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The Shining
Magic Man
A man of mystery. Kind of.
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Super Group
New Vigil
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Hector Martin
Cloak, Cloaky
December 1, 1996
Hilo, Hawaii
Millennium City, MI
Millennium City, MI
Student, busboy
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
Dating (Kevin Balvshek)
· Known Relatives ·
Miri and Alan Martin (Parents), Aaron (Brother), Aineki (Grandmother)
Physical Traits
Pacific Islander
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Strategically messy hair, wears a white cape/scarf
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Magic cloak is able to grow to incredible lengths and shape itself into weapons, also provides wearer with protection, grants flight, teleportation and the ability to become invisible for short periods of time
· Equipment ·
Magic cloak
· Other Abilities ·
Basic Detective Skills


Hector is attractive and physically fit, with dark skin and eyes. His black hair is messy, but in a strategic way that probably takes him over an hour to accomplish in the morning and he has a trimmed soul patch. As Whitecloak he wears a distinct white and gold cape, blue tights with gold boots and gloves and a blue mask.


No one would suspect Hector Martin of being a hero. He's an average student, fairly popular and part of the drama club. He probably would have continued just being a normal guy if not for a chance meeting with a stranger while walking home from a night out with friends...

A strange old man in a tattered cloak happened to be passing by, walking with a limp. He looked sick and weak. Rather than ignoring him, as he had intended to do initially, Hector felt a pang of conscience and stopped to see if he needed any help. He ended up bringing the old fellow to a run down apartment building well out of his way and getting in trouble with his parents on his late return home (only somewhat lessened by the fact he did it to help someone). His good deed didn't go unpunished. He received a mysterious package containing an old tattered cloak. One that wasn't quite what it seemed.

Since receiving the cloak, Hector has taken up heroing as a part time thing. He feels compelled to do something with the gift he's been given and though he isn't taking things terribly serious, he's warming up to the whole idea of being a costumed vigilante and trying to make a difference.


Hector can be somewhat vain. He takes pride in his appearance and can definitely come off as a bit self absorbed and a bit flippant. Despite the initial impression he gives however, Hector is a kind person that will go out of his way to help others in need if it's possible. He's an outgoing individual and doesn't seem to have much trouble making friends.

Powers and Abilities

-Cloak Shaping: The cloak can stretch and shape itself to an incredible degree, forming into weapons for offense, shields for protection to the wearer as well as wings that grant the ability to fly. The cloak moves independently and seems to have a high degree of strength, acting as if it were anchored to something besides a sixteen year old kid.

-Limited Invisibility: Whitecloak can become invisible for a short length of time. Moving too quickly or taking hostile actions tend to make it impossible to maintain. It also does not block sounds. It is however mystical invisibility and very had to detect by most conventional means.

-Teleportation: By wrapping his cape around himself, Whitecloak can teleport for short distances. He can't bring much with him, another person at most, and it's somewhat flashy. The teleportation is perfect however, not allowing him to teleport into other objects or in the way of danger unless some serious tampering is done.

-Limited Training: Being the charismatic slacker that he is, Hector hasn't done much real work. As such, he has no real notable skills. As a member of drama club he could loosely be called an actor and he is slowly picking up a bit from his limited hero experience. Spending time with Quarrel has helped him pick up some basics of detective work and self defense.

-Magic 101: Hector has been trying his best to learn the basics of the mystical world, something that doesn't come easily to him and is quite difficult to learn. He has read a few books here and there and his cloak gives him some minor mystical sense.


-Reliant on the Cape: The cloak is vulnerable to abilities that disrupt magic and can be rendered temporarily inert. It's difficult to take away, but without it, Hector is a normal human being with all the associated weaknesses.

-Newbie: Despite being in good shape and decently athletic, Hector has no actual combat or other noteworthy skills and relies almost entirely on the cloak's powers to get by.


