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The Fanatical
Deadly Bookworm
Lorekeeper as she currently appears.
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Gailna Ves
November 11, 1958
Millennium City (Temporarily Blaspherion's Manse)
Millennium City
Legal Status
Wanted for assault and battery of Trismegistus Council mages (Cleared).
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Haila and Gev (Mother and Father) Hav, Brekka and Ulm (Brothers)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
54 (appears mid 30s)
Body Type
Curvy but strong
Orange/Dark Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Orange skin, light scales, pupil less eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Unnatural agility and flexibility, spell and ritual caster
· Equipment ·
Earrings (used as focus item)
· Other Abilities ·
Highly skilled in unarmed martial combat, knowledgeable about spells and rituals


In her true form, Lorekeeper is a nearly seven foot tall horror with dull orange, scaley skin, fins on her head, back, arms and legs. She has a long tail ending in a cone shaped extension and has a monstrous head with large teeth, bulbous eyes and a long stalk extending from the the forehead that ends in a white bulb.

In her human form, Lorekeeper is a woman with smooth orange skin, irisless eyes and white hair. She commonly wears a fancy jacket with lace cuffs over a black unitard with black gloves and boots. She often wears her hair in a tight bun in this form and is rarely seen without a monocle and a simple choker, both of which she has grown quite fond of.

She has begun to wear a more human appearance recently, her orange skin traded for a darker tan complexion.


Gailna Ves was born a Priestess of the Raogh people, an ancient underground race that has had almost no contact with the surface world since it first appeared. As a Priestess her fate amongst her people was predetermined. As other Priestesses had for centuries she would live apart from most of the rowdy general population, writing orders and keeping the masses in line through the use of superstition, intimidation and a frightening form of magic called the Master's Chains. Specifically, she was to watch over the lorebooks of the Raogh, passed down from the lips of their creators, the Deep Ancients, to the first Priestesses.

She found this task rather dull, but she did enjoy the martial training she recieved as part of her exercises to ward off the Wicked Way, a curse that caused unprepared Priestesses to go mad. She was an average Lorekeeper, but an exceptional fighter, wielding the Master's Chains easily as a compliment to her martial skills. During her tasks as Lorekeeper, she discovered something. On the surface there was to be a sign of some kind. A sign that would herald the return of the Deep Ancients. This was quite exciting for the community and it was decided that someone should go to the surface to investigate.

This someone ended up being Gailna. Using their shakey understanding of what humans looked like and what little information they had managed to gather on the World Above the Priestesses gave her a human disguise and sent her up using an old ritual buried in her own books. Since coming to the surface Gailna has been studying human interactions and watching for the elusive "sign." There's one very large problem with the sign: no one knew what form it would take, or when exactly it would appear. With little to do besides watch and wait, Gailna has taken to putting her abilities to good use fighting crime that runs rampant through her new (temporary) home.


Lorekeeper tends to be a very cold, distant woman. As a member of the ruler matriarchy of the Raogh people she is used to being in power and having her word accepted by non-priestesses. The fact that the Above World is mostly controlled by men is also very alien concept to her and she is having a bit of trouble adjusting to not being in charge and having to actually listen to males instead of ignoring them. In fact, she is a little nervous around men and can have some trouble in dealing with them. She is somewhat sour and cruel but is working on softening her edge. Bad thoughts can lead one down the path of the Wicked Way, after all.

Lorekeeper likes to pretend she doesn't like humans, but she has slowly come to grudgingly accept them as "charming" or "quaint". She finds it frightening that there are so many different groups and that one single ruler or entity is not present to lead all humans and often wonders how they survive with their overabundance of individuality.

Powers and Abilities

-The Master's Chains: All Priestesses, through a mutation in the Raogh people have access to magic. The Master's Chains is a type of magic that focuses on summoning mystic chains and producing life draining energy. This magic is extremely toxic to most beings and causes great pain and a type of magical infection that causes them to bleed life energy. This power is symbolic of the authority the Priestesses wield over their fellow Raogh and it is believed to be connected to the Wicked Way.

-Priesthood Traditions: Lore knows many rituals and techniques that don't rely completely on the life draining energy that feeds the Deep Ancients. She is familiar with banishing ghosts, demons and other unpleasant outsiders.

-Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: Lore is much quicker than most humans and is able to respond to threats much faster.

