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"I don't do sprinkles."
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Super Group
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Real Name Oliver Thomas Black
Known Aliases Black Ice
Gender Male
Species Human, Mutant
Birthdate 02/02/1998
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives · Thomas Benjamin Black (Father)
· Marianne Sophia Rose (Mother)
· Charles Nathan Black (Brother)

Apparent Age Early Twenties
Height 5'9" (1,76 m)
Weight 159 lbs (72 kg)
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Medium Brown
Complexion Light, Pale
Build Athletic, Lean
Notable Features Occasionally Covered in Ice and Frost

Identity Public
Citizenship Flag USA.png American, Flag GBR.png British
Marital Status Unattached
(Dating Olevia Alvarez)
Occupation Corporate Sponsored Hero, Student
Education Tertiary Education (University)


Archetype Button Glacier.png Chemistry Skills, Cryokinesis, Mutant Physiology, Parkour

Mission Testtube 04.png Comm Device, Cryogenic Serum, Custom-Fit Suit, Utility Belt

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Black Ice - A teenage mutant with the powerful ability to create and control ice in all of its forms. As a member of The Progeny, a team of young heroes, Oliver Black helps put the world's most dastardly villains on ice, freezing crime in its tracks wherever he goes. This is fighting crime at its coolest.

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Oliver Thomas Black was born in London, England, on February 2nd, 1998. He lived a typical middle-class childhood in the United Kingdom, until his genetic mutation manifested during puberty.

The initial symptoms were easily dismissed as a fever or simply blamed on puberty, but it soon became apparent that this was something else entirely. The teen's condition quickly worsened and he was immediately hospitalized as his declining body temperature started to reach critical levels. Any attempt to warm up Oliver's body seemed to only produce adverse effects, leaving the doctors with little choice but to cease their treatments and simply monitor Oliver's condition. The doctors soon realized that they were dealing with something that could only be explained as metahuman.
Despite the abnormally low body temperature, Oliver's organs continued to function. A strange layer of frost and ice slowly began to cover the teenager's entire body, leaving the now comatose Oliver with a permanently frost-shrouded appearance. His condition and vitals became stable again, but Oliver's life was forever changed. As it turned out Oliver was not ill, he was a mutant.

After spending several months in hospitals and research facilities Oliver's doctors managed to create a concoction of cryogenic liquids and other chemicals that allowed Oliver to return to looking like his old self again. The serum basically suppressed the outward mutation by lowering Oliver's core temperature, tricking his body into thinking it had already reached its ideal temperature and no longer needed to keep forming an exterior layer of ice crystals. Unfortunately the effects of the serum were only temporary and Oliver would eventually return to his default mutant state again.

Oliver returned home and went back to school, but between the manifestations of his unmastered cryogenic abilities and having to regularly ingest a still experimental serum trying to live a normal life ended up being a near impossible task. Family relationships were strained. And Oliver kept getting in trouble at school as events were happening around him that he could not explain.

At the age of 16 Black left his home and moved to Millennium City, The City of the Future, in the United States to get a fresh start, where he worked odd jobs to support himself. He chose the city for its relatively high tolerance towards metahumans and, more importantly, because of the many scientific discoveries in metahuman research that were constantly taking place there.

Oliver started practicing parkour and soon found himself using his mutant powers for good, hindering the criminals in his neighborhood. He became known by the alias Black Ice and joined a club of young metahumans and heroes in training called New Vigil. This would eventually lead to him joining his current team, The Progeny, which formed the start of Oliver's career as a crime fighter.



After a funny clip of Black Ice bantering and almost effortlessly wiping the floor with some painfully incapable bad guys went viral, Oliver received the life-changing opportunity to become a corporate sponsored hero. Not possessing the luxury of a secret identity, nor the financial backing of his parents, Oliver decided to roll with it and embraced his new status as a public hero.
He is now trying to combine his life as a university student and a crime fighting hero with the media circus of being a minor celebrity and the responsibilities towards his sponsor and his team.

