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"I'M PRETTY _AND_ POWERFUL." Musicthemeicon.png
PLAYER Pallaslogo.png
Super Group
Rank Head Fashionista - Charter Member
Current Affliations N/A
Former Affiliations New Vigil, Young Renegades

Real Name Olevia Alvarez
Known Aliases Lev, Livia, Spitfire, Karate Girl, Betty Bullets, The Chickadee, The Gas Attack, Pretty Kitty, Lady Whitecloak, Wobbegong
Gender Female
Species Human (Mystically Empowered)
Birthdate August 17th
Place of Birth San Diego, CA
Current Location Millennium City, MI
Relatives Edmundo and Renata Alvarez (Parents), Miss Pussycakes (Pet Cat)

Apparent Age Late teens
Height 6'0" (5'7" as Olevia)
Weight 140lbs (120 lbs as Olevia)
Eyes White (Green as Olevia)
Hair White (Black as Olevia)
Complexion Olive Complexion
Build Thin
Notable Features Attractive (Just ask her, she'll tell you herself)

Identity Secret
Citizenship US Citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status Dating Black Ice
Occupation Student, Fashion Blogger
Education High School


Super Human Strength, Flight, Magical Sight, Danger Sense, Dragon Blasts, Dragon Breath
Credit Card, Cell Phone w/ Unlimited Data Plan, Picture of Shirtless Black Ice From His 'Good Guise' modeling campaign 'to remember what he looks like'

ProtectorsBox Template

Olevia Alvarez is LASH, current holder of the powers of the celestial dragons of Chinese folklore. Originally just your typical 'pretty girl' in high school with a penchant for fashion, a family trip overseas turned her life upside down. A fight erupting between a nefarious villain and the Chinese national hero LONGWANG resulted in the latter's death before Olevia's very eyes. What no one expected, however, was for Olevia to inherit his powers to become a force for good herself. Returning to America she has found herself the unwitting owner of ancient and mystical abilities that she never even asked for. Now, with a mere cry of the fallen hero's name, Olevia physically transforms into a jade powerhouse and stands ready to tackle crime alongside the teen heroes of Millennium City.


Olevia Alvarez's beginnings as a costumed hero began at the age of fourteen. Pretty and popular, she had a passion for writing that has been with her since early childhood. Starting a blog about fashion a few years back, it was her goal to go to college and be a women's magazine editor. It would be marriage, kids, and whatever else life gave her. Something normal. Her life was planned out for her... or so she thought.

While on vacation with her family in China they went to visit the Great Wall. During their tour, what were at first believed to be fireworks in the sky were revealed to be a battle between the great Chinese hero Longwang and an evil villain named Gu. Longwang, named after the Celestial Dragon of Chinese folklore, was mortally wounded during the battle. As he fell from the skies to the ground, his magical essence left his physical form, seeking out a new champion to play host to the powers of the Celestial Dragon. As luck would have it, it located and tethered itself to Olevia, who had been separated from her parents in the chaos and confusion. Instinctively, the young girl screamed 'LONGWANG!', invoking the hero's name. Olevia's normal form disappeared in a jet of green flame and she found herself now garbed in a colorful masked guise and possessing the body of a much more heroic persona. As if something at that moment was controlling her actions, Olevia was able to fight Gu (who was already weakened from the initial battle with Longwang) and drive him off, saving hundreds of lives in the process.

While the Chinese were less than enthused about an American carrying the power of their national hero, there was nothing that they could do to prevent her from leaving the country. Having a billion people angry at you before you even started your super heroic career was less than an enthusiastic way to begin. Still, Olevia and her parents (who were unaware that she know was now host to a powerful entity and former Chinese crime fighter) left, returning to San Diego as she attempted to go back to maintaining a normal life. She would soon come to realize that this would be a futile effort.

