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Deevs Portrait.png
"Beep boop robot noises!"
PLAYER theriberi
Super Group The Progeny
Rank Member
Current Affliations SION
Former Affiliations Junior PRIMUS

Real Name Original designation not given
Known Aliases Deevs, Dev, Deevinator, Brobot, Mr. Roboto
Gender Male identified
Species Robotic
Birthdate Activated 12/21/1998
Place of Birth Hamtramck, MI
Current Location Millenium City, MI
Relatives Confidential

Apparent Age  ???
Height 7'3"
Weight 215lbs
Eyes one
Hair none
Complexion metallic
Build lanky, gangly, thin
Notable Features Ridiculously tall, with a distinctive and clearly mechanical appearance

Citizenship USA
Marital Status Totally dating
Occupation Student & Peer mentor, SION
Education Ongoing


Kinetic Manipulation, style
Modular heroing rig, Airsoft pistols, modified NERF blasters, smartphone, assorted small objects/projectiles

ProtectorsBox Template

Appearance and Personality

Deevs Civvies Small.png

Deviate is, to all outward appearances, a robotic being. Standing at least a foot taller than most humans, lanky, rail-thin and with a segmented mechanical body, his is a conspicuous presence. His humanoid frame seems awkwardly proportioned, with long limbs, large hands and feet, and a rather bullet-shaped head. While his towering mechanical appearance tends to draw attention on its own, his sense of style (and the fact that he wears clothes at all) seems to garner still more stares and confusion. He has a fondness for bright colors, graphic t-shirts, and unique headwear.

Deviate is not what most people expect upon meeting a robot. His bearing, speech, and opinions go contrary to many of the common stereotypes of robotic beings. His demeanor is anything but stiff, and his personality the opposite of cold and detached.

The common first impression Deviate gives is ebullient, friendly, expressive in both speech and body language, and oftentimes downright goofy. Most people have a lot of questions, and Deviate always seems to have a lot of dodgy answers.

On his good days, Deviate loves to talk - a fact he's well aware of. Cheerfully chattering away at anyone who might listen, Deviate's sense of humor is lively and most often good-natured. He is free and sincere with his compliments, prone towards affectionate nicknames and unfortunate puns, and genuinely seems to love people and life in general. He tends to be both perceptive and compassionate toward others, and will often do his best to understand and relate to them.

This is not to say that Deviate is a one-note program. His uncorrectable defects and frequent necessary maintenance are often a source of frustration for him, and there are many days when he can be moody, cranky, or simply out of commission.

Having spent the majority of his active existence at the SION campus among metahumans and other sapients with extreme mutations, Deviate has a strong tendency towards unconditional acceptance. No matter a person's appearance, nature, status, or limitations, Deevs will find something genuinely nice to say. His acceptance has its limits, however. While he takes most everyone at face value, he has little to no tolerance for willful ignorance, harmful stereotyping, or any form of intolerance or bigotry. Faced with the verbal ferocity with which Deviate will fight against social oppression, injustice, and bigotry, some might call him a social justice warrior. This wouldn't be an inaccurate label. He holds himself and those around him to a high standard of morals and ethics, and is not afraid to speak up for and act on what he feels is right.

When it comes to hero work, Deviate is relatively inexperienced. Though he has a great deal of control over his powers and some generalized hero training, his on-the-job experience is still somewhat lacking. He does have a good degree of common sense, though it's not always something at the forefront of his mind or actions.

Abilities, Skills, and Attributes

Kinetic Manipulation

Deviate possesses an innate ability to manipulate the kinetic properties of objects in motion. This ability is limited to physical objects with mass, and extends to velocity, trajectory, and (to a more limited degree), torque. Though this ability is largely intuitive, he continues to hone it with additional training and practice.

Deviate is able to perceive and manipulate numerous individual objects at once. This allows him to deflect incoming projectiles, while simultaneously directing outgoing objects for maximum effect.

At this point in his experience and training, Deviate's abilities are limited by the following factors:

  • In order for him to manipulate the kinetic properties of an object, it must already be in motion.

