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December 2014: Main Page

This is where the PDb experience begins, your gateway to a variety of character concepts and the players behind them.
Thank you all for making the wiki what it is today.

November 2014: Leonard Castellar, Bone-handed Arcanist

This month we're shining a spotlight on User:Edvyn's urban sorceror.

I'd like to nominate Leonard Castellar. The style is impeccable, and the writing concise and evocative. It just screams mystic badass. --User:CalamityCain (talk) 18:07, 6 October 2014 (MST)

I would like to submit Bria Crawford for your considerations please! An immense page; both in content and its quality in my opinion. The creator has some excellent art-work of their character, and an interesting compelling story. It is obvious the writer has put a great deal of effort and time in creating this detailed character.--User:Ouroboros1988 (talk) 05:45, 10 October 2014 (MST)

October 2014: Seth, Herald of the Black Sun

Congratulations to this month's featured article, by a user with an eponymous handle! (Doesn't actually have a user page, so no link to one.)

Putting in a nomination for Katsuo. The page is well organized, and the character and backstory are interesting. -- User:Gijoespouse

I would like to nominate Seth for PoTM; a wonderful lore and idea behind this character, with good visualisations and organisation. -- User:Ouroboros1988

Adding a late nomination for Binary Man, well thought out character that really comes across. For me its a perfect homage, taking something that works, expanding on it and giving it an interesting twist. - User:Diplomacyman

September 2014: Stegoboy, Prehistoric Powerhouse

OK, while dinosaurs are technically extinct and don't exist in today's world, evidence that they *did* walk the Earth at one point in time led we moderators to decide on giving the Animal Theme Month to this User:Oboe Shoes character!

Gonna nominate Stegoboy! Really like the character and the page layout just suits it to a T, not too sure if you'd class that as mythological/fantasy etc but I'd say rule of cool gives him a pass. - Exray

Nominating Lionfish. I love the thought that was put into this character. - Gijoespouse

August 2014: Mentella, the Reformed Mentalist Operative

Not really much in the way of nominations this month, but the majority of us mods voted to give this character (by User:Superforce13) the nod for this month.

Just to start things in motion voting wise (hopefully) I'm going to go ahead and shove my main characters page forward. I'd like to vote for Mentella, simply because out of all the pages I've worked on or had a hand in on PDB, I think I've worked pretty hard on it. (Note: I haven't heard of any rule change regarding voting for yourself. I'm not too keen on doing it but I reckon it'll get the ball rolling on some other people nominating other pages.) -- Superforce13 18:24, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Gonna vote for Henchman this time around, one of the really original character concepts out there and I like the page design -- Exray

July 2014: Shadow Wing, Stalker in the Dark

Congratulations to this month's page, featuring a character by @Preventerice2!

I would like to suggest Sylviana's page for The Page of the Month, July 2014. Stylewise, It possesses a simple yet cool look with a nice piece of artwork and a somewhat original spin on a classic archetype when it comes to her backstory. The feel of the character is that of a modern hero who's origins can be traced back to the bronze age of comic books. Because of these criterias, I feel she deserves to be the page of the month. - Gerdax

I am going to nominate Shadow Wing for PotM. Lots of pics. Easy read.-'OvO'

I'd like to nominate Captain Adamant. Well worth a look at! Citizen 13 (talk) 06:13, 20 June 2014 (MST)

Gonna nominate Particle Man, I like the character, it's a well put together page, and man I just love that song - Exray

I'd like to nominate Vitality for Page of the Month, July 2014. The information on the page is interesting and I very much enjoyed reading the supporting story arcs which are listed on the page. The character comes from pretty normal origins and quickly develops into the hero we see today. His character uses what could be seen as a 'classic' set of super human powers which are well established and seem to reflect the characters personality in some ways. For good use of screenshots, simple (in the sense of not being overly complex) yet informative descriptions and interesting story arcs, I'd like to vote for Vitality. - Mentella

June 2014: Swift, Liberator and Leader

Congratulations to this month's page, featuring a character by User:Firestrike2!

I am voting for ZE2424 . Because it made me laugh. This isnt some sort of protest or joke this is serious vote as never has such a simple few lines made me laugh so hard - Nepht

I think it's worth mentioning that I find Wavegirl an incredibly fascinating and exciting character. As soon as you visit that page, you're immediately drawn to the colors and spectacular art decorating the page. However, diving in a step further--no pun intended--you'll find a rich story, astonishing background, and an compelling character overall. For all that and more, Wavegirl gets my vote for Page of the Month. @leroyswish (talk) 10:26, 9 May 2014 (MST)

I want to toss in my vote for Swift . I've been reading through quite a few pages on this site, because I'd like to get to know others better. I have to commend Swift for the effort put into his page, as he not only tries to document the past history of his character, but he attempts bringing in many other characters as well. The overall look and feel of the page is very well-done, complete with art, a link to a theme song, custom fonts, custom images and a neat little firing pistol in the corner that scrolls down the page along with the reader's eye. The information presented is very well-written, very thorough, and actually *ENTERTAINING* to read, which is something that seems to elude many folks in their quest to create the ultimate bio. Swift has documented every little facet of his character in an interesting manner, and on top of that, his character itself is quite interesting, with a nontraditional background that one doesn't find too often in Champions Online, or elsewhere for that matter. I'd love to see his page get the recognition it deserves! Nulion (talk) 19:19, 30 May 2014 (MST)

May 2014: CharmCaster, the Mystos Guardian

Our feature for PDb's inaugural theme month, where we called on our users to scope out pages with a primarily "magic" concept, goes to this character article by User:Superforce13!

Host,because he has made the whole story...interesting...AND he combined power armor and sorcery!Amazing hero,and amazing job done there! Fog50

I would like to nominate CharmCaster. It's very detailed and makes great use of in-game screens. -Vitality

Throwing my vote at Lash. No, she's not a spell caster, but the origin is magical. The page is well laid out, and the character is interesting. - User:Gijoespouse

...I'm going to throw my vote for consideration to Canadian Fist - Mr.Bushido

Well, this is interesting to say the least. However, my vote goes to Magic Girl. My reason is that I like the use of in-game screens and the art done looks nice, the CONTENT of the page is also interesting. - Mentella

I think I'll vote for Grimoire this month. It's a rather nice page and it's a good representation of magic from the imaginal realms.-Jarne

Juanita has always been one of my favorite pages to read and look at. The pictures and colors really blend well with the style of the character. A really neat page that I'd like to nominate. Leroy's Wish (talk) 10:54, 9 April 2014 (MST)

My nomination is going to Leonard Castellar. - Oboe Shoes

I nominate Divael, very interesting read. -- Cookiegobbler (talk) 21:13, 9 April 2014 (MST)

Gonna throw a nomination out here for the Nightwood Brothers by Sephoma. - BlackMethos

April 2014: Caliga, the Crowned Avenger and Katerra, Professional PRIMUS Liaison

This month's results ended in a tie. Congratulations to Users Ssgoldus and Katerra!

Working for the supergroup, the Cruciform Sword, dealing with PRIMUS and UNTIL, and still managing to be one of the best darn crime-fighters in the city? Oh yeah...Katerra has got my vote. The page itself flows so well, and the colors make it pop. A mix of artwork and screenshots add dimension to the character. The character itself is durable and powerful, and the page does the job. Seriously, check out Katerra's page, you won't be disappointed! Leroy's Wish (talk) 11:49, 7 March 2014 (MST)

Has Black Harrier won one before? The banner alone is ingenious, but the solid design carries on all the way throughout the entire page. Very neat presentation, plenty of immersion. - Black Ice

I'd like to nominate Caliga. It is a massively detailed page and I'm still surprised this page hasn't won yet. Plus, Caliga is pretty darn awesome! - --FrozenViolet (talk) 11:16, 10 March 2014 (MST)

I would like to put in a vote for Katerra as well. I like the different take on some of the sections and the use of actual in game screenshots. - Vitality

My votes on Caliga. I'm quite baffled that he has yet to win a page of the month with that hard work put into his page. His bio is so interesting to read! - Mr.Red

I vote for Caliga. I was convinced he already won a page of the month long ago, but no. It's a mistake I would be proud to correct. Why ? Because Caliga represents what's best in CO character creation: A really impressive skin combined with an awesome background and legendary battle prowesses. Moreover, his primus page is in my personnal top 3 of best pages from that site. So go take a look on Caliga's page. - Grieveheart

I'll vote Katerra once again -@Jarnefeldt

Tossing in a vote for Katsuo. I love the layout and design, and the player has spent a lot of time on the character's history and such. I really enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, well done page, and recommend others to take a look see. - @pallas001

Going out of my way and voting here once more. This time, I'll go for Katerra. Simply like the character, the story and the design of her page. - BlackMethos

Voting for Caliga, it's been a long time coming. He Who Must Not Be Namedropped

March 2014: Doctor Kaufmann, Physician of Death

Congratulations to User:KampfyKaufmann and his character for capturing our top spot for this month!

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly who or what this villain is, but there is no questioning that this doctor has the tools and talent to get his job done.

I would like to vote for the same User as I did last month: User:Liath is phenominal. He contributes so, so much to the game and it's community. His characters are fascinating, as are his templates and codes/keybinds. Everything that he's added to PRIMUS Database alone has been outstanding. All of his pages are creative, unique, and engaging. I vote for the "Liathverse" once more. - @leroyswish (Talk) 14:0, February 7, 2014

Particle Man, Particle Man, Doing the things a particle can. What's he like? It's not important. Particle Man! Reldin has done a great job on the page's presentation. The menu at the top has a great layout and function! I love this little guy more than he loves Corgi puppies!!! He gets my vote this month! - @MrMirage

I'm gonna vote for Captain Adamant. Though it's not...completely...finished, what's been done is amazing! -@Resterian

This month my vote is going to User:Liath. He has such an extensive collection of interesting heroes, and somehow comes up with a such different lay outs for each of their pages. - @Benevon

I am changing my vote to Dr. Kaufmann. It really is a great well thought out villain who deserves some recognition . - @Oboeshoes101

I would like to put in a vote for Mentella as her page not only gives a lot of in-depth detail and story, but it also makes great use of actual in-game photos. - Vitality

I'm going to throw down my vote for Dr. Kaufmann, who in my own personal opinion is -the- most well thought out and original villain on the site. He's been around for a long time, just about everyone knows the character by name, and the fact that he hasn't been a front runner by now is criminal. - Mountainhound

Dr. Kaufmann gets my vote for hitting every queue required to be a villain character. - User:Cucho5000

Putting in a Vote for Henchman as I think he's got one of the more original pages out there. - Exray

Also putting my vote in for Dr. Kaufmann. This page has changed a lot and gotten so much better. The villain himself is pretty legendary! - @FrozenViolet

Henchman once again from ol' Jarn. -@Jarnefeldt

Dr. Kaufmann will receive my vote this month, as well. An outstanding page for a delightful and unique character. Also, VILLAINS. - CalamityCain

February 2014: Jangala, Protectress of Monster Island

Congratulations to User:Oboe Shoes and his character Jangala on being chosen as PotM for February 2014!

