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Player: @Aerostream
"Ack! Hold on, I dropped my weapon!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Shannon Doxtater
Known Aliases: Shan, Timer, Watchgirl
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-human
Ethnicity: Native American
Place of Birth: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Trent Doxtater (father), Abigail Doxtater (mother), Arnold Doxtater (brother)
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slightly athletic
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3 weeks
Citizenship: U.S.
Occupation: High-School Freshman, Part-time Courier
Education: Junior High
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Time Manipulation (Slow / Stop / Speed), Autohypnosis
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Steel kukri
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

A young hero, Shannon Doxtater has recently joined the leagues of heroes in Millennium City. Without much in the way of experience, Shannon, also known as Stopwatch, is a rather green crimefighter, having joined with New Vigil in order to gain more experience in a (somewhat) safer environment. Will the newbie hero grow to be one of MC's skilled defenders? Or will she muck up and die somewhere along the way? ...Chances are 50-50, at best.


Personal History

12 AM

Born May 16th, 1997 to Trent and Abigail Doxtater alongside her twin brother Arnold, Shannon never seemed like anyone out of the ordinary. She was completely normal baby, with apparently no mental disabilities or physical abnormalities growing up. She seemed perfectly healthy, and that she would grow up completely normal. Of course, considering Trent was secretly a former telepathic hero under the name of Mindbender while Abigail was a speedster named Wolfdaughter, they figured it would only be a matter of time until their kids developed superpowers...

6 AM

And develop powers Shannon did. On January 3rd, 2013, Shannon was walking home from hanging out with her friends when she realized things weren't quite right... Not only was she becoming tired from such a short walk, but everything around her seemed to slow down. Scared and confused, Shannon ran back home, eventually out of breath by the time she arrived, just as the world around her turned back to normal. It was quickly determined that Shannon had the ability to stop and slow time around her (and others if she so chooses) for brief periods of "personal time". Over the course of the next few hours, Shannon's parents quickly helped her learn to control this ability.

12 PM

Shannon's parents were clearly happy that their daughter obtained such a powerful ability, and they quickly decided to buy a house in Millennium City and move so that Shannon could become a superhero and gain experience. Though both Shannon and Arnold were adverse to moving away from their friends just so their parents could make Shannon a hero, they had little choice but to concede. Using a makeshift "costume" assembled from some of her brother's clothes and a pair of kukris her parents had bought for her, Shannon made her appearance as the newbie hero "Stopwatch".

6 PM

However, her lack of training and initiative quickly became apparent, as she would often get injured or otherwise mess up despite her powerful abilities. Were it not for her increased stamina from her physical exercise, even said powers would not be much use to her. She came close to telling her parents that she was quitting when she heard that a group specifically focused on teen heroes known as "New Vigil" were recruiting, and in one last effort to make her parents proud, she enlisted, hoping to gain some experience without getting too banged up.


Shannon comes across as two different people depending on who you talk to about her; if you ask a normal person, i.e. a classmate, teacher, or her employer, you hear how Shannon is outgoing, friendly, and nonjudgmental, how she greets almost everyone with a warm smile and a bright wave. She will step in if someone is being harassed and treat others fairly. This contrasts harshly with the description given by various heroes. Many view her as something of a wallflower; she's quiet, awkward, timid, and lacking confidence and bravery in her skills and social abilities. In truth, Shannon is both of these things. She simply feels more comfortable in a "normal" environment, and her unease in her new superheroic environment sets her on edge, feeling like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Shannon is, however, universally stubborn. She will often keep at something until she gets it right, and will practice as often as she can. As a result, she can frequently be seen in Carl's Gym training to further her upper body strength or pushing herself too hard during combat, wanting to feel useful despite her doubts. This is seconded by her innate desire to feel wanted, as she will try to help with as much as she can, to the point where she may seem like a meddler, reflected in how she has at least a few associates in nearly every clique at school.

Powers and Abilities


The ability to manipulate time is currently Shannon's main ability. While she is only capable of slowing, stopping, or speeding up time for a short while, it has proven powerful enough to make her at least somewhat capable in combat, even if she lacks training, experience, or physical strength to do much else. She can even include others into the "world" with physical contact. The downside is that it takes a heavy toll on her stamina reserves; she can only use it for about 10 "personal seconds" before it takes more than a moment or two for her to recover, with extra people causing the time used to cut itself by the number of people (so, including 3 others plus Shannon would cut the time down to about 2.5 seconds, or 1/4 of the time). Recently, after an escapade in another dimension, it was discovered that if Shannon overcomes the stamina issue, including too many people begins to take a physical toll, as she begins to show signs of internal bleeding, muscle damage, and broken bones.


