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Markus Lu'Vra
Player: @Enterphase
[[Image:Markus Head Shot.png|300px|]]
Biographical Data
Real Name: Markus Lu'Vra
Known Aliases: Hydro
Gender: Male
Species: Atlantean/Lemurian Hybrid
Ethnicity: Other
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Base of Operations: Atlantis, MC, Barlowe Building, UN, etc.
Relatives: Vorad En'Raa (Father, Locked up); Angula Lu'Vra (Mother); Mars Lu'Vra (Half-Brother); Many other Half Siblings
Age: 33
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 235 lbs
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Dark (Seaweed) Green
Complexion: Light Blue
Physical Build: Large, Muscular
Physical Features: Beard, Mystical Tattoos over his arms and back with different Runic symbols that enhance his connection to Water.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public Knowledge
Years Active: 15+ Years
Citizenship: Atlantean/US
Occupation: Diplomate
Education: Atlantean School of Magic, Ravenswood Academy
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Increased Durability, Enhanced Speed (Swimming), Atlins Gift (Water Manipulation, Sense, Minor Telepathic Abilities), Elemental Magic: Water, Ice, Lightning, Rune Magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Atlantean Armor, War Trident and other Atlantean Weapons.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Troubled Birth

A long time ago, an Atlantean woman met a rather charming Lemurian man. The result of this encounter lead to Markus's birth, however it was not under the best of conditions. Angula, Markus's mother, was tricked into the union by his father, Vorad. Though she felt she wasn't ready to be a mother, she wasn't going to allow the man she now knew as a criminal to her home the child either. Using a night he was away to escape, she returned to Atlantis and went to give up the child. However, she couldn't do it, and decided to raise him to be a better man then his father.

Early Life

While the events of his birth were not ideal. Angula did her best for her child. Enrolling him in the Magical Schools of Atlantis so he would learn to defend himself should his father ever come after him. It was there that he learned about magic, and his many gifts from Atlin.

He spent many years at his school, learning how to use water as a weapon. His special connection to it making him one of the greatest fighters in his class. Quickly advancing in Elemental Magic studies, Religious Text, Runic Studies, and Surface Relations. He love his schooling, and everything he was learning about magic, other worlds, and the surface. However, not everything about school was looked at with loving eyes. His classmates knew of his father, causeing there to be distance between them and himself. Leaving Markus a lonely child for many years. However, things would change as he grew older. When he was close to his sixtenth birthday he was visited by the Headmaster of his school. They offered him a chance to study, on the surface, as part of Ravenswood Academy. Markus gladly accepted this offer and left soon after.

Life on the Surface

His life on the surface started very rocky. He was the odd man out, a group of surface kids and some fish boy from the sea. He felt unwelcome, uncomfortable with the surroundings and was starting to get homesick. He considered returning home till a fellow classmate decided to introduce himself.

After meeting his new friend, Kid Ultra, he decided to give the school another chance. The two of them becoming good friends quickly and working together in many team settings for the school. Even deciding to form a little team with a few other students they called 'Young Champions'. This friendship lead Markus to wonder, why the Surface and Atlantis were not closer? And lead him down a new path for his life.

Return to Atlantis

After graduation from Ravenswood, Markus went home and joined the Royal Army. Learning how to battle with a War Trident was different. He had always just used his connection to water and his magic to fight, weapon play was an odd new world for him. However, after many leasons, he became very talented with it.

After gaining post, he celebrated on the surface with his old friends. Getting their help to create a magical ink that he would use to have mystic runes tattooed onto his arms and back. The runes making his magic easier, and enhancing his connection to larger bodies of water. It took several hours, but was worth it to the young soldier.

Conflict of Blood

During his time serving in the army he fought many battles. Working his way up the ladder, becoming one of the more famous soldiers of his home. This was amazing, being a man that his home trusted this much after all the troubles he had early on. He even became friends with the Royal Family after a while, earning their trust was something that touched his heart deeply.