Formerly a city-bound hero, the woman known as Jangala willingly chose the life of a savage. Charging herself with the protection of Monster Island, she aims to ensure the flora and fauna of its jungles are safe from those who would dare exploit them.

I would like to vote for a User page, actually. User:Liath is phenominal. He contributes so, so much to the game and it's community. His characters are fascinating, as are his templates and codes/keybinds. He has so many neat, interesting characters, who are all different. I vote for the "Liathverse" - @leroyswish (Talk) 12:05, January 14, 2014

Jangala for me this month, I really like the character and I think the page fits her to a T. - Exray

Jangala get's my vote this month, really interesting concept with cool set of twists. The style of the page fits perfectly along with the art. The character's background is genuine and has the comic book feel most characters lack.-@Cucho5000

Since I've been informed that my first option isn't a valid one, I'll pick Henchman once again. Sorry, Ms. Pussycakes. -Jarn

Oh, how about this for a nomination. I stumbled on Blast-Beetle's page tonight and was instantly impressed. --Δ Epelesker (talk) 01:06, 9 January 2014 (MST)

I would like to put in a vote for Mentella as her page not only gives a lot of in-depth detail and story, but it also makes great use of actual in-game photos. -Vitality

Jangala has my vote. Love the art and colour scheme. Not to mention the character is ACE! - Resterian

Galactigal is my vote this month. I really love her page. I might be a bit biased too, but I really think she's put a lot of work into it as well. - FrozenViolet

Jangala because I like it. -- Bushido

I'm going to vote for Jangala as well. The page is short and sweet, very clean, and I like the character's concept. Very cool. @Benevon

I will also cast my vote for the user, Liath. User pages need love too, and this one has so much to offer. --CalamityCain (talk) 17:56, 19 January 2014 (MST)

This month I am going to throw my vote to Jangala. Her page is nice and precise. The colors are fitting and there is a good mixture of both fanart and IG pictures to make it visually pleasing. The character is really neat (and fun to play with). `~ @littlegirlrai

Jangala for page of the month. Making a character with early 1900's pulp adventure inspiration is how you win my vote. That and a well organized page. -- Mountainhound

Sketchy The Badly Drawn Boy deserves an honourable mention for being one of those quirky concepts with a nicely executed page and an ingenious nemesis design to reinforce the whole thing. - Black Ice

A bit late this month, but I also throw my vote in for Jangala. - Kauf

January 2014: Stopmotion, the Seladon Being

Congratulations to User:Cucho5000 and his character Stopmotion on being chosen as the first PotM of 2014! (The page was requested to be removed by the author.)

The circumstances surrounding Caio Silva's conception and birth are clouded with a story of betrayal, love, and experimentation-- but the young man he is today is far above the scandals of the past. As Stopmotion, he shows the world what he is capable of, swagger in every step.

Stopmotion gets my vote for one of the most visually appealing and in depth pages I've seen. - Britt Ashdown

Henchman is one of the coolest concepts I've ever seen. I hope he gets PoTM. - @reggyworld27

Black Harrier - Swixer

I would like to vote for one of my own characters, Stitch. I think the page tells a story, and covers everything. It is very in-depth, and I feel it answers all, if any, questions about Stitch. To me, the colors are eye-catching, and everything flows. It also doesn't look like the average PRIMUS Database page, either. My vote for January goes to Stitch. - @leroyswish (Talk) 7:49, 7 December 2013 (MST)

Henchman. As I said the previous time I voted for this guy, the page is just downright entertaining from top to bottom. A versatile character for all your villainous needs-- and this is coming from a guy who loves his heroes! --Δ Epelesker (talk) 11:56, 7 December 2013 (MST)

Stopmotion's page has really great color and design. You can tell he spent time and effort on it. Plus, you have to give him some sympathy. It isn't easy being green. ~ @littlegirlrai

For my first vote here, I choose Powerbolt, a well made page for an excellent hommage character. Moreover, all artworks are really awesome. I encourage everybody to take a look on it. - @Grieveheart 14 December 2013

The author of Stopmotion's page has always been wildly supportive of me and my page and I think he got robbed of PoTM when the PDB went down, so I'm voting for him again for a title he should've earned in the fall :) -- Chance

Gonna put in a vote for Henchman as well, I like pages where the concept comes across well and his is just really neat with an attractive page and well written story to boot. - Exray

Henchman is my vote. Great page, enjoyable read. - Kagewoe

Henchman gets my vote as well. Solid, well thought out character thats quirky yet I could totally envision an actual comic book series about. - @Pallas001

My vote goes to Stopmotion. He's deserved this for a while, it's colorful, it's bright with action and awesomeness. He wins in my book.-Mighty Lex

I will vote for Stopmotion, i love his page, his arts and the character !- @Tamura

It's my first time to vote, and I find Stopmotion's page particulary fascinating. It covers everything quite well and it has lot of gifs to complement visualisation. Sanymeus1

Stopmotion is a character I have admired for some time, his loud and bright page shows the personality of the character, the artwork, story and rogues gallery are done with passion and care @Fullnappy

Henchman gets Jarn's vote this year! - @jarnefeldt

Let the minions win. Henchman gets my vote. GeneralFreedom

My vote goes to Stopmotion, as few pages truly say "comic book" as well as it does. @BCall

I agree with what has already been said. Stopmotion has a very comic book-feeling to it, the page is pleasing to look at and the character itself seems like a real superhero. - Kauf

My vote goes to Stopmotion a neat character and a cool spin on the playboy type of character. His PDB is well thought out and I know tons of time went into setting it up along with the story and of course the shiny art. - @Dashedhope

Stopmotion gets my vote. Love the concept of the character and the story, combined with the well placed artwork, leaps off the page. Long overdue! - Independence Eagle


December 2013: Mister Fifth, the Hyperdimensional Man

Congratulations to User:Viceversaman and his character Mister Fifth on being chosen as the PotM for December 2013!

A test subject recruited to harness latent psychic talent, Vincent Viridian was thought to be destroyed completely when he made first contact with a consciousness that mere humans could not understand. Over the course of decades, the Prolegomenoid rebuilt Vincent in its image.

I'm going to put my vote for Mister Fifth. His page is full of awesome art and it it well put together. -@ubergamer01

Mister Fifth's page is really nice but I'm going to vote for Black Harrier. His page stands out just a bit more right now. I love how it looks like an actual database. Well done. -- Chance

Black Harrier. Nuff said. - Swixer

Let's mix things up a bit! I'm nominating Mister Fifth for this month's Page of the Month. It has style, flair. It has amazing artwork. It tells a great story that kept me and many others interested. It all flows and matches the character well. Everything is right for the page. Again, Mister Fifth for Page of the Month." - @leroyswish

Dang it, @leroyswish, you stole my thunder again lol. My vote goes to Mister Fifth. The player has created a very stylized page that compliments a very unique character. Months ago before I even met Mister Fifth, this page caught my eye and has tickled my hero fandom bone to this day. This page deserves the nod for Page of the Month. Hands down. - @MrMirage

Mister Fifth Did a little second guessing, in the end I vote for story purposes and uniqueness over layout, so for that Mister Fifth gets my vote. - @Cucho5000

This month I have to toss my vote in for Mister Fifth. The page is really creative and well organized. I love that he has balanced out his strengths and weaknesses. Well rounded characters always seem so much more interesting to me. ~ @littlegirlrai

Voting for Mister Fifth as well, and have to recommend his origin comic. awesome stuff. - @whitequeen

Black Harrier Look at how slick that looks. Good stuff. - @darkblade98

Despite it being rather unfinished on this version of the site, my vote for December is going all the way back to Binary Man. (You can still see what it's supposed to look like on the MSR archive). I've always thought @Otherworlder's characters to be well thought out, even if he doesn't poke by the game as much as he used to. --Δ Epelesker (talk) 19:55, 8 November 2013 (MST)

I've got to go with Black Harrier, myself. It really stands apart from the norm with its design. - Witty

I'm going to echo what some of the others have said so far and put down my first vote ever for Black Harrier. The design isn't something you see everyday, and you can tell a lot of work went into it. -@jarnefeldt

Voting for Mentella just for lolz, I've never done this before. Anyways, I've tried to connect Mentella's past to CO lore in some respects and have been told it's a good read! I always like to a read pages information, I view that as a primary factor with visuals coming second. She was the first of several pages I have on the PRIMUS Database! - @Ravenforce

I've got to hand it to Black Harrier this month. The page looks truly unique and I want to extend my thanks for providing the banner gif for us to use. - The Bush

Holy crap, just when I thought I've seen everything this platform is capable of, I run into Black Harrier's page and get proven just how wrong I was of its limitations. Awesome design, it even inspires me to do something similar to it for my own page. -- Citadel

I Want to vote for Mister Fifth, His pages looks really good. -- @Tamura

Mister Fifth IS NOW VOTED BY ME! -- CarnageBringer

I would also like to vote for Mister Fifth. A truly fascinating character with a very nice and clean page. - Kauf

After weighing a few options, I'm happy to find this one is not only popular, but ready for its moment in the spotlight. Mister Fifth, this one's for you. Short and sweet, delightful to look at, and engaging. This and more, all built around a genuinely neat character. Special attention should be given to his origins, in all their comic-book-goodness! --@CalamityCain

Mister Fifth, I don't like to jump on a bandwagon but I love the whole psychedelic Dr.Manhattan thing that he has going and the page really adds to the concept. Honorable mention goes to Citizen Death for a really well written and engaging story though. - Exray

November 2013: Rhapsody, Punk Rock Diva

Congratulations to @Littlegirlrai and her character Rhapsody for winning November 2013's Page of the Month!

