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"Being this awesome takes hard work. Well, unless you're me, that is."
Player: @Silverswede
Super Group
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Real Name
Aaron "Ace" Wildemann
April 1st, 1996
Miami, Florida
Flag USA.png American
Millenium City, USA
Recent Graduate
Legal Status
Registered Superhero
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Erich Wildemann (Brother), Walt Wildemann (Father, estranged), Marjory Wildemann (Mother, estranged)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Dyed Blonde, Naturally Dark Brown
Light Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Athletic body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Nitroverse Attunement, Superspeed, Altered Perception, Enhanced Metabolism, Momentary invulnerability and energy absorption while in motion
· Equipment ·
Super-calorie snacks
· Other Abilities ·
Being a Douchenozzle


Early Life

Aaron's life did not start off as one would've expected. Born as the second son into a lower middle-class household, he was never truly wanted by neither of his parents. His father was an abusive drunk, and his mother a neglecting trick who slept around, leaving the only one to care for him being his 14 years older brother Erich. Erich himself had taken his entire childhood, abused and beaten by his father and scolded by his mother, and felt that it was his duty to protect his younger brother. All his life, Erich had studied hard in order to get away from his parents, and when he turned 18 that paid off as he got a scholarship at Ravenswood Academy's science program. Not even thinking twice about it, Erich packed all of his things and took Aaron with him, away from their abusive parents who probably wouldn't even miss them. True enough, there was never even word from any law enforcement.

For the next 4 years of their life, they'd have it pretty tough as Erich worked two shifts and studied at the same time, all for the sake of keeping Aaron safe and happy. But, fortune smiles upon the brave and Erich was rewarded for his diligence and loyalty when his examination work, an theorethical propellant based on a Neutronium isotope, got him a high-paying position at Harmon labs straight after graduation. His annual paycheck could rival that of a movie star after just a year of dedicated work and several quick promotions. For the first time in their lives, Erich and Aaron finally had theirs on the dry. Of course, at this point their parents decided to come back in order to cash in on the money Erich had made, by claiming that Ace was still their child even if Erich was a legal adult. Long, arduous legal proceedings followed, but Erich had both a fierce, burning love for his brother and the best lawyers that money could buy, eventually managing to convince the court to give him full costudy of his brother and become his legal guardian. He then proceeded to cut their parents off for good, sending them on their way with a meager settlement and a restraining order.

Erich was very afraid that all this had forever damaged his younger brother emotionally, but was relieved to find that the kid was as much of a fighter as he was. It was at this point that Aaron started calling himself "Ace", so he could be more like his brother. Still, Erich quickly became dolting and spoiled his brother with everything he pointed at, now that they had the money. By the time Ace entered High School, he was already a high roller with pockets full of cash and an attitude that left something to be desired. Despite this, Ace's natural charisma eventually had him become the most popular kid in school, and his money sure helped on that part as well. He hung around the other rich kids, taking on their demeanor and attitude as he grew older.

Meanwhile, Erich could finally devote all of his passion into the one thing he loved almost as much as his brother: Engineering. Working tirelessly with Harmon Industries, Erich eventually managed to create a working prototype of the theorethical superfuel. Normally kept in a safebox at his private laboratory, a sudden fire in the area forced him to temporarily relocate it to his lab in the basement. Now, Erich always shared his work with Ace, who only half-listened to it during dinner, and this was no different. However, Ace got very interested in the idea of said Superfuel and decided to steal a tube for a joyride with his then Girlfriend, Bridget Whitaker. Hitting up a lakeside highway outside of the city, they decided to try the fuel out.

And it worked, a little too well. While at first, nothing spectacular happened, a chemical reaction soon erupted in the gas tank that caused such an enormous spike of energy that it created a sorts of singularity at their position, before the car and both its passangers literally disappeared from the face of the Earth for a moment. Only a few seconds later, a portal of sorts opened on the east coast, spitting out the two teenagers from whereever they had traveled. Strangely unharmed, but naked, their bodies were the only thing remaining. The Car nor the fuel were nowhere to be seen. Of course, once Erich found out about what had happened, he was beyond himself with worry and rage, despite Ace's assurance that everything was fine. It didn't take long though, before it became clear that both Ace and Bridget were now Metahumans as a result of whatever had happened. While Ace couldn't be happier with what had happened, Bridget seemed terrified by the prospect. While Ace could be moved home almost as soon as he woke up, Bridget had to remain behind for counseling due to the shock. Ace wouldn't meet her again for a year, when she'd reappear as the villainess Hotwire.

