts and Haitian Zombie Toxin (Puts the victim in a coma for a few days).

Switchblade: This blade was first used by Desmond Parker, grandfather to Regina's mentor. The switchblade is a device connected to Widow's bracer. When activated a six inch long questionite lined blade springs out for combat use. This is an entirely lethal weapon thus is seldom used. Regina often uses this when combatting Vampires and Undead. The blade can also be coated with toxins for extra damage.

Etir Vials: Due to her connections to The Arachni Empire, Regina has accesses to the mystical chemical known as Etir. Etir is presumed to be liquid magic and a source of life for both Dark and Light magic users. Commonly used By Ebony Tarantula to resurrect his fallen soldiers and Metahuman experiments. Regina uses this chemical to heal herself and others on the battlefield. Etir also is a useful poison to Demons and Undead when mixed with holy water.


Widow Guns.jpg

B-42 Deluxe Edition: Parker|Materdore Dynamics Enforcement Handguns (Maglock Series)

Developed exclusively by Parker|Materdore Dynamics, these weapons are held together by a very strong and constant localized magnetic field. The parts of the gun could simply swap out lightweight and durable modules in place for example; Scopes, Stocks, Barrels. However, prolonged electrical interference would disrupt most old models, the latest brought out by the company have a small forcefield around the generator insuring maximum usage. One popular user of this series would be the infamous 'Regina Warren' AKA the Ebon Widow has been known to sport twin B-42 interchangeable multi modular Questionite side-arms, or for short "Woop-ass in a gun" as the CEO Lawrence Materdore would often call it.

These twin pistols are the latest in Ebon Widow's arsenal. A gift from Forge (Lawrence Materdore) these high tech guns can pack a wide array of ammunition.

Weapon Features

  • Automatic reloading
  • Minimal jamming
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Onboard Materdore Ammo Management program - O.M.A.M
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Questionite lined barrel
  • Works in submerged water
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Durable and anti-slip grip
  • Magnetically fixed ammo clip (This feature can be swapped for normal hinged clips)


  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Spider Grenades
  • Normal Ammunition
  • Plasma Rounds

O.M.A.M Voice reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8sygjUi4iQ

B-42 Activation Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa5EG1_SvjI


Ebon Widow 2015.jpg

Parker|Materdore Dynamics Tactical Suit MK VI: Regina's current outfit. The suit is comprised of a special lightweight polymer hexweave developed at Parker|Materdore Dynamics for high risk espionage missions. The polymer can take great amounts of punishment, the chest area has built in disc-like scales highly similar to Dragon Skin Armor. However, its built for stealth above all. The skin-tight nature of the suit ensures that virtually no noise is made as Widow moves. The suit also can turn completely invisible by vibrating it's built-in molecules. This outfit also protects the wearer from thermal image and night-vision detection. Along with other features, the suit can change colors by transforming to certain presets determined by the wearer.


  • Vision Goggles Utilizes Thermal Imaging/Infrared, Night Vision, Scanner, Electro Magnetic Field
  • Various armor parts for extra protection
  • Tactical Hard Knuckle Gloves with built in Tasers
  • Photosensitive threads that can detect lasers from Sniper Rifles
  • Kevlar, Polymer, And Dragon Skin-Like Scales provide maximum protection from bullets (Depending on range and caliber)
  • Built in cooling and heating systems
  • Comlink
  • Tactical wrist-mounted computer
  • Launcher Gauntlet (Fires special shuriken and a whip-like cable)
  • Mask with built in aiming reticle



RP Hooks

  • Ebon Widow currently works as a spy for hire. having been hired by the likes of UNTIL and PRIMUS.
  • Regina's loyalty is commanded purely by personal relationships with others. Thus she has friends from both the hero community and the criminal underworld. Often taking jobs from both sides. Additionally, these connections make Widow an excellent informant.
  • Regina refuses to consider herself as a villain or a hero, but rather walks the fine line in between the two moralities. As a Spy or Informant she ends up working for employers on all sides. Despite this, Regina has her standards. For example, She won't endanger any civilians if she can help it.


  • Ebon Widow earned her name during her Arachni Days by using her feminine charm to get close to targets, before assassinating them. (Many of said targets were male)
  • Ebon Widow is a combination of Black Widow (Marvel), Silver Sable (Marvel), Catwoman (DC) and Talia Al Gul (DC).
  • Where does Widow keep her vast munitions you ask? Regina's Dark Matter abilities allow her to store her weapons and gadgets in a pocket dimension, being able to conceal her entire arsenal and deploy it at a moment's notice.


[1]Action Girl: Regina is very much this.

[2]Action Mom: As unlikely as it seems. Widow is indeed a mother and even a grandmother thanks to her Ex's prowess in genetic science. Along with this, Regina might just be one of the only mothers to never actually give birth. This allows Regina to remain a badass and take a motherly role at the same time.

[3]Badass Family: Regina and her family can take care of themselves quite well.

[4]Girls With Guns: Regina loves her guns. Nuff said.

[5]She-Fu: Regina tends to be very nimble and versatile in combat.

[6]Kick Chick: Like many female fighters, Regina prefers to use her legs and feet in close quarters combat. However she can toss a few good punches.

[7]Combat Pragmatist: Since Regina is a member of The Spider Family while also coming from a military background. Widow has this down to a T.

[8]Deadpan Snarker: Ebon Widow does this a lot. Typically during a fight or with friends.

[9]Femme Fatale: Regina's got the looks. And she'll use 'em.

[10]Karma Houdini: Ebon Widow has never faced repercussions for past crimes. Even to the point where Night Spider and The Nexus Force ignore her "moral bouts" due to how much help her style of crime fighting has been to them.

[11]Morality Pet: Ebon Widow has been morally rooted for the most part, thanks to her relationship with Solara Ryland and even her own son.

[12]Master Of Disguise: One of her many learned skills. Regina will often use Dark Matter to change her body's appearance. Completing the illusion.

[13]Thou Shalt Not Kill: Regina tries desperately to not harm anyone while fighting crime. However she is not as hard on the No Kill Rule as some other heroes, and will (although with remorse) kill the particularly evil individuals of society to save others.

[14]Spy Catsuit: ......

[15]'Determinator: Regina can be very persistent in a fight.

[16]Anti Hero: The type depends on what mood she's in. Regina rarely (if ever) considers herself a hero and her past is anything but innocent.

[17]Animal Motifs: Much like The Arachni, her father and her mentor. Regina's motif is that of a spider, whom she considers to be one of nature's ultimate hunters.

[18]The Casanova: After her break up with Mallick Orson, Regina does get around. Although not that often.


[19]"Black Sheep" by Gin Wigmore