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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Support
Level: 8
Personal Data
Real Name: Kristofer Imre Teufelburg
Known Aliases: Kit
Legal Alignment: Rogue
Internal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Hybrid (Human/Fox)
Blood Type: AB-
Date of Birth: August 19, 1991
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Yellow Orange
Hair Color: Orange
Skin Color: Fair Caucasian/Orange Fur
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Vulpine
Education: None
Occupation: Dancer/Mercenary
Place of Birth: GeneTech Laboratories Atlantic Bioengineering Lab VI
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Known Alternates
Essence Thief (Virtue Prime)
Brightshow (Virtue Praetoria)
Known Powers
Dimensional Energy Blasts, Healing Blasts
Known Abilities
Other Notes






On The Streets







Powers & Weaknesses



Kit's skeletal and muscular systems are formed in such a way as to leave him quite flexible. Despite not being double jointed, he could probably make a career as a contortionist as he is able to bend in ways that most humans can't. His spine is particularly flexible.


Kit's balance is superhuman. He can keep himself steady despite moving fast and jumping around. While his tail plays a part in this, even without his tail he is more agile than a similarly built human.


Kit possesses senses beyond the range of most humans. He can hear frequencies as low as 10 Hz and as high as 120 kHz, and those at distances beyond a quarter mile. His ability to pinpoint the sounds, however, is less accurate at higher frequencies. His sight rates at 20/30, though he is able to detect movement from much further away. Kit's vision in low-light environments is still quite acute. He can see as well in full moonlight as a human can in a well lit office building, and as well in starlight as a human could in a dark overcast day. Colors, however, are lost in low-light situations, leaving Kit with a monochromatic scale of blues albeit with very crisp sharpness. Kit's sense of smell is beyond most dogs', though his olfactory sensitivity does not meet the ability of those dogs who have specialized in scent tracking.

Tooth & Nail

Kit's finger and toe nails grow quickly into claws, both of which he has become adept at working with while doing mundane tasks such as using the bathroom without emasculating himself or shaking hands with someone without rending their flesh. Speaking of rending flesh, Kit's claws and his sharply formed teeth are capable of tearing flesh with ease.

Bestial Mind

Much of Kit's brain structure is similar to a human's, but he still retains many bestial developments. This makes his ability to process information like technical or abstract subjects difficult. It also leaves him more heavily tied to his instincts than most humans, and his lack of ability to form moral connections readily may be offputting to some.

Dimensional Access

Energy Calling

Kit can access energy from a number of dimensional sources. This energy manifests as a wispy light and allows him to both damage and repair various materials, including living flesh. This energy may manifest in a variety of colors, not always indicative of how the energy will be used.

Durability & Regeneration

Using this energy on an instinctual level makes Kit far more durable than he otherwise would be and allows him to heal much quicker as well. While this puts him beyond human levels, on the superhuman scale he rates low on both accounts.

Storage & Spatial Manipulation

Kit can store objects in a sort of null space. Mostly he uses this to store clothing that he can then exchange with what he's wearing without the hassle of undressing and redressing. He has also used this ability to accept objects into himself that otherwise should not have fit.


When in close proximity to someone, Kit is able to feel their surface emotions as his own. While one might think this would allow him to empathize better with people, it actually tends to make him avoid those who give off feelings he doesn't like feeling, or in extreme circumstances, terminate the source. He has, however, learned to use this connection to discover how someone reacts to certain stimuli, even if they don't express it externally. The short range of this ability is unable to detect entities farther than a couple feet and is thus mostly useless in tracking targets. It does allow him a small advantage in close quarters combat, however, as he is able to better read his opponent.

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