With his newfound powers, Ace decided that he was going to be a superhero, despite his brother sternly being against the idea on every level. Ace didn't bother with any worries, and made himself a suit that could withstand insane speeds and set out for the streets as the newest, hottest hero on the block: Maverick

AceBanner2.pngPersonal File


In one word: Douchebag. Ace's personality type is ENTP, Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting of the Assertive Kind

More elaborate though, Ace possesses many qualities that'd make him a typical frat boy: He's arrogant, self-important and oppinionated while having absolutely no problem with letting everyone around him know. While still being extremely charismatic and energetic, this can be hampered by his somewhat condescending and self-righteouss personality, thinking himself God's gift to humanity, something that was only strengthened when he was given superpowers. Ace has little sense of responsibility to anything but the prospect of having fun and he's decided to be a hero solely for the thrill of adventure and action, carrying little to no idealism within himself. That doesn't mean he'll jump at the chance to become a supervillain, however, as in his own mind being a superhero is so much more rewarding and entertaining. He revels in the recognition and admiration of other people, loving the spotlight something ferociously and soaking up attention like a sponge.

This doesn't make him selfish and egoistic, however. While rather insufferable and with an ego the size of Millenium City, Ace is a social being at heart that prefers to hang around with people and share his experiences with them. While he considers himself the epitome of humanity, he has an innate desire to share his "Awesome" with people he come across and will surround himself with as many friends as he can. Strangely enough for someone like him, he can be quiet supportive to those he considers his friends, always willing to bail them out if they need money or help them get that girl they've got their eyes on. But more often than not he'll "help" them with problems they don't actually have, such as making them dress more sharply or introduce them to people when they'd rather not, simply because Ace is certain that he knows best and he will not take "no" for an answer when he's decided to support someone. Frustrating or endearing, that's up to the person in question.

However, there are a few soft spots even for someone like Ace. His brother, for one. Despite the fact that Ace can appear callous, insulting or even inconsiderate of his brother, this is far from the truth. Ace loves his brother, probably the only person he loves aside from himself, he just doesn't know how to express it. Because truth is, the long years of abuse and hardship did hurt Ace's psyche, and in some sense of the word, "Ace" is only the person "Aaron" always wanted to be and saw his brother as: The indomitable, unbreakable superhero that would always win and always smile. Ace has a genuinely hard time connecting to people on an emotional level, exaggerating his attachment and friendliness as means to cope with this. Another soft spot is for Bridget Whitaker, aka Hotwire, who was his highschool sweetheart that in a sense, he's responsible for having turned into a supervillain. Her father never liked metahumans, in fact he hated them and is a staunch member of the IHA. The Car accident turned both Ace and Bridget into metas sent her into shock and depression, which was then made worse when her father disowned her because of it. She blames Ace, who in turn does his best to ignore the blame and pretend it's her own fault. But in truth, he's still hitting himself for doing that to her. Not that he will ever let that show, however.

Powers and Abilities

The Nitroverse - The Nitroverse is a very much theorethical universe consisting almost entirely out of pure and unbridled energy. It is unknown how it is connected to this universe, however after an accident with an experimental superfuel, Ace was "Attuned" to this so-called Nitroverse, becoming a sorts of conduit between the two realities. The gateway goes both ways, with energy bleeding to and from the Nitroverse at immense quantities. There is however one Catalyst for the Nitroverse attunement to happen, and that is Motion. Maverick must remain in motion for his powers to work, else they're completely moot.

