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Faerie Prince
Cait Sith
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Super Group
Rank Reserve Mascot
Current Affliations N/A
Former Affiliations Gen Prime

Real Name Tybalt
Known Aliases Fuzzball, Pussycat, Tybs
Gender Male
Species Cheshire Cat
Birthdate April 13th
Place of Birth Faerie
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Irusan (father and current King of Cats); Taghairm, Pangur, Palug, Grimalkin, Kasha, Grýla, Kellas, Muezza, Tregul, Bygul, Tim, and Tom (siblings, from eldest to youngest)

Apparent Age 17
Height 40" long (true form)/6'0" (humanoid form)
Weight 18lbs (true form)/132 lbs (humanoid form)
Eyes Light violet
Hair Black with dark violet streaks
Complexion Furry (true form)/Pale (humanoid form)
Build Long and incredibly fluffy (true form)/Tall, gangly, with limbs that are disproportionately long (humanoid form)
Notable Features Mouth is way too wide, feline features

Citizenship Cat
Marital Status Dating Deviate
Occupation Cat, lurker
Education Cat


Spellcasting, veils, shapeshifting, feline physiology, and feline senses
Collar communicator, belt

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    Cait has many personality traits that are common among felines, and just like cats there's parts of his personality that seems to contradict itself. While he often acts on curiosity and whims, he goes about it in a fairly logical manner (or at least in a way that's logical to him). He likes to observe before acting, which often means following people/things around either veiled by invisibility or taking the shape of a creature/person that would otherwise go unnoticed. Around people he is used to and comfortable with, he comes across as pretty cheerful and downright playful. He tends to work well with others, quickly adapting to the tactics of those about him. He acts in the interests of others for the most part, though sometimes the actions he takes might not be very popular. He is slow to trust others, and tends to be aloof when it comes to matters of his background.


Cait has an inherent talent for spellcasting. He has offensive, defensive, and healing spells in his arsenal, allowing him to adapt to the needs of any given situation. Smaller scale spells take little time to cast, and can be done with simple gestures. Large and more potent spells take time, focus and preparation in order to cast them successfully.
Cait is able to create illusions, an inherent ability shared by all of his kind. He can use these illusions to become invisible to the naked eye, to conjure the image of people/objects/creatures, or to alter the area about him. Handy for concealing his presence/the presence of others, or for causing a chaotic distraction.
Cait sith 2 by joemdavis-d9m8paa-resize.png
Cait's natural from is that of a black and violet striped Cheshire cat, but his shapeshifting ability allows him to change his appearance to whatever he chooses, including the cat boy form he uses for hero work. Human, animal, mineral, it doesn't matter so long as he knows what it looks like. The more intimate he is with the subject he's changing into, the more accurate the shapeshift. He's capable of taking on any gender he chooses, but more often than not he tends to stick to male gender.
Feline Physiology
Cait's body is built for agility, flexibility, stealth and speed. This is certainly the case when he is in his true feline form. He is able to orient himself in midair so that he always lands on his feet, a feat he can accomplish no matter form he is in. He can reach speeds of up to 30 miles an hour in short bursts. His clavicles float in his musculature and he has a compressible rib cage, like any normal cat. This allows him to squeeze in and out of tight spaces. When in humanoid form, he loses out on some of his physical prowess, but still maintains some benefits. While his speed is not as pronounced, he can run faster than most normal humans. He is double jointed in many areas, which gives him a good deal of flexibility.
Feline Senses
Cait's senses, especially when in feline form, are greater than that of humans in many cases. He can hear a full two octaves higher than a human, allowing him to pick up on high pitched noises that would otherwise go unheard. His ears can also swivel to help him locate the source of the sound. His sense of smell is roughly a thousand times more sensitive than a human's. His pupils dilate in a manner that gives him an almost panoramic view, giving him heightened peripheral vision. He is also able to see in ultraviolet, allowing him to pick up on visual cues that would otherwise be missed without advanced equipment. True to cat form, he has incredible night vision. When in humanoid form, most of these sense remain unchanged, save for his sense of smell, which becomes significantly dulled.