Black Ice continues to be part of the team of young heroes called The Progeny and is currently being sponsored by Good Guise - Men's Grooming Products.


Oliver Black.png

Oliver has medium brown hair with an ever so faint reddish hue to it, icy blue eyes and an underused infectious smile. He possesses a lean frame and a build that leans more towards athletic than muscular, pretty much exactly what you would expect from a teen hero and parkour fanatic. Admittedly he could do with a bit of a tan, but given his wintry mutation having a pale complexion does kind of seem to fit the young Brit.

When in his default mutant state Oliver is completely covered by a layer of ice and frost from head to toe. But with some difficulty, it is still possible to recognize him in this form. Not surprisingly the frost-shrouded appearance is often met with a mixed response. There are some who consider such an apparent mutation to be off-putting, while others think it is cool how his skin turns to ice.

Given the nature of his mutation, it should also not be surprising that his choice of wardrobe seldom accounts for the weather.


Oliver Black is usually described as an amiable, albeit somewhat troubled young man. He does not warm up to people easily and seems to have some trust issues, but his loyalty appears to be absolute. Oliver's demeanor can sometimes come across as cold or distant, although in most cases it is fairly obvious he does care more than he is able to let on or is willing to admit.
When in his mutant state Oliver's demeanor does seem notably more self-conscious; about both his appearance and his actions. Though the difference is not nearly as extreme as it used to be.

In the field Black Ice is typically able to keep his cool, even when everything around him is going up in flames. He is also a little headstrong and, despite the fact that being reckless and impulsive is out of character for him, often acts without any concern for his own safety. Qualities that can be seen as both selfless and extremely foolish at the same time.

While he is considered one of the more promising up-and-coming young heroes, already having his name attached to a brand, Black does not care much for the media attention and prefers to keep to himself. He has actually gotten rather good at evading the press and he seldom agrees to do an interview, much to the frustration of his agent who would like nothing more than to see Oliver fully embrace his status as a minor celebrity. Instead his handler often has to deal with confused or disgruntled photographers who keep having difficulties with iced-over camera lenses.

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Black Ice by Biff Smackwell.png
Ice Wallofice.png Cryokinesis

Black Ice possesses the ability to create, direct and manipulate ice or any substance below its freezing point. This gives him the power to cause extreme drops in temperature, spontaneously freeze things solid and to exercise near complete control over frozen substances or ice formations. The ice created through the use of these meta abilities also has a fairly high density and strength compared to naturally formed ice crystals. This is especially true for the constantly shifting ice that covers Black's own body when he is in his default mutant state.

While these abilities do not require direct physical contact, using these powers over longer distances appears to be more straining and does not allow Black Ice to exercise the same level of control. The amount of moisture in the air also appears to greatly influence the effectiveness of his cryogenic ability, particularly at long range. It has been estimated that the subject is capable of invoking temperatures as low as several hundred degrees below Celsius when maintaining direct physical contact with his target.

Ice Icesheath.png Mutant Physiology

Black Ice is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, particularly those below freezing point, and possesses physical traits that are beyond the human norm, such as heightened endurance, fortitude and stamina. Black is also less receptive to external stimuli, most notably pain. In his default mutant state Black is even able to withstand a moderate force of impact and a significant amount of pressure, due to the protective layer of frost and ice that covers his entire body. Although he is not completely bulletproof and far from invincible.

Due to the drastically reduced body temperature, Black Ice is able to bypass most forms of heat detection. It will also take much longer for certain types of poison and most viruses to take effect. Many forms of radiation do still affect Black Ice, as can some mutagenic compounds or mutagenic energies, as long as they are able to get past the subject's frozen exterior.
His unique physiology unfortunately offers little to no additional protection against any form of magic, with perhaps the exception of pyromancy, or against any mental abilities. Long-term exposure to extremely (unnaturally) hot and dry environments may also be detrimental to his health.