It was soon that Olevia's family was relocated to Millennium City due to her parents (both dentists) taking up a new practice in the city in order to be closer to relatives. It was at this time that she began to feel something beckoning her to use her powers. In fact, it was the spirit of Longwang himself wanting her to use her powers to help others. At first perplexed by this, Olelvia began to go out here and there in costume. Deciding that she should at least try to use her powers for some good, she decided upon the name 'Lash', as 'Longwang' or 'Lady Longwang' did not feel comfortable as identities to to the cultural implications of having such a name. As she continued to follow this strange voice, she heard it less and less over time, the spirit seemingly content that Lash continued to do the right thing with the vast abilities she had been gifted.


Lash was at one point invited to join the teen heroes of New Vigil. While she still had issues with the use of her powers, at the very least found she was amongst peers who had some of the same issues and fears as herself. She continued to train and practice to become a more proficient crime fighter while on the job with mixed results. Olevia also discovered to her surprise that several teenagers at her own school were members of another group of teenaged powerhouses called the Young Renegades. She ended up accompanying them on several missions but was never officially considered a member within their ranks. Things seemed for a while to be going very well for her. That changed when her burgeoning career was almost cut short after one disastrous mission. In a fit of anger during an outing with New Vigil, she almost killed one of the villains whom they were trying to apprehend. Questioned at length by the police and putting the evil doer in a coma, Lash took leave of absence from the team to reassess her desire to continue fighting crime.

It took some time, but Olevia cautiously went back to her crime fighting career alongside the teen hero Whitecloak. It worked out well because most patrols ended up at the mall in one form or another. Lash kept her powers more firmly in check and tried to abstain from the collateral damage she was known for while on New Vigil. In the following months, those in New Vigil began to go their separate ways, with some even leaving Millennium City for universities elsewhere. Lash was disheartened that a number of her close friends moved on and the team finally folded. Going out shopping seemed to be less fun and at times she secretly wished that an alien armada would descend upon her school during home room. Olevia realized that maybe the hero game was addicting after all.

An encounter with the world renowned Protectors of the World during a school ceremony had Olevia front and center once again as Lash. Joining the team briefly, Olevia helped put a stop to the terrorist cell TYR and had a fleeting moment with celebrity by meeting several 'big league' heroes during the fight. The chance happening also made Olevia come to terms with the fact she wanted to be Lash and she missed her time with other super- powered individuals. Olevia reached out to the former members of New Vigil for a reunion party. A handful of them met which ended up becoming a battle over the city against an alien armada and introducing the party goers to several other new teen heroes. The evening ended with all of those gathered to form The Progeny.

The Progeny began their operations initially in downtown before migrating to Westside once they acquired their base of operations, the Arcade-O-Rama, a run down building that had a secret hideout in its basement. Lash continued her flirtation and friendship with Black Ice, who had worked with her in New Vigil and now on the Progeny. It was during this time that Olevia began to embrace her super heroic persona and powers, forging bonds within the team and being at the forefront in many of their adventures rather than on the sidelines as she had in the past. She became especially close to Kid Ballistic and Cait Sith, two individuals that were polar opposites in personality, though she grew to love them dearly.

Olevia saw members come and go within the first year, though none came closer to her than Erin Reyes, the heroine Faith. For better or worse, Olevia attached herself to the young woman, giving her crime fighting advice (which she didn't need), boy advice (which she also didn't need), and advice on how to dress (which is debatable she needed, but she received anyways). Erin became her confidante and her shopping partner, a spot left vacant after her former New Vigil friend Whitecloak retired from the super hero scene.

During the team's second year, Lash was dealt a huge blow as her powers failed her. The villainess Red-Hot, who found herself obsessed with Lash's team mate and now current love interest, made a pact with a number of magicians to possess Lash. It was successful, and after the Progeny defeated them Olevia found herself inexplicably without the ability to call upon Longwang. While no one could determine what caused this, it sent Olevia into a sudden deep depression. Taking advantage of the abilities she had, Olevia was never one to properly hone her skills, often finding herself much more interested in pursuits such as shopping or socializing. The sudden loss of her powers made her realize how much she depended upon her team, not just as fellow fighters in crime but as a second family. Olevia, undaunted, tried her best at a number of different aliases and skills over the next few months... some more successful than others. While some team members tried to build up Olevia's self esteem, a few seemed to only try to deter her. This only made her work harder in an attempt to prove them wrong (and prove something to herself). During one adventure, when all seemed lost, Olevia's powers returned just in time to turn the tide. Lash was back in action, though Olevia still had no idea what caused her power loss in the first place. In actuality, the spirit of Longwang, frustrated at his heir's lack of determination, had been testing her to she if she was worthy of continuing his legacy. Fortunately, she proved him wrong and it was her ability to still attempt to help others and adapt to the hand that she had been dealt that made him change his mind.

