Light of Being

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Light of Being
Player: @Kairanis
Biographical Data
Real Name: Brilliance
Known Aliases: Light
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Fyrian
Ethnicity: NA
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: The Explorer, In High Orbit
Relatives: Varkarimi (Auntie Hive Mind), Kari (Mother), Casai (Father), King (Godfather)
Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Weight: ~122 lbs mass
Eyes: White
Hair: White
Complexion: Blue. Just blue.
Physical Build: Thin, Fit
Physical Features: Glowing white eyes, stubborn unworkable hair, lighter weight than actual mass.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public Knowledge
Years Active: 2+ Years
Citizenship: Fyria/US
Education: Homeschooled
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Anything, But Only So Much Of It.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Old Space Opera Uniform, Utility Belt of Props, Fake Alien Hand Projector
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Anomaly In Reality

The Undersecretary of Mystic Affairs, Varkarimi, was a very busy woman. Using her vast knowledge of vivimancy and an odd space-warping power, she began creating copies of herself. She expanded her consciousness to independently control and coordinate each copy, tending to all of her many projects while maintaining her position at DOSPA. Eventually, one of these copies developed its own wants, and plead their case with the collective. This copy was separated, and made its own being. She took the name Kari, keeping much of her old identity while acknowledging that she was only a small piece. Kari, thus freed, pursued her own relationships, including one with an adventurous but very lazy, very cheap Fyrian named Casai. They elected to have a child, but the DNA structure Varkarimi had created in her copies was unstable, unusual, and blatantly magical. The space-warping power and the intentful weaving of magic were imbued into this child, who adopted both powers in a much more abstracted form. The conception became involved in a minor galactic incident, wherein a cosmic gem was created from a portion of the child's being. She become a nexus of fate, of space, of time, and of the strange powers permeating our universe. She became Light of Being.


Brilliance became involved in her own history. She appeared from the future, to the time she was still in the womb, to protect her time and her existence from further interference by forces others couldn't be expected to protect against. Now she remains, watching over her younger self, adapting again to the world of her birth. She has her duty to herself, but she is also still very, very young. Despite the interruption to her normal life, she needs to sort out being a normal sort of person while she's here.

The Explorer

Brilliance met her father shortly after arrival, of course. With little care for the impact on her own time, or perhaps as part of some causal loop, she began creating an alternative vessel for Casai. It was both larger, and actually ahead of its time instead of out-of-date. She now lives on this vessel, which has almost exclusively remained in high orbit since then.

In Her Mother's Footsteps

Brilliance's mother Kari, no longer bound to the identity of occupation of the Undersecretary, took up hero work again. Wanting to find the reason she'd not only start doing that sort of work, but also why she'd go back to it, Brilliance decided to follow her onto that path. They don't work together, because in Casai's words, "I want to make my own road through it." She uses the name Light of Being, the best phrase she can use to describe her self, her ultimate purpose, and her heroic identity.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Being Of Self - Focusing on her own self, Brilliance expands her various attributes. She becomes smarter, faster, and much stronger. This may give her skills she does not normally possess.

Being of Power - Light of Being is tapped into the powers that permeate our existence. By pulling one way or another, she may perform impossible feats or emulate superpowers.

Being of Form - Brilliance can change the existing patterns around her. Objects or people can be changed, empowered, or deprived of power. The bigger the difference, the longer it takes to "set."

Being of Space - Brilliance's connection to the fabric of space and time gives her an innate understanding of it. While it is difficult for her to understand others' expressions of it or to communicate her own information to be useful for expressing this power, she may reach through space and create gateways to other places, worlds, planes, and even times. The latter is difficult - important events, such as either of the World Wars, Destroyer's invasions, and more recently Istvatha V'han and Skarn's invasions are difficult to pass into or through. Events of this scope are referred to as "temporal nodes," and Brilliance requires very extensive time and effort invested to pass through time in such a deeply eventful timeline. In her words, it is literally easier to fix the present than it is to reach the past.

Being of Mind - While the name may seem superficially related to Being of Power's ability to emulate psionic powers of all sorts, this power is more associated with feeling out the connections of fate and personhood between individuals, places, and even planes. It is a power of perception and understanding, rather than a power of doing and achieving.


Technology - Brilliance has a familiarity with alien technology. While she largely used power, rather than knowledge, to create The Explorer, some of the experience has lingered in her mind.

Wielding Power With Intent - While the power Brilliance wields requires little skill to actually control, and rather seems to control itself just fine to any precision required, Brilliance has learned from her godfather to keep her mind on her intentions and her consequences. Patience and self-control are her true focus, as more raw power (and accordingly, more traditional skill) will come on their own.

High Ritual - Brilliance's mother taught her traditional hermetic high ritual magic as a focus for her power. By focusing cosmic force through the trappings of magic, more of the universe is pressed into compliance. Rote and ritual lend her more power, at the expense of going through even a brief process rather than simply willing something to be so.


Minor Physical Conditioning - Brilliance keeps herself in shape mostly through cheating. This is all she can get without maintaining an active investment.

Gear and Equipment


Fake Alien Projector - An item that looks like some manner of alien weapon. Magic respects the use of physical instruments, and this is Brilliance's, in deep defiance of traditions.

Utility Belt of Props - As above, but smaller tools and widgets that could theoretically be anything!

Old Space Opera Uniform - A stylized generic space opera uniform consisting of a red short-skirted long-sleeved dress with a pair of matching thigh-highs.

Cosmic Conjurations - Binding cosmic power to a physical form typically yields better results, though not so much as high ritual trappings. These objects are temporary, and may be anything from armor to weapons to tools.





Hello Darkness

My Old Friend. Her companions were left behind, and she has yet to make any significant new ones.



We'll let you know when the alliance paperwork is done being filled out.


Someone, Probably

She hasn't been on the scene long enough for intrusively enough to make any enemies herself. Yet. Give it two more minutes.

General Perception

Brilliance hasn't gone out of her way to make herself known, yet. She's primarily spent her time on small tasks or helping with lesser disasters, rather than making waves or standing out as a big hitter.

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