This metal is poisonous to most if not all fae, and certainly something that is harmful to Cait Sith. While much older cheshire cats eventually develop a bit of a resistance to iron, Cait is young and thus has not built up those resistances. Symptoms of iron poisoning include: general weakness, confusion, erratic behavior, excessive sleepiness, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, coma, and seizures. The severity really depends on the point of exposure and the length of exposure. A nick from an iron nail will likely induce the milder symptoms, whereas being impaled by an iron spike or chained in iron for a long time would probably induce the more severe symptoms. Removing the source of iron will allow him to recover on his own.
True Name
Common of most magical creatures. Knowledge of a cheshire cat's True Name means having a measure of power over them. Such knowledge in the hands of a magic practitioner means that the person can evoke the cheshire cat's name and basically compel him into obedience. For this reason, Cait is not so quick to provide people with his True Name. The only way out of service under these conditions is for the practitioner to not only release Cait from service, but to swear a Binding Oath that they will never evoke his True Name again. Breaking a Binding Oath can lead to harmful backlash, so generally it wouldn't be something willing broken.
Oaths are pretty serious business among the Fae. As such, breaking oaths is not something taken lightly. For this reason, you can pretty much guarantee that if Cait takes an oath, he will follow it to the letter, not so much out of a sense of honor and more to do with being sound business practice. While Cait has not taken any oaths, his family has. Since he is a prince of cats, he is duty bound to make good an oaths his father has made. Anybody smell a plot device here? I hope so!
Having feline senses is great, except for the fact that there are some shortcomings that come with them. His sense of taste is incredibly limited, due to the fact that he has far fewer taste buds than a human. For example, he has no capacity whatsoever to taste sweets. While his vision in many areas is superior to a human's, he mostly sees in shades of blue and gray. He has a great deal of difficulty differentiating between orange, brown, red and green. Once an object gets within six to eight inches from his nose, it begins to go out of focus and he loses binocular vision (ie he begins to see double). Once that object gets within 4-5 inches, it effectively gets into his blind spot (meaning he can miss things that are literally right under his nose). He is also prone to the same sorts of things that would affect a cat, especially if he's in his true form. Can anybody say catnip?
Jack of All Trades, Master of None
While Cait can cast a variety of offensive, defensive and healing spells, he's really about on average in terms of power and potency. Against folks that have full focus in those areas, he ranks as just about average.


Collar Communicator
Cait was given a communicator when he joined the The Progeny, which has since been upgraded into a collar. When he shapeshifts, he uses magical means to ensure that the device is secured on his person.
Cait wears a belt around his waist (in cat boy form that is) that allows him to store some useful items on his person. There are 8 loops that he can place either vials of potions or crystals in. There is also a hip pouch that allows him to store away items as well. When he shapeshifts to cat form, he can shift this into a harness...but that really doesn't help much, as he needs opposable thumbs to use the items in/on the belt. Generally the following can be found either in the loops or in the pouch:

• Minor healing potions
• Crystals (charged with spells and uncharged as well)
• Dried herbs
• Shells, feathers, misc. spell components


Crossing Over
    Cait Sith was born under the glassy dome of Faerie. The 13th of the King of Cats, one would think he was born to the trappings that come from being born to royalty. Truth be told though, King Irusan, one of the oldest Cheshire cats in existence, is a self-proclaimed king. Under his rule, the Cheshire cats became organized (or as organized as a collective of cats are going to get) as a group. Upon building his base of power in the beached wreckage of a ship along the shore, he single-handedly managed to negotiate an accord with the various factions of Faerie. Thanks to Irusan, the Cheshire cats gained the reputation as heralds. Unfortunately, to attain such status, many deals had to be made. Cait Sith and his 12 siblings are bound by the oaths made by their father. And Cait would not be alone among his siblings who felt that this was a raw deal. It was the feeling of being bound by something that was done long before he was born that led Cait to wander. His older brother Pangur, sensing perhaps the same restlessness that he once felt, gifted him a pendant made of azeztulite, which would allow him to travel between Faerie and the mortal world whenever he wished, without the need of finding a nexus. The young Cheshire, eager to explore, eager to be free, accepted the gift and took his first foray in the human world.