Lash continues to fight the good fight both on her own as one of Millennium City's most powerful teens and alongside her chosen 'family', The Progeny.


Olevia is what many would consider an attractive teenage girl with a heart shaped face, brilliant green eyes and naturally thick full eyelashes. She has shoulder length black hair that is worn a number of ways, dependent upon her mood on any given day. In her normal form, Olevia stands 5'7" tall (without heels, of course) and weighs in at a thin but toned one hundred and twenty pounds, courtesy of her Pilates class. Olevia has a tanned complexion courtesy of her Latina heritage and her skin is noticeably well taken care of. She maintains an impressive and fairly vast collection of clothes in terms of her wardrobe as she fancies herself a fashionista. Quite a few of her looks are in vogue, as Olevia is an avid reader of most women's magazines, though a few... well, they are definitely attempts at high fashion but miss the mark considerably. Olevia is known for her upbeat and irreverent personality and as such usually can be found wearing a smile upon her face.

As Lash, Olevia goes through a complete physical transformation. She gains a few inches in height and becomes a very statuesque six foot tall heroine. She wears a black mask with her eyes becoming pure white in color, her pupils disappearing. Her hair becomes slightly longer and shimmers with a brilliant white-silver sheen. The costume's tunic is a low cut, metallic green that extends to form a mini skirt past her stylized belt. Black leggings, white high heeled boots and white short gloves complete her ensemble as Lash. A bright green, slightly translucent magical flame aura envelopes her entire body when she is using her powers. This flame appears to have no actual function beyond simple aesthetics and does not harm those who might be close to her. One thing that is the same, however, is her attitude. Buoyant, chipper and upbeat are some terms that might describe her... though vacuous might also be in there, as well.


Olevia is a very upbeat, flirty, extremely peppy and sometimes frustratingly air-headed young woman. Due to her fashion sense and looks, she tends to gravitate to the more popular crowd though is social with a number of cliques at school. Olevia is well known for her lack of tact, her often nonsensical remarks and her inability to grasp the severity of most certain situations she is faced with. In layman's terms, Olevia comes across as dumb as a rock to most people. Its rather bizarre, however, that she is actually very book smart and can somehow maintain a decent grade point average in her classes. She is friendly to a fault though conversations tend to gravitate around her looks, herself or her pet. Often she is known to say things without realizing the impact her words have, an unfortunate side effect of her at times self- involved mentality. Olevia also has a penchant for stating how others have a crush on her when its quite the opposite... for example, Olevia often discusses fellow Progeny member Black Ice as holding a candle for her when in truth the roles are reversed. In her early days, Olevia often shirked away from the responsibilities that her powers as Lash gave her. She would duck out of her duties to do more important things, such as buying clothes or going to the movies or even playing with her cat. It is only recently that Olevia has truly accepted the 'Lash' persona and embraced her identity of a costumed adventurer, though at times she is still predisposed to falling back into old habits.




Olevia Alvarez inherited the powers of the Chinese hero Longwang after his defeat and passing. Longwang, one of the more popular and recognizable heroes in his own country, possessed a number of powers that made him a major force to be reckoned with against most villains. Olevia, while now in possession these exact same powers, has shown to be often grossly inept in their use and application. In addition, her powers also historically seem to be affected by her state of mind, confidence, and endurance. While some of her abilities are easier to grasp than others, she has the following at her disposal:

