Irradiated Truth

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Lieutenant Cooper
Irradiated Truth
Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Tank
Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Ryan Orville Cooper
Known Aliases: None
Legal Alignment: MCPD
Internal Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Species: Human (Altered)
Blood Type: AB+
Date of Birth: November 29, 1989
Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Green (Were Brown)
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Green (Was Caucasian)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Education: BS (Criminal Justice)
Occupation: MCPD Lieutenant
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives
Doctor Charles Cooper (father), Judith (Heinz) Plisken (Mother), Keith Plisken (Step-Father)
Known Alternates
Krinzor (Virtue Prime)
Talons of Truth (Virtue Praetoria)
Known Powers
Instinctive melee technique, Immunity to nearly all viral and bacterial infections, Radiation Focus, Radiation Infusion, Regeneration, Flight, Subdermal Pockets
Known Abilities
Highly intelligent
Police Issue Gear, Radiation-Conductive Chain
Other Notes




Charles Cooper was once a respected geneticist. He had a loving wife, was financially well-off, and had a good job developing crops that resist harsh conditions and yet yield a viable harvest. All this changed, however, when he learned he was sterile and could not conceive a child with his wife.

Something within the good doctor snapped and he became obsessed with his childlessness. His work deteriorated until he had to be fired. This didn't help his mental state. His marriage was strained until he was approached by a shady character about a new job. Jumping at the chance of working again, he and his wife Judy moved to Detroit.

He did as he was told, asking no questions on exactly what it was he was doing. He had ideas, but he would rather not think about the implications. Besides, he was able to covertly do experiments on his own. Manipulation his own DNA with his wife's, he was able to create a zygote and implant his wife without her knowledge.


Judy was just happy to finally be pregnant that she couldn't even question how it had happened. Ryan was received as a miracle child by his mother. When he was born, the infant was doted over so much by his mother, that she didn't even realize how cold her husband had grown.

As Ryan grew, it was apparent that he was highly intelligent. His mother placed him in early learning programs, but the instructors kept telling her that they believed something was wrong with the child. Ryan was emotionally cold. He didn't like playing with the other children and even snubbed attention from the instructors. The fact they had to move due to the city's destruction wasn't helping.

As Ryan grew older, his distant attitude troubled his mother, who was now seeing a similar behavior in her husband. She got Charles to admit what he had done and Judy freaked. Judy could no longer see Ryan as her child, but as a thing her husband had created in a lab. The recent problems led her to having an affair with a neighbor. When Charles found out, Judy simply told him that their marriage was over and moved out of town with her new lover.

Ryan attended school, purposefully downplaying his intelligence so as not to garner unwanted attention. He still looked upon the other children as inferior creatures and wanted nothing to do with them. He kept to his books and such.

The Desert

The toll of his superiority complex drove Ryan to the ideation of death and suicide. On an extended science field trip to the New Mexican desert, Ryan ran away from the dormitory and fled into the desert. There he planned to finally end his life.

However, what he found there was much different. He stumbled upon the camp of a cult, a group of Irradiates who had devoted their lives to the Purification. They happily took in the lost youth and exposed him to their rituals. His genetically engineered physiology reacted with the radiation in a way that was a bit different from the others.

His advanced physiological mutation along with his inability to unquestioningly follow orders caused something of a rift between Ryan and the other cultists until he was eventually excommunicated and banished.

The Lost Is Found

Ryan took to wandering the desert, his mutation and genetically enhanced mind giving him the tools necessary to survive. But that is all he did, moving from point to point simply surviving. Until he stumbled upon military camp. The sickly youth with green skin, glowing green eyes, and antenna protruding from his head was almost gunned down by the perimeter patrol. Fortunately for Ryan, they were quite used to the unusual and took him into custody and detained him in a radiation cell in the camp.

While there, Ryan attached himself to the camp's commander, who was like the father Ryan felt he should have had. After a medical checkup and danger assessment, Ryan was reluctantly taken home. His father barely seemed to notice that he had been gone at all.

At the first opportunity, Ryan had his military friend pull some strings to get him into a special metahuman military program where he was go on to serve for a term of three years before circumstances forced him to accept an honorable discharge. He was able to procure a position in MCPD's Special Homicide Unit, a sub-unit of Superhuman Crimes.

Due to his genetically enhanced mind and dedication to his job, Ryan quickly rose the ranks into a position of authority and trust. He initiated contact with his mother, who had remarried. The two of them were able to reconcile and Ryan became close to his step-father, who he now views as his dad.

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