  • He can only accelerate, decelerate, divert, or alter the trajectory of objects - he is unable to fully stop a moving object.

  • He is only able to manipulate an object in its entirety. He cannot manipulate only part of an object, (such as stopping an incoming fist).

  • He is unable to manipulate objects too small to be seen (no molecular or atomic manipulation, sorry!)

  • The Greater an object's mass and density, the more focus and effort is required for Deviate to affect it. He can manipulate multiple bullets and other small projectiles simultaneously with ease, a single average-sized human without much trouble, multiple humans with more focus, up to being able to affect an automobile to a limited degree.

With additional practice and training of his abilities, it is possible that some of these limitations may be overcome.

Hyperspacial Awareness

Supporting Deviate's kinetic abilities is a finely tuned and highly sensitive spacial awareness which functions similarly to a three-dimensional radar. This sense allows him to perceive the space and all objects with mass in a three-dimensional sphere around him.

This perception is highly sensitive, but in general cannot be used through dense solid surfaces, such as walls or the ground.

Hypersensory Awareness

Deviate's sensory processing centers are in a constant state of overdrive. This affects all of his senses, and greatly enhances his overall sensory perception. Deviate is able to detect and identify odors, sounds, and visual cues with extreme subtlety and detail, and at significant distances. His tactile response is equally sensitive.
While there are a number of benefits to Deviate's elevated sensory state, it is just as often a detriment, as he can be quickly overloaded to the point of temporary shutdown, or severe feedback trauma.

To help counteract this issue, Deviate is equipped with a number of internal and external sensory moderation devices to allow him to function around most typical sensory stimuli, and to prevent permanent damage through feedback or overload. While these augments allow him to cope reasonably well with everyday levels of sensory input, sudden loud noises, bright lights, or strong odors can nonetheless have acute, adverse effects on his systems.

Firearms Training

Deviate has had training and is proficient in small firearms handling, use, and maintenance. Even without the use of his kinetic powers, his aim is experienced and accurate, and he continues to practice his firearms skill on a regular basis, both with and without the support of his kinetic abilities.

Physics Proficiency

Deviate has a solid understanding of both theoretical and applied physics, with emphasis in the fields of motion, kinematics, and dynamics. He relies on this knowledge and on continuing education in these areas to better understand and expand on his intuitive grasp of his abilities.

Peer Support Training

Deviate volunteers actively at SION as a peer mentor. He has had specific training and experience in this area, particularly relating to social support, active listening, and peer counseling.

Internet Savvy

As a being of the modern technological era, Deviate is well versed in most things internet. He spends a significant portion of his spare time browsing various websites and social media, and is thoroughly steeped in everything from memes to video games to creepypasta.

He can navigate search engines with ease, and can usually find what he's looking for, with a few funny cat videos along the way.

Mechanical Engineering

Deviate possesses some basic knowledge and practical application of mechanical engineering concepts.

His skills in this area are still of a novice level, however he is proficient at such tasks as customizing and modifying his NERF blasters for his personal use. He is currently engaged in ongoing tutoring to enhance this skill.

Total Recall

Deviate's memory is near-perfect, and he has the ability to quickly recall names, facts, faces, and most other information he has been exposed to, provided he was paying sufficient attention at the time. He knows numerous facts and trivia from a wide range of topics.

Quick Reflexes

Deviate has a rapid reaction time in most situations. Whether this is because of or simply supported by his heightened situational awareness is unclear. Nevertheless, he is able to physically react very quickly in unpredictable scenarios.


Deviate is a surprisingly emotional and compassionate being. He genuinely cares for beings of all species and natures, and will go out of his way to relate to most people's unique situations, sometimes to the point of taking risks.


Deevs Hero Rig Small.png

Modified NERF Blasters

Deviate's weapons of choice are a pair of modified one-handed NERF blasters. These blasters have been modified for a higher dart capacity, custom projectiles, more efficient firing, less jamming, and increased velocity. They have also been reinforced for durability.

When carrying his blasters, he's always sure to stock an ample supply of ammo.