(Witty description incoming. Just getting this out of the way since it's a day late. :x --Δ Epelesker (talk) 10:37, 8 November 2013 (MST))

Let's get this new month's voting started with the wonderful page of Sterga again. I'm really impressed with her outline and dossier-style layout. Great job! --FrozenViolet (talk) 12:01, 7 October 2013 (MST)

Rhapsody's page rocks! Cool art, loaded with info, and a cool character, to boot. @JayBee32

Throwing my vote at Rhapsody for a very complete, comprehensive, and well laid out page. --Chance

Gonna go with Adapto this month, character feels vintage and is in my opinion one of the more exciting teen hero pages out there as well as iconic. -@Cucho5000

I'm honestly having difficulty choosing between two at the moment that each have a really compelling feel. For now, my nod goes to Exray: despite the fact that it has some missing pieces (no doubt due to the incident back in August), what's there is written well. Great powers, great backstory, great collection of villains. And blue is my favorite color. --Δ Epelesker (talk) 16:18, 7 October 2013 (MST)

Gonna vote for one of my favorites pages, Rhapsody. This has been deserving a Page of the month win for a long, long time. It has great color, great pictures. It flows well and catches your eye. It hooks you into the story and never lets go. Just a few seconds on Rhapsody's page and you'll love the character. Amazingly well done, this page is just so, so magnificent. I look forward to other pages by the same user. Again, Rhapsody, a great page that has earned October's Page of the Month. -- @leroyswish (Talk) 14:30, 30 October 2013 (MST)

Voting Rhapsody again this month. Very nice character. @Benevon

Sterga again here. Really an outstanding page that definitely deserves this. - MiKairi

I don't vote on here as often as I should, but this month, I want to cast my vote to Rhapsody. Not only is the character rich with history and conflict both personal and professional, the player has done an amazing job carrying over Rhapsody's personality into the page. Creating images, like album and comic book covers, to in-depth stories and history, Rhapsody deserves page of the month. I'm her #1 fan! Honest! -@-Mr Mirage

I will throw in my vote for Rhapsody as well. - @Mr.Bushido1991

While I don't think my page for Breeze is any great shakes compared to these other nominees, it is my first attempt as I work through adding my characters so I will put it up here for consideration. - @Liath

Lots of great nominees, as usual. In the hopes of bringing up some more diversity, Bunni B.O.T. is a fun page. - @Thundrax

Rhapsody. 'nuff said. - BlackMethos

I've been looking around at pages trying to decide who to cast my vote to this month. There are some really nice pages that I'd like to vote for at some point. Henchman's makes me laugh and is well done. It is impressive that FrozenViolet has so many well done pages with interesting and unique characters. I also think that @anubisgod has several pages that are beautifully done. However, all the above have already won for a page before and I'd really like to give someone new a chance. I looked through the past winners and didn't see any of @somethingwitty's characters on there. She has several good pages and the start to several more, but I think I will have to cast my vote for her page for Victory. Out of all of her pages it is my favorite. The Allies/Enemies list may be really short, but I really like the way it is put together. ~ @littlegirlrai

Riot Squad, brief, but full of style. No clue who he is or anything beyond what the page states, but the design is solid and holds its own. Time for some new blood in this voting massacre. - Black Ice

Katsuo gets my vote this month. A clean, well presented page that is nicely written and thought out. - @pallas001

I was going to vote for Chance but I see she's already won, so, Stopmotion. - @whitequeen

One of the first great pages I ever read: Wavegirl. Great layout, detailed but not mountainous in its information. Perfect color choices, delightful artwork, and neat lore (note the villains!). Gotta give this one my vote. --CalamityCain (talk) 11:53, 22 October 2013 (MST)

My vote this month goes to Vanity. The touch of golden glitter is an great looking effect that makes the page really stand out, and the layout and detail is excellent! --Rebel

I'm going to cast my vote for Sterga. A rather incredible page with a mix of strong art and text, put together in a pleasing and easy to read layout. @RexCelestis

My vote goes to Rhapsody, great page for a cool character ! - @Tamura

Voting for Sterga again, for the same reasons I voted last time. - Kagewoe

Voting for Sterga ~musketbawlz

My vote for this month goes to Rhapsody, i like how she putted everithing of her toon in the page: from the social to the bio, and the powers... i mean, highly detailed like few others page, and i really like the style! -Pollobastardo

I'll chime in on this month again, with a vote for Sterga. Just a very unique page, design wise, organized and well put together. - SonOfAsgaard

October 2013: Massive Marketing Magnate, Colosso

Congratulations to @MrMirage and their character Colosso for winning Page of the Month for October 2013!
Colosso has no small presence in and around Millennium City: as the leader of the Eternals, he uses a technologically advanced belt to size up against evil-doers! He possesses a golden heart, a mighty sense of justice, and a penchant for self-promotion.

I give my vote to Sterga. That page design and coding is amazing -@Gerdax

I'd also like to vote for Sterga. Amazing page, lots of effort put in there. -MiKairi

I vote for Sterga dorklord1997

I'd like to vote for Sterga. --Variatas (talk) 19:24, 6 October 2013 (MST)

Would also like to vote Colosso! :D -Geniewithacape

I'll give my vote to Colosso , good page great character. :) - @Tamura

and +1 for Colosso even from myself, i really really like his style ^^ -@Pollobastardo

Colosso Not only a classic but classy. -Lady Steelguard

I vote Colosso. He deserves it. It's been far too long for him to not win this. -- Chance

My vote for Page of the Month is Sterga. Even though she hates catgirls. ;) - Thathoser

+1 for Sterga for intressting progression -Kendak

Gonna go with the big guy Colosso, his page is vintage, its heroic, and its got comic book written all over it. -@Cucho5000

Gotta leave my love for Sterga WOO <3 the Tuffest Teddy

I'll put my mighty vote on Sterga -Shakoras

Colosso - Citizen 13

Go Colosso go! I shamelessly plagiarized half of his layout and ideas. Great character whose bio does a thorough and entertaining job of summing him up. -whitequeen

Always a joy to watch the Colosso page. I will give it a vote. -KosmicKnight

Voting for Colosso. Still rooting for you, big guy. Colosso's page is hilarious and yet heroic at the same time. His page is just great, solid work. Visually exciting and a good read. Honest. --@leroyswish (Talk)

Hey :D I am going to vote for Colosso. It's a fun and interesting page. Nice layout and plenty of humor - @Liath

I'm going to add a vote to Colosso. His page is well-made and hilarious, I love the ads! - @JayBee

I'm going to open this month by welcoming everyone back to the PDb after that bumpy little incident.
Going against my good conscience and nominating the Henchman for October. There's a lot of work done on this page, and there isn't a dull moment in reading through the hefty amount information presented. --Epelesker (talk) 08:54, 10 September 2013 (MST)

Going with my vote from last month of Henchman for all of the same reason. -- Sterga 14:41, 10 September 2013 (MST)

I vote for Sterga ~~ Helen Damnation20:03, 12 September 2013 (CEST)

I'm putting my vote in for Rhapsody. A good deal of content and effort put into the page. I liked how her love interest was a much darker anti hero who went against many of her beliefs, thus leaving her torn between love and her own personal values in hero-ing. Benevon

Have to give my vote to Sterga for this month. - SonOfAsgaard

I throw my vote in again for Colosso. He's been nominated so many times and has yet to win. His page is really very good and I SEE how hard he works on it. The new Ads crack me up. It is creative and fun. (as a side note I would like to thank Benevon for nominated Rhapsody's page. Everything he said was really very sweet. ^.^) - @littlegirlrai

I am voting for Sterga as well. Overtime, I've seen her page develop into quite a unique way to present her character's information. It looks like a beautiful dossier, and the layout is gorgeous and not cluttered. The whole page captures Sterga's bitterness and rage quite well. --FrozenViolet (talk) 07:44, 16 September 2013 (MST)

Sterga. All the way. Her page went from "pretty cool" to "OMG WOW!"- & keeps getting better every time I look. So many details, such a unique layout- & a highly intriguing character. :) -Pariba

Colosso gets my vote. Simple, easy to read, visually pleasing, and all based on a really neat character. --CalamityCain (talk) 08:30, 18 September 2013 (MST)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have to give my vote to Colosso. I was so impressed by this page when I first found it, I shamelessly used it as a rough template for my own, and it's only gotten better since then. The design is sharp, clean, and eye-catching. His text is informative, engaging, and concise. The character concept feels fleshed out and three-dimensional, but seems underlined by a wry Silver Age-style wink, and has recently taken on a slight satirical edge that I love. Most of all, Colosso's page gave me a real sense of who this character is beyond the dry facts and figures. I come away every time with a feeling of knowing this classic and heroic (if somewhat self-aggrandizing) icon even better. Once more: bravo. --Viceversaman

Didn't vote in a long time, but I'll make an exception now and put my vote down for Colosso. Can't help but admire the work and effort that must've been gone in there. Not to mention, the artwork looks awesome. --BlackMethos

Sterga. How she do that? - Swixer

Going for the Gold with Colosso with an honorable mention to Azunai an amazing page i discovered scrolling through with the random page button. -Rebel

Sterga. The unique layout and wealth of character information gets my vote. - Mountainhound

Colosso is what I like out of the two big nominees. he's classic, and got a better backstory. from a legal perspective, sterga's story was hard for me to buy. ArchNeo

Sterga. I vote for her because i found her page interesting.-Fire Fist Ace

Sterga can take my vote as well. Not exactly a character that is on the tip of everyones tongue, yet has a very eye catching design aesthetic on the PDB and a well designed background. - @pallas001

Sterga Look at all that time and effort, and not a single trope. - Fockz

Colosso gets my vote! Go for Gold. - Zero Line

Sterga Amazing page. Got my vote. -Leon

Sterga gets my vote. Interesting and amusing with plenty of information - Kagewoe

Colosso's story is amazing! Well thought out and the artwork brings it to life! He gets my vote! Go for the Gold! - Independence Eagle

Colosso has a very awesome and very detailed story! Loved every single thing about it! My votes on him! - Lex/Mighty Lex

Colosso. No doubt. - Devilfish

September 2013: Astromancer, Champion of Titan

Congratulations to @Gerdax and their character Astromancer for winning September's Page of the Month.
Astromancer hails from the planet Titan in the Deneb system. This cosmic crusader spends his time fighting evil across the galaxy and even here on Earth!