    Cait emerged into the modern world in Millennium City. For a few years, he haunted the streets, masking himself as just a regular cat. While it would be a stretch to say he became savvy to human ways, he did learn enough that he was able to navigate through the city. He observed, and eventually he went on to interact with the people he came across. Sometimes he played the part of stray cat, other times he tried (and failed) at passing himself off as human. He had (and still has) issues in hiding all of his feline features, so at best he was able to fit in with groups of cosplayers and a few clubs that overlooked that sort of thing. Considering how many heroes worked in and around Millennium City, he came across caped heroes on occasion. He didn’t really feel the push to join the ranks of heroes until one fateful night at Swing, a new teen club in the city. He and other superpower teens worked together to thwart the assassination of an alien princess. Cait found that there was this…sense of satisfaction that came from using his abilities to help others, to render aid with no strings attached. And he found that he really liked it.

Family and Friends

    Cait went on to join the teen heroes he encountered at the club in forming The Progeny. At first, he kept the others in the group at a distance, being friendly yet never really growing close to them. He did manage to form a connection with Kid Ballistic and with Lash, the former due to being somewhat of a kindred spirit and the latter because she kept trying to arrange a romantic relationship with her pet Miss Pussycakes. Everything changed when he lost his ability to return to Faerie. His azeztulite pendant was shattered during an encounter with wendigos running amok in Westside. At first, the idea of being effectively cut off from his homeworld left him feeling adrift. For weeks after, he found himself at a bit of a loss as to what to do with himself.

    Oddly enough, it was a fateful encounter with a demon that provided him the clarity Cait desperately needed. When confronted with his own personal grief over his situation, he came to realize that while he was likely the only one of his kind in the human world, he wasn't truly alone. He had family, in the form of his newfound friends. He realized that the pendant had always been a crutch, keeping him from really embracing the new world he found himself in. Without that crutch, he now had nothing really holding him back from really experiencing what the world had to offer. From that day forward, he began to forge closer friendships with his fellow teammates.

    In his journey to discover more of what the world has to offer, he left the Progeny for a time to join an upcoming group by the name of Gen Prime. His tenure there was short-lived, eventually finding himself returning to the group he helped to found, this time in more of a reserve capacity. He has also worked alongside Fahrenheit of the Protectors of the World on a few occasions, taking him out of Millennium City for the first time to journey first to Sydney, Australia, then to Rub' al Khali in the Arabian desert. Through these experiences, he learned newer ways to apply his magic, emulating the gear and devices used by Kid Ballistic but with a magical twist. With charged crystals, potions, and spell components at his fingertips, he managed to diversify his magical abilities and in many cases temporarily increase the power of those he was inherently born with. With these new tools, and with these new experiences under his belt, he is determined to continue to help his friends where he can and to continue on his journey of self-discovery.



    The Progeny: Cait Sith joined the Progeny in July 2015. The group was formed after a night at a teen club turned violent. Several heroic teens, including Cait, rose to the occasion to put a stop to an alien assassination attempt. In the short time that he's been a part of the group, he's come to view his new found friends as the family he wished he had growing up. Maybe they aren't the most functional of families, but he is still rather protective of them all the same. He briefly left the team for a few months but eventually returned. He now works with them in a reserve capacity.

    Gen Prime: Cait was briefly a member of this up and coming supergroup. He eventually left, feeling he had learned what he could from his brief tenure in their membership.

    King Irusan's Court: Being the 13th son of the King of Cats means serving as a member of his father's court... albeit begrudgingly on Cait's part. Part of his duties included attending diplomatic functions both in the Wonderland demesne in Faerie and in other demesnes within the Land of Legend. Cait has worked as emissary, herald and ambassador as part of his duties. He has not performed any duties as a member of his father's court since coming to the human world.


    Deviate: Cait has not known Deviate for very long, but in a short amount of time the cat has become exceedingly fond of him. He admires the way the lanky brobot so passionately defends his rights and the rights of others. The two are still getting to know one another, and both are trying to figure out exactly how to go about being more than just friends.

    Kid Ballistic : Considering Kid Ballistic doesn't like cats and hates magic, it's rather ironic that this young gunslinger is the closest thing Cait has ever had to a best friend. While their backgrounds are vastly different, there are similar themes that crop up in their respective history. It gives them an odd sort of common ground and understanding. Of course it also helps that Cait is a great wingman. Who can resist a guy toting around a cute cat, right?

    Pangur: Pangur is one of Cait's many older siblings, and certainly the one he is closest to. Like Cait, Pangur also has a fondness for mortals. He is quite old, and possibly was the cat that inspired the Irish poem "The scholar and his cat, Pangur Bán." He checks in with Cait now and again to see how he's doing.