-The Whitecloak: The cloak Hector wears apparently houses a powerful benevolent spirit that responds to Hector's commands. It gives him a few powerful abilities and excellent protection. The cloak won't work for other people (or so he says) unless it wants to work with them.

New Vigil

-Black Ice: Hector generally finds Oliver's attitude a bit off-putting, but finds him to be humorous... in his own way. The accent and sleeveless shirts allow him to forgive many of the offensive or ignorant things he says.

-Bee: Buzzy. Cloak is pretty sure he knows who Bee really is, but he's too polite to actually say. He likes Bee's style, seemingly upbeat outlook and his dramatic and unusual way of speaking.

-Blue Freedom: The Little Captain. Cloak has heard the horror stories, but he doesn't think she's that bad. A bit overly serious and high strung maybe.

-Quarrel: Hector likes Quarrel, even if she is, much like Blue, a bit high strung and serious. He knows she's good at what she does, and has earned it in full, which he can definitely respect.

-Lash: Lash is funny, bubbly and a bit of an airhead. Hector thinks they can can get along, since he's a bit of an airhead as well. Her obsession with Soldier Boy is hilarious to him... though he can definitely understand where she's coming from.

-Luctus: Mean, green, Lymabean. Hector thinks he's a bit of a bore so far, but not all bad. His opinion may change as he gets to know him better. He calls him Lemon.

-Witness: Boundless energy and enthusiasm! Hector likes her spunky attitude and old school style.

-Heartbeat: Taffs is quite possible the cutest thing ever. Hector finds the alien girl to be way too much fun and a great pick me up on a cloudy day.

-Galactigal/Samantha Edwards: Hector was invited to the team by 'an adorable blonde girl in pigtails'. He knows Samantha from school and while he doesn't really hang out with NERDS he does feel for her and wishes she'd stand up for herself. He doesn't quite know what to think of Gal. The... wrongness of her kind of makes his skin crawl, but otherwise he finds her pleasant enough.


-Silverheart: An unknown woman possessing a suit of bizarre, semi-sentient armor. Her exact purpose isn't clear, but her armor seems to have a grudge against Hector's cloak.


-Whitecloak doesn't know much about the cloak or the entity that inhabits it. He knows that it's a kind and protective spirit, but other than that he has very little idea what it actually but he's not terribly motivated to find out currently.

-Whitecloak believes the mysterious stranger that gave him the cloak might have been an old hero or magician. His grandmother, the only one in his family who knows his secret, thinks it may have been an angel. He can't really disprove this.

-Has a beagle named Icarus. He thinks it's a very stupid animal, but it's adorable enough that it doesn't matter.

Thoughts and Comments on Whitecloak

"Total hottie. Got a body like powwww if you know what I'm saying? Oh, uh. And he's a got a great personality? That cloak thing is nice, but he'd look better without it." - Elemental

"I totally would. Just saying. But, uh, don't tell Ray I said that." - Victory

"We dated for a while. But, he's like, gay now. I lost a boyfriend but gained the best shopping and boy watching partner you could find. He's still way hot though!" - Lash

"Hector's a great guy! Totally handsome too. I mean.. not that that's the most important thing, but he's a good friend too! Very nice to be around! - Heartbeat

"Haha! What can I say? Whitecloak is a pretty interesting guy, and he's pretty handsome as well. Oh! His cloak is pretty cool too, and it looks stylish so that's a few extra points." - Bee

"For someone with quite possibly the least subtle of costumes, he's surprisingly capable in a stakeout. But he isn't going to convince me that capes are practical." - Black Ice

"The second he breaks a bone we're giving Sam the cloak."' - Blue Freedom

"Cloakmeisterfunk in da hizouse~! My mage buddy and partner in perviness!" - Red

"I've always thought that cloaks were silly and impractical garments until I saw Whitecloak in action. And I suppose his physical features makes him aesthetically pleasing to his fellow organics." - M.E.D.I.C.



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