Black Ice has to regularly ingest a concoction of cryogenic liquids and other chemicals in order to maintain the appearance of a normal teenager.

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Comm Device

A hi-tech earpiece (courtesy of his sponsor; Good Guise - Men's Grooming Products) that originally comes with a corresponding wristwatch communications device, though Oliver seldom wears the wristwatch on missions as he prefers to keep his (fore)arms and wrists clear so he can shape his ice without any obstruction. Independently the earpiece still functions as an audio input and output device, but it does not offer a display nor does it provide access to many of the watch's extra features; possibilities that are comparable to a state of the art smartphone device.

Cryogenic Serum


Custom-Fit Suit

A heat-resistant, electrical-resistant, tear-proof, water-repellent, light-weight, stretchable and form-fitting costume tailored from state of the art superhero materials (again, courtesy of his sponsor; Good Guise - Men's Grooming Products). The material is not bulletproof. The suit might stop smaller caliber bullets from penetrating when fired over a long distance, similar to Black Ice's frozen exterior, but nothing more. The idea is for Black Ice to not get shot in the first place.
Apart from some minor built-in tech that allows the monitoring of his vitals and the output of his abilities, Black Ice's suit is tech-free.

Though the suit does offer some protection, particularly where his vital organs (heart and lungs) and throat are, Black Ice's style of combat already emphasizes nimbly avoiding hits or using frozen constructs to shield himself from attacks. That is why the suit's material is designed more for its ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions rather than focusing on its protective quality.

The suit is sleeveless and was primarily designed to let Black Ice use his cryokinetic powers as unhindered as possible. Its secondary purpose is to enable as much freedom of movement as possible for the purpose of acrobatics and parkour. For this exact purpose, the soles also provide additional grip. A necessity when often performing acrobatic stunts on a slippery (or frozen) surface. Whilst ice-sliding Oliver temporarily covers the soles with a layer of ice to bypass the feature; like an instinctive on and off switch only he can control.
The suit comes with a mask that covers the lower region of the wearer's face. This has nothing to do with protecting Oliver's (already very much public) identity and everything to do with the circumstances Black Ice often finds himself in. As a cryokinetic, running into burning buildings is part of his job description. With that in mind, on top of his (and his nemeses') habit of utilizing hazardous chemicals, the mask acts as a layer of protection from smoke inhalation and other airborne toxins or chemical agents.

Its color scheme is also deliberate; a bold design with cool blues and blacks (obviously), lending itself well to both covert operations or nightly patrols and promotional purposes.

Mission Testtube 04.png CAUTION:

Outside of his meta abilities and standard crime fighting paraphernalia, Black Ice is known to be able to utilize a variety of hazardous chemicals and chemical agents.

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Faith by joemdavis-d9m8pfk-resize.png

Brits and cryokinetics are not known for their optimism and blind faith, good thing this young saint has plenty to go around.


There is a solid, inexplicable bromance between the gun-toting former mercenary and the British, frost-shrouded hero.


This young fashionista appears to have somewhat of an infatuation with Oliver. Their relationship is "complicated."



Oliver's often inappropriate agent who, despite his maybe questionable professionalism, excels at what he does.


Oliver's good friend and a fellow model for Good Guise, though, in most ways this speedster is kinda his polar opposite.

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Black Ice nemesis2.jpg


Known Aliases:
The Huntsman
Threat Level: Delta
Method of Operation:
Bounty Hunting, Human Trafficking, War Crimes
Vendettas: Black Ice, The Progeny, UNTIL

Bloodshot, or The Huntsman as he is also known as, is a ruthless mercenary whose favored targets are mutants. He collects them, hunts them for sport, sells them to the highest bidder or uses them as a resource. The Huntsman has been used as a bogeyman tale for mutants, but it is not a story suited for a young audience.

