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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Support
Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Q'umarkaj Menchú
Known Aliases: Mark
Legal Alignment: Civilian
Internal Alignment: Neutral Good
Species: Demigod (Awilix)
Blood Type: O-
Date of Birth: December 21, 1991
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185#, 2x 75# wings (335#)
Eye Color: Glowing Green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Guatemalan
Ethnicity: K'iche'
Education: Secondary School Dropout
Occupation: Construction (Unskilled)
Place of Birth: Q'umarkaj Ruins, Guatemala
Base of Operations: Millennium city
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Awilix (Mother), Unknown Male Human (Father)
Known Alternates
None Known
Known Powers
Spirit Claws, Disease Aura, Xibalban Howl
Known Abilities
Other Notes




Mark was found in the ruins of Q'umarkaj, a newborn baby without any traces of his mother or anyone else who might have left him there. The woman who found him handed him over to a Catholic orphanage in Quetzaltenango who dealt with the legalities of his new life. Despite the fact the boy had wings feathered in black, the nuns saw to it he was not harassed by those who would let their superstitions reign. Having a winged boy, who learned to fly on his own at a fairly young age, was no small task, but the nuns saw it as a challenge from God and so they persevered. But the boy's heritage would soon come to haunt him.


The boy, now in his mid teens and using the name Marcos, got into a fight with a local boy about his age over the fact that he was a "winged freak." The two got into a shouting match that turned violent. Punches were thrown, the two fairly evenly matched. Until Mark went into a rage and manifested glowing violet claws of pure spiritual energy and began mindlessly clawing at the other boy. The other kids there became victim to another manifestation of Mark's, a deadly disease born of his mere proximity. Shocked when he saw the boy torn to shreds and the others coughing and collapsing around him, he took flight and landed at the place he was found. Curled up with his wings wrapped tight around him, he cried himself to sleep.


Waking up the next morning, Mark flew away from his old life, vowing to not put the nuns or the other children in danger. He began a migratory lifestyle, never staying in any one area too long. Doing odd jobs for food or the meager wages to get food, he had to deal with his future. And that future, he decided, was America. Once he was eighteen, he flew to America and tried to deal with immigration. But he was turned away. So he entered anyway, finding his way to Millennium City to begin his life anew. Working for construction companies who would hire illegal immigrants, he kept his head low. He figured simply having wings in Millennium City wasn't enough to draw too much attention to himself, and he was largely correct.





Metahuman Traits


Mark has a large pair of bird-like wings on his back, feathered in lustrous black. He is able to fly with these wings and they are strong enough to carry tons.

Super Strength

Mark is able to lift and carry tons with effort. Hundreds of pounds he can carry with ease.

Spirit Claws

Mark can manifest claws that are invisible on the material plane except for the violet trail they're leave behind. These claws do actual physical damage and may even infect the wounded with a condition that causes blood vessel ruptures.

Disease Aura

When upset or stressed, or by will, Mark manifests a disease, magical in nature, that causes other people's bodies to stop functioning. It begins with damage to the flesh and ends with loss of breathing and pulse, and ultimately brain death. If he manifests the aura voluntarily, he can control who is affected to a degree. When he's stressed he has little to no control.

Xibalban Howl

Mark can let out a deep, powerful wail that has enough force to knock down an unprepared bystander. There is a supernatural component to this howl, though, that causes those affected to inexplicably fear Mark.

Disease Immunity

Whether from bacteria, virus, fungus, or any other means, Mark's immune system is able to tackle and overcome natural diseases, most engineered diseases, and many mystical diseases with few to no symptoms.

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