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Player: @Mountainhound
Super Group
Protectors of the World
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Real Name
Johnathan Naswood
Witchery Way
August 12th, 1928
Alamo, New Mexico
Millennium City, MI
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Magena Naswood - Wife (Deceased), Michael Naswood - Son (Estranged) , Nathan Naswood - Elder Brother (Deceased)
Physical Traits
Yee Nahgloshii
American Indian
Apparent Age
198 lbs
Body Type
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Powers & Abilities
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Shape Shifting, Regeneration, Witchcraft
· Equipment ·
1963 Harley Davidson Panhead
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Occult Knowledge, Survivalism, Tracking





As a yee nahgloshhii, or skin-walker, Witchery Way has access to a number of supernatural abilities.


Chief among Witchery Way's powers it the supernatural ability to shape-shift. As a skin-walker, Witchery Way can at a whim alter his physical form. This ranges from simple changes to his physical features as a way to mask his identity, to growing new limbs or altering parts of his body to be better suited for the task at hand. These uses have for convenience been further detailed and categorized below.

Natural Weaponry

Witchery Way's predominant use of his shape-shifting abilities is to weaponize his own body. Through the use of the skin-walker's trademark form of magic, Witchery Way is able to reshape his limbs into all manner of deadly implements. From simply making scalpel sharp blades on the ends of his fingers, to turning his entire forearm and hand into a tooth filled mouth or serrated blade of bone, Witchery Way has proven adept at tackling all manner of foe's in close combat.

This form of combat isn't specifically limited to just turning his limbs into weapons either. On the contrary, Witchery Way has been shown more than capable of at a whim doing the same to his entire body. A foe attempting to grab him in a choke hold would suddenly, likely to their horror, find the man's chin and chest malformed into a crocodile like mouth.


On instances where Witchery Way is confronted with a significantly physically superior foe, he resorts to the use of his own self developed form of close quarters combat. Jokingly dubbed “Nagh-Fu” by the man himself, Witchery Way created and honed the combat methodology over several decades of his incarceration. To put it simply, “Nagh-Fu” is a martial art that centers around making use of a skin-walker's natural ability to shape-shift by confronting the opponent with an ever changing, amorphous foe who never remains in one state of being for too long.

For example, where one second his foe would be confronting a bipedal monstrosity, the next moment they'd be contending with a multi limb arachnid creature. A moment later and the multi limb formed is that of a winding, fanged serpent like creature. The moment his foes are used to contending with the serpent, they've suddenly found themselves faced with a quadruped.

It must be noted that while decades of conditioning and training have made Witchery Way exceptionally gifted at fluidity in his shape-shifting, the extreme that “Nagh-Fu” pushes him to is very taxing. As such Witchery Way tends to avoid resorting to it except in situations where he knows he can rest afterwards. More information on the biological background behind the limitations can be found below in the proper category.


As one would expect, Witchery Way is capable of surviving an exceptional amount of harm. A side effect of his ability to shape-shift is that of reforming his body despite a wide array of physical trauma. This includes puncture wounds, lacerations, and excessive physical trauma from being crushed beneath an exceptional amount of weight.

Enhanced Sensory Abilities

Due to his near mastery of his shape-shifting abilities, Witchery Way is capable of granting himself a number of enhanced sensory abilities. For example, Witchery Way can grant himself a significantly acute sense of smell by altering the size of the nasal passage and growing excess olfactory receptors. The same can be said for his sense of sight, hearing, or even balance via the growth and alteration of his bodies makeup.

Pathogen and Toxin Resistance

As a natural byproduct of his ability to change his form, Witchery Way is capable of resisting a wide array of pathogens and toxins via a number of methods. For example, due to his ability to separate parts of his body, Witchery Way can shed infected cellular tissue with little in the way of long term harm to his person. The same can be said for isolating portions of his body that have been injected by a number of toxins.

This, like most of his abilities, does come with its own set of limitations. As with the others more can be found below.

Supernatural Physiology

As a yee nahgloshii, Witchery Way's physiology does not fully conform to that of what most would consider to be natural. Neither his cellular structure nor perhaps his psychological foundation seems to conform to that of an material entity. It is because of the former that he was capable of surviving the various methods used by the United States department of corrections at attempted execution, and it is because of the later that he has maintained his sentience and memories despite the damage done to his brain.

It is also because of this that Witchery Way has proven to be exceptionally adapt at combating supernatural creatures. Physical trauma delivered by a yee nahgloshii to an incorporeal or otherwise magically powered entity has proven to be much similar to that delivered by ritually empowered weaponry or spells.


Conservation of Mass

One of the largest limitations for Witchery Way is that his shape-shifting and regeneration follows the law of conservation of mass. To grow a new limb, or to regenerate portions of his body, he must draw the mass from somewhere. As such, while he has little trouble shrugging off trauma inflicted by penetration or blunt force, Witchery Way cannot as easily regenerate injuries that involve the deterioration of his cellular structure.

To heal detriorated or ionized cell damage, he must draw from either other parts of his own body, or find an outside source of organic matter that he can feed upon. This organic matter -must- be flesh of some sort. Witchery Way cannot reform parts of his own body from items that were not once part of a living being. Likewise, he cannot regain lost matter from plants or plant by products.

Shape-Shifting Stress

While Witchery-Way has access to a far greater amount of fluidity of shape than most people with similar abilities, they do not come without significant draw backs. First and foremost is the fact that Witchery-Way is -not- outright immune to pain. While in extreme situations he is able to cut off the nervous signals to his brain that carry the sensation of pain, it takes a significant amount of concentration and cannot be done on the fly.

It is because of this primarily that Witchery-Way does what he can to -avoid- an excess reliance upon the greater degree of his powers in combat. While decades in prison have given the man an exceptional degree of pain tolerance both physical and psychological, the man is not outright invulnerable to the stress of either.

Sensory Vulnerability

Granting himself enhanced sensory abilities naturally comes with the same drawbacks it would for any creature. An excess amount of stimuli to these organs becomes much more damaging to Witchery-Way depending on the type of stimuli and the level and type of sensory capabilities he has granted himself. While his natural abilities allow him a means to fight against it, the excess stimuli can still momentarily incapacitate him.


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Public Opinion

"Ag, Witchery Way is kinda creepy in all his witchery ways. He's also way too good at being creepy silent!" - Jinn

"There's no shortage of checkered pasts on this team. But Naswood's got his firmly behind him, as far as I can tell. That's good - his powers should remain on our side." - Captain Adamant

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