My vote goes to Astromancer. - User:Mee_da_CThunist

I'm surprised nobody nominated this one yet from last month's list... Colosso. - John Battle

Colosso again. WIN THIS ONE, DARN IT! - Charles

Stopmotion deserves it. Very nice page full of art. - Stitch@leroyswish

Hmm. I think I'll vote Stopmotion this month. Next month, okay, Colosso? <3 -- Chance

I will go ahead and start off the votes here with my nomination of Mercy. A character that truly deserves some level of attention in my opinion and the player has dedicated a lot of time into its development. Keep it up, GeneralFreedom, Mercy is awesome despite my jokes. - The_Bush

Before reading the above vote, I have to admit that I had forgotten about that character, and I should be ashamed of myself for it. My vote goes to Mercy, and I might just be biased towards healers because I play one myself... But this page and character definately needs some love. Here's mine to your page, GeneralFreedom. - Lebleu

This month I will be voting for the Bee this is one of those pages and stories that makes you really want to meet the character. From the concept to the look this character has quickly become one of my favorites in the PDB for that he gets my vote!- @Cucho5000

I'm voting for Stopmotion this month. Great artwork, lots of history, well organized, and a layout that's appealing to the eye. It's got everything I'd want for my own PDB and then some. - Citizen 13

I'd like to vote for Dr. Kaufmann again! A page that truly deserves it! - JohnS0

Stopmotion gets my vote for this month. Tons of history and character development plus just a fun character to interact with too. He's awesome! - Zero Line

I am nominating the humongous and insatiable Miss Pussycakes to be New Vigil's official mascot, despite still having my suspicions he/she/it was the pet of a master villain in a past life. Seriously, who could possibly say no to that much adorable mass? - Black Ice

ohhh, Miss Pussycakes is just so adorable! It gets my vote! :D -- Cookiegobbler

Urm... So... First time voting, I'm going for Colosso, an entertaining, informative and funny page, encapsulating the inspirations he displays. -- Magemighty

I'm going to vote for Colosso because it was a funny entertaining read - User:Hooverou

First time voting so i may go with Colosso cause of his entertaining page and costume concept - Velocitus

Nominating Miss Pussycakes for Page of the Month! I just can't resist the fluffy chubbykins kitty. -- The Osp

Throwing my vote in for Astromancer. - Reldin

Miss Pussycakes. Who doesn't want the cat to win? - GeneralFreedom

Throwing my vote at Swiftlet A great looking character, with a sweet looking page that I can't wait to see more of. Love the content already there. Swiftlet's page is going radical places. -DB

Stopmotion gets my vote. I am not a fan of the colour usage, but the history, art and personality content sell it. Stopmotion feels like a genuine character, whose ongoing I would read. - @Fenel

Why hasn't Colosso won yet, you size-shaming cis scum? - @Swixer

I prefer dogs. Wait, that's not the point of the conversation. I had a couple swing votes bt my official yes is going to Colosso again. Honorable mention to Astromancer. - Epelesker

I am going to throw my money down on Colosso. He's got a wonderful page and a sexy, sexy ass! Flex it! - @littlegirlrai

I'm tossing my vote for Astromancer as well. Well detailed story and I enjoy the layout of the page, as well as his costume. - Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino

It's a little tiresome to see the same people getting pushed as a nomination, honestly I'm going to throw my vote towards Astromancer. Just one look at the page overall and you can tell that this person has really put themselves into the work. It's not just pretty pictures and a good background though, the read on this page is fascinating, inviting and makes me want to continue reading, rather than just looking through a long list of simple tropes. - Fockz

Astromancer as well actually, I randomly read his page ages ago and its really cool to see how its come on, both the backstory and the page layout. Also, funny though I'm sure Miss Pussycakes is, no offence to those who voted but it seems more like an in-joke and I don't think it would be quite right if she beat out one of the others who've clearly put a lot of time and effort in. - Exray

Astromancer seems like a swell choice. - Bluhman

I'm gonna go with Stopmotion. Good page and good guy. - Pathfinder

Miss Pussycakes isn't the hero that the PDB wants, it's the one we deserve - Mountainhound

Like what Exray said, I'm not going to be outright unreasonable and vote a fat cat who's not an actual character to the front page. Astromancer has my vote since, well, love has actually gone into the page, and the layout makes the page very readable and leaves me wanting more. Go Astromancer! - Dabbs

There can only be one vote per member. This vote has been deleted. - DoctorAwesome - Plasmaboy100

now i vote Astromancer - Plasmaboy100

Alrighty, as always, I'm going to toss in my hat for a page that has not been mentioned in this or previous contests. The page I'm going for this month is Lash, a Teen Hero's page for its clean lining, tasteful art - and nice use of border colour (my little weakness). I also would like to give Astromancer's page it's due - it really is one of a kind. --DoctorAwesome (talk) 23:44, 21 August 2013 (BST)

While this fellow can't shoot laser from his fingers or puke out chili hot enough to melt steel, he is the Luckiest Henchmen Alive. Henchman wins my vote for making henching a less horrible occupation providing training, support, exclusive contracts, and handy belt buckles to low level villains everywhere. -- Sterga 22:06, 24 August 2013 (BST)

And my axe, Stopmotion. ~ Devilfish

August 2013: Staff-wielding Sweetheart, Chance

Congratulations to @jupejuperocket and their character Chance for winning August's Page of the Month.

Megabyte with such a creative and immersion encouraging approach at least deserved an honorable mention, even though it is clearly a two-man race at this point anyhow, it will be great once it has some visuals that blend with the well-executed digitized theme. - Black Ice

Citizen 13 Gets my vote, very good One, i love the colors, love the Theme! @Tamura

Chance Great job on your page, very fun to read, set up was extremely nice as well you get my vote. - Warhound

Colosso - I choose you, again! Great design, indepth description, and great art! <3 <3 -- Chance

Colosso I love the whole design of the page. It was very close with Chance though. His page is designed very beautifully. On the other hand I have no interest in winter soldier. - Charles

Colosso His page just reeks of personality, and probably some sort of Colosso endorsed Cologne -- DiplomacyMan

Chance's page won my heart the moment I saw it two months ago. I should have voted earlier. I love the comic book coloring to her font and the way she inserted the character in the background. The character's personality shows throughout the page. Taking a chance this month. ;) - Colosso

Citizen 13 gets my vote this month. While not the flashiest on PDB, it is incredibly detailed and the character himself is very well thought out. I'm impressed, and would tell people to give it a look see. - @Pallas001

I vote for Chance. Everything about that page is beautiful and well thought out. Kudos!! - Britt Ashdown

Chance has to get my vote just by her coding but her background, art, and story is all there and the girl worked hard on it to get it perfect. -- Zero Line

Colosso Go for the gold! -- Blaze

Gonna vote for Chance on this one, great colors and I really think her innovation needs to be rewarded! -@Cucho5000

My vote is for Chance. Great design and colors that stand out. -- John Battle

I'm voting for Colosso. I've always been a fan and I think he deserves a Page of the Month award. Go for gold, big guy. - Stitch@leroyswish

I'd like to vote this month for Dr. Kaufmann. The site is unique, detailed and full of funny little bits that make you like the character while hating him at the same time for being a quite badass villain! - JohnS0

Imma vote for Chance this month! - Citizen 13

My month's vote goes to Chance - Cookiegobbler

I am going to throw my vote in for Chance this month. I really like the background of her layout. I promise next month Colosso. <3 - @littlegirlrai

I am actually going to toss my vote towards Kallisto, because pirates man. Also I think the card layout is pretty interesting. Yarrrg! - Fockz

Chance has my vote. Custom design, in-depth story and her amazing artwork brings the comic book style page to life! - Independence Eagle

Chance! Goddamn, the page is absolutely beautiful to look at. Looks like a walking comic book alright, hell yeeeah. Artwork's great too. - Dabbs

I'd like to highlight Divael as a wonderful page. She's done a lot of work on the page over the year and it looks very well done with some great artwork as well. - FrozenViolet

I'm nominating Techna Ology because I was impressed. My first time running against RavenForce's primus pages, and if you know me well enough, you'll know I love technology. - @Latros01

Chance has my vote! Love her work, and the page is great! - Lady Marrus

Chance gets my vote!! A totally awesome page for a totally awesome character. Mentaru

I was going to random a whole bunch of times until I found something, but think I'm going to go with the majority and upvote Chance. Enjoyed the extensive backstory! - Epelesker

I'll vote for Chance. Awesome page! - Dr. Kaufmann

July 2013: Sweetest Treat, Chocolate Chip Chelsea

Congratulations to @FrozenViolet for winning July's Page of the Month award for her character, Chocolate Chip Chelsea. We can all agree - a character that cute and with a player with many selfless contributions to keeping Primus Database clean and organized - she more than deserves the title!

I'll throw in a vote for Colosso, seems to be a two horse race and I always thought the characters personality came across really well in the page. --@Diplomacyman

Chocolate Chip Chelsea She is cute, huggable and fun to talk too! @Doom126

Chocolate Chip Chelsea She is adorable and her delicious cookies brighten every day of super heroic activities!. - Baroness

Chocolate Chip Chelsea gets my vote. she is always fun to play with and her page is just Cute. - Nocran

Colosso has a brilliant page. I think its about time he won. Everything is laid out well, the colors match, and gives a few chuckles throughout. My vote is for Colosso, even though Chocolate Chip Chelsea's is just too adorable. --Stitch

My vote goes to Chance, such an engaging and well designed page! -- Sleeper2013

Another vote for Colosso. A well thought out and polished page. Bravo, sir! -- Chance

I've gotta give my vote to Colosso. -- @Billings1

Colosso! Go for the gold! ~~ubergamer01

Colosso look like a 'pro' page that a real hero inspired on Booster Gold could for -real- have... the pics, the screenshots, the comments... Colosso is! Pollobastardo

Chocolate Chip Chelsea is a very funny page, and FrozenViolet is doing an amazing job for the PDB website.

Chocolate Chip Chelsea is my vote. The PBD entry has a strong layout, excellent design and fun pictures. It's a well done, typically under-the-radar kind of page. - @Pallas001

Let's start this again. Voting again for Colosso. -- Denji

Colosso is pretty deserving. -- Thundrax

Chocolate Chip Chelsea would be my vote. It's adorable....very adorable. And I'm not too huge on that stuff. Her story is pretty nice. - BK

Last month was really close for the longest time, eh? I'm going to vote Colosso's page again for this round: again, it's a well organized and nice looking page and a really likable character in my eyes. Epelesker

First of all I would like to congratulate Anarchy for winning last month. ^.^ I am going to throw my vote to Colosso again this month. Same reasons as last. Plus, I really think the way he put his villains on his rogue gallery looks badass. -- @ littlegirlrai

Chocolate Chip Chelsea has my vote for the month. Known the character since her days in Exemplar Hero Academy. A very lovable character, as well as having an adorable looking page! Plus, those diaries are fun to read and look at. @SonOfAsgaard

Hay hay Chelsay~ Okay, my vote goes to Chocolate Chip Chelsea, for being a little biddy ray of chocolate sunshine in our grim-dark sociopath community of mighty morphing magic users and other various ridiculous forms of insanity. It's a fun way to vote in for the pages, but let's remember not to get /too/ heated this time. A little bit of fun for everyone, so lets enjoy it in the most admirable way possible. Fockz

Chocolate Chip Chelsea I dunno why I'm here. Blame Fockz. - ISRjustgun

This one was tough to choose, but I feel that Chocolate Chip Chelsea should get the vote. The reason being that the player seemed to have worked hard on their Primus Page. That, and it brought a little smile on my face (and that's rare for a PDB to do to me). PlacidIgnited

I'd like to give my vote to Colosso. - JohnS0

I nominate Chocolate Chip Chelsea, just so cute and original. - @SuperGwenny

Another page that has recently cropped up on the Wiki is Chance. I'm nominating it for its comic-centric style and creative art usage, not to mention to bring to light a beautiful page that has been worked on quite well - as it shows. --DoctorAwesome (talk) 00:38, 12 June 2013 (EDT)

That is nice. Going to go with Chance as well. - @Swixer

All the nominees have really awesome pages! Gonna have to go with Chance the colors and style are just wonderful and the story's very clean cut and comic book like. @Cucho5000