Slowly developing in the young time manipulator is the ability of Autohypnosis. Psionic in nature (thanks to her father), Shannon isn't exactly sure what this ability does, as she hasn't had an "expert" opinion on it, yet, and has only divulged knowledge of her experiences with this power to a few members of New Vigil. Recently, she's been trying to gain control over whatever it is, and has had a little success in that she can stoke its presence, but still requires outside force (e.g. mental stress) to activate it.


So far, Shannon has only had the confidence to use this ability during bouts of her Autohypnosis; with the rise of her ability to increase the flow of time, Shannon can artificially increase the rate at which her body operates. Everything from electrical pulses in the brain increases her reflexes to her organs, blood vessels, and muscles increasing her physical abilities to superhuman levels. Unfortunately, this does not slow her body's mineral and water consumption, causing her to sweat and tire herself quicker. As such, she can only use this ability in short bursts or risk dehydrating and starving her body of nutrients, not to mention the time manipulation aspect tiring her quicker.


Family, Friends, and Allies

The Doxtater Family

  • Trent Doxtater: Formerly the hero known as "Mindbender", Trent keeps his psionic powers a secret from his children, believing they would want to rely on him too much, especially Shannon, who has started her own heroing career. Despite this, he is still very protective of the twins, and would certainly come running should Shannon's life be in danger.
  • Abigail Doxtater: Formerly the heroine known as "Wolfdaughter", Abigail keeps her superspeed a secret from her children, sharing her husband's belief that they should not rely on their parents powers. She has the utmost faith that Shannon can learn and grow to become a great hero, and does everything she can to support her.
  • Arnold Doxtater: Shannon's twin brother, Arnold developed Geokinesis, or the ability to manipulate earth and stone about a month after Shannon's powers surfaced. While he's currently ecstatic about this change, he's still only in training and learning to use his powers. He claims that, when he's got full control of his abilities, that he'll be the tank in their twin fighting duo, though Shannon herself seems reluctant on that topic...

New Vigil

  • Mercy / Charity Corren: Mercy was the one who granted Shannon entry into New Vigil, and the two quickly became friendly with one another, with Shannon looking up to Mercy as something of a big sister, and glad that she's one of the leaders. She's aware that Mercy's getting stressed out and has a lot on her plate, but she isn't quite sure what to do.
  • Black Ice / Oliver Black: One of the first New Vigil members Shannon met while discussing training with Citadel member Veronica Anne Arky, Shannon isn't quite sure what to think. He likes teasing her, but at the same time, he seems nice, although he seems to have trouble working with others... She's confused what to think of him!
  • Prankenstein: Shannon rather enjoys Pranky's company, as long as he isn't making time puns. He's nice, and she enjoys joking around with him during their off-time.
  • Bee / Maximillian Penn: Shannon will see what's under that helmet while time is stopped. Even if he sees it coming. Either way, Shannon thinks Bee's pretty cool, considering he made her new costume. Having someone with confidence on the team helps to bolden her somewhat, too, so she's definitely glad he's on her side.
  • Blue Freedom / Alexis Monroe: Blue scares Shannon, probably more than any other New Vigil member. She's always angry, she has weather powers (and lots of lightning), and seems to have no issues with the thought of killing a bad guy. Frightening!
  • Arcane Squire / James Patnerson: At first, James scared the living daylights out of Shannon. A big suit of armor with an even bigger sword wearing an evil-looking cape and a horned helmet. Yeah, until other NV members started talking with him in a friendly manner, Shannon thought he was a villain! Recently, though, he's become a good friend of Shannon's through his support of her, and she hopes she can help him with what she can.
  • Luctus / Lyman de Wit: Lyman's support and drive to do what he can has helped Shannon commit to pushing through her problems and doing what she can to help others despite her own conflicts. Beyond this, she also has a crush on him for these very same reasons, but the two have decided to abstain on a relationship until they know each other better.


Shannon's too much of a novice to have any enemies! ...Yet.



