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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Ranged Damage
Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Charles Christopher Jacobs
Known Aliases: Chip
Legal Alignment: Reformed Villain
Internal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Human (Mutant)
Blood Type: AO-
Date of Birth: February 14, 1993
Age: 21
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Skin Color: Ruddy Caucasian
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Education: High School Graduate
Occupation: Construction Worker
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Kennith Jacobs (Stepfather, deceased), Floriana Jacobs (Mother, deceased), Christopher Killion Jacobs (Identical Twin Brother, aka Greed, deceased)
Known Alternates
Known Powers
Teleportation, Durability, Advanced Visual Acuity, Acute Spatial Awareness, Twin Synchronization (Defunct)
Known Abilities
Pistol Care and Use
Other Notes





When Chip was caught screwing around with another guy by his father, he knew this was the last straw. His mutation was sparked as he wanted to be anywhere but there. Having teleported for the first time, he found himself, naked, in the bedroom of his best friend. But Johny, like most in the area, was a mutant hater. As Johny went to get his dad, Chip fled the area. Chris, with their twin synchronization giving him Chip's teleportation, arrived with some clothes where Chip was hiding.

The two brothers became thieves, utilizing their teleportation to get past pesky things like walls. One time they were caught by another criminal who shared their target. He had thought he was going to simply shoot the young thieves, but Chris's mutant ability activated and his flesh became super durable, the bullets barely harming him. Chip was lucky his brother was hit first, as the twin bond transferred that durability to him as well.

Deadly Sins


The Deadly Sins, by virtue of one of Lust's prostitutes snubbing a supervillain, were destroyed when he decided to use his disease powers to bring down the entire gang. With the disease passing among the members of the gang by touch alone at first, it wasn't long before a good chunk of the gang was infected. Then it became airborne and took out the rest of the gang and a sizable portion of the surrounding area before it was contained. Chip, unbeknownst to the supervillain before he was arrested, survived by virtue of Chris giving him immunity using their twin bond to initiate a vaccine effect. The loss of his friends and the loss of his brother affected Chip greatly to the point where he's withdrawn a lot from the criminal world, stealing only when he needs to, or to satisfy a particular craving.



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