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Silver medal T.png
The Watery
Deep Sea
Somewhere, under the sea.
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Jeffery Tull
Dr. Tull
June 1, 1984
Neah Bay, Washington
Dual American/Canadian
The Searunner, Mobile
Somewhere in the North Pacific
Scientist, Explorer
Legal Status
No criminal record.
Marital Status
Single (Divorced)
· Known Relatives ·
Martin Tull (Father, Deceased), Peg Tull (Mother, Deceased), Glenn Tull (Son)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
172 lbs
Body Type
Slim, Athletic
· Distinguishing Features ·
Back tattoo.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Blessing of the Sea Tribes grants Enhanced Strength and Durability, Underwater Adaptability.
· Equipment ·
Pulse Pistol, Aquatic Mask, Pressure Stailizing Gear, Underwater Propulsion System.
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts Training, Marksman, Oceanographer


Jeffery is a man of average height with a tough, slender build, dark hair and light blue eyes. On his back is an intricate tattoo given to him by the underwater tribes of the Secret Sea. While operating as Aqualung he has a distinct green mask, backpack and armor set worn over a blue shirt and dark pants.


While investigating an anomaly in the Pacific Ocean scientist Jefferey Tull was pulled into a parallel world called the Secret Sea! While there he became embroiled in the struggle between the sea tribes and the monstrous Deep Lords that threaten not just the Secret Sea, but the worlds oceans as well!

The Secret Sea

A parallel world covered in water and populated by sea monsters, shamanistic underwater tribes and evil creatures with plans of invading Earth. The Secret Sea is part of a chain of aquatic dimensions that all flow into each other, making it a complicated and dangerous place. Aqualung has spent a great deal of time here, navigating the waters with the help of his specialized equipment and the aid of the aquatic people of the watery world.


Aqualung is a bit of a dork, fond of bad jokes and puns and somewhat socially awkward when he's not adventuring. When exploring and fighting however he shows himself as a bold and courageous individual capable of leading others to victory and aiding his allies. He's the kind of person that's willing to sacrifice himself to save a perfect stranger, especially when the odds are against him. It sometimes feels like he's trying too hard to prove himself at times. Like he's making up for some incident in his past.


+Blessing of the Sea Tribes: Marked by a special tattoo that marks him as a champion, Aqualung is one of the only humans to have ever received the blessing of the sea tribes and their arcane gods.
-Super Strength and Durability: Aqualung is many times stronger than a human in peak physical condition and his body is toughened to match, dense enough to survive the crushing pressure of some of the deepest parts of the ocean, possibly up to a depth of five miles below the surface. These powers degrade slowly while Aqualung is out of the water but still leave him slightly stronger and tougher than a human male in peak physical condition at their lowest point.
-Underwater Adaptability: When underwater Aqualung's body becomes more adaptable, increasing his ability to survive the cold, reducing his dependence on oxygen, increasing his swim speed with subtle physical changes and allowing him to see in near total darkness.

Skills and Abilities

-Martial Arts Training: Learned from a short time spent in the Navy and improved on during his stay with the Sea Tribes, Aqualung is a skilled hand to hand fighter on top of his already impressive strength, making him a dangerous combatant.
-Marksman: Aqualung uses a modified pulse weapon and is a decent shot with it, as well as many mundane firearms.
-Oceanographer: Jeffery has a doctorate in oceanographical studies and has extensively studied the Earth's oceans. His specialty is in supernatural deep sea anomalies and the impact of advanced sciences and scientific devices on the overall well being of the oceans.


+Custom Aquatic System: Aqualung wears a set of self designed gear that allows human beings to better survive underwater.
-Aquatic Mask: This special mask acts almost like a pair of external gills, allowing human beings to breathe underwater without a lot of clunky tubes and tanks. When used with Aqualung's underwater adaptation powers it allows him to survive easily at astounding depths.
-Pressure Stabilizing Gear: A set of gloves, flippered boots and a chest harness that creates a magnetic field that reduces the effects of deep sea pressure on the human body. There is only one known version of this device in existence and it has been widely criticized as being 'improbable' and 'unsafe' by mainstream science.
-Pulse Pistol: Aqualung wields a custom pistol made to operate both on water and land. This weapon can fire high pressure bursts of electricity, sound and force capable of driving away or even killing the largest of underwater predators. Though more effective underwater than on land it is still a surprisingly powerful weapon.


-"Others before myself... always.": An altruistic individual, Jefferey is always willing to lay his life on the line for others. He has a tendency to volunteer himself for extremely difficult or dangerous missions without a second thought, especially after the death of his father during their first trek to the Secret Sea.
-Call of the Sea: Jefferey doesn't like to be away from the water for too long. It's his lifelong passion and he becomes agitated if he's away from the water for too long.


-Deep Lords: The Deep Lords are eldritch horrors from the Secret Sea, beings of great power and evil. They are a destructive force that wants to drown the Earth and turn it into another piece of the Watery Worlds, a chain of aquatic dimensions linked by metamagical forces.


-Though he prefers to think of himself as heroic, others may see his willingness to take on any challenge as a death wish.

-Dr. Tull isn't terribly well respected in the scientific community. His homemade weaponry and diving gear and investigation into the supernatural makes other see him as something of a crackpot.

-Is divorced and estranged from his wife and son. Though he would love to reconnect he feels it's his duty to protect mankind from the Secret Sea's Deep Lords.

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