  • Superspeed - The most evident aspect of the Nitroverse attunement is the ability to move about at impossible speeds. With a limitless supply of energy at his disposal, there is no theorethical limit to just how fast Maverick can run, however reality is slightly different. While running, any excess heat from friction and kinetic energy from nearby elements are completely absorbed back into the Nitroverse, safeguarding Maverick from the opposite forces and energies created from his power.
    • Motion Invulnerability - As a result of opposite energies being absorbed into the Nitroverse, Maverick remains almost invulnerable as long as he's in motion. Newton's Second Law generally promises that punching someone at Mach 3 would sunder your own body as well, however due to the opposite energy bleeding off into the Nitroverse, Maverick doesn't have to worry about this refraction.
    • Motion Energy Absorption - More obvious is that fact that as long as Maverick keeps running, he absorbs incoming energy into the Nitroverse. This includes all kinds of energy, including electricity and nuclear energy. This works to protect him even against energy projectors and blasters while at large.
  • Altered Perception - Having actually been thrown head-first into the Nitroverse, Maverick's perception of time and space alters drastically whenever he's attuned to it. Instead of seeing the world through the naked eye, he reads it like a never-ending river of energies and energy flows that surrounds him at every turn. Thanks to this, he can maintain perfect understanding of his surroundings even while moving at speeds that the human eye wouldn't be able to keep up with.


Uncertain Efficiancy - Not in the typical sense of the word, but rather the physical sense. It's still unclear just how much energy that can be actually bled off into the Nitroverse. Is it as much energy as exerted upon by Maverick? Is it more, or less? Is there an upper limit? All these uncertainties have Ace's older brother strictly forbidding Ace from pushing his limits, afraid that if he would go beyond them he might end up being pulled into the Nitroverse or just simply be disintegrated.

  • Gottagofast! - Maverick's powers are all tied to him being in motion. If he is somehow caught and unable to move, then his powers become absolutely moot.
  • Slippery Slope - Anti-friction materials can be a real hassle for Maverick, as he only maintains the necessery friction to keep moving forward at high speeds. A sudden drop in friction on a surface will send him careening off to the side with ease.
  • Energy Backlash - Once coming to a halt after running at high speeds, it sometimes creates a form of Energy backlash where more energy than necessery are sucked in from Maverick into the Nitroverse, resulting in a ravenous hunger on his part. Because of this, he carries with him certain high-calorie snacks to mend this. That being said, if he were to overextert himself, the backlash becomes larger and if becoming too much, might just kill him on spot from the shock.
  • Magic and Mind - Maverick possesses no particular defenses against mystic forces or mental assaults, though the latter can be somewhat hampered by his own magnanimous ego.
  • Guilt? - What're you talking about? Ace is nothing but awesome, there's no way he'd have any regrets whatsoever... right?






Unknown avatar.png
"Aaaah! Graaaah! Get away from me!"


Name: Bridget Whitaker
Abilities: Micro-scale Electrokinesis, Technopathy
Affiliations: Herself

Bridget had it all. Looks, fortunes and the most handsome boyfriend in school. Sure, he was an arrogant ass sometimes, but she was an alpha bitch, it was a match made in heaven. Until his stunt gave her superpowers and her anti-meta father disowned her and threw her out. Bridget's mind has shattered and she can barely speak nowadays, using her power of Micro-scale electrokinesis to "Hotwire" equipment and even other humans in order to commit crime, just to stay alive. Her only driving force is a burning hate for Aaron "Ace" Wildemann.

At Large


"Style. Velocity. Money. Mav and I got those in common. Speedsters and I don't normally play nice, but if we're gonna party, I know who to call first." - Kid Ballistic

"He has a lot of credit cards and he dresses really nice and his car is DEAD SEXY. OH, you mean personality wise? Hmmmm, lemme think. Well, he likes to talk a mean game, but he's like, you know, really good at what he does, right? He's not a bad guy at all but sometimes I think he's maybe not showing us the real him. Does that make sense at all???" - Lash

"I don't think I'll ever be able to fully comprehend how a speedster can be so attached to a car. That obnoxious ride of his must be helpin' him pull a lot of really fit birds, it's not as if he needs it for anything else." - Black Ice

"He tends to talk. A lot. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but if he's not careful does the expression go? Right. "He may write a check his body can't cash," I believe is the saying." - Cait Sith

"Miao." - Miss Pussycakes

"Honestly? He creeps me out and tries way to hard to impress girls. I mean clearly it works but sometimes he comes off a bit sleazy and I can't help but wonder if he's compensating for something. All of that said, he has a good taste in cars." - Cobalt Crush

"Just getting to know Ace! He seems very nice so far. He seems pretty cool too! And that hair! Niiiiice!" - Heartbeat


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