I'm voting for Chance An amazing combination of story and artwork! This is inspiring me to finally tackle my own page! Well done! - Independence Eagle

Bah! All the suggestions are really good! I like the Flea a lot because it's so funny, and Colosso got my vote last time. But CCC's is too cute, and my daughter(she's 5) wants me to vote for Chocolate Chip Chelsea lol. That's my vote for this month. - Citizen 13

I usually don't partake in the PoTM voting, but the selection this month got me curious. Out of all the pages, I am voting for Chance. The amount of work that was placed in the page's layout is astonishing. Getting a picture background like that for the wiki is very hard, and no doubt the person worked very hard to get it to look very representative of their hero. The origin story reminds me of a 90's hero cartoon show, and the originality of it being a high school girl tickles my feelings of nostalgia. There is alot of custom artwork on the page that is pretty easy on the eyes. There is even a "Thank you" section that I thought was very thoughtful for those that were helping the user with the page. Clearly this page had much trial and error in getting it to fit a theme and concept that the user felt was acceptable to their character, and it came through strongly. - Caliga

I have to give my vote to Colosso. I must admit: I was so impressed by this page when I first found it, I used it as a rough template for my own. The design is sharp, clean, and eye-catching. His text is informative, engaging, and concise. The character concept feels fleshed out and three-dimensional, but seems underlined by a wry Silver Age-style wink. Most of all, Colosso's page gave me a real sense of who this character is--beyond the dry facts and figures--and I came away with a feeling of almost having met this classic, heroic icon. Bravo. - ViceVersaMan

Chocolate Chip Chelsea The page has a wealth of content. I really like Chance and Colosso, but Chelsea at this point has a more fleshed out page. Plus, you really get a feel for the character's personality and mindset just by reading it. Mountainhound

Going to throw in my vote for Chance she has an awesome page and very comic book page. It has a silver age feel and I know she worked hard on it too. zero Line

Voting for Chocolate Chip Chelsea. Why? The real competition was between Chance and Chelsea. I have no interest in a long list of TV Tropes. Yes the site is fun, no I don't care to see it extensively on a character page. What really won me over was that Chelsea, despite the sickening cuteness and befriending of a filthy cat girl, is the more unique of the two. I do love Chance's layout and feel of the character, but Chelsea is something I know I don't see everyday. She isn't another badass running around pummeling evil doers, she delivers delicious cookies. That can heal people. Chelsea isn't going to use a lot of big words or complex sentences and the page reflects that. I do hope to see Chance's story fleshed out more (the good and bad days brought to you by the Ring of Balance, maybe?), but Chelsea is where my vote goes today. -- Sterga 07:35, 20 June 2013 (BST)

Going to have to cast my vote for Chocolate Chip Chelsea, the page is fun to read, and the pictures are simply adorable. -Vincyre

Throwing in a vote for Chocolate Chip Chelsea. I love the little touches of chocolate chips on the title headers, and the pictures are really cute. Chance's layout is awesome, but Chelsea is a very unique character, and her personality is really apparent through the page. Also the drawings. --Geisha-Deconstruct (talk) 16:51, 3 July 2013 (BST)

June 2013: Anarchy, the Vril-Ya Vigilante

Congratulations to @Mr.Bushido1991 and his character Anarchy for winning June's Page Of The Month.

Anarchy would be my vote - Sharks

The Flea This page is funny, and well put together. The Flea wins my vote. - UberGamer

Anarchy due to the development of the character, and the composition of the page. GETTING A HEAD START ON THINGS THIS TIME. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE - BK

Giving my vote again to Anarchy - K

Anarchy! Simply An amazing page, It's stacked-full of information. And, for that reason is Why I give my Vote. It deserves the recognition. - @Vanish167

Anarchy has been around for a long time, I've seen the character evolve through different stages of her life. Am I biased? Perhaps, but I don't think I will let go of this vote until Anarchy has been nominated. Both the player and character deserve it. Take a look, its been edited and changed countless times. The amount of comments from other players on it speaks for itself. I've voted for this character before, and will again if need be. - Lebleu

I'm changing my vote to Colosso. It's a very well-done page for a very cool hero, probably one of the more awesome ones around. It shows that you don't need a hundred thousand words to have a good page. -@Billings1

I'll vote for myself again. Some one has to do it. -Gillfigno

I'd like to give my page Captain Justice a chance, lot of detail and interesting stories. - User:Latros01

Voted for Anarchy - Post deleted by @Doctor_Awesome for rewriting.- User:Swedsman

Giving Anarchy my vote. -Redhawk

It is getting a bit silly so... Anarchy has a great page and a cool layout. I'll vote for her as well. - GF

I believe that we should go ahead and cease with the passive aggressive and calling out of people, in all honesty. Frankly, when this begins to become a source of disdain and passive aggressiveness the point of this simple and harmless utilization is lost. So for the sake of keeping something with success and no real impact in-game enjoyable for everyone as a whole, let's keep this in mind. As for my vote, I'm going to vote -against- myself and nominate a Non-Player Character within the MCPD, Detective Frank Gallo - Anarchy

In the interest of supporting a great comic book style character, voting for Colosso. Great concept, great design, great page. - DB

Throwing down for Anarchy here as well. Sweet page, interesting character, and it's cool to see how the character itself has changed throughout the years. - Desperado

My vote this month goes out to a page that was created in late march, 2013. Ever since then, @MrMirage has been on Primus Database nearly every day, tweaking and upgrading silently in the background. Like Batman. For the work put in to make his page such a star in such a short period of time, I am nominating the page Of @MrMirage's main character, Colosso. --@Doctor_Awesome (talk) 15:07, 9 May 2013 (CDT)

Also giving a vote for Colosso. I enjoy a good super hero that's, you know, super heroic. Colosso is the kind of character you'd find in an actual comic book... I enjoy that. The page is entertaining to read as well. Two thumbs up. - @pallas001

I'm casting a vote for Colosso also. I really like the character and it's well put up. *thumbs* // @Epelesker

I'm going to vote for an old friend who hasn't been in game for a long time; but Giga Gal always was a standout page; probably the best one of its era. Thundrax

Anarchy There is nothing I find more enjoyable to play with than a character with a lot of emotional depth. Out of all the vigilante characters I've had the pleasure of rping with in the Corp community, none has really been as big of an enjoyment to interact with as Veronica. She's not just another face behind a mask, she's an individual. She has emotional depth. She doesn't see the world in black and white. She suffers consequences for her actions. She fails just as often as she succeeds. And I've personally witnessed constant character development from her over the years that continues to hold my attention. If that doesn't deserve an award, then nothing does. Also, the page kicks metric moose tons of butt as well. - @Mountainhound

Every day I hop on PDB, I always look at the same pages simply because of how well-done they are. Colosso is one of those pages. It's pretty easy to see the level of effort that went into making the page, and frankly I'm impressed. Heck, the character by itself is impressive enough. My (first) vote is going to Colosso. - @Havvik

Just here to cast my vote for Colosso. Page is organized, readable, and it really does seem like the character belongs in an actual comic. -- Denji

Gonna throw my vote at Colosso this time. Catch, big guy! ...oh, sorry. - Kaufmann

Colosso all da wayyyy. One of the neatest giant growth characters I've seen (plus he's got a big ego so why not mang) - @ag

I'm popping my voting cherry with a vote for Colosso, because it's an excellent page. I haven't RPed with him yet, but I'm voting for Page of the Month, not Roleplayer of the Month. --Masked Terminator (talk) 09:35, 11 May 2013 (CDT)

I prefer Colosso as well. It's not too much to read, short*ish* and sweet, but still chock full of fun stuff! Citizen 13

Going to throw my vote to Colosso. I like the page layout and I'm a sucker for solidly made comic book heroes. - Shinomiya

Colosso definitely is the kind of character you could actually see appear in his own comic books, and judging by what's already available on his page as information, the comic series surrounding him would be really freaking awesome. -- Citadel | @Kurama0900

Anarchy has my vote. The page and character are both -constantly- being worked on. I admire the dedication to the character which the player displays. - @PaulLearmonth

I vote for Anarchy. Thunder Cat

Anarchy has my vote. There aren't many pictures, but the character development and additional details made the page a fun read. Kagewoe

Colosso please. Great solid character. -- Saturnalius

Anarchy This page has my vote, great detail in story and very nice page layout as well. -- Night Spider|@Hope1

I vote for Anarchy. - Leon

Colosso wins my vote. What an intriguing and captivating page. -- Esoteric Latte

I am going to vote for the first time ever. I think Colosso should win because page is put together well. I know how much time and effort he's put into it and the graphics. All the love and detail he put into the page really shows in how visually appealing it has turned out to be. The character has a classic superhero feel to him with a bit of a twist. It makes for a fun read on here and fun RP in game. I really have nothing against Anarchy. I haven't gotten a chance to play with her, but I do really like the idea behind her. I love a good vigilante. However, I just don't feel like her page is as visually stunning as Colosso's. - @littlegirlrai

Anarchy's page show that a lot of love went into the character's development. She's interesting without being ridiculous. -- Sterga 00:43, 18 May 2013 (CDT)

Anarchy takes my vote today. A lot of dedication, I'll keep my reasoning simple so it's not drawn out. Fockz

I'll give my vote to Anarchy because: Because. Tamura

Colosso has my vote. Its not all about how well the character is written but how the page is engaging. -- Buxom

For my first vote on the contest, I'll give my voice to Aliona, who shows nicely how to put the Malvan lore into the game. -- Wolflord

I'm gonna slam a vote down for big pimpin' Colosso. His page has a simple but attractive format, it's colored nicely and the information is presented in a manner that's easy to read. I'm also a fan of the character himself, from costume to concept. -- SomethingWitty

Going to weigh in with nice ol' vote for Colosso because what can I say - I love a big man (shut-up). As a guy who's a 'big' fan of these Silver Age-esque types, the costume is simple, but it feels iconic in that classy way. The page in a similar sense is simple but appealing to look at, both in format and color choice. Two big thumbs up to this sir. -- @micromax2000

Anarchy. Hell yes, that page makes me smile every time I see it. -- @goodbyeclock

I'm voting for Anarchy simply because if you know Bushido's situation, you have no right to vote for anyone else, also the PDB is epic, he's been runner-up three months in a row, AND Anarchy is the FACE of Vigilantism in CORP. No one can disute that. - User:Blademaster

I'll have to vote for Anarchy . Known the character through Aegis and that page describes everything very well, along with having a pretty canvas~. @Heillder

Anarchy has my vote all the way! It's clear Bushido has spent a lot of time crafting Anarchy into the character she is, and the page has been crafted to fit. Brilliant! ~@AxisInfinity

I'm going to be bluntly honest here; As much as I'd say that The Flea is a comical character with a personality of sandpaper? I truly don't find him humorous, or amusing. If anything, I find it a tad annoying and unreadable as a page, which makes me not like him as a a character. And as for Colosso, as much as I -do- like comical relief characters with infatuated egos (believe me, they entertain me the most), I really can't say the character deserves the Page Of The Month, merely because I've seen this sort of character FAR too many times to find it funny.And now for my vote: In all honesty, I feel that Anarchy should receive the reward for best page because of the development of the character, time thought and effort to it's development, and that they were made to be like this sort of vigilante whom isn't brooding and/or dark (The theme for them may include darkness, it's not truly 'dark'). That, and I ALSO feel that Mr.Bushido was neglected the reward last month... So there, my vote. (And no: I do not have any sort of hate for the other contestants, I feel that the player deserves the reward more than the others.) @PlacidIgnited

My vote goes to Anarchy - User:@Rabgix13

Anarchy gets my vote on this - @Vylma

Colosso - @Swixer

one in the hat for Colosso, here - User:omnipenguin

Gonna have to go with Colosso on this one. Really well-done and thought out page. Anarchy's good, but Colosso's is better and being passed over in the past doesn't entitle you to a prize in the future. - Trickshot1995

Colosso real hero because costume and it doesn't too much words - @snakeInMyBoot

Anarchy Gotta add my vote in for her, the page is a refreshing read, and I'd love to meet her ingame sometime!!- Bunni B.O.T.