Bloodshot is known to supplement his arsenal of heavy weapons with power stolen from mutants, by having himself augmented through gruesome surgical procedures. A certain young, British cryokinetic is on his list of wanted specimens and valuable targets.



Known Aliases:
Threat Level: Beta
Method of Operation:
Alien Abductions, Dine and Dash, Widespread Panic
Vendettas: Darren's Pizza, Speed-E Pizza

When this unknown alien creature spawned it was ravaged by an insatiable hunger. The first thing it came across was a Darren's Pizza establishment. Fortunately the creature only feast itself upon the human food, and not the humans customers, but as a result it developed a strong taste for pizza. It has been craving the cheesy, tomatoey flatbread ever since. And so it was dubbed Pizzavore.

In Oliver's book there are few crimes more unforgivable than to deprive one of their pizza. Which makes this monster, regardless of its origins or whatever species it may be, Black Ice's mortal foe.

Black Ice nemesis1.jpg


Known Aliases:
Eleanora Russell
Threat Level: Alpha
Method of Operation:
Bribery, Manipulation, Reckless Behavior, Sabotage
Vendettas: The Progeny (most notably Lash)

Instead of getting a car, Eleanora convinced her dad to buy her metahuman powers for her sixteenth birthday. After volunteering for a procedure to turn her into a mutate Eleanora got her wish in the form of calokinetic abilities. She adopted the name Red-Hot and became a supermodel as well as a superhero. In truth, she could not care less about helping people and behaves more like a villain.

After modeling with Black Ice in a photo shoot and failing to seduce him, Red-Hot developed an unhealthy crush for the British hero. An obsession that nearly rivaled her selfish desire for glamour and fame.

Black Ice nemesis4.jpg


Known Aliases:
Threat Level: Alpha
Method of Operation:
Destruction of Property, Grand Theft, Heists
Vendettas: MCPD



Black Ice nemesis3.jpg


Known Aliases:
Mister Fu
Threat Level: Gamma
Method of Operation:
Chemical Warfare, Drug Production, Organised Crime
Vendettas: MCPD, The Progeny

Passing as the simple owner of a picturesque spice shop in Millennium City's Chinatown, Mister Fu - a seemingly harmless, tiny, old man - is known as The Alchemist on the streets. A feared Asian drug baron with the mighty power of chemokinesis; the ability to manipulate the state and reactions of (non-organic) chemical elements. As if that was not enough, Mister Fu is also a Kung Fu master who favors the style of the monkey. A legit Kung Fu Wizard!

The Progeny managed to disrupt Mister Fu's drug operation, with Black Ice's chemistry skills providing vital support to the team.



Known Aliases:
Connor Wyght
Threat Level: Beta
Method of Operation:
Conspiracy, Disturbing the Peace, Obstruction
Vendettas: Black Ice







Known Aliases:
Bob the Cat
Threat Level: Alpha
Method of Operation:
Aggressive Behavior, Littering, Theft, Trespassing
Vendettas: Black Ice

Miss Pussycakes is the ridiculously pampered and monstrously obese cat of Olevia Alvarez or Lash, one of Oliver's closest allies. Whether it is because of the attention Olevia gives Oliver, the low body temperature of the cryokinetic or the fact Oliver once utilized Miss Pussycakes as a weapon, the beast clearly detests Black Ice.

Oliver has long suspected Miss Pussycakes was once the pet of a supervillain. He also believes the cat was responsible for the pizza thefts over the summer of 2015, but has not been able to prove it.

Still At Large

BI e.png

  • Black Ice is a member of The Progeny, a team of young heroes.
  • Sometimes works alongside the MCFD or aids their crime lab.
  • Specializes mainly in the fields of cryo- and biochemistry.
  • Is sometimes featured in the media or in superhero news.
  • Is sponsored by Good Guise - Men's Grooming Products.