  • Super Strength: Lash has been granted immense physical strength which places her in the upper tiers of the super heroic echelon. While their true limits have not been tested, Lash can easily lift things like tanks and even stopping a jet mid air, placing her at lifting several hundred tons. Early in her career Lash was responsible for accidentally harming a villain to the point that they almost were killed, and as such Lash often avoids melee attacks in lieu of her other powers. Lash has a nasty penchant for creating property damage wherever she goes. While she is a terrible hand to hand combatant, Lash tries to compensate for this by acting as a (very attractive) battering ram instead. This allows her to use her strength and speed in tandem for maximum effect... usually.
  • Durability: With a magical aura about her, Lash has a form of invulnerability against physical and many magical based attacks. This power allows her the ability to not only take a hit but shrug off vast amounts of damage that would kill any normal individual. She can withstand artillery fire rather easily and no common weaponry is capable on penetrating her skin. While magic and magic based attacks can impair her, Lash is able withstand much higher amounts of damage than others.
  • Dragon Breath / Dragon Blasts: Lash's Dragon Breath fortunately is not the kind you wake up with some mornings. She can actually retch a magically created green flame from her mouth. This ability has a distance of roughly twenty feet and can melt through most common metals or alloys if applied long enough. To her displeasure and embarrassment this is not an attractive attack: it appears as if she is vomiting, complete with the unseemly noises that accompany it. The flames cannot spread past their intended target as this is a magical attack; for example, if she uses it on a person it will not burn the floor or surrounding items unless they were also involved in the initial blast. This magical fire can also be channeled through her hands as fireballs, but its area of coverage is much more limited and Olevia exhibits poor aim.
  • Flight: Unobstructed, Lash can achieve speeds of mach 3 in flight. In cities and the like she is forced to go much, much slower. Like many of her abilities, Olevia does not have the best grasp on this power. For a long time she was actually afraid of heights and merely hovered no more than twenty feet in the air. Fortunately this has changed and her usual 'flying speed' for what she is comfortable with is around 100 to 150 miles per hour.
  • Magical Sight: Her natural attunement to magic allows her the ability to see through many illusions and other magically created constructs. If she concentrates (something which doesn't come easy for her), Lash can sense ley lines and magical activity about the world. This allows her to tap into energies far greater than herself. Her last power that goes under her magical sight is the ability to understand danger is around her. Unfortunately, this power is incredibly hit or miss due to her not focusing on things as well as she should or applying herself to it. Lash can at times sense that there are enemies about or that evil is conspiring nearby. Its never been completely accurate in her use but it does provide her at times with an understanding that she may be needed.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Lash has the potential to tap into enhanced reflexes if need be. She seems to be able to utilize them in things such as flight, allowing her to take in stimuli and react accordingly. While she has showcased on the rare occasion hyper enhanced physical traits (to this date, only when mind controlled), it appears to be something she is not yet able to master or comprehend. Instead, Lash can come across as fairly awkward and even clumsy in combat.
  • Physical Transformation: When transformed into Lash, Olevia gains a few inches of height and gains white eyes and silvery hair. She resembles a slightly taller and hotter (if that's possible) version of herself.
  • Skills: Olevia has decent knowledge in computer use and a lot of insight into the fashion industry even though she's not out of high school. She also knows her way around a credit card, much to her parents' ire. In her short lived career as Betty Bullets, Olevia discovered that she enjoys firearms as a means of stress relief and has a membership to the Millennium City Gun Club. She has also taken up scuba diving as a hobby, though its not of much use in the lakes surrounding her current hometown.

Lash unleashes the fury of the Celestial Dragon upon a killer robot. Poor thing never stood a chance.


  • Just Not That Good: Lash isn't the most competent of crime fighters and it shows. She is easily distracted, doesn't know her own strength and lacks the training most of her peers have. While she commands vast amounts of power, it is tempered by her gross inability to properly wield it.
  • Dumb: Lash comes across as not very bright. Concepts can be hard for her to grasp. While not actually stupid per se, Lash's faculties seem to be a bit limited in scope. She can be easily coerced or tricked.
  • Uni-lingual: Even though she is Latina, her family raised her in a primarily English speaking family.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Or lack thereof. Lash is incredibly impervious to physical and magical attacks. Telepathic attacks, not so much.
  • Under 21: No bars, no clubs, no anything that adults can do. And her parents expect her home by 11:30pm.
  • Uncertainty: Tying in to the first weakness, Lash displays a lot of doubt regarding her powers and ability as a crime fighter. This lack of faith at times will make her powers considerably more diminished as they are tied to her levels of fatigue and self confidence.
  • Not Always A Super: Olevia is only Lash at certain intervals, the change necessitated by her yelling the name of the Chinese hero (and Celestial Dragon) Longwang. It's not the most comfortable thing to yell out, to begin with. When not in hero mode, Olevia is as frail as any other human.