This was all tested when his father, Vorad, came with a small army to try to take Atlantis. A large battle took place, Markus learning many secrets about his family. One of them being his many siblings. He did his best to reach them, but only one was able to change and leave their fathers army. He had no choice but to take down many of the others. On the day his father showed his face Markus clashed with the man himself. It was a long, hard battle, but Markus was able to take him down. Though his father, after seeing the strength of his son, offered Markus a place by his side. Markus however told the man that Atlantis was his home, and arrested him. Bring peace to his home, and mother.

New Chapter

After he took down his father, Markus was offered a new job by the Royal family. He was asked to help bring about a solid relationship with the surface world. Gladly accepting this he started to work on it right away. Looking for ways and ideas on how the two worlds could unit.

Over the years he has helped shape a stable relationship between his home and the surface. For this work he was asked another favor from his home, to join a new team of hero's and show the world that Atlantis is there to protect it as well. Markus happily went, and join the Protectors of the World.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Super Strength - Markus can lift between five to eight tons of weight depending on adrenaline levels.

Increased Durability - Markus's body is a lot stronger than the average human, needing it to be so to withstand the level of water pressure on a daily bases.

Enhanced Speed - Markus can run roughly fifty to sixty miles on foot. However, he can swim as fast as Mach 1.

Water Connection - Born with a connection to water, Markus can shape it, sense it, and feel what is in it when he focuses.

Telepathy - While it is not very strong, he can connect to minds and send influencing thoughts into them. Mostly used on sea life.

Elemental Magic: Water - Markus is an Archmage when it comes to spells of this nature. Knowing many of them and able to perform some very major spells with Water as well.

Elemental Magic: Ice - The second school of magic he learned, he has great skill in controlling the temperature of the water through magic. Not only can he freeze it now, but he can cause it to boil as well.

Elemental Magic: Lighting - Learning a few of the spells, he had his War Trident designed to amplify this weaker form of magic for him.


Hand to Hand Combat - He was taught how to Box on the surface, as well as trained in Atlantean Martial Arts while a soldier.

Atlantean Weapon Master - Being a soldier of Atlantis he has learned to fight with many of the weapons of his home.

War Trident Combat Expert - He has studied old and new battle styles with this weapon. Becoming one of his preferred combat styles.


Physical Conditioning - Markus's body is naturally stronger and more capable then most. Stronger, faster, and heals more quickly.

Iron Mind - While not a power, his mind has a natural wall that helps protect him from psionic invasion.

Gear and Equipment


War Trident - A magical weapon that was crafted for him. It enhances his Lightning Magic and is his most deadly weapon.

Atlantean Battle Armor - Magical Armor that soldiers wear. It protects him from many forms of damage that his body couldn't withstand. As well as other types of Magic.





Kid Ultra/Ultra

Markus's first friend on Surface. They have been friends since childhood and still talk almost daily.


The first person he met in the Protectors. While he doesn't know her to well, he feels a strong bond with her after learning about her past.

To Come

Don't forget this one.


Protectors of the World

The current team Markus works for. He doesn't know them all, but if the few he has met are any indication he feels the group is trustworthy.


One of the leaders of PotW. He has only worked with him on one job, and can tell he is someone very trustworthy.

Gold Rush

A speedster that is friends with Linden. He helped out on the job to rescue her, making him someone Markus thinks he can trust.


While the relationship started Rocky, Markus learned that Billy is man of Honor. Making him okay in his book.

To Come

And here.


Vorad En'Raa aka Ocean Lord

Markus's father, and evil man who has tried to take over Atlantis and countless other sea kingdoms/tribes. Currently in an Atlantean jail after a failed attempted to take the thrown.

To Come

And here.

General Perception

People all over the world know the Hero Hydro, and like most heroes there is a mix of people who look up to him and fear him. Given he doesn't hide who he is there is a lot more curiosity about his intentions, being a politician. It causes very mixed feelings, and even some hate for the man with people thinking he is trying to force his peoples ways on the surface.

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