  • Oliver Black is British and speaks with an English accent.
  • Even as a kid, Oliver has always been a winter person.
  • Oliver is a student at Millennium City University or MCU.
  • He is also an avid gamer and a practitioner of Parkour.
  • Possesses some baking skill, but makes for a terrible cook.
  • Has become a very regular customer at Darren's Pizza.

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"A cooler guy I've never known." - Prankenstein

"Hsssssss...Rrraaawrrr!" (roughly translates to "This @$$hole tried to kill me!") - Miss Pussycakes

"We are not sure if...Oliver acts so uptight on purpose, or if...he is simply always that way. However, we do admire...his discipline." / "Oliver has Shame that he's always people! Heehee." - Galactigal/Samantha, respectively

"He seems nervous around me most of the time, and he's very guarded. He's... not a bad guy though." - Mercy

"Oliver's pretty nice... I mean, he's pretty friendly, but... he seems to be kinda defensive. Not that it makes him mean or anything, it's just...! Erm, nevermind. I do wish he'd stop with the time puns... Maybe it's time I fight back with ice ones." - Stopwatch

"A good guy I'd say. I think he has his heart in the right place. Oh! We're pretty good friends I'd say, we certainly don't argue at least. Though he seems a bit negative about his powers sometimes I think." - Bee

"Beautifully dangerous. It's so sad he's afraid of the dark." - Shadow Blade

"I was worried when he got so mad at me for checking up on him. But over time, we've really gotten along I think. He has a lot going on in his life and it must be difficult for him to deal with. I hope he knows we always have his back." - Heartbeat

"I LIKE Ollie. A lot. Just, uhhh... don't tell him I said that, okay?" - Lash

"Oliver is... hm, obnoxious? A bit immature? Kind of insensitive? Probably all of those things. He has a lovely accent, though, which lets me overlook a lot of negatives.. I guess he's an alright bloke at times though, eh wot?" - Whitecloak

"Ollie tries way too hard to be all serious, but I kinda figure that has more to do with whatever happened back in the UK. Seems like a decent guy though." - Celerity

"He's a solid guy, even though it's kinda obvious he has something hanging over him most of the time, but just cos you've got an accent doesn't automatically make you all that and a bag of Doritos, dude. Seriously." - Boy Wonder

"Young, brash and with quite a lot left to learn. Still, his heart is at the right spot and he is a clever one. A lot of potential there." - Black Knight

"He's a cool dude." - Moonlighter

"I enjoy his company immensely, his dry wit is always appreciated." - Stegoboy

"When he's not all wrapped up in his snowcone, Ollie's still got two cold shoulders. But I get it. Doesn't matter - he's mi compadre. If we're walking into Hell, it pays to have a good fire extinguisher." - Kid Ballistic

"He's the icebro, the snowman, the bringer of the cool. He's my main man, Ollie boy! Still a stick in the mud, but I'll make him into the awesome that he can and SHOULD be." - Maverick

"I appreciate his dry sense of humor. He's very resourceful, and excels at thinking on his feet." - Cait Sith

"Ever my competition for the ol' black and blue. But seriously, he's got good leadership skills and I'd willingly follow him into battle." - Cobalt Crush

"For someone so young, he seems to really have a handle on his powers and the abilities of his teammates. I bet Sparrowhawk has her eye on this one. Maybe she's just waiting till he graduates high school, or something." - Tesseract

"For someone so skeptical of magic and religion, I thought that it would be difficult to come to an understanding. I think we have, both simply agreeing to disagree. I'm fine with that. It's my hope that I can show him that not all Catholics, or Christians in general, have negative views of mutants." - Faith

"I like to think Ollie's cool with me hanging around. I just have to remember that the blue stuff ISN'T Kool-Aid." - Communick

"Whatever Oliver lacks in boldness, he makes up for in amazing intellect. His chemical knowledge is pretty intense, but I hope he learns to embrace his uniqueness. He's a great leader for the team, and honestly, someone I could probably learn a couple of things from." - Strong Suit

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