Lash And Black IceJIN.jpg
  • Black Ice: Black Ice is one of Lash's oldest friends in the crime fighting business when they both served with New Vigil. She was always intrigued by him and developed a bit of a crush on his 'bad boy' ways (as teen girls often do). Lash swayed between flirting openly to outright denial she had romantic notions, though it was pretty clear to everyone who knew her how she felt. In late 2017, she finally got her way and the two began dating.
  • Blue Cyclone: Blue Cyclone's reputation precedes her and as such Lash tends to steer clear of the pint sized powerhouse. While Blue's personality has shifted to a somewhat softer tone in her time away from New Vigil, Lash nonetheless tends to treat her with kid gloves.
  • Cait Sith: One of the Progeny members, Lash is quite taken by this feline sorcerer. Mostly because he is both nice and caring and he is a cat. Lash loves kitties and hoped at first that Cait might make babies with her pet, Miss Pussycakes (who she fails to realize is both male himself and fixed). Lash considers Cait a very close friend and truly gets a great deal out of the time she sees him around the arcade.
  • Charity Corren: Lash simply adored Charity Corren, much like a little sister. In another world, their social circles probably would have never meet. Olevia found strength in the encouragement Mercy gave her to be a better, more assertive hero. Olevia misses her greatly as Charity left Millennium City to study elsewhere after she graduated.
  • Deviate: Deviate (or 'Deevs' to his friends) is another member of the Progeny that Lash sees as a friend... sometimes. Her lack of tact and off kilter banter seem to serve at time as a source of consternation for his more 'SJW' aligned views (for example, Lash often refers to Deevs' boyfriend, Cait Sith, as the teams' pet cat). Nevertheless, they do share a camaraderie that goes beyond the battlefield.
  • Faith: Lash loves having Faith around, especially since she sees the potential to show her the 'real world' through Lash's eyes. Olevia tends to give bad advice to the young woman thinking its great advice, usually about men. Lash sees Faith as a sister of sorts and often plans things around her (crime fighting, dates, college, eventual post college... she has long terms goals, you know). The relationship seems to pay off: where Olevia's carefree demeanor rubs off onto Erin Reyes, Erin's more grounded tendencies have an impact of Olevia (at times).
  • Heartbeat: Taffi's spunky and at times hyper behavior often paralleled Olevia's, and as such the two got along very well together. Olevia considered Taffi a good friend and sometimes shopping partner, and this translated to their joint efforts in both New Vigil and the Progeny. Taffi's sacrifice and death hit Olevia very hard, and while she carries the weight of her loss she wants to carry on as a better hero to do her fallen friend proud.
  • HexBane: Jill is a little intimidating to Lash but she welcomes the challenge. HexBane can come across as a bit surly at times to Olevia and so she spends a great deal of time trying to find some sort of commonality to bring them closer. The shadow magic HexBane is capable of also intimidates the young heroine, though she would never show it outright. Lash feels that HexBane just needs to find someone to unleash her better qualities and just perhaps she is the one to accomplish that.
  • Kid Ballistic: Kid Ballistic has come a long way in Lash's eyes. At first a rabble rouser with a penchant for mayhem, Lash attempted to take him in and treat him like a younger brother, often doting on him. His demeanor changed a great deal after finding a relationship in fellow Progeny member Faith, which Lash encouraged. Kid Ballistic tends to be one of Lash's favorite people as she sees the great lengths he goes for to those he cares about... and the occasional use of his credit card is nice bonus as well.
  • Recluse: While Lash LIKES him she's just not exactly what to THINK of him. Just getting past his disgusting table manners was tough enough, though Lash does see him as a friendly and even jovial sort. He's nice to her as well which is a distinct bonus. His terrible super heroic fashion she realizes isn't his fault and so she doesn't hold it against him even though she finds it creepy.
  • Soldier Boy: Lash had an unhealthy infatuation with Soldier Boy for a long time, finally relenting that fate would not bring them together.
  • Victory: Lash has spent time with Lisa after their first real encounter, which oddly enough ended in the Grace Memorial boys locker room (don't ask). While members of different super teams, Olevia has made an effort to get to know Victory better. She admires her very grounded attitude and upbeat personality.
  • Whitecloak: Former 'boyfriend' (for a full date, which Whitecloak was unaware that's what it was) of Lash's, Whitecloak has since become her favorite crime fighting companion. She enjoys spending time with someone who is just as concerned with looking good as she is. Besides being a skilled combatant, Whitecloak offers a partner in shopping, movies and boy watching. Though Whitecloak's boyfriend has sidelined his crime fighting career, she still sees him from time to time.