Main Theme: GRAVITY Ф (Shadowlink English Fandub) - Star Driver

Casual Theme: Sakura's Theme - Street Fighter IV

Battle Theme: The Junes Hero - Persona 4 Arena

Autohypnosis Mode: To The Limit - C-Clays

Overclocking: The Wings of a Boy Who Killed Adolescence - Super Robot Wars Z2

Morale Is High!: Stalwarts Unite! - Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

VS. Strong Enemy: High Tension Battle - Angelic Layer

Tense Moment: Yell Dead Cell - Metal Gear



  • Comes Great Responsibility - Her parents highly believe in this, figuring that even if Shannon were to hide her powers and try to live normally, she'd feel like she'd have to help others, anyways.
  • Cursed With Awesome - In Shan's opinion, she'd be perfectly happy living a normal life where she didn't have to risk her neck fighting bad guys.
  • Faux Action Girl - People laud her powers as being so awesome, so powerful... And then, in battle, she's nigh-useless against anything more than standard mooks. Of course, unless...
  • Badass - ...unless she's affected by Autohypnosis and Overclocking. Then she can kick some serious ass.
  • New Meat - She's more than just new to New Vigil, she's new to crimefighting in general.


  • Determinator - Shannon is incredibly stubborn, to the point where she'll press on while ready to crap herself. Nobody said you have to be a shining paragon of bravery to be a hero, right?
  • Graceful In Their Element - Shannon is awkward, timid, and easy to scare when in a situation dominated by the superhero community in some way. Put her in a more normal situation, however, and she proves to be very social, forward, and perhaps even a bit brazen.
  • Humble Hero - At least, when Shannon isn't thinking of herself as useless, she comes off as this, instead.
  • Nervous Wreck - Shannon will begin to panic at the thought of something even possibly going wrong.
  • Not So Weak - It takes some serious shit to go down for Shannon to get pushed to the point where she won't sit idly by.
  • Number One Dime - Despite not being that well-made or physically significant in any particular way, shape, or form, her dual kukris were hand-made by one of her best friends in Green Bay who was learning metallurgy as a goodbye present, and as such, Shannon treasures them dearly.


  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass - Pushing her into enough of a panic will make her mind click into a state where she is an experienced warrior with great courage and a willingness to fight to the end.
  • Deadly Upgrade - Again, Overclocking, and the main fear keeping Shannon from using it in her normal state of mind.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful - Shannon lacks upper body strength and would lose an arm wrestling match with most other melee-based heroes. However, her legs are much stronger and powerful, making her a faster runner and a strong and swift kicker.


  • Red Eyes, Take Warning - Though it has yet to be seen because of her costume, Shannon's eyes change from brown to red under the influence of her Autohypnosis.

Comments & Opinions

Place your character's IC comments on Shannon here!

"She's a nice girl and I have no doubt she's going to be very effective at what she does someday. I'm going to do my best to keep her from being discouraged along the way." - Charity Corren

"She's someone to keep an eye on, that's for sure. Her ability makes her strong and experience will come with time. Let's just hope her heart's always going to be in the right place or we're in for some trouble." - Blue Freedom

"Odd suspicious things seem to occur all the time when she's around. I mean, I'm quite certain I've never put my cap on while it was inside out." - Black Ice

"I've been getting to know Shan, especially after her time in the hospital. She helped save me and Bee and I really admire her as a hero and a new friend." - Heartbeat

"Wow, she's like, really super aggressive. You wouldn't think that by seeing her at first. Stopping time would be a neat power. She's pretty lucky!" - Lash

"We are...conflicted on our thoughts of...Shannon. Her powers...are devastating with their potential. No...being should have control over the...delicate flow of time. We do not...want to have to oppose her."/"Shannon is really neat! She can like...freaking control TIME! Oh my GLOB, I know, it's awesome, right!?" - Galactigal/Samantha, respectively



  • Shan's view of time has become somewhat skewed since her powers surfaced, as she frequently uses them during day-to-day activities. This has also caused her sleep schedule to become unusual in its patterns, as a result.


  • Shannon is based loosely around Dio Brando of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and Sakuya Izayoi of the Touhou Project series (who is also based on Dio in terms of abilities), to the point where her costume even emulates Sakuya's appearance and color scheme. Her usage of kukris is also based on their usage of knives in combat.

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