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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Melee
Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Jackson Lukas Kelly
Known Aliases: NA
Legal Alignment: Reforming Criminal (Maybe)
Internal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Human (Cursed)
Blood Type: O+
Date of Birth: May 5, 1948
Age: 68
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish
Education: High School Dropout
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Jefferson, GA
Base of Operations: Millennium city
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Robert Lukas Kelly (Father, deceased)
Lily Anne (Wuornos) Kelly (Mother, deceased)
Known Alternates
None Known
Known Powers
Cursed Chains
Known Abilities
Other Notes




Background references the physical abuse of a child and the physical and sexual abuse of a teenager as well as brutal murders of teens and adults.
Background references use of offensive language.

Abused Youth

Jackson doesn't remember a time before the beatings. The typical punishment for infractions as significant as theft and as minor as talking back to his mother, the beatings were frequent. It was a time before child abuse advocacy, though. People minded their own business, turned a blind eye to the already fading bruises. So for young Jackson, the beatings were normal. He had no reason to believe that he didn't deserve to be beaten.


Jackson was a fairly friendly kid, loved playing with others and such. As childhood made way to adolescence, he was the guy others just wanted to hang around. Friendly, funny, like a brother Jackson would have done anything for his friends, most of whom played on the various sports teams he was involved with. But this was all to change when his mother fell ill and succumbed to death. At first he seemed to take it well, even though others noticed an increase in frequency of his beatings. His friends were too embarrassed to speak to him about it, as guys just didn't talk about such things.

But then, one day, Jackson arrived at school sullen and withdrawn. He was needlessly aggressive and confrontational, even to those he called friend. Whatever mood he was under dissipated by the end of the day, though, so most shrugged it off. But then a week later it happened again, and this time it didn't fade. In fact, it seemed worse. Furthermore, even the friendliest of jovial touches caused him to flinch. And this was noticed by one of his friends, a team mate on the football team.

Craig Kessler insisted Jackson ride home with him, pushing his abused friend to admit what's going on. And it wasn't pretty. In the wake of his mother's death, he'd become the target for his father's sexual frustrations. With disgust, Craig called Jackson a filthy faggot and pulled to the side of the deserted road. Jackson, expecting for Craig to kick him out, reached for the door handle, but Craig pulled him back. He insisted that if Jackson's a faggot, then there's something he could take care of for Craig. Jackson complied, tears in his eyes the entire time, not because of what was happening to him, but because deep down, he liked it. Just like with his father, even though he refused to admit that to anyone.

And Craig wasn't the only one to have noticed something about Jackson. So, too, did one of the janitors at the school. Except while Craig was initially ignorant, Lonny MacLean saw the abused teen and pretty much knew what was going on. Before practice one day, Lonny approached Jackson and asked if he could help with something and Jackson went with him to a storage room. But what Lonny wanted had nothing to do with moving boxes or whatever, Lonny wanted Jackson. Except that despite what Craig had called him and insisted he did, Jackson still saw Craig as a friend. Lonny was just some guy who worked at the school. And so he refused to capitulate. And since Lonny became insistent and aggressive, Jackson picked up a length of chain and started to beat the crap out of his would-be abuser.

Lonny did not survive. All that was left of the man was shredded clothing, broken bones, and a bloody pulp. Jackson fled the school with the bloodied chain, missing practice. This led Craig to worry a bit, so he went over to Jackson's house to see what was up. He was about to knock on the door when he heard the shouting, Jackson's father berating him for what happened to the janitor. Jackson shouted back, though, surprising his father and causing Craig to barge in. Jackson grabbed the chain he had used on the janitor and started to wail aggressively on his father. When Craig tried to pull him back, he started in on Craig. Mindlessly whipping the heavy chain at the boy who'd been using him. When all was said and done, Robert and Craig were both dead and Jackson fled his home.


Jackson had entered a kind of frenzy. He headed for the high school, the only place he had ever felt the least bit safe. Despite the janitor violating that safe haven, that man was dead. Which is why the police were there when Jackson arrived. He ignored them and the school staff when told to stand down, the bloodied chain still in his hand and his clothes still soaked with blood. When an officer approached him, without a thought Jackson took to the man with the chain while others watched in shock. Jackson was shot several times, but he continued toward the football field.