-The Master's Hand: Gailna is trained in unarmed martial arts. Learning martial arts was part of her training to be a Priestess and started off as a way to protect their minds from the Wicked Way. It has become very combat oriented but still maintains the use of meditation and careful control that helps keep the mind focused.


-Cold Blooded (in More Ways Than One): Lore is cold, distant and unfriendly. She spent her entire life being raised to be in charge and the fact that she holds no authority makes her crabby. She is also partially cold blooded and takes extreme changes in temperature poorly.

-The Wicked Way: Using her magic gives Lorekeeper a huge rush, but also causes her to feel the effects of the Wicked Way, leading her to become slightly sadistic for a short period. She revels in the pain she causes with her mystical chains and while disgusted and ashamed of this aspect of her personality she cannot and will not stop the use of the magic. It is part of her being and quitting entirely would be as impossible for her as it would be to stop being a Priestess.

Important NPCs

-Cherry Rose Apartments Planning Committee: Despite her initial complaints, Gailna has become rather attached to the people in her building and is part of the buildings planning committee. This group is mostly made up of the gossipy women that live there and they are responsible for throwing the numerous parties and events at Cherry Rose.

-Joan Valance: One of Gailna's closest friends in the building, the two share a friendly rivalry (that Joan may or may not be aware of). She is also the mother of Scripture's apprentice, Tiffy Valance.

Friends, Allies and Aquaintances

-Scripture: Gailna sees herself as being surprisingly similar to the young woman and they've recently been through a lot together. Scripture played a big role in forcing the reclusive priestess to open up more and she is much better off for it. She sees the young woman as the closest thing she will ever have to a daughter.

-Blaspherion: Though Gailna initially believed the the eccentric lich would be better off put to rest permanently, she has softened her view in recent times. She still seems him as an abomination, but she's conflicted about what his fate should be given the many things he's done for the world.

-Wanderer: Aldric has also done his part in getting Gailna to stop hiding away in her home. And keeping her from getting too intense in certain situations.

-Ice-Heart: Despite her feelings on people that are labeled as witches, Gailna accepts that Ice-Heart is useful and enjoys her calm and collected demeanor.

-The Flea: Gailna finds the Flea completely and utterly loathsome. She doesn't feel his good qualities outweigh his bad.

-Racer Red: Though wary towards his stance on non-humans, Gailna has given him a chance thanks to Scripture's urging and has even been on a few dates with him. This is likely to end in tears (mostly Scripture's) once she reveals what she really is.

-Changelin: Gailna found Changelin annoying, but interesting, feeling she was suitably different from the rest of her kin. Recent events have greatly impacted her feelings on her however, and Gailna sees Changelin as just another deceitful fae and a brutish animal.

-Canadian Fist: Gailna feels that Fist is naive, surprisingly so considering she's part of the mystic community herself. She's a decent ally though and she's able to look past Fist's 'unfortunate background' as an extradimensional because of it.

-Jack Havelock: The gun mage! Gailna finds him and his skill set interesting.

-Wicket: Some people are cut out for the horrors you face when dealing with magic. Some are not. Gailna sees potential in Wicket, but feels he's not cut out for such things.


-Father's Cult: Recently, Lorekeeper has been dealing with a group of demonic cultists that answer to a person they call 'Father'. She is deeply concerned by what they've attempted so far and is upset that they believe they're going to somehow 'save the world' with what they're doing.


-Gailna dislikes most animals of the World Above but has a soft spot for cats. She was especially fond of a mangy old blonde long hair that snuck into her apartment. One of the only times she has ever cried in her life is when it died. She currently has a cat named Arkai, a fluffy Maine coon.

-Gailna has begun to enjoy human fashion and making herself look good. She likes her hair, a feature that her true form lacks.

-Despite her human appearance, every month or so Gailna sheds her skin. She does her best to keep this hidden and puts a lot of work into making herself presentable when it happens.

Thoughts and Comments

-What do others think of the cold blooded priestess?-

"Gailna means far more to me than I can possibly put into words. She has been there for me when I needed her most, providing advice and comfort when I thought all was lost. I don't know where I would be now without her; she's like a mother to me. The world is certainly a better place for having her in it." - Scripture

"Definitely a cool priestess from....actually I have no clue where she's from. But she's still a pretty solid person to have in a fight against the mystical forces of evil. She just needs to rein in the 'justice in her own hands' thing, even if she's a punch priestess." - Canadian Fist


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