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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Hybrid
Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason Andrew Baker
Known Aliases: Unknown
Legal Alignment: None
Internal Alignment: Neutral Good
Species: Succubic Cambion
Blood Type: A+/D11
Date of Birth: October 13, 1995
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Grey/
Glowing Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: Fair Caucasian/
Light Violet
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Demon
Education: Middle School Dropout
Occupation: Street Rat
Place of Birth: Downtown MC
Base of Operations: Westside MC
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Jeanine Baker (Mother), Kerry Baker (Father, Non-Biological), Justin Baker (Older Half-Brother +6 years), Jasper Baker (Older Half-Brother +7.5 years), Kerry Baker Junior (Older Half-Brother +10 years), Devon Blake (Kerry Junior's Roommate/Secret SO)
Known Alternates
Cambionic Archer (Virtue Prime)
Known Powers
Seductive Touch, Mental Intrusion, Psychokinesis
Known Abilities
Other Notes




Jason was born to a woman who had been seduced by an incubus. As she was an ultra-conservative wife of an ultra-conservative man, she kept the incident a secret. Until her most recent child was born. The boy's lavender skin, tiny wings, and little tail pointed at that secret little encounter having produced the child. She confessed to her husband, who promised to raise the little demon as an upstanding member of society.

Promises can be fickle endeavors, however. Jason wasn't taken to church with his brothers. No, he was told that God didn't want him. When he was eight, though, he began to develop psychic ability. he knew his mom was disgusted with him and that his dad wasn't his biological father and in fact hated him. He knew half the community hated him as much as his father and the other half pitied him for his situation. He knew his eldest brother was gay and hiding a relationship with another boy. He knew the secrets of his community. And yet he didn't care. He was flighty and lazy and simply wanted to do his own thing. Then puberty happened.


When puberty hit, it hit hard. Boys start to develop feelings, except this boy was a lust demon and these feelings were strong. His parents had, however, used his inhuman origin to plant in him some ideas about his nature that frightened him. Especially when they found out he was into boys. That his parents completely believed these stories allowed him to take them as truth and ingrained them into his psyche so deep, he's become terrified of engaging in sexual relations.

Jason's wings grew from small things, into larger appendages that took him a while getting used to. His tail, likewise, grew some ridges and a pointed spade. Two horns, though small, grew upon his brow . Markedly more demonic that he had been, his relations with his family only degenerated.


Jason left his home, his parents and the rest of the insular community uncaring. After an encounter with another teen that turned sexual quickly due to Jason's leaking lust being projected, and the other boy being drained of all his life force, Jason changed. The trauma of the death shocked his demonic appearance to recede, reigned in his lust generation, and made him a lot more flighty and skittish around other males. UrchinClose.png



Seductive Touch

With a touch, Jason can insert feelings of lust into a male. If he starves himself, this power can overcharge, filling his target with so much lust they go sex-crazy. With his psychic ability, this can also manifest in a wave or even an aura of unbridled lust, though thankfully less potent than by touch.

Psychic Reception

Jason can pick up surface thoughts and emotions quite easily. So easy, in fact, that he doesn't' know how not to. He can focus and let deeper thoughts bubble to the surface, but doing so takes most of his concentration and he doesn't usually care enough to do so. If he really wants information, he has other methods.

Psychic Projection

Jason can telepathically "speak" with people. Which is his most-used variation of this power on a conscious level. He's also able to project emotions into other people. Which is where his repressed sexuality and pent up lust usually goes; projected into others around him, especially apparent in other males.

Psychic Intrusion

His Psychic abilities wielded as a weapon. This can be anywhere from a simple projection of psychic feedback into a person to a deep mind probe, ripping through a person's mind to recover information. Or simply ripping a person's mind to shreds. He doesn't usually do any of this, though, being a rather nonviolent guy. In the heat of combat, though, he's not above resorting to such methods. Primarily the relatively safe method of introducing looped psychic static into an enemy's mind in an attempt to render them catatonic until they can be apprehended or the static wears off.


Jason can affect the material world using only his mental power.

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