May 2013: Sparrowhawk, the Polymathic Prodigy

Congratulations to @Pallas001 and her character Sparrowhawk for winning May's Page Of The Month.

Gonna give American Arrow my vote this month. Interesting character, story's well done in my opinion. --Edun (talk) 10:58, 7 April 2013 (CDT)

American Arrow Gets my vote. Loved the themed page... and the arrow in the knee joke. -- Pimentaco2:56 p.m., 4/7/13 EST

User:Gillfigno My own page. It's taking me forever. Go there. 10:34 p.m., 4/7/13 EST

Do you like art? Do you like excitement? Do you like well fleshed-out characters in skin-tight suits? Then go with Sparrowhawk. Pallas deserves it, in my opinion. - @Swixer

Is the page I will suggest the longest? No. Is the page I will suggest full of art commissions? No. Is the page I will suggest somebody I haven't met in game? No. Is the page I will suggest worthy of being nominated? Yes. Anarchy has been around for a long time, I've seen the character evolve through different stages of her life. Am I biased? Perhaps, but I don't think I will let go of this vote until Anarchy has been nominated. Both the player and character deserve it. Take a look, its been edited and changed countless times. The amount of comments from other players on it speaks for itself. I've voted for this character before, and will again if need be. - Divael@Lebleu

Going to cast my first ever vote for Anarchy. I've read over the page, and it is very well thought out as well as organized extremely well! The layout itself is executed greatly when it comes to design, and contains several important details about her as a whole. The character herself, is beloved by many in-character and out of character, from what I can tell. The page is very much so worth a read. No doubt this character deserves page of the month, and for that gets my vote! - Killshot@SonOfAsgaard

My vote goes to Sparrowhawk. The classical but still modern character is 20 %. The amount of detail put into the Rogue Gallery and descriptions of her equipment are another 20 %. The extremely cool electric batons are another 20 %. The beautiful art is another 20 %. She definately deserves the title this mon... What? 80 %? Well, the... uhm... skin-tight suit is easily another 20 %. - Dr. Kaufmann

Voting for Sparrowhawk. It was the first page I saw on PDB and it opened my eyes to how great this wiki is. Since then, Sparrowhawk's page has gotten better each and every single time I've checked it. Terrific custom art, easy to browse, well-presented information, and plenty more. Acooldisplayname (talk) 15:54, 8 April 2013 (CDT)

I'm casting my vote, for the first time ever on PDB, for Sparrowhawk. It's an awesome page for an awesome character. Well layed out, plenty of cool art and pictures. Really let's you know about Sparrowhawk and what she does. Also, something about... skin-tight something or other... User:GeneralFreedom

I'm voting for Sparrowhawk because that is an amazing PDB that has constant attention given to it. Ryder Williams

Like I've said before, Sparrowhawk needs particular attention because of how much effort has been poured into it. The art seals the deal, as well. Dabbs

Casting my vote for Sparrowhawk as well. Richly detailed, a ton of awesome custom images, and it looks like a great deal of effort was put into it. Definitely a good example of a creative page on this wiki and shows what this web engine can really do. -- Citadel | @Kurama0900

Sparrowhawk's page is hype. Everything about it just screams of a page that most players on here would be envious to have. Great work. - @goodbyeclock

I'd like to recommend Topaz Ingenious. My own page, again. If you like story lines over design itself, I recommend my page-""User:@Latros01""

I'm back to recommending new pages. This month, I need to tip at hat at Click, a character made by @IrishAndPoor. I am nominating this page because it shows how clean cut and neat a Primus Page can be with nothing but a ingame picture, well written text blocks, and smart use of text coding. - @Doctor_Awesome

I suspend my last vote to vote for a special page, Sparrowhawk. User:@Latros01

I give my Vote to Sparrowhawk! Her page is very well designed and has some fantastic pieces of art, plus the information is informative, and the Stories are always fun to read. -@Vanish167

Even though she has a majority already, I'd like to show my support for Sparrowhawk. I was just introduced to this page today and I'm floored. It looks professionally done. It's well organized and stylish, looks clean and uncluttered, but still has everything you'd ever want to know about the character. And I can definitely see the amount of research that went into the character. All around great stuff. --Realsorceror (talk) 15:14, 17 April 2013 (CDT)

It sucks that my words will fall upon deaf ears. But I would have to vote Anarchy due to the development of the character. I mean I respect Sparrowhawk 's page, and honestly feel a bit disheartened cause I think my pages look like muddbutt in comparison. But, Vendetta has put mad work into Anarchy. And I'd feel like a douche if I didn't give props where its deserved. - BK

I am voting for Sparrowhawk. -Headcase

April 2013: Killshot, the Unrelenting Assassin

Congratulations to @SonOfAsgaard for his character Killshot on winning April's Page of the Month.

I am nominating the cool villain Killshot for this month. I like the layout of the page and it continually has been updated over the past year. There's lots of great pictures, stories, and artwork too. I think SonOfAsgaard has done a great job on it :) - @FrozenViolet

Going by design aesthetic alone, the Wavegirl page is exceptionally well thought out and solidly pieced together. A lot of work has gone into this and a great deal of care in not only layout but the choices of colors used. Not only are they thematic but they are easy on the eyes, and follows good design principles. This is a good example of how to format and build a page that has style but remains easy to read. ~@Trinitite

I'm gonna go with Wavegirl as well for my first vote. I love the layout, it contains lots of information about the character without becoming tedious, and the art is awesome. On top of that the character is well-written, and has an interesting source of power to boot. - @Whats1tsay

I have to place my vote with Wavegirl this month. The layout is gorgeous and well done. The character also seems very cool and interesting! - pallas001

I'm changing my vote (Sorry Teo!) to Killshot. Like has been said, Killshot is probably one of the greatest examples of Villain Making 101. He's tastefully done, isn't a ridiculously obnoxious over-blown "Oh hey, I'm here to nuke the city for giggles!" kind of villain, and is a reasonable, credible threat. Bloody perfect, I say. Dabbs (talk) 02:32, 13 March 2013 (CDT)

I've gotta give Caliga my vote this month. -Neo Knight@Billings1

This month I'm going to vote for Trinitite's excellent Powerbolt page. This was a tough choice between her characters since she puts a lot of care into the presentation of each one. But I was won over by the illustrated backstory (with comic panels drawn by Trin herself!), the robust allies and enemies sections, eye-catching fonts and colors, and crisp, clean look. - --Realsorceror (talk) 15:34, 14 March 2013 (CDT)

Going to echo the sentiment about it being a tough choice between her characters, but Powerbolt pulls ahead with the slick layout, and the illustrated images to go along with it. The page is aesthetically, really nice to look at and features an interesting character befitting a comic book, to boot. Lots of fantastic info, and awesome art. Great stuff! -darkblade98

I'm tossing in my vote for Killshot. SonOfAsgaard's page for the character is easy to read, has a nice chunk of information for curious readers, and makes me afraid for my character's lives. The roleplay story section is also pretty rad, and really shows off the persona of the character. He's awesome! -Knuckdanny007

I am going to place my vote for Wavegirl. It is a well done page with a lot of info and clearly lots of time has been put into it. - Benevon

My vote is for Killshot. The page is packed full of info and even RP that really lets you get into his head. The layout is vibrant and draws you in with well placed art and creatively done game shots. Well done!! - Bunni B.O.T.

My vote goes to Killshot. His customized layout is pretty impressive, clean and organized with a great amount of in-game pictures and artwork. And Killshot's lore is greatly explored through his previous adventures with fellow RPers. It's really worth reading. SonOfAsgaard has done an incredible job on his page. - Red Spider

Wavegirl. It's a great page. - @Swixer

I think I will weigh in again. I was going to suggest a new page not listed here, but upon review of already listed pages, I gotta give edge to Killshot. Villians are rarely so tastefully done on Champions, thus I think he deserves a special mention. - @Doctor_Awesome

After reading all of the pages that are listed, I have to give my vote to Killshot. Him and Wavegirl had a very comicbook feel to them, but Killshot really delved into what makes a good villian. You can tell he did his research, so that why he has my vote. - Madhargen

I'll have to place my vote for Killshot. His page is amazingly well done. Aside from that, he has made the -ultimate- ARGENT mercenary villain. Stand back, Mechassassin, K's in town. - Blarrrrrg

Credit where credit is due. Killshot is in my opinion not only worthy of the title Page of the Month, but also for the greatest mercenary villain. For now. - Kaufmann

If you really like heroes who stand up for what's right and defy the power of an unjust law and order, I recommend my page. Where you not only learn about Topaz, but learn about the slave island he grew up on! ''Topaz Ingenious. Though I'm still working on pictures, but I'll have more eventually. - user: @Latros01

March 2013: The Awe-Inspiring All-Star

Congratulations to @Swixer for All-Star for winning March's Page of the Month!

