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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Support
Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Imuch'rapinik
Known Aliases: Tecú José Ixquiac
Legal Alignment: None
Internal Alignment: Neutral Good
Species: Chiropteran Camazotz
Blood Type: OO-
Date of Birth: September 2012 (Estimated)
Age: ~2
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
Eye Color: Dark Yellow
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Dark Amerind
Biographical Data
Nationality: Guatemalan/Camazotz Refugee
Ethnicity: K'iche' Maya/Vampire Bat
Education: None
Occupation: Messenger In Training (Rogue)
Place of Birth: Guatemala
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Known Alternates
Known Powers
Shapeshifting (Camazotz)
Spirit Gifts (Messenger, Stealth)
Blood Magic (Shadows)
Known Abilities
Other Notes





Darkflight is very curious about the world around him and prone to explore places and subjects he doesn't know or understand.


Camazotz are social creatures. Darkflight is no different. However his curiosity drives him to seek out people not necessarily of his kith and kin.


Darkflight likes to help those around him. Due to cultural differences and his inexperience in the world of men, he might not necessarily actually BE helpful. But he tries.


Due to stories, Darkflight is fairly secretive about what he is. Or he tries to be. His naïveté often defeats his attempts.


In conflict with his chiropteran instincts are his human instincts. In this case his male youth desire to rebel and do things his way.


Dark Is Not Evil - Shadow powers. Gained from blood magic. Hemataphagic. Good guy.

The Sacred Darkness - The shadow/blood magic Darkflight practices holds the Darkness and Umbra with a certain reverence. By contrast, corrupted forms of blood magic are not tolerated by the Camazotz and Darkflight has a sort of almost instinctive need to put an end to such corrupted practices. This is why Darkflight is not even able to use blood taken from a sapient by force, which renders all blood in his system as corrupted and unusable.

Not That Kind Of (Blood) Mage - Darkflight practices a very obscure form of shadow blood magic. Part of the reason his species was slaughtered and driven away from the Earth plane is because the European Garou were horrified at their use of blood magic without understanding it. He also doesn't fit any particular stereotype for practitioner of magic or mysticism aside from his Native appearance.

Good Is Not Soft - Darkflight is generally pleasant, if one can overlook his alien mindset. His enemies benefit not one bit from his pleasantness.

Fantastically Indifferent - Darkflight is a bat who generally walks about in a human body, frequently traverses the astral plane, and was subjected to some really bizarre experiments. There are very few things about that would make him blink. He still has way more problems accepting human and Western societal norms than giant four-headed beasts who like to sing four-part operas.

Brutal Honesty - Darkflight has a weird ability to omit things he doesn't want people to know and lying about it while at the same time not understanding the need to lie about trivial things.

No Sense Of Personal Space - Darkflight was born a bat. Bats tend to be very close. While he does not have the practical need for huddling close to others and does not usually do so, he has no sense of personal space if he happens to be standing in someone's bubble and does not get uncomfortable if others stand in his presumed bubble.

Younger Than They Look - He's 2ish. Human form looks to be in that nebulous young adulthood age where it can be hard to tell if he's 16 or 21 at various times.

My Instincts Are Showing - Generally averted. Though he's pretty much a bat in human shape, it's not his instincts showing that make him odd, it's the lack of understanding of human/Western/American customs.

Skilled But Naive - Darkflight is highly skilled in the use of shadow blood magic. Far more skilled than he should be due to the sacrifice of his mentor in a desperate situation and due to his captors' insistence he learn how to further his magic practice.

Literal-Minded - Darkflight was born a bat and while he does have a very underdeveloped sense of humor and idiom, most of the time he still interprets things literally if he has no reason to believe otherwise.

Fish Out Of Water - Bat out of the Colony.

Hulkspeak - Darkflight's English can still sound like this. His Spanish sometimes shows flavors of this as well. His Nahuatl and Katzijobal are far more normal-sounding.

Fantasic Racism - Darkflight does not like wolf people. In general he ignores them, but if they get to close he'll demand they leave him be. If anyone gets to talking to him about them, he will insist they are murderers and traitors. Most of this is based on hearing stories of the Garou's slaughter of his people, the Camazotz. The rest is based on actual wolf people being mean to him and harassing him. He still doesn't seem to understand that not all wolf people are Garou.

