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Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg
Liath Ebony backhier.jpg

Liath Ebony Egypt.pngLiath Ebony Egypt reflect.jpg

Liath Ebony Icon.jpg
Death was only the beginning..
(Daughter of Re)
Nationality:Flag EGY.png Egyptian
Relatives: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Base: Confidential
Physical Traits:
Gender:Flag F.png Female
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Physique: Confidential
Hair: Confidential
Eyes: Confidential
Skin: Confidential
Other: Confidential
Powers & Abilities:
Powers: Confidential
Abilities: Confidential
Group:Valiant International
Rank: Confidential
Other:Midnight Guardians
Science Heroes Against Felonious Threats
Society of Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
User:Liath Knot.png Liath (Talk)
Liath KnotLarge.png
Powers / Damage
Liath KnotLarge.png
Liath Knot.png
Liath Pencil.png
Liath Pic.png
Liath Top.png

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Liath KnotLarge.png
Liath Ebony Logo.png

Resurrected following her murder, Former Egyptian Pharaoh Maatkare (Daughter of Re) struggles to find her way in the modern world.

Liath Ebony History.png
Liath Ebony Hatshepsut.jpg
Born in 1503 BCE, Maatkare was the widow of Thutmosis II and was Egyptian Pharaoh during the 18th Dynasty (~1472-1458 BCE). History notes her sudden disappearance (presumed murder) and her step son ordering the destruction of her images and mentions of her rule upon his own rise to Pharaoh.

Unknown to historians or the new Pharoah, Maatkare's organs were removed from their canopic jars and placed within a carved wooden effigy by loyal priests. This effigy was hidden deep within the temple at Deir el-Bahri near Thebes where it survived untouched until discovered and brought back to England by a late 18th Century explorer.

While being moved to the explorer's country estate, the statue was stolen and inadvertantly brought to life by an old gypsy woman. Finding herself in a strange land with no memory of how she came to be there Maatkare joined the gypsies. Her natural abilities soon elevated her to leadership of the group and she became a notorious highwaywoman. Maatkare eventually fled to the American West continuing her criminal career but an incident with an Apache shaman caused her to revert to a statue.

Liath Ebony 1990sValiant.jpg
Reawakened early in the 20th century in Prussia, she was indoctrinated into the imperial guard where she remained during WW1. Escaping the control of the guard, Maatkare went underground as the vigilante Ebony, ranging across '20s and '30s Europe before joining the Russian Black Guard at the onset of WW2. The Black Guard were extraordinary people formed into a team to protect the Russian front from German incursions. It was while with the Black Guard that Ebony first encountered Brigadier Steel and Pendragon.

In the 50s Ebony returned to the USA and continued to work for the cause of good, assisting local authorities to keep the peace against the rising tide of super powered villains. She continued this through the 60s, 70s and 80s. Shortly before the destruction of Detroit, Ebony had been approached by Madame X to join the latest iteration of VALIANT. And so Maatkare found herself once more back in London for the first time in several centuries. To her surprise she also discovered that one of her "new" teammates was Pendragon who had actually been posing as her own granddaughter up until that point.

During her time with VALIANT Ebony managed to obtain an ancient ebon blade and axe, both of which she still uses to this day.
Liath Ebony Look.png

Coming Soon...

Liath Ebony Power.png

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Liath Ebony Gear.png

S.T.A.S.H. (Subspace Transportation And Storage Handler): Created by Professor Zack Zapperoni, this small device creates a subspace pocket into which large items can be stored and retrieved. Prior to her time in S.H.A.F.T, Ebony simply carried an appropriate weapon now she uses the S.T.A.S.H.

More Coming Soon...

Liath Ebony Nemesis.png
Status: At Large
Powerset:Bestial Supernatural

Details Coming Soon
Liath Ebony NemIvory.jpg
Liath Transparent.png

Liath Ebony Pics.png
Liath Ebony Other.png

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"It was certainly a warming sight on my optic sensors when I again saw my old friend Maatkare after so many years." - Brigadier Steel
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