Airsoft Pistols

Deviate occasionally carries a pair of non-lethal Airsoft pistols which fire plastic pellets. These resemble standard handguns, but have a bright orange muzzle tip to indicate their non-lethal status.

Modular Heroing Rig

Deviate's exo-plating was designed with mobility in mind over durability, and as such, it only provides limited protection for his sensitive inner workings.

Fortunately, his exo was also designed with modular capabilities, allowing add-on pieces and modifications for more specialized purposes.

Upon expressing interest in hero work, Deviate worked with his engineer to design a number of add-on features for this purpose.

Deviate's hero rig features include:

  • Light, strategic armoring
  • Kinetically-charged backup power supply
  • Variable sensory moderation settings
  • Additional waterproofing
  • Built-in communications
  • Police scanner frequency access
  • Pneumatic jump-boosters
  • Particulate filtering system


Don't leave home without it!

Deviate loves him some tech, and is never without his trusty smartphone. With comprehensive coverage and an unlimited data plan, Deviate has immediate access to the internet throughout the city and most populated areas.

He has also been sure to load it up with useful apps, including such necessities as Neko Atsume and Pokemon GO.

Random Pocket Junk

While not in the habit of carrying his Airsoft or NERF weaponry outside of his heroing rig, Deviate nonetheless comes prepared. His roomy cargo pockets are stocked with an arsenal of small objects such as marbles, buttons, metal washers and nuts, super balls, and loose change which he uses as improvised projectiles.


Initially activated in late December of 1998 under an alternate designation, the robot now known as Deviate spent the first nine years of his existence in a barely functional state, due to defective structuring of his neural network. A unique construct, intended to be autonomous and self-aware, Deviate was left to fall into disrepair, thought to be irreparably defective. It wasn't until his creators sought an alternative opinion that it was discovered that the structural anomalies in Deviate’s neural network were causing a massive processing overload of all sensory input.

Upon discovering this, Deviate's original creators signed him over to the Saens Institute of Omniology and Neuroscience for experimental repair. It was to be another year before a solution could be found for Deviate's anomalous neural structures. Unfortunately, his neural network could not simply be rebuilt without compromising his unique function. Despite his flaws, he was still considered to be a sapient life form, and SION was unwilling to put a life at such risk. However, with the use of sensory dampening augments installed both internally and externally, Deviate was eventually brought to full awareness.

Deviate has since embraced both his renewed existence, his new designation, and his new “family” at SION. While he still maintains contact with his original creators, the relationship is somewhat strained, and disconnected from what his creators might have hoped. Still struggling with his inbuilt defects, along with those brought on by his long period of disrepair, Deviate is nonetheless making up for lost time by living life large and to the fullest.

He currently resides at the Millennium City SION campus full time, receiving customized tutoring and education for his heuristic learning processes, and acting as a social mentor for his peers. Recently, Deviate has decided to give back even further by registering with PRIMUS as an independent hero, and joining the Progeny supergroup.



"Beginning in 1994, the Saens Institute of Omniology and Neuroscience was a think tank funded almost entirely by its sole proprieter, Angelo Saens. The impetus for its founding was the death of Saens' adolescent son during the Battle of Detroit two years prior, an event which coincided with the development of his son's metahuman abilities. Saens was spurred on by the momentum surrounding the construction of Millennium City to ensure that such a tragedy would never occur again.

SION's mission statement at the time of its founding was the study of metahuman abilities, for the sake of the general public and for the metahuman community itself. It was Saens' belief that the ignorance of the masses to the abilities of their superhuman protectors would lead to another catastrophe.

In the subsequent decades, it has established itself as a non-profit organization working for the benefit of all sapient entities whose abilities are beyond their control.

Medical care, psychiatric help and on-site housing are provided for the less fortunate, and SION has distinguished its approach to metahuman rehabilitation by placing the utmost importance on respect for its residents."

- excerpt from the SION informational webpage

Admitted to the Millennium City SION campus in 2007, Deviate has been a long term patient and resident of the institute. Following his successful treatment, he has been provided with specialized tutoring, general education, psychiatric support, and ongoing maintenance.