Trygul and Bygul

Abilities: Veils, Shapeshifting, Illusions, Spellcasting
Occupation: Cats

Status: At Large
    Trygul and Bygul are two of Cait's twelve siblings. Previously working for the goddess Freya in a demesne of Faerie occupied by the Norse gods, the twins crossed over to the human world where they encountered Cait and Kid Ballistic. They placed a love spell on Kid Ballistic when he insulted them, which resulted in Cait enlisting help from other members of the Progeny to help track the twins down, leading to conflict. Their only means of returning home was broken during the fighting, leaving Trygul and Bygul stranded and unable to return to Faerie. Cats are great at holding grudges, and faerie cats are even better at holding them.

Merry Annette
Merry annette.jpg
Name: Mary Annette-Baker

Abilities: Possession Magic
Occupation: Washed up retiree

Status: Incarcerated
    Merry Annette is actually a marionette doll, which came from the set of the 1972 box office flop The Marionette. It was used as a tool by Mary Annette-Baker, whose aspiring career as a child actor was ruined when the movie failed. By possessing the puppet, Mary was able to focus magic into the doll's strings. Those strings, in turn, allowed her to control others, leaving them with no memory of what happened while possessed. Merry Annette was able to gain control of Cait for a short time, before members of the Progeny helped him to break free. The puppet was reduced to ash in a final confrontation with members of the teen hero group, and the woman controlling it arrested.






Satisfaction: Cait Sith gets his first taste of heroics in this entry for the Progeny's July 2015 writing challenge.

Cut Off: Cait has lost access to a magical item that allowed him easy access to and from Faerie, and finds himself trying to figure out what to do next.

Grief Is In Two Parts: Cait is talked into helping the mage Siobhan with a grief demon that has taken residence in a brownstone in Westside. In dealing with the demon, the Cheshire cat is able to come to grips with being forced to stay in the human world.

A Ghost Story: Cait has a disturbing encounter with a pair of ghosts during one of his jaunts around the city in this entry for the Protectors/Progeny's Ghost and Goblins Writing Contest.

Free to a Good Home: Cait comes across a kitten in cardboard box on Christmas Eve in this entry for the Protectors/Progeny 2015 Christmas Vignettes.


• Do you come from Faerie or are familiar with the denizens of that realm? Chances are you know about the King of Cats, Cait's father!
• Cheshire cats are essentially magical faerie cats, so if you have a background in magic you probably would recognize what Cait is.
• Does the King of Cats owe you a favor? Then it's possible that Cait might have to fulfill the obligations of his father's oath! (Please message me on the CORP forums if interested.)
• Cait Sith's face claim is Jake Abel.
• Face claim for Cait's older brothers Trygul and Bygul is Elliott Sailors.


Have you worked with Cait Sith before? Leave a comment below!

"How cool is it that cats are my favorite animals and we have one on the team? He's like all mystical and stuff though but oddly TOTALLY down to earth. I'm thinking about setting him up on a date with Miss Pussycakes, their babies would be A-DOR-A-BLE!!!" - Lash

"I don't like cats. And I hate magic. But this particular furball's alright. He gets me. Don't ask me how or why." - Kid Ballistic

"Miao." - Miss Pussycakes

"Would've been good if someone had given me a head's up about the talkin' cat in our base. I'm still not quite convinced that Cait Sith and Miss Pussycakes aren't in cahoots with each other." - Black Ice

"He's a cat. Like, a talking cat that does magic. I guess stranger things have happened? I'll let you know when I figure one out." - Maverick

"I cannot put my finger on it, but I like him. He worked well under pressure the first time I met him, first impressions and all. Dresses a bit gaudy for my taste but hey, I'm not a catman. Oh and to answer his question, a lot." - Cobalt Crush

"He is soooo awesome! A cat guy! I thought there were only catgirls? But he's totally cool knows magic." - Heartbeat

"Most people would run at the sight of towering cannibal spirit-beasts, instead of riding an armored telekinetic up to a magical reality tear to close it. But then there's Cait Sith." - The Peacemaker

"It was somewhat unnerving to find out the stray cat that I had been trying to feed outside of the Arcade was not only a magical talking cat, but a former member of the Progeny. While he seems nice enough, I would appreciate if he would be a bit more direct and less... vague and aloof. Seeing that he's of Faerie, I suppose maybe that's asking a little bit too much." - Faith


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