Definitely All-Star. Even if he's a little OP, I really dig the page. Swix knows his way around PDB and this is well deserved. It's also a fun page to read with lots of information. - @cartun

You know what? Dr. Awesome is right. Swix put a boatload of effort into characterization, backstory, and formatting alike on All-Star's page, and it shows. That's my vote for this month. - BlackWolfe042 (talk) 22:14, 7 February 2013 (CST)

So he is. On top of being a good friend to me, Swix puts a lot of effort and pours his soul into writing his characters. I give a nomination to All-Star, who rightfully deserves March's PoTM, interspersed with lovely formatting and a page layout that partially inspired by own, and the colorful rogues gallery. - @Dabbs3352

I'll throw in with All-Star as well. Tons of content is in the page, and its just a lot of fun to read. - pallas001

Putting my vote in for Aliona, the page has a really nice layout that's easy on the eyes. Nice colours, and very well formatted. The information is well presented, interesting, and to top it off the images are all pretty radical. All round a really solid page, for a character that wouldn't be at all out of place in their own comic book. - Darkblade98

MWAHAHAHAHA! My vote goes for the new lucky mother of Millennium.. who will soon feel my wraaaaaaath! I am of course referring to The American Spirit! - Pirouette, the Killer Clown

"I want not to vote for a single character, but for a profile of some of the most interesting Characters I've seen. @BlackKusanagi has several amazons with a hefty bit of info that is both fun (For me at least) And very Informative, He/She's made his/her own art for the best detailed ones which I think is another awesome feature for his/her unique characters, My favorites from him/her are the ones with the most detail, Those being Lady Athena, Persephone, And Running Riot. I simply cannot choose, a single character, so I'll just nominate/Vote for the one behind them all! I hope he/she gets his place in the Page of the Month, Which I feel he/she deserves!" -- @Vanish167

I'll place my vote for All-Star too. His page is a good read, very interesting character. There's a lot of content, he definitely put a lot of time into it. It's very nice. - Neo Knight@Billings1

I'd like to vote for Caliga, a page I just stumbled over and immidiately fell in love with. -- @Fransens

Feburary 2013: Young Gunnin' Vigilante, Soldier Boy

Congratulations to @Darkblade98 and his character Soldier Boy for winning February's Page of the Month.

These votes were cast after the deadline of last month, and were carried over.

Voting for Soldier Boy. The character design is way above par. On top of that, the page has a nice layout. It's easy to read and has a very interesting story. On top of that, the images are placed in ways that does not draw away from the overall page. All in all a nice page written for a well thought out character. -- Shinomiya

I'll cast my vote for Soldier Boy as well. The page is well-designed, with a good layout and colors that are easy on the eyes, as well as information being presented in a manner that's easy to digest. I don't feel like I'm having hard-to-read walls of text being tossed at me left and right. The info offered is in-depth and gets the point across, without wasting words. The artwork only spices it up. - SomethingWitty

Soldier Boy is my pick as well. The layout is excellent, the color choices are easy to read, lots of great writing, mindblowing art and screenshots. Moreover, it seems to constantly have new and interesting content everytime I check back on it. thequimper

Soldier Boy is my choice. I like the layout of his page and it isn't distracting from the story within. Hope it gets the recognition it deserves. -leetsepeak

Watch me crank dat Soulja Boi - @Swixer

Soulja Boy off in this hoe! Watch me crank it! Watch me roll! Watch me crank that soulja boy!

...In all seriousness, I think Soldier Boy is highly deserving of February's page. Having mine come out against him by one vote, I told Darkblade98 that I would vote for SB here. The page is stylized, cartoony, easily readable, and provides you with the essential information without giving you too many words to look at. All in all, it's a solid page. Sure, it's not the longest, but it's short and sweet." - @Dabbs3352

I nominate Lightwave. Their page is constructed with beautiful color choice that matches their character's costume, along with suitable pictures to supplement information text in the article. They not only provide crucial background story but also flavor that enhances the learning of their character. I can tell they put effort into its creation and applaud their work. -- Cnidarico

Holy mother of monkeys, Soldier Boy's page is just intimidating. I will never have a page that pretty, that well organized, or with that much wonderful information in it. Adding my vote. -- BlackWolfe

Gotta give Soldier Boy my vote as well. The page and character concept is well done. His whole Super Group is a bunch of well designed characters. - Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino@Benevon

Not much else to compete with this level of dedication, really. Soldier Boy has got my vote as well. Can't we just name this page of the year and be done with it? Cause hell if I'm gonna compete with stuff of this level from here on. - Swedsman

I'mma vote for the first time ever, on a page that has been steadily growing for the last couple months. Nominated for it's clean framework and stylized articles, I'm putting one in the hat for @Swixer's All-Star. Alot of work put into it and it certainly shows. - @Doctor_Awesome

January 2013: Snowtalon, Dragon Agent of UNTIL

Congratulations to @Dabbs3352 and his character Snowtalon for a very, VERY close race to end out as 2013's first page of the Year!

I'm rescinding my previous statement and making my vote for Soldier Boy. His page is well put together, with lots of wonderful custom artwork and illustrations that only add to presentation of a character that feels like it belongs in a comic book, a feat that isn't achieved by many. A complex and interesting character that I'd like to read or write about? Yes please! ~ Aliona@Trinitite 11:36, 31 December 2012 (CST)

I'm voting for Chocolate Chip Chelsea, because everytime I see the character it warms the cold, dead places of my Grinch heart. Everything about the page is adorable, from the kindergarten doodles, to the power descriptions, to the gun that shoots cookies. Really oddball character idea? Absolutely. So cute it makes your face hurt? Even better. - --Realsorceror (talk) 01:42, 19 December 2012 (CST)

I want to Nominate Skarius Snowtalon, for of course, his illustrious page of wonder, I might be over exaggerating, Let me explain. His page has been well written, It had style, it had Description, It had depth, Even more so, The art that was involved, i've seen a lot of pages in this database with no custom pictures, the select few that make it an effort to do so will always have my merit. But, I digress, his page stood out to me, the style was good, the pictures were fun, the information is good, and well meant, I just wish that his page had some merit of a few of my caharacters, but, What can you do? He's won my nomination, anyways! - @Vanish167

My vote also goes to Skarius Snowtalon. Why? The page is packed with great content. A great story, a great character. The pictures are great and go along with the story very well. And no I'm not biased by the fact @Dabbs3352 is a friend of me, OR because he is involved with my character Slicer's storyline. I just find that his page is deserving of the Page of the Month title. - Mesira@Disgreaser

Skarius Snowtalon! God I love that page! The storyline, the characters in it, the recent events! Especially the Annihilator thingy was cool. The page is well laid out and...It's just awesome. Very stylish too. Go Snowtalon! -Axxinov

Skarius Snowtalon gets my vote. I find the character quite interesting, and the page is very well written. I had -much- enjoyment in reading it, from the first paragraph, to the quotes at the end. This page rightfully deserves the Page of the Month award. -SpyderJack

First time voting here, but I'd like to vote for Soldier Boy. Not only does this article offer flavorful images to enhance it, it is quite well-written. I'm a little surprised it isn't already a Page of the Month. - @Denji

All three nominees are outstanding. I'd give an edge to Soldier Boy, but all three are deserving of the honor. - Thundrax

There are some absolutely terrific nominees this month, I totally agree with Thundrax. I'm going to go with the old 'finding a hidden gem' philosophy however and give a shout out/ nomination to Allie Khazam. What a fun, neat Primus page! She sounds like a very interesting character to bump into! - @pallas001

Long time watcher, first time voter present. Putting in a vote for Soldier Boy. His page is not only unique, but eye-catching and a very intriguing read! I find the composition very becoming and would love to see him get some well-deserved recognition. - TheEsotericLatte

My vote goes to Soldier Boy. His page is not too long but not short either, and it's mostly content rather than filler and what is there is well written. The art and layout are the icing on top, in a way which makes the text easy to read and appealing to look at. - Fenel

I'm tossing my vote for Snowtalon. He's put a lot of effort into his page, as far as I can tell. Artwork, a very considerate amount of information towards his character and up-to-date on his current activities - Mr.Bushido1991

I'm putting in my vote for Snowtalon as well. His page is the format I used for my own because it's a great template and easy to find and place information. I also love the use of the custom screenshots and the mouseover text. The page has gone through a few revisions, but I remember being on missions where he took some of the screenshots he used. - Riou Hotaru

These votes were cast after the deadline and result in a carry over.

Voting for Soldier Boy. The character design is way above par. On top of that, the page has a nice layout. It's easy to read and has a very interesting story. On top of that, the images are placed in ways that does not draw away from the overall page. All in all a nice page written for a well thought out character. -- Shinomiya

I'll cast my vote for Soldier Boy as well. The page is well-designed, with a good layout and colors that are easy on the eyes, as well as information being presented in a manner that's easy to digest. I don't feel like I'm having hard-to-read walls of text being tossed at me left and right. The info offered is in-depth and gets the point across, without wasting words. The artwork only spices it up. - SomethingWitty

Soldier Boy is my pick as well. The layout is excellent, the color choices are easy to read, lots of great writing, mindblowing art and screenshots. Moreover, it seems to constantly have new and interesting content everytime I check back on it. thequimper

Soldier Boy is my choice. I like the layout of his page and it isn't distracting from the story within. Hope it gets the recognition it deserves. -leetsepeak


December 2012: Mesira, Chosen of her Gods!

Congratulations to @Disgreaser, who again provided us with an impressive feat of world building, an interesting character named Mesira, and she is the very first person to win two Page of the Month awards!

I'd like to nominate Mesira. The effort put into all those pictures and in that storyline should not go unnoticed. A great character, with a great page. -Soilochs

Mesira gets my vote too! I just began with reading the page and I absolutely love it. The pictures (They're amazing), the storyline (Book worthy), the character, totally awesome. This page is most definitly worth to be checked out. -@Wafflehuman.

I have read both Mesira's page and Dr. Kaufmann's page, but I'm leaning to Mesira. Like Soilochs and @Wafflehuman pointed out, I just love the character as a whole. Really breaks the ice of CO's usually dark-themed characters (No offense to all of you out there! This is just a personal opinion!). I have just returned to playing CO, and also Disgreaser is an old friend of mine. And to me, having won a PotM two months ago, doesn't mean that she can't win it again. -ZombieChomper (Also known in-game as Akamatu MK2.)