RP Hooks

  • Go to Grace Memorial High School? Olevia is a student there.
  • Enjoy fashion? So does Olevia. It could be a great way to start a conversation.
  • Olevia is on the school paper and she can cover any number of events.
  • Lash is highly attuned to magic. It could lead her to adventures with the supernatural community.
  • Longwang the hero had many enemies and allies. One of them with a score to settle might have some issues with Lash.
  • If your hero loves to shop or knows their way around a credit card (especially ones their parents pay for), Lash might just be your BFF.


  • If Dumb Bunny and Captain Marvel/ SHAZAM from DC Comics had a baby, it would probably resemble Lash.
  • Wants to be a magazine editor one day.
  • Eats like a model.
  • Will often say she is crime fighting with Whitecloak, which is in fact well-known by her allies this is her code word for shopping.
  • Has an aversion to her aunt, who incessantly plays karaoke at her house for her extended family. Her aunt's only song in her repertoire is Alanis Morrisette's 'You Oughtta Know' and it drives Olevia absolutely crazy. If she offers you to come over for dinner on a Sunday night, say NO.
  • Has a cat, Miss Pussycakes (yes, she has her own PRIMUS Database Page). Miss Pussycakes is a Scottish Fold who is bordering on twenty pounds of weight. Olevia speaks highly of her pet to others at great length, imbuing her stories with a sense that the cat may be far, far smarter than she actually is. After an early battle in Westside where Miss Pussycakes inadvertently assisted the Progeny in defeating their enemy, the cat was (by Lash) given membership on the team roster, which the others begrudgingly accepted instead of trying to reason with Olevia.
  • Likes the word TOTALLY. OOC this is a homage to PJ Soles from Halloween. Totally.
  • Has an incredibly weird obsession with Shark Week on television.
  • Had a severe infatuation with Soldier Boy. Also had a crush on high school senior Alex Simmons. Unfortunately she never quite realized that they were the same person.
  • Has some self esteem issues as Lash. As Olevia, is generally very confident.
  • Believes in superstitions.
  • While not intentionally malicious, Lash tends to be a bit of a snoop. She will sometimes look into places or do things she shouldn't be at.
  • Is a major fan of 1980s John Hughes- style films.
  • Is afraid of using her strength. Due to an incident where Lash almost killed a super villain, she has been exceptionally hesitant in using her super strength. Lash will often resort to her ranged tactics first (Dragon's Breath and Blasts) before engaging in hand to hand combat.
  • Lash has a penchant for property damage, unaware of the level of force she often employs.
  • Has numerous crushes on a variety of masked heroes.
  • Has worked with the Protectors of the World before and is quite proud of her Honorary membership in its ranks... even if no one associated on the team recognizes her as such.
  • Has her own HeroClix card and dial, courtesy of Calamity Cain!




Lash: Home By Seven

As you may have guessed, Lash needs to be home by seven o'clock. Think she makes it?

Lash: Prom Dresses, Prom Messes

Olevia is forced to encounter two of her most frightening things: shopping alone and an assault fabric-ated by an old enemy!