Hoist By His Own Petard - Find a young werecreature whose species has been gone for some centuries, poison his mentor and thus give him enough time to sacrifice himself to empower the young werecreature, kidnap the werecreature, force him to continue his studies in very powerful magic that has been gone from the world since his species was gone. Then expect him to simply follow orders and annihilate your enemies. Suffice it to say that plan didn't work out well. Bad for his captors, good for Darkflight.

Pointy Ears - Darkflight's ears are his most prominent Camazotz trait in human form.



Darkflight's human form is that of a young K'iche' male. He has pointed ears in this form.


This form appears much as homid form, but with elongated and much thinner arms, shorter and thinner legs, less muscular torso, and distorted facial features.


Human/bat hybrid. Unlike most Camazotz, he is unable to fly in this form.


A swarm of vampire bats.

Blood Magic

Umbral Bolt

Darkflight can summon small bolts of umbral energy at will. These bolts may inflict fright upon the target. Sacrificing a small amount of blood will throw a larger bolt.

Umbral Tendrils

Darkflight can sacrifice a very small portion of his blood to call upon half a dozen umbral tendrils to attack all enemies in a cone in front of him. These targets have a chance to be overcome with fear or be knocked down.

Umbral Drain

Darkflight can sacrifice a moderate amount of blood to pull the life force from an enemy and use it to heal himself. This does not heal blood loss.

Shadow Circle

Darkflight can sacrifice a splatter of blood to form a glowing mystic circle. This circle may induce fright on those nearby, but also enhances Darkflight's offensive capabilities.

Shadow Singularity

By sacrifice a moderate amount of blood, Darkflight can partially open a path leading to the darkest depths of the Dark Umbra. The rift pulls enemies toward it. While it cannot pull anything inside, it does damage those nearby.

Shadow Rift

Darkflight can sacrifice a moderate amount of blood to partially open a path to the Dark Umbra. The rift cannot be traversed, but the chaotic energies released is harmful and may cause random effects on its victims.

Shadow Squad

Darkflight can pull umbral energies into humanoid form and give them a semblance of life with his blood. They dissipate after only a minute or so.

Umbra's Refugee

Darkflight can use a large amount of blood to pull umbral energies into his body and revive himself from a mortal blow.


Messenger's Quill

This black quill allows Darkflight to read and write any language Darkflight is aware of. It can write without ink upon any writing surface or in the air with glowing yellow.

Heirloom of Kamesotz'

With this bone, Darkwing is immune to all blood diseases, though his blood still carries them. He's also immune to control via blood. His blood cannot be used as a sympathetic link and he cannot be ghouled. Blood magic is required to break through this protection.

World of Darkness

(No longer in use, but remains for posterity's sake.)

Nature Survivor Species Camazotz Breed Chiropteran
Strength • • •     Dexterity • • •     Stamina • • • •  
Charisma • • •     Manipulation •         Appearance • •      
Perception • • •     Intelligence • •       Wit • • • •  

Alertness • • • •   Athletics •         Intimidation • •      
Primal-Urge • • • •   Subterfuge • • •                
Animal Ken • • •     Stealth • • • •   Survival • • •    
Occult • • • •   Rituals • • • •              
Camazotz Lore Blood  
Fetish • • •     Rites • •                  
Glory 0 Honor 0 Wisdom 3
Echo-Location, Private Whispers, Shadow Skin, Heightened Senses, Scent of the True Form
Shadow Darts, Umbral Tendrils, Essence Drain, Shadow Squad, Shadow's Embrace
Microchiroptera Camazotz
Imuch'rapinik was born a vampire bat. His natural chiropteran form is that of a swarm of microbats. Unless he learns the gift he cannot take megachiropteran form.
Hemataphagic (2) Physical
Imuch'rapinik derives no sustenance from foods other than human blood.
Grounded Physical
Imuch'rapinik is unable to fly in Crinos form.
Driving Goal Mental
Imuch'rapinik is driven to restore the Wyrm, Bat's progenitor, to its rightful, uncorrupted, place.

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