I also read both Kaufmann and Mesira...And I lean to Mesira for the very reasons the others that voted for her have mentioned, and that she is such a unique character. I have played CO for a while now, and I noticed people in this game tend to make a lot of dark and shady characters. No offense to the author and player of Dr. Kaufmann, but he is too shady for a -heroic- Page of the Month title. Mesira on the other hand really shows that dark isn't always cool. Heck, she has got to be one of the coolest characters I have seen, especially after taking a look at her screenshot gallery. But don't fear, lovers of the dark and the shady! Mesira's page is also packed with some dark characters like Utharr, the false king! And to everyone, I say this..."May Scindixus be with you! And let Utharr be vanquished!" -Bityrian

I just made an account simply to vote for Mesira! Holy Scindixus! Her page is so well written, I could perfectly imagine myself in that story, what it would be like to walk around in Rodir! Not only that, but the pictures on that page are some of the best I have seen! The designs the author made for the Gods are truly godly! The player really has taken his/her time making them, you can tell. Story wise, it is really well constructed, and I really can't wait to see if Disgreaser writes a plot for it! The showdown between Mesira and Utharr would be legendary! Plus, I totally have something for angelic/celestial characters, and Mesira is the perfect example of one. I find Mesira's page simply epic, well written, and more than deserving of the Godly title Page of the Month! -Axxinov

My vote goes to Mesira as well. Why? Well, everything the people who voted for her have mentioned. Also, Disgreaser is a real life friend of me (It's me, Dis :P Jack ^^), and I know how much time and effort she puts into her characters, and all of that time and effort should not go unrewarded. Mesira deserves the godly and grand Page Of The Month title. -SpyderJack

Phew, this one was a tough one - both pages are equally well-written and I'd really like to vote for Kaufmann because I don't actually know him personally. However, my vote goes to Mesira for the sheer attention she's given to her backstory, as well as the effort put into her pictures. Bravo, bravo. - Snowtalon@Dabbs3352

I'm voting for Mesira as well, for what it's worth. I quite like all the little details she's laid out on her page and wish to one day have a similar size to mine. -Strix@Leonaheidern

Mesira Has my vote, the page is like silk, it's smooth and most pleasurable to feel, In this case, the page is Going beyond the most smooth story I have ever seen, This page, This work of ART Is perfection to this is my vision of it's finery. I pray for this page to recieve the honor and place as Page of The Month, Like it Rightfully Deserves. - @Vanish167

November 2012: The Owl, Legendary Watchful Vigilante!

Congratulations to @Tjwylie, who after a VERY hard fought month, came out on top in the end!

I'd like to nominate The Owl. His story and page layout are both really well done in my opinion. It's short, but his artwork is amazing. - Rugby the Gun-toting Rhino@Benevon

I nominate The Owl. Page style and the art work reminds me of a comic book. I enjoyed the content presented on their page. - Caliga

I would like to nominate The Owl as well. I really enjoyed looking at those artworks, which were impressive. I also found the page enjoyable to read. This page is definitly worth to be checked out! (PS: I never met this character nor the player.) -Slicer (@Disgreaser)

I'm gonna throw my hat in with The Owl. I loved his style before I even saw the page, and now I love it more. It's just slick. Tjwylie has a short and sweet timeline and goes into detail on his equipment, complete with armor blueprints. --Realsorceror (talk) 23:26, 2 November 2012 (CDT)

I'm also going to go with The Owl. I'm a big fan of the page and the art posted on it, and the information is presented in an easy to read and attractive fashion. - (SomethingWitty)

Gonna throw a vote the way of The Owl, nice clean layout, some cool art, cool design and info, and it's actually pleasant to look at. - @Darkblade98

Going to send a recommendation the way of The Owl. Always a fan on the cause and effect of how something would work if viewed on a fairly realistic scale, I love the schematic blues that have been thrown in alongside the other art included, and like several of the other comments above mine, I dig how Tjwylie did a pretty solid job on giving the character summation without having the reader have to dig through several paragraphs. Quick and swift, good job sir. - @micromax2000

I would like to send a Vote to The Owl. His crisp use of simple designs and well written storyboards are a refreshing "page turner" here at Primus. - @Jade.Defender

Voting for The Owl due to this really interesting and classic storyline. Also, he's a friend of a friend, and who doesn't vote for friends? @Hirokage

Voting for The Owl Love this classic story. It's something everyone can appreciate! @HandofAlters

I'd like to take the opportunity to cast my vote for The Owl. I think his page is really evocative. The colors, content, artwork, it all sets the mood. It feels like a comic book character i'd like to read more about. And "Owluminum"...genius...who thinks this stuff up? (@Sunturion)

Nominating The Owl. When I first found the Owl's page, it was nothing more than a few paragraphs and some sketches. As I check back on PDB (and I do often, to discover new heroes and storylines), I always find myself coming back to look over Tjwylie's progress on the Owl. Each time I look back, I find something new, something new TJ had added to flesh out the Owl. It is really a wonderful piece of work. While I wouldn't say that it is complete, it is definitely a marvel to behold. @Remok

Voting for The Owl classic and creative, a good read and well thought out. A true standout page. (@Rockit)

October 2012: @Bluhman, the Leader of Alts!

Congratulations to @Bluhman, who has done a fantastic job with not only the core PDB page, but the many varying characters within!

I'd like to nominate not a character page for this month, but rather a user-page! BM does what I have done (or rather am trying to do, as my time is scarce at the moment) in an astounding way. It is neat, packed with toons and all of them, with the exception of Draugur, are universally streamlined. I like. Especially the thing you did with the preview picture of -N- and his(it's) page... I LIKE ALOT! ^_^ -@Fransens

September 2012: Slicer, the Steel Warrior!

Congratulations to Slicer, not necessarily the best known character in game, but whose player's feat of world-building was indeed impressive and enjoyable to read!

I don't feel like voting a big name, so my vote goes for Slicer's page. This page has been really overlooked in my opinion, considering how much effort there has been put in those pictures and in the storyline. -Spatial

I agree wholeheartedly with Spatial. My vote also goes for Slicer. It's worth to be checked out for it's many beautifully done pics, and worth the time for a read. And, as suggested above, I've never met nor the character nor it's player. Go check it out. -Divael

I'll third Slicer. Finely done layout and pictures, alongside that detailed story! -BM

And I'll fourth Slicer. Just looking at the page shows how much thought and work has gone into making the page as detailed as it can be. It'd be a shame to not read this for yourself. -User:Phantom5613

I vote for Slicer as well. Was a really good read. Nice background and great layout for the pictures and photoshop. I am sure Hannah would like it too if she could come here so my vote goes here as well. -@Fransens

August 2012: Friendly Fire, Fighting Spirit of the Ultimate Guardians!

Congratulations to Friendly Fire, last year's CORP fighting tourney winner, who again fought her way to the top of the charts.

I would like to nominate Friendly Fire :) The page has a ton of great history on there and lots of pictures to spice up the storytelling. Very well done! --FrozenViolet (talk) 15:50, 12 July 2012 (CDT)

I'll second Friendly Fire, proved a very entertaining read on my graveyard shift! Citizen 13

Yeah, Friendly Fire has my vote as well. A lot of history to read and a great use of actual in-game pics to go along with it. -Vitality

Friendly Fire has my vote as well. Very detailed and well-done page. -Real Soviet Damage

July 2012: Asylum, The Vampire Matriarch!

I think Asylum should be given a look. --Supercrock

I'd have to agree on Asylum, even though she's tried to brutally murder Mr. Blank with a horde of evil. Great looking profile. Short, but to the point and it's obvious that a lot of work has gone into it. --@Swixer

Also voting for Asylum, nice clean, styling page with a neat character and cool info. darkblade98

I also vote for Asylum. The page is really nice and artwork is great :) --FrozenViolet (talk) 20:36, 25 June 2012 (CDT)

I'm going to have to cast my vote for Asylum. It's a nice page with some neat artwork, and the colors aren't eye-bleedingly bad. -Vincyre

June 2012: Bronx, The Bestial Paramilitary Operative!

After seeing Bronx's page, I'm going to nominate him for Page of the Month. His heavy modifications of ingame shots shows dedication to his work, and he even has a four minute introduction video to his character up top. --Destructor

I second the vote for Bronx, the guy put a lot of work into the page and it completely shows. The machinima alone would be enough to set him apart, but he's filled it with tons of carefully crafted pictures and concise information. --Tesahli

Gonna third the vote for Bronx's page. I know it's a lot of Photoshop shine, but it's nice to see a visually appealing page without the actual information/text suffering for it. --Real Soviet Damage

I'll give it to Bronx too. I'm not biased by his use of the MaekadaBox in the slightest. No. Not at all >_> --@Maekada

May 2012: Mr. Blank, The Amazing Detective!

((The page was requested to be removed by the author.))

My nomination is Mr. Blank's page :) Swixer put an amazing amount of thought and effort into this page. There's probably even too much information in here! --FrozenViolet

I'd like to nominate Mr. Blank as well. Literally every minuet detail on Blank and his many, many villains, gadgets, and vehicles can be found here, including a full gallery. It's enough to start a wikia site. Is there too much information? Maybe. But being the longest page on PDB has to count for something. --Realsorceror

I would also like to throw a vote to Mr. Blank. I think my reasoning can be summed up in two words: Rogues Gallery. Seriously, it turns me into a green-eyed monster. --@Tiggy25

April 2012: Thundrax, Canada's Super Powerhouse!

I nominate Thundrax his page is full of information and many images. I love reading the heavy back story and opinions of his character and getting that glimpse into his characters mindset. I often find myself going back and rereading lore tie ins and just being all together amazed at the time and effort he has put in his page. -Mally

I'm seconding Thundrax, myself. Having established his character a while before CO even got headstarted, he's been able to draw up a great and interesting backstory to an unbelievable character. -The mysterious, disappearing Tav

I have to throw a vote to Thundrax, even if I'm a bit late in doing so~. The page has just had so much work put into it. ~@Trinitite

March 2012: Will McBlack, Demon Hunter Extraordinaire!

Let me bring up Will McBlack's page, a very nicely detailed work. -- @Thundrax

I am seconding the vote of Will McBlack's page once he fixes those three broken links I've pointed out for him. ^_^ -- @Fransens

February 2012: Real Soviet Damage, The Bear From Space!

I'm putting my vote forward for Real Soviet Damage. Its pretty, with the red and yellow border, but not overly colourful so as to be painful. The artwork and screenshots are good, relevant and spread evenly throughout. The information is extensive, detailed and well written. Overall, everything you need to know about the Soviet Bear is right here short of talking directly to Sekimen. -- @Sprawler

I'd like to second the vote for Real Soviet Damage. His page is what inspired me to make my own. -- @Geisha-Deconstruct

I'm adding another vote for Real Soviet Damage. Both the layout and the information compliment eachother making for an overally very good and informative page. -- @mauler00

January 2012: Muse, Super Goddess of Compassion!

I am recommending Muse's page! Again, it is a beautiful page full of pictures, photos and even topped with great bio information and OOC information. -- FrozenViolet


December 2011: Cnidarico, Bird of Clouds and Feelings!

My favorite page here is Cnidarico. Just beautifuly laid out; and the layout supports the character theme wondefully. -- @Thundrax

I am going to have to second the nomination of Cnidarico page it is well laid out gives great insight into the character and is all around amazing just like the bird man himself. -- Mally

November 2011: Stargirl, Girl of the Stars!

I'm voting for Stargirl. This is pretty much everything I like to see in a page. Its aesthetically pleasing, using the character's color scheme and an artsy logo, but doesn't feel cluttered. Quimper gives just enough information about Stargirl to have a solid understanding of the character, but still leaves plenty of things to be discovered through RP interaction. --Realsorceror 19:09, 1 November 2011 (CDT)

I am gonna ditto the vote for Stargirl, one of the first good pages I saw early on, still very neat looking with pretty much everything you need. Great template too, one that I totally haven't stolen sometimes. --Darkblade98 17:42, 3 November 2011 (CDT)