Lash: Futures Imperfect - Death of the Dragon

In an alternate future, Olevia reminisces on the darkness that has taken over her life. Part of the FUTURE IMPERFECT arc.

IMG 1670.JPG


Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions on Lash!

"She's a nice girl and obviously very powerful, but... she has many things holding her back. I'm sure she'll develop in time and be a great hero some day." -Charity Corren

Lash along with her besties, the Progeny.

"She might be kinda nervous, or scared. But I'd say there's potential there. She's powerful, if not a bit, y'know. Weird. She did keep staring at me, right?" -Soldier Boy

"Uh, well, she seems pretty nice... She's got this... obsession with this guy named 'Soldier Boy', though... Kinda creepy. She's also, er... kind of an airhead, so... Hopefully, things turn out all right." - Stopwatch

"Oh so fashionable, Oh so sweet and oh so fun to be around! I really like Olevia! I know she is going to be a great hero and am glad to know her." - Heartbeat

"Huh? No, I'm quite sure Lash's 'LONGWANG' call does not refer to my wang. Wait, I don't mean to imply that it's below average or anything either... Erm, this would be a really good time for a supervillain to show up. Just shoot me now, please." - Black Ice

"She's a total sweetheart, even if she's kinda... not dumb, but she's definitely an airhead. She's gotta get her mind off of boys and clothes and into the biz if she's gonna keep on doing this thing, though. And she -really- needs to stop screaming 'LONGWANG' all the time." - Quarrel

"My sisters and I have yet to come to a consensus as to whether or not Lash is suitable for heroics. I, for one, believe that with proper training and experience, she can go on to do great things." - M.E.D.I.C.

"Miao." - Miss Pussycakes

"She is a nice girl and she does mean well. But, for the love of god, she needs to be kept out of the arcade's lab. The amount of shiny and sharp objects in there, it's an accident waiting to happen." - Stegoboy

"Our fearless leader? She breathes fire and can stomp a car into dust. I can get behind that. And the eyes need their candy from time to time, don't they?" - Kid Ballistic

"Beauty, brawns and brains? Lash has it all in droves, I tell you. It's only natural that she's at the top, some people are just destined for greatness. And this Lash babe? Walking prime example of that, just like myself." - Maverick

"I would never deem her as the brains of the group, or even the leader of the group. But she could probably be considered its heart. Without her, the Progeny probably would not have been formed. We would not have the resources provided by our hideout. Of course, without her I would not have to worry about her playing matchmaker between me and Miss Pussycakes, but that's another matter entirely." - Cait Sith

"She's a bit out there but her heart's in the right place. I do wish she'd stop yelling 'LONGWANG' cause one of these days I'm going to break character and start laughing like a little kid." - Cobalt Crush

"Olevia has a lot of heart, and that's something I admire about her. Sometimes she confuses me a bit, sometimes I can't tell if maybe she seriously doesn't understand something or if maybe she's just acting like it. I do think that she is smarter than people give her credit for. Her intelligence may not come in the form of academic intelligence, but she is able to read people fairly well." - Faith

"Having actually met Longwang once years ago, I have no idea what he was thinking... or smoking... to pass his abilities to this young woman." - Sparrowhawk

"Lash has got a huge power limit. Might need to work on figuring out the best way to apply it, though. I don't think she's an airhead, y'know. Just sometimes it feels like she does the first thing that comes into her head. Doesn't wear as much pastel as I'd expect from a valley girl, either." - Sublimate

"I'm pretty sure Olevia’s mind at least partially occupies an alternate universe...Or at least a pocket dimension? It's like the world makes perfect sense to her, but it's kinda not the same sort of sense it makes for everyone else... She's not dumb, and she's not really oblivious...More like Olevious." -Deviate

"Olevia's... hmm. Well, she's certainly got a lot of heart. I mean, even when she's not - ahem - calling on Longwang, she's not content with staying on the sidelines. And I don't think she's ever said a bad thing about anyone. And she packs a mean punch, which counts for a lot. Really, a lot." - Strong Suit

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