It was there that Jackson's dying body and broken mind succumbed to utter rage. No one there that night, not the twenty-seven players nor the three coaches nor the seven school staffers nor the six police officers, survived. Not one, save Jackson. Whatever it was that was watching over him that night passed judgment, and that judgment was not favorable. The chain he had used to slaughter so many rose of its accord and plunged itself into Jackson's belly. The chain writhed and grew in his body, changing it in some very fundamental ways. The wings, the tail, the sharp teeth, the hunger for meat. Raw meat. Human meat.


This new creature was still Jackson, but he was changed. He prowled the streets looking for food. But he found only capture. For he was being watched by less ethereal eyes that night as well. The man he would only know as Master caught him and brought him home. He was studied like some kind of animal. His "Master" writing notes upon notes in many books about what he learned of his new specimen. The process was not pleasant for Jackson, who had to endure painful and humiliating "tests" and "experiments" for the man. Eventually, like all others who felt Jackson's ire, Jackson lashed at the man when he was vulnerable.

But Jackson didn't know how to leave the extra-dimensional space he was kept in, the man's "lab" or whatever it was. He ate his former "Master" and whatever other specimens he could find until there was no longer any food to be had. Instead of falling to starvation, however, he fell into some kind of hibernation. Couple of decades later, a group of mutant teens were exploring the old mansion that sat on the edge of town, abandoned since the mid1960s. There they found a sort of cosmic key, a crystal figurine of a dragon that glowed faintly with bluish energy. Unfortunately for them, this key opened a sort of wrinkle in dimensional space, allowing them to enter the old lab.

And this is where they came face to face with Jackson. They woke the hibernating man up, for while Jackson slept, he still aged into adulthood and his musculature did not atrophy. His immediate response was to take a bite out of one of the girls. Her boyfriend immediately attacked Jackson, but it was the other boy who found the muzzle and used the fight between the two to slip it on Jackson's head and fasten it. Immediately, Jackson became docile. A winged man standing there staring at the kids with a pained and angry glare while his tail flicked back and forth agitatedly behind him.

The kids all left while they had the chance, forgetting the key behind. Jackson picked the key up and walked out the door, which now led to a small town in Michigan, hundreds of miles away from his old home in Georgia. He wandered the streets and countryside of Michigan, unable to remove his muzzle. Forced to catch small animals and grind them up to eat them, his hunger for human flesh had been on the rise when he was picked up by PRIMUS. Kept in a PRIMUS prison facility for metahumans, Jackson proved to require a special solitary confinement.


Jackson's sense of remorse over what he had done and his desire not to be a predatory monster allowed PRIMUS reformers to help him down a path of redemption. He is just now, after decades in confinement and a year on monitored probation, allowed into the general public. He is being watched from afar, but he is being allowed to live an actual life in the 2010s Millennium City.



Jackson has always been naturally introverted. While he was once a joyful and friendly kid, those traits have largely been eradicated. Now he's just quiet and withdrawn, although he does look upon the social world with wistfulness. While he rarely speaks unbidden, if he is engaged he's not afraid to converse.


Jackson is ruled by his hungers. He has very little self-control when it comes to his hunger, seeking to sate it by any means. This hunger is what keeps Jackson too scared to have his muzzle removed in fear he'll hurt someone. But he's also having to fight against his body's need for human consumption. Locking himself away is only going to increase his need unless he can find a way to sate it.


Despite once being a fairly happy youth, Jackson has become a very vicious person. He lashes out at those who anger him when he's not prevented from doing so. He's been known to mindlessly beat a dead body long after the life had escaped it. While he has been striving to suppress this violent mindset, it could easily be triggered.


Jackson has either been in prison or held in a lab for most of his life. While he was never really ashamed of his body and had no problems showering with his teammates or skinny dipping in the swimming hole, he's now left with no sense of personal modesty at all. This extends to social interaction in general, as he is prone to being blunt and telling it how he sees it. Assuming someone has engaged him and brought him out of his shell. He's not likely to simply blurt things out.

Metahuman Traits


Jackson has a large pair of bird-like wings on his back, feathered in the same color as his hair. He is able to fly with these wings.


Jackson has a tail with a tuft of hair at the end that matches the color of the hair on his head.


Jackson's teeth are razor sharp and quite jagged.


The chains with which Jackson has been cursed snake throughout his body. Even the exterior chains are connected to those within and those who would look might find the exit points. He has limited control over these chains.


Jackson's curse often manifests in others that he is angry with, causing their physical being to break down. The only real way to stop it is to remove oneself from his vicinity, though those with strong wills can often keep the curse at bay.

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