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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Melee/Ranged
Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Dean Finn Wuornos
Known Aliases: Denny
Legal Alignment: Hero
Internal Alignment: Neutral Good
Species: Human Mutant
Blood Type: O-
Date of Birth: August 23, 1992
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 460#
Eye Color: Red (were brown)
Hair Color: Dark Grey (was brown)
Skin Color: Light Grey (was light brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed
3/4 Caucasian
1/4 African American
Education: BScEng
(Civil Engineering)
Occupation: Grad Student
(Structural Engineering)
Place of Birth: Talmo, Georgia
Base of Operations: Millennium city
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Wuornos Family
  • Jonathan Wuornos (Father)
  • Deanna (Gilbert) Wuornos (Mother)
    • Stacey (Wuornos) Jackson (Sister, +5)
      • Bradley Jackson (Brother-In-Law)
    • Dean Wuornos (Self)
      • Douglas Lexington (Boyfriend, Deceased)
      • Thomas Kelley (Fiancé, Deceased)
    • Jonathan Wuornos Jr (Brother +0)
      • Jodi (Henry) Wuornos (Sister-In-Law)
    • Deanna (Wuornos) Matthews (Sister +0)
      • Scott Matthews (Brother-In-Law)
    • Jesse Wuornos (Brother -2)
    • James Wuornos (Brother, -2)
    • Brantley Wuornos (Brother -3)
    • Jefferson Wuornos (Brother, -5)
Known Alternates
None Known
Known Powers
Dense Musculature (Minor Super-Durability)
Dense Musculature (Minor Super-Strength)
Hardened Skeleton (Durable Frame)
Thermal Resistant Skin
Impact Resistant Skin
Advanced Mechanoreception
Known Abilities
1987 Chevrolet Silverado SWB 4x4 Pickup (Red/Black)
1985 Suzuki Madura 1200 Motorcycle (Red)
Other Notes




Dean was born to a typical rural Georgia couple, though his birth was not quite typical. He was one of a set of triplets, his identical brother Jonathan and his sister Deanna following him out of the womb. Aside from that, his childhood was fairly typical until he got to the age where certain feelings started cropping up. Growing up gay in the South was not the easiest thing to do, but he managed. Perhaps it's because he was fairly big, acted like any other guy, and had a 'twin' brother who'd knock the lights out of anyone who'd try anything, or maybe Atlanta being just an hour away had an influence, but for the most part he was accepted by his peers and the community at large. Many might disagree with his sexuality, but he's still a good ol' boy from Talmo.


Despite the difficulties, Dean led a pretty normal life of a rural teen boy in Georgia; trucks, football, booze... But then he was thrown a curve ball. In the middle of English class one morning, Dean felt a sharp pain in his head as the ground beneath the school began to shake and the wind outside picked up. While the whole school felt the shaking and heard the high winds, his class was the only one to witness the dirt and stone shards coalescing around Dean and flying away to be held against the walls, ceiling, and floor by some force while Dean yelled out in pain. His teacher hiding behind his desk, with classmates also finding cover or fleeing out the door, all color drained from Dean's flesh and hair leaving him grey with only his eyes, now a mildly glowing red, with color. Meanwhile, on the other side of the school, his brother had went through a similar metamorphosis. Jon Junior had been the center of a miniature tornado that had pretty much torn up the class room. Fortunately for the both of them, and perhaps miraculously, no one was hurt.

After Dean passed out and the dirt and shards fell to the floor, Dean was taken to the hospital with his brother where a PRIMUS investigator attempted to bring the boys in. Their father, though ostensibly just a farmer, held influence in the community and contacts in the government and the PRIMUS agent agreed to stand by to observe while Dean and Jon Junior reintegrated into normal life. Which they did rather seamlessly. Life went on, and Dean eventually found love with another boy in school, the two accepted by their peers with only a bit of friendly ribbing.

Tragedy the First

While Dean and Doug were out in the sticks one night with some friends, a small force of VIPER soldiers attempted to snag themselves a mutant. With the other boys regarded as collateral damage, VIPER killed two of them, injured a third, and were engaged in combat with Dean when Doug was caught in the fire. Enraged, Dean lost it, killing the VIPER soldiers and pulling Doug up into the bed of his truck as the injured friend drove them to the hospital. Unfortunately, Doug was gone before they got there.

Tragedy the Second

Dean stoically soldiered on, still playing football, still studying in school, still partying with his friends. After he completed high school, though, he moved to Millennium City to attend MCU, a decision his parents and he had quarreled over from the time he announced it until the day he packed up and left. Studying hard to become a structural engineer, Dean nonetheless succumbed to his partying nature and eventually fell for another boy. The two of them seemed perfect for each other and Dean eventually proposed. Unfortunately, Dean was to see history repeat. While he and Tom were at a bonfire with a group of friends, VIPER struck again, injuring a few of the students, killing one, and ending up in a fight with Dean. Fury took hold of Dean as he took the VIPER soldiers out, one by one, but Tom got knocked out hard before the last VIPER soldier was neutralized. Tom was in a coma for weeks, with Dean by his side for almost all of it, before he succumbed to the injuries and passed on.

Dean took it all in stride, but there being a piece of him missing was far more apparent this time. He listlessly went to class, did his studies, and stood around at parties like a statue. Just when people were starting to talk, Dean had pulled himself up by the bootstraps, started fighting VIPER and criminals in general as Coldstone, and fell back into his natural good nature. He earned his degree and continues his education at MCU's graduate program for civil engineering, specializing as a structural engineer.



While the deaths of his friends and lovers have taken their toll, and he's not quite as outgoing as he once was, Dean is still a friendly and personable guy. He doesn't let his studies get in the way of his good times, even though he also doesn't let his good times get in the way of his studies.


Dean has an inherent need to help others around him. Supplemented by his Southern Hospitality upbringing, Dean tends toward friendly, polite, and helpful in general.


Mess with Dean's friends and family at your own peril. He might pick on his brothers and sisters, but hurt one hair on any of their heads and you're in for a world of hurt. That includes his friends, who he views as his brothers and sisters in spirit if not in blood. He will protect them with his life without thought or question.


Dean has a certain view of himself as the pinnacle of humanity. While this doesn't generally come across as smug or hubris, he tends to hold himself tall and proud, and words aren't generally enough to bring him down. Others might simply view him as confident, but if anyone was to get in his head, they'd understand it was more.


Dean was brought up in a Southern Christian household. While the family held to their traditions and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, they aren't overtly religious most of the time. Aside from his mother's tendency to tell her children that they make Jesus cry when she disapproves of something or their father's invoking God's wrath when he's angry with someone, Dean and his family aren't prone to throwing their religion in everyone's faces. Unless they're at a church function. Dean himself has begun to question his faith, having seen too much in Millennium City not to have doubts.


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