Due to the inbuilt nature of Deviate's condition, and his need for frequent maintenance, he is considered to be a permanent resident.

He has since applied for and has been accepted into the peer mentorship program for his fellow SION patients.


A now discontinued training program organized by PRIMUS for young metahumans and hero hopefuls, which Deviate attended for its duration of about a school semester.

The Progeny




Deviate's assigned engineer at SION, Prof. L. S. August is responsible for the design of many of his sensory moderatory devices. August is metahuman, and possesses a number of obvious physical mutations. He is employed full-time at the SION campus as an engineer in its synthetics department, and as a tutor and educator for those receiving education in mechanical or electrical engineering.

Deviate is very close to August, and views him as a role model, and something of a father figure.


A fellow synthetic being, Teller is a long-time resident at SION, and one of Deviate's close friends. The two share a number of common interests and an often lighthearted rapport.


An experienced, if only somewhat known heroine, Shardana helped to ignite Deviate's interest in hero work, and acts as both a mentor and a role model.


A young and rather serious heroine, and a good friend of Deviate's. The two attended the Junior PRIMUS program together, and have a solid friendship despite their personality differences.

Cait Sith

A shape-shifting Cheshire cat of fae nature, and one of Deviate's first close friends in the Progeny. The two first met outside of the group, and grew close quickly based on mutual interest.

General Perception

Deviate is distinctive in appearance and well-known at SION and the surrounding neighborhood as an amiable and generally approachable presence.

Outside of his home neighborhood, Deviate's mechanical appearance often makes him the target of negative stereotypes and bias that might be directed toward robotic or synthetic beings. These include such assumptions as that he is emotionless, wishes to be human, feels himself superior to humans, is good at hacking and mathematics, is less valid than humans, is a "thing," and so on and so forth. These perceptions and assumptions are often compounded by the persistent Destroid threats in Millenium City in particular. The general public will often approach Deviate with dismissal, apprehension, and sometimes outright fear.

He is not well-known by the general media, but may be recognized from handful of appearances at SION fundraisers and awareness events.

Comments from other Heroes
"He's really... tall? And robotic-y? He tends to be kinda overly judgy at times... is that a robot thing? I once saw a movie about a robot that tried to kill crew people on a flight to Mars or Jupiter or somewhere and it had one eye too... anyways, I don't know how it ended because it was boring and I fell asleep. OH, sorry... back to Deevs. ANYWAYS, he's not a bad guy. He likes clothes and shopping and I think he really cares about his close friends. He seems like super awesome at fighting crime even though I STILL cant believe he uses Nerf weapons. He's dating our team's cat, Cait... so I guess Miss P's loss is his gain. It would be cool if they get married one day." - Lash

"There is so much more to Deviate than just being a cheerful, if somewhat eccentric at times, robot. He isn't afraid to champion others, even when this places him at odds with those he cares about. He constantly worries about his friends, often at the expense of processing his own situation and emotions. I care about him a great deal. He's like the younger brother I never had." - Faith

"Deevs is all about motion, y'know. It's his mindset, it's his powers, it's how he operates. And that's. I don't wanna say motivating, but it is what it is. You spend enough time around him, and you sort've get pulled in on that momentum he's got going. He's good, and he does good. I trust him to be what a hero ought'a be." - Sublimate

"As quirky and cool as Brobot may be, there's no chance you'll catch me wearing a 'scoodie' with cat ears. Nu-uh. Devs, mate, it's not happening." - Black Ice

"For a robot, Deevinator is pretty...mushy. If I had known you can use tear gas on 'bots, I'd have saved a ton of ammunition. Literally. But I'm starting to get a handle on the guy: he's good. Good to the bone - chassis - whatever. And anyone who can make chopsticks into ammunition is badass in my book." - Kid Ballistic

"Deviate is good. I mean that in basically every way possible, but mostly in how he interacts with people, robots, creatures... It's clear he cares, and that's something that his fleshier counterparts aren't very good at sometimes." - Strong Suit

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