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Terrific Tiger
"Being a hero's a rush!"
PLAYER @steamdragoness#6637
Super Group
Rank Member
Current Affliations SION
Former Affiliations None

Real Name Hank Alden
Known Aliases "Tiger"
Gender Male
Species Human Were-Tiger
Birthdate January 13, 2000
Place of Birth Tigerlily Falls, MI
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Quimby Williams (Grandfather), Tabitha Perello (Grandmother)

Apparent Age 17
Height 5'8" (Human), 7'00" (Tiger)
Weight 150 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Dyed black and red (Human); Dark orange/black (Tiger)
Build Slim (Human); Bulky/Muscular (Tiger)
Notable Features

Identity Secret
Citizenship USA
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Education High School Education


Metahuman agility/strength, Regeneration, Therianthropy caused by increase of adrenaline levels
Claws, smartphone, well-worn pair of sneakers, backpack, "utility belt", grapnel gun, enchanted dog-tags

ProtectorsBox Template

Background and Origin

Tiger Lily Falls

Hank was born on January 13th, 2000 to Meredith and Shane Alden. For the first three years of his life, Hank lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and things were looking up. A few weeks before his third birthday, however, his parents divorced, citing “irreconcilable differences.” When neither parent would claim custody of Hank, it looked like the boy would be sent into the foster care system. Thankfully, his grandparents, Quimby and Tabitha Williams, filed for custody of Hank, and the boy was sent to live with them in the sleepy town of Tiger Lily Falls.

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Comments from other Heroes
"Hank has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Not only does he have these relatively new powers to contend with, he has the legacy of his grandfather to live up to as well. Sometimes, I think maybe this weighs a bit too heavily on his shoulders. I hope that in time, he learns to shoulder that burden without dragging himself down emotionally trying to do so." - Faith

"I like Tiger but I think sometimes he sees himself through his relationships? Like, I know he likes his grandpa, and his dog tags, and Jill... but like, I want to know more about HIM? He seems pretty cool actually, and seems to have like... a lot of responsibility? It would be weird having hairballs, maybe I should ask him if he ever had had that problem..." - Lash

"The most wonderful thing about tigers, is tigers are wonderful chaps." - Black Ice

"Hank's a good dude. I think he's really committed to making something of himself. And it's gonna be raw to add a 'but' after that, but. He needs to recognize when and where the time for self sacrifice is. It's admirable to be willing to give it all up for the sake of someone else, but that's only under the most extreme circumstances. Otherwise, there ain't really a point to being on a team. He don't have to go it alone." - Sublimate

"I don't know many more cats this team can take. But it's good to have one with super strength on your side." - Kid Ballistic

"I think Hank takes after cats in a lot of ways. He's loyal, agile, and jumps into trouble feet first. Obviously, he's also scary when he gets going. Still, I'd love it if he could take a bit better care of himself. Or at least